Eki 03

My Best Friend Mark Pt. 02

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This brought back memories, it had been a science project in our graduating year, when Mark and I had started to play with each other, the first time he and I jerked off in front of each other, two young men hormones running thru us Mark came over his cock tenting his pants, the site of him made me get hard, he did nothing to hide it from me, Mark was the first to ask.

“Tommy do you, you know, touch yourself? Play with your, you know?” Mark asked playfully.

“You mean jerk off? Two to three times a day, sometimes more. You?” I replied grabbing my crotch.

“Me too Tommy, I am always horny, I can’t even hide my cock right now, my balls ache for release.” Mark said sliding his hand into his jeans.

I was the first to pull my cock out, we kept our clothes on but both of our cocks out for us to jerk off, watching Mark play with his cock was all I needed to make me cum, I shot cum all over myself, Mark was soon spilling his load all over my bedroom floor. Mark was always careful not to get it on himself. Mark and I jerked off together often, he was scared to jerk off at his house as his parents were so religious, if they found cum on any part of him he would never hear the end of it, they were convinced it was something dirty, a sin even. After a month or so of jerking off in front of each other I could tell Mark longed for something more.

“Tommy can you touch mine and I maybe touch yours?’ He asked shyly.

We sat on the bed next to each other we both unzipped our pants our cocks raging hard ready for action.

Mark grabbed my cock, slowly stroking it, the precum oozing out from under the hood of my uncut cock.

“Tommy your cock feels so different than Bursa escort mine, the skin so loose compared to my own. Mark told me my cock exploding all over me.

“Take your pants off Mark, let’s try something.” I suggested wanting more than to give him a quick wank.

Mark was more than willing he too was horny and wanting to try other things too, Mark stood up and removed his pants and underwear, leaving his tee shirt on, I got up and did the same stripping naked, Mark quickly removed his tee, standing there naked in front of each other, our cocks dripping precum, I reached out to grab Mark’s cock in my hand.

“It feels so much more different than my own cock does.” I said quietly.

“Yours is so hard right now, the skin so tight on it.” I said as I held it in my hand gently squeezing it, reaching with my other hand to cup his balls, they felt heavy like they needed to spill their seed.

I dropped to my knees looking right at his cock, my lips inches away from it, I slowly leaned in and licked the tip of his cock, his knob felt so velvety smooth, Mark took in a deep breath. his precum tasted amazing, not like my own, I slowly took Mark’s beautiful cock into my mouth, it fit so well, going to the back of my throat till I had pubes on my nose. I sucked Marks cock taking it deep in my mouth then pulling it out till only the tip was at my lips, sucking and slurping on his magnificent cock.

Mark was going crazy, moaning groaning, at one point he put his hands on my head as he gently fucked my mouth, the feeling was incredible. I soon felt Mark’s cock swell, his balls rose in their sack.

“Oh fuck Tommy, Oh fuck, I’m so close, Tommy oh please don’t Antalya escort bayan stop, I’m gonna.” Tommy muttered as his cock exploded filling my mouth with his wonderful seed, I never knew cum could taste so good, I sucked and swallowed all he gave to me, eventually licking his cock clean, I just could not get enough of his beautiful cock. His cock slowly deflated, Mark sat on the bed spent.

“Can I do that for you now Tommy? I really want to know how it feels to have a cock in my mouth.” Mark asked shyly.

I stood in front of Mark my cock rock hard and ready, dripping precum like a fountain, Mark grabbed my cock firmly in his hand, peeling back the foreskin,his tongue lapping the precum dripping from the tip of my cock, Mark took the knob in his mouth sucking trying to get more of the precious payload from my hose, with one motion he swallowed my cock whole, at first I jumped, then moaned, then quickly shot a massive load down his mouth and throat, Mark licked my cock clean, retracting the foreskin over my knob.

Right afterwards guilt of what we had done hit Mark, he was worried people would find out, worried he was a bisexual or worse even, a homosexual, all he knew was he could not be a homo, his parents would disown him, throw him out on the street, or worse.

“Tommy man you can never tell anyone about this jerking off thing and now sucking each others cocks.” Mark told me a look of terror in his eyes.

“Mark man you know I am never going to tell anyone what you and I do and just did here, including the jerking off, lets just go back to being friends and pretend all of this never happened.” I suggested to Mark holding my hand out.

“Thanks Escort Manavgat bud!” Mark said shaking my hand.

It was a month later Mark and I had attended a pre-grad party at a friends house, he and I each had a few beer, not being drinkers either of us, the beer hit us pretty hard, we ended up walking home, my house the closest so naturally Mark would spend the night. We ended up in bed together, I helped Mark get undressed, tucked him in my bed, stripping got in with him.

Mark was all over me, his hand on my cock, his body half on mine.

“Tommy can I please suck your cock again?” Mark asked quietly.

“Only if I can suck your cock Mark.” I insisted.

Mark laid on his back and got on top of him in a sixty nine position, I slowly fed Mark my cock and took his into my wanting mouth. We both came very quickly, jerking off is good but it can’t replace a really good blowjob. I laid back down beside Mark, he stared at me for a while, then leaned in and kissed me, not just a peck, but a full on got on top of me kiss.

I laid there not knowing what to do or say.

“Sorry Tommy I had to know what it would be like to kiss you.” Mark said nervously.

“Not a problem Mark I really enjoyed it.” I told him honestly.

But guilt took over once more.

“Tommy man we can’t do this again, cause I’m not gay, my parents would kill me.” Mark said looking in my eyes.

“No Mark your right we can’t do this again.” I really wanted to kiss him again and so much more.

“I do have a question for you Mark, how come you never dated any girls throughout high school man?” I asked him confused.

Mark stared me in the eyes, a tear rolling down his face. Mark rolled off of me and was soon asleep, it took me a while to fall asleep, I simply laid there watching him sleep, he was such a good looking guy, I knew I liked him more than just a friend. I snuggled in close kissed his cheek and dozed off beside him.

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