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My Beautiful Stranger

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Our first meeting was at a coffee shop, which, as it turns out, was not far from your apartment – although I didn’t know that when we made plans.

When you suggested we meet for the first time there, I thought, “Totally fair. You can’t escape a bad dinner date as quickly as you can someone you’ve met for coffee.”

I wasn’t planning on being a bad anything that night.

I got there well before the appointed hour, because the butterflies – figurative, not literal – were fluttering in my stomach. We had talked on and off for five weeks now, but I still wanted to make a good first impression.

It may sound silly that a stranger on the Internet inspired me. But I had gone back to working out after the first night we talked. I was committed to shedding a couple of these “dad bod” pounds before our first time.

To borrow a lyric: I wanted to look good for you.

I thumbed my drink nervously as I awaited you walking through that door. I didn’t have to wait long.

From the moment you graced the entranceway, I was certain it was you.

Dark, smooth shoulder length hair.

A face so radiant it could power this small bistro we found ourselves in.

A neck so tender I ached when I thought of how good it would taste between my lips.

Breasts – oh, there was no doubt you knew their power to bring men to their knees. The outfit you wore flattered them well, although I imagined they’d look good in a potato sack if you were for some reason forced to wear one.

Those thighs. Oh and that ass. As you walked closer, you were smiling. I almost missed it because I was gawking at the view.

My face matched yours in intensity.



As we embraced, I felt a warmth on my face and a beautiful scent in my nose.

“Be cool,” I thought. I tried not to shake. I briefly allowed myself to think about where the evening may lead us, and I felt a rush of blood and a tingle in my fingers, neck and face.

We started conversing as old friends might, “catching up” on the lives we had, until present, lived in ignorance of each other. No life is completely sunshine and rainbows, but I leaned toward what was good and tried to avoid triggering thoughts of any of life’s various disappointments.

We laughed. You laughed – oh, how wonderful it made me feel inside to hear you laugh. It brought out that smile, the one in the first picture you ever sent me. I had a collection of pictures thanks to you. But there’s always a special attachment to the first one.

I felt a chemistry between us and I thought you were feeling it too. Our online conversations had carried over into real life and we were acting comfortable.

“Hey, should we get out of here?” you asked, seemingly innocently – although I swear I saw a hint of smile forming at the corner of your mouth.

“Sure! What did you have in mind?” I asked, hoping the answer was “back to my place for mind-blowing sex.”

“There’s a place nearby that I think you’ll like,” you said. You were trying to stifle that cheeky smile, but it was there.

“Lead the way,” I replied.

You grabbed my hand and we walked out together, out of the coffee shop and onto the sidewalk. My pulse was quickening and I loved the element of surprise.

We walked for a while, continuing to chat and holding hands. I was using my thumb to lightly stroke your hand. The sun had fallen and the streetlights were illuminating our walk. Even under the harshest, most unforgiving lamps, your beauty overwhelmed me.

At the point which was longer than an aimless amble, but less than “does she know where she’s going?” we slowed Bakırköy escort down in front of a house.

“Well, this is me,” you said.

“Oh, that was a nice walk,” I replied. “Can I come in so we can continue our chat?”

You agreed, although I think we both knew there wouldn’t be much talking for the rest of the night.

The house, it turned out, was a multi-family apartment building. You lived a solitary existence, but kept the place clean – perhaps prepared for houseguests at any moment.

Once inside, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror – everything still in its right place.

OK, calm down. You can do this. No expectations. Just have fun.

I noticed your medicine cabinet, and it struck me that there may be something in there that had your name on it. We had played this cat and mouse game for several weeks. You hadn’t volunteered your name and I hadn’t mine. We were familiar to each other, yet there remained an air of mystery.

I, of course, had given you several names. There were the sweet ones – “honey,” “babe,” “sweetie.” Then there were the ones that jumped into my head when I was jerking off to the pictures you sent me – “fucktoy,” “my little slut,” “that fine piece of ass.”

I decided not to look. It didn’t matter if your name was Elena or Marie or Brittani (with an ‘i’). You were still my beautiful stranger.

I exited the bathroom and saw you coming out of the kitchen with a glass of wine in both hands.

“I didn’t know what you liked…” you trailed off.

“This is great,” I replied, looking at something red and possibly sweet.

We sat on your couch as the sexual tension continued to fill the room. I took a sip of my wine, placed it on the table and reached my right hand behind your neck to pull you in for a kiss.

Thankfully, you acquiesced. (There’s always that moment where you doubt yourself. Did I misinterpret signals?)

You broke away only to put your wine down on the table as well. We picked up where we left off. Our kisses were slow and small at first. But as my hand made its way from your neck to your shoulders to the small of your back, the kissing seemed to intensify.

Your tongue was soft and wet in my mouth and I briefly allowed myself to think of how that would feel wrapped around my stiff cock. I ran my fingers slowly up under your shirt and unclasped your bra. I had seen pictures of your breasts, but my body shuddered at the thought of being able to finally touch them.

I slowly lifted your shirt over your head in between kisses on your neck and mouth. My hands were now all over your chest, feeling each magnificent inch and circling your hard nipples with the tips of my index finger.

“Mmm,” you said as your hands began to unbutton my shirt. Soon, enough buttons popped that my outfit could be brought over my head.

We were both topless and moving our hands everywhere. I wanted to inspect every inch of your body with my hands and mouth. I broke our kissing so that I could find the button of your jeans. A flick of two fingers and I had popped open the pathway to paradise.

You were still sitting upright when I moved to my knees on the floor. I grabbed the edge of your jeans – by your hips – with my hands and pulled aggressively. With a helpful shimmy on your part, your jeans were now down by your ankles.

I gently eased your feet out of each hole and took a moment to enjoy the view. Your underwear was a beautiful red. The cut was very flattering, outlined by your stunning thighs. I could see the hair on your pussy had made a little mound Bakırköy escort bayan in your cute panties and a little wetness had began to appear nearby.

I brought my mouth up your waistline and lay soft, but slightly wet kisses all along the area where your underwear met your body. I inhaled your smell, which was like a beautiful fragrance not yet considered by modern man.

I slowly pulled your underwear down past your thighs, over your knees and around your ankles. You gently stepped out of them, at which point I noticed your beautifully manicured feet. I ran my tongue down your ankle and kissed the top of your left foot as you released yourself from your underwear.

Still on my knees on the floor, I spread your legs wide and pulled you to the edge of the couch. I began to lick along your left thigh, slowly making my way up to your beautiful pussy. Once there, I teased the outer edge of your lips with my tongue and began to lick you in earnest. I was determined to have my face covered in your wetness, so I buried my mouth into your sopping snatch.

You started to ride my face, revolving your hips while pressing your pussy deeper into my mouth. I licked outside, inside and your clit, until I pulled back, raised my head and said, “I’ve got an idea.”

“OK. What?”

“I’m going to lay down on that couch and you are going to fuck my face.”

You smiled. You were plenty wet for sex, but both of us were enjoying foreplay for the moment. You stood on your couch with your legs apart, while I shimmied in between your ankles. As you slowly squatted onto my face, I got an amazing view of both your tight ass and your soaking wet pussy.

I continued to lick you, while you bent at the waist and lowered your mouth onto my stiff cock. Blood started rushing to my face and I briefly contemplated that, if I were to lose consciousness, this would be a wonderful position in which to die.

I continued to lick your pussy from front to back. I brought my head up even further and stiffened my tongue. I quickly darted my tongue and pressed it up against your tensed asshole.

You picked your head up from my wet knob and exhaled a bit. I took that as a sign you would let me lick your tight hole. I ran my tongue all along the inside of your beautiful round butt. I left the area sopping wet and then moved my head to the side so I could put my fingers into my mouth. I drove my fingers into your soaking pussy while I continued to lick your asshole.

The moaning intensified, as did my erection – which you were taking care of nicely.

Although I could have stayed here forever, I pulled my head back and said, “I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

You replied, “Oh yeah? How do you want me?”

I said, “Stay on all fours.”

I wiggled out from underneath you and kneeled behind you on the couch. Your holes were glistening from the saliva, sweat and cum. I licked my hands and rubbed my cock, which had been ready to go since I took the glass of wine from your hands.

I slowly moved myself inside of you. You were tight as hell – it had clearly been a while since another man had entered your promised land. My strokes were firm, but slow as your pussy began to accommodate my size.

When I could feel myself fully inside you, I began to thrust more vigorously. I playfully sideswiped your round ass with my extended palm.

You cried out, “Oh God, yes. Fuck me. Pleaaase fuck me.”

I continued to thrust deep inside of you. I knew it would limit how much time before I came, but your pussy just felt so good clenched around my stiff dick.

My hands escort Bakırköy were alternating between slapping your fine cheeks and grabbing handfuls of hot ass as I continued to plow you from behind. You were moaning and saying “oh yes oh yes,” so I continued to push as hard as possible. I bent over at one point and cupped your breasts, which were jiggling to our rhythm. That just turned me on more and I tried to push myself even deeper (although I was pretty sure I was just going to be hitting your cervix soon, which isn’t a great feeling).

When I came back up, I could feel a huge load building underneath my shaft. You were moaning, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh don’t stop.” If you were building to an orgasm, I was determined to ride that wave with you.

As our bodies smacked together, I felt the sensation in my groin intensify.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum,” I managed to warble.

“I’m going to cum too. Don’t stop. Jesus, don’t stop.”

If I had been giving 100 percent effort to present, I was going to have to find the impossible 10 percent to finish us both off. I grabbed your hips and pulled your pussy onto my cock over and over again, determined to drop this load in deep inside of you as humanly possible.

It was then that I knew I was two or three good pumps before my hot seed would spray inside your tight twat. Thankfully, your comments had changed from “don’t stop” to “oh God yes here I go. God yes, I want it.”

“Here I cum, baby” as I continued my final thrusts. I lifted my head toward the ceiling and closed my eyes.

This was going to be intense.

All the anticipation. All the edging, the denying of ejaculation. The preparation for tonight came into full frame. I thrust my hips forward as you rocked your hips back and I felt my sticky ropes of cum release from my body.

It was like an earthquake. My toes curled. My thighs buckled and I temporarily forgot to breathe. Cum was now covering my cock, which was still buried inside of you.

I gave a few more pushes to make sure I had drained every last ounce of cum from my body before coming to a complete stop. You dropped to your elbows and slowly removed your pussy from my still-quite-hard dick.

“Oh my fucking God,” I said. “I can’t feel my face.”

“My heart is racing. Oh oh oh,” you replied.

I bent over and laid a soft kiss on your right buttock. You lay flat and then turned to the side so I could lay down beside you.

We sat there in silence for what felt like forever, but was likely only two or three minutes. I swore I could hear my heart trying to escape from my chest. I turned to look at you. Our eyes were now on the same level. Your face showed a mixture of contentment and exhaustion.

“That was so fucking good,” I whispered, and then shooting a smile.

“Yes. Just what I needed,” you replied.

“I am so glad we found each other that night,” I added.

“Oh no doubt. This was amazing.”

I continued to smile widely. I occasionally dropped a soft kiss on your lips as we laid in the afterglow of hot sex. I stroked your hair and you closed your eyes. I whispered a lot of wonderful things in your ears about how happy you had made me.

And you turned your back on me, so we could spoon. I kissed your neck, while enveloping you in my arms. My arms laid across your soft (but now glistening) chest, while your ass rubbed ever so slightly across my cock.

We lay in that position for a while. If I had my way, I probably would have never moved. As our bodies began to return to normal, it became chillier. Lacking blankets, we rose from the couch and raced to your room. We dove under the comforter and resumed our spooning. My cum began slowly leaking from your pussy onto to your thigh, while some remainder had rubbed off on the part of your ass that was pressed close to my cock.

Clean up was a chore for the morning. For now, we were blissfully content.

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