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My Baby Boy

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I had done well for myself that allowed me to live semi-retired at the age of 48. Most days I would get up early and walk to a diner several blocks from home for breakfast. I loved starting the day by reading the news on my iPad and enjoying my breakfast and a few cups of coffee before starting my day.

One fateful morning, I was shocked to find my ex-wife’s son working there. Danny was three when Jane and I first got together. She was a hot single mom living on her own. We dated for a year and got married three months later. Danny had never known his real father, so it was easy for him to start calling me daddy at first and then dad as he got older. I was 32 at the time and had never had children. I loved the idea of having a son, even if he was only my stepson. To me he was my son and to him I was dad.

I was pleasantly surprised to see him that morning because it had been six years since I last saw him. He was still a kid when his mother and I got divorced. He was now 18 and if I remembered correctly, he would be turning 19 in three months.

Over the ten years that we were married, Jane went from occasionally going to church to becoming a bible thumper like no other. When we first got together, I was very clear with her that I was atheist and had no desire in going to churh and much less getting “saved”. She accepted me for what I was, or so I thought. As she got more and more into her church crap, the more we found ourselves arguing. It was always the same shit, her trying to get me to go to church and me telling her that I was not interested and tired of her trying to get me to go. Ten years after getting married, we decided to divorce.

My only regret in all that time was not officially adopting Danny. She packed her stuff along with Danny’s and walked out of my life. As much as I loved Danny, they disappeared and I never saw him again. At least not until that day in the diner. I was heartbroken for losing Danny. My wife and I had not been getting along for the last two years we were together, so losing her meant nothing to me. However, losing my son hurt like hell and there was nothing I could do about it. No calls, no visits, nothing.

After bringing out food for one of the tables he was waiting on, he came over to say hello. I wasn’t sure on how he was going to greet me or if he was even to going to acknowledge me, so I was real happy when he extended his hand and said hello. It felt good seeing him and it seemed like he did not hold any grudge towards me. In fact, when he first came over, he caught himself before finishing his sentence.

“Hi, da…uh, Rob. How are you?”

We spoke briefly and I ended up inviting him over to the house. He lived there for close to ten years, so he knew exactly where I lived. After I finished my breakfast, I found myself smiling as I made my way home. I started wondering what had become of his life and wondered if he remembered all the good times we’d had together.

Later that afternoon, I heard someone knocking on the door. I knew exactly who it was and ran to the door, opening it with a big smile on my face. I was happy to see Danny standing at my door. I quickly invited him in and closed the door behind him. It felt a bit awkward at first and I wasn’t sure how he felt about being here with me.

I offered him something to drink and he said a glass of water would be fine. We got to talking and I asked him how long had he been working at the diner. He told me he had been working only the lunch shift for about two months and this was only the second day he had worked the morning shift. He also told me that on a daily basis he had wondered if I still lived here, but never got the courage to come knock on the door.

That was when we finally broke the ice, with me telling him how much I wished he had, but just glad that he was now here with me. I told him how much I had missed him and was hoping this would not be the last time he visited me. He promised his would be back.

He got teary eyed when I asked him where he was living. He stayed quiet for a moment before sharing with me that he had been couch surfing for the past year trying to save money to eventually get a place of his own. More importantly, he shared with me that his mother had kicked him out. When I asked why, he stayed quiet for the longest time before I reached out and held his hand, encouraging him to tell me. Knowing his mother, I was sure it had something to do with her religious bullshit.

“When I came out to her, she told me it was a sin and that I was no longer her son and that I needed to leave. I was eighteen with only $20 in my wallet. I asked her where was I supposed to go and she told me that was for me to figure out since I was no longer her problem. I packed my bags, called a friend and he let me stay with him and his family.” When he said ‘came out to her’, it didn’t really catch me by surprise.

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you still living there, with your friend and his family?”

“No. His parents are really cool, but once he took off to college last August, I knew I had to move on. Ever since then, I’ve been staying with friends here and there, but it’s not like I have a place of my own. I’ve even slept out on the street when I feel like I’ve worn out my welcome. It sucks, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve called my mom crying, begging her to let me stay with her, at least until I can save up enough money to get my own place, but she just hangs up on me.”

“What a fucking bitch! I’m sorry, I know she’s your mom, but that is fucking bullshit.”

“I’ve thought of going over there and getting revenge on her, but I chicken out every time I stand in front of her place. I wanna break her windows, fuck up her car, just do something so she can feel the pain I’m feeling, but I always end up walking away.”

“Where is all your stuff right now?”

“You mean my clothes?”


“It’s at Mike’s house. He’s a friend that lives with his parents, but they don’t know I’m staying there. Mike always sneaks me in at night. Asshole makes me suck his cock in order to stay there.”

“Well, when he gets home, go over there and grab all your stuff. I want you to stay here with me….for as long as you want.”

“Are you serious.” he said to me as his eyes got watery.

“Of course. This has always been your home and you’re free to stay for as long as you want.” The words were barely out of my mouth when he came over to hug me. He thanked me profusely and hugged me for a very long time. He was the same affectionate little boy I had known years before. It was easy to love him.

He soon settled in and we fell into a routine. Danny even started calling me dad. It felt so natural. He would get up before me and be at work by the time I got there. He would usually stay for the lunch crowd and come home by 2pm or 3pm. By then I would be done with my daily chores. I had done really well by making some good investments early in life and now my job was as a day trader, making sure my investment kept growing so I could maintain my lifestyle.

I don’t live an extravagant life, but I do live comfortably. I have a four-bedroom home and live in a nice neighborhood with a landscaped yard in front Çorum Escort and a pool and hot tub in the back. The best feature of my home is that it backs up to a canyon with my only neighbor about 20 yards away. That enough to offer me plenty of privacy. Some of the house parties I’ve hosted have gotten a little out of hand and I’ve never had any complaints.

A secret I never shared with Jane is that I’m bisexual. Good looking men turn me on just as much as beautiful hot women. When Jane and I met, I suppose I was lying to myself and felt I had put that behind me. However, after my divorce, I realized that I still loved being with men. I find men and women attractive for different reasons, but I can get hard for both. For women, it the soft features of their face, the tits and the curves along with a nice, tight pussy. Obviously, you can’t forget the sweet tasting pussy.

When it comes to men, I’m a top, The type of guys that I’m most attracted to are young men with soft facial features. I stand at 6′ 2” and I love the short feminine boys, happily offering them an accepting father figure. Something they probably never had. They have to be slim with very little body hair and if they shave down there, even better. Definitely no facial hair.

The size of their cock really doesn’t matter as long it looks good. Cut preferred. I love having a cock in my mouth so I don’t need all the extra skin on the tip. I love showing them how to properly suck a cock and I won’t stop until I swallow everything they have to offer. It’s great hearing them tell me that they’ve never had a blow job like that. After that, they are all mine to do as I please.

It was the middle of summer when Danny first moved in. The more time I spent with him around the house, the more I found myself staring at him. Better put, I was checking him out and could feel myself getting a chubby when I would allow myself to daydream what it would be like to see him naked. The biggest reason is that Danny fit the bill to a tee.

In school, he had always been on the short side compared to the other boys in his class. As much as he tried to bulk up as he got older, always eating as much as possible, his metabolism wouldn’t let him get fat. When he was a baby, his mother had told me that people would often mistaken him for a girl, even if he was wearing blue. People would comment that her baby was so beautiful and that she was going to be a heart-breaker when she grew up. He had dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and full lips.

At the end of the day, I love sitting out in the backyard to enjoy the nice Southern California weather as I drink a beer or glass of wine, all depending what I’m in the mood for. Danny had been staying with me for a little over two months when everything changed. During a Saturday evening I had been sitting outside enjoying my second glass of wine as I read a sex story on one of my favorite sites when Danny came walking out from the house. He had been hanging out with some friends and decided to come home. By then it was close to midnight; I had gotten a late start that evening.

I offered him a glass and he quickly accepted. We drank maybe three glasses together before I went back inside and grabbed a bottle of tequila. I was definitely in a drinking mood. In the end, we were both two shots in when Danny came up with the bright idea that we should go swimming. I quickly agreed and started undressing.

“I’ll be right back, I need to go grab my trunks.” he told me. I told him that it was not necessary. It was only the two of us and we could go skinny dipping. I looked over and pointed to my closet neighbors, assuring him that they couldn’t see anything. I kept undressing and saw him hesitating for bit. I jumped in and came up to look over at him, catching him pushing down his whitey-tighties before he ran and jumped in.

Fuck! I could feel my cock getting hard. He was exactly my type. He had his pubic hair shaved, he was slim and only stood at 5′ 5”. Call me a pervert, I accept that, but he looked so fucking hot! He looked like an innocent, young little boy. He has often been told that he looks much younger than 18, more like an eighth grader. I’ve never had sex with an underage boy or girl, but I do have my fantasies. He was certainly giving me material for those fantasies seeing him run naked towards the pool. My cock was hard in an instant.

I swam towards him and we started play wrestling. I had no idea if he could feel my hard cock, but in the state I was in I didn’t care. My only desire was to get my hands on him. I wrapped my hands around his waist from behind tossed him around a couple times, on a few occasions ‘accidentally’ making contact with his hard cock. It was more of a turn on knowing he too was aroused. We swam around for a while before we decided to go inside. I only put on my boxers and told him he was fine with only whitey-tighties.

We went back in and sat on the sofa, both obviously tired from swimming and ready to just chill on the couch as we watched TV. I sat on one end of the couch but could not stop admiring the beautiful little boy that was practically naked sitting on the other end of the couch wearing only his underwear. I tend to go through phases and I had recently been seeing a woman. Nothing serious, more of a FWB situation. So having him there had me turned on.

I looked over in Danny’s direction and he turned to look at me and smiled, obviously happy to be here with me. I couldn’t help but adore that gorgeous face of his with his sparkling blue eyes and sexy pouty lips. There were several little girls in elementary school that had professed their love for him and made it clear that they thought he was cute. It should have been a clue when he showed no interest, but his mother and I just assumed he was shy when it came to girls.

“Are you happy to be here?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“Yeah. Thank you for letting me stay.”

“Of couse. Like I said, this is your home. Beside, I love having you here.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“Do you remember when you were little and loved sitting on my lap as we watched TV, then you got older and thought you were too cool to do that?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

I let him chew on that for awhile as I went back to watching TV. We were both quiet as we watched for another ten, maybe fifteen minutes, when I looked over at him. He too turned to look at me and I jerked my head to my left, signaling for him to come to me. He knew what I wanted. There was a grin with a somewhat embarrassed look on him face, as if saying he couldn’t believe we were doing this and then got up and came over to sit on my lap. We sat there quietly watching TV and not saying much.

He was sitting on my right thigh and the skin-on-skin contact between us felt great. I found it challenging to control my hardening cock. Lucky for me, I had boxers on and it helped hide it. I brought my left hand over and started caressing one of his thighs as I talked to him.

“Danny, I want you to know that as long you live here, you can be yourself. It’s okay to be gay.” I said to him as I kissed him on his forehead. He closed his eyes and whispered “Thank you.”

“You don’t need to Çorum Escort Bayan hide anything.” I whispered as I brought my hand from his thighs up to his chest, making sure to gently circle his nipples with my fingers as I made eye contact with him. Having this sexy little boy on my lap was driving me fucking crazy. I didn’t know if he could feel it, but my dick was hard and excited. I could also see the bulge in his underwear starting to grow.

My soft kisses went from his forehead down to his cheeks. With my hand on his chest, I could feel both his breathing and heartbeat starting to increase.

“How many boys have you been with, babyboy?” I whispered, using a loving term I had not used since he was a young boy. It was his mother that had been calling him that from the day he was born and I started calling him that myself.


“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked as I started kissing his neck and moving my hand all over his chest, enjoying the softness of his body.

“I think so.”

“What do you mean ‘you think so’?” I asked as I started kissing the other side of his neck as my hand slowly started making it’s way down, getting very close to the beautiful little cock I had seen between his legs earlier in the night.

“Everything just happened so quickly. It was nice when we were doing it, but it was over really quick.” He said to me, with a tone of embarrassment in his voice.

“Were you giving or receiving?” The answer was obvious the way he was being submissive to me, but I needed to ask.

“Receiving.” he answered, barely above a whisper, almost sounding embarrassed.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m gonna take care of you now.” I said to him as my hand landed on his bulge and I squeezed. With his elevated breathing and hard cock, it was clear he was enjoying what I was doing. He must have assumed certain things when we wrestled naked in the pool with my hand grazing his cock.

He could only moan in response to what I had said, loving the feel of my hand on his cock.

“Would you like that? Is it okay if dad makes you feel good?” I asked as I brought my hand up to his face. With a single finger on his chin, I turned his face towards me. We made eye contact for a minute, with him perhaps trying figure out what was happening before I brought him out of his trance.

“Kiss me, baby-boy.” I said in a low, sultry voice.

He lowered his face and we kissed for the first time. It was nothing short of a kiss between two very horny lovers. His beautiful plump lips felt magical as our lips first made contact. We both enjoyed our kiss with our tongues starting to wrestle with each. It felt like an electrical shock came out of nowhere when our lips first met. I could only dream of how hot his lips would feel on my cock.

I leaned to my right as I lowered him on his back onto the sofa, never allowing our lips to detach from each other. This young boy had me so turned on and I was determined to lovingly molest him before the night was over.

He laid his head on a pillow and I got between is legs, feeling his hard cock between us. I’m sure he could feel mine as well. We made out like teenagers as I ran my hands all over his smooth, hairless, young body. My hands traveled from his cheeks, as I caressed his face, down to his chest, where I softly pinched his nipples. My hands continued over his taut abdomen until it jumped onto his thighs. His whole body felt so soft and sexy and I was so fucking hard, wanting to do everything to him at once, but I knew I had to go slow to show him how great sex could be.

My hands caressed his thighs, coming close to his cock as we continued kissing. Fortunately for us, I had bought oversized couches that allowed us to lay down side by side. A tight squeeze, with him on his back and me now on my side, but still, we laid there with my hands running all over him as he just laid there with his eyes closed. It was obvious he loved having my hands all over him.

He tried opening his eyes when he felt me slipping my hand under the elastic band of his white briefs. Everything felt so soft and smooth as a baby’s butt with no pubic hair as my hand slid down before I grabbed his hard cock. I quickly told him to just close his eyes and allow me to make him feel good. He did as he was told and closed his eyes.

I gripped his smooth cock hard before bringing my hand back out to push his underwear down. He instinctively raised his butt, giving me the room I needed. I pushed them down past his knees and his cock sprang up the moment it was free. It was a cute little cock that was five inches long, but not too thick. It was perfect!

My fingers wrapped around it and I started masturbating him as we made out, with him constantly moaning as I stroke him. He was beyond excited as his hips started involuntarily humping up against my hand. That was the moment I knew I had him.

We continued kissing like lovers, aggressive at times and gentle at others, with my hand following the same rhythm, knowing he was close to cumming. That was when I suddenly stopped. Never breaking our kiss, I moved back between his legs before I slowly kissed my way down. I went from kissing him to kissing his neck before my lips landed on his chest, asking him if he liked what I was doing.

“Mmm….yeah. It feels really good.” he answered in a tone barely above a whisper.

I continued my way south, pushing his briefs completely off before I grabbed his hard cock and started licking the precum off the tip of his cock, getting an immediate reaction from him.

“Mmmmmm, oh fuck!”

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock, easily taking it in my mouth. I started bobbing my head, taking his entire cock into my mouth and holding him there as I slid my tongue up and down the bottom of his penis. I loved hearing his response to this as he moaned quite loud, letting me know he loved what I was doing.

“Oh my god, dad! Mmmmmm, what are you doing?!? That is fucking awesome!”

I knew he was close and I could make him cum in an instant, but I wanted him to enjoy his blowjob for a few more minutes. As I slowly bobbed my head, I started wondering if this his first time getting a blowjob.

My hands reached up and I started pinching his nipples, softly at first. He once again started humping his hips with his hands on my head. I knew I now had him on edge. That was my queue. I immediately started bobbing my head faster and started sucking harder with my cheeks hollowed out as I pinched hard on his nipples. The same had been done to me and I knew the intensity he was feeling.

His cock throbbed for two or three seconds before his hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and kept sucking him, but now I was holding him in my mouth, allowing most of his cum to shoot down my throat.. I wanted him to focus on the euphoric feeling of cumming in my mouth, so I let go of his nipples. I looked up with his cock still in my mouth and saw him with his head tilted back and his chest heaving, with his breathing out of control as moaned loud throughout the entire time he was cumming.

“Mmmm,mmmm, huhhhh, huhhh! Oh fuck that felt good!”

Allowing him Escort Çorum time to catch his breath, I got up and sat on the couch next to him. After several minutes, he finally opened his eyes and looked up at me with the biggest smile on his face.

“Did you like that?” I asked when he managed to regain control, obviously already knowing the answer. He could only nod his head in response.

“Would you like to come to my bedroom?” I asked before giving him a kiss that allowed him to taste his own cum. He did not bother answering me. He just got up and followed me. I held his hand as I made my way to my bedroom.

When we got to our destination, we both knew why we were there. There were so many things I wanted to do to him, but I was so fucking turned on at the moment that I just wanted to make love to him. I wanted to feel my cock pounding his tight little ass. I took off my boxers with my hard cock on full display. I looked up and saw Danny staring at it. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but thought he may not have had someone as big as me before. I told him to get on the bed face down because I wanted to fuck his sweet little ass. He hesitated for a moment before he said okay as he jumped on the bed and laid on his stomach.

When I saw him just laying there, with his tight, little-boy ass on display, I had Deja vu of a fantasy I’d had of him when he was little. Back then, I had not come out to my wife as bi, but I had fantasized what it would be like to have my way with her beautiful little boy. I never acted out on that fantasy, but here he was now, on my bed and completely naked offering his ass to me. My babyboy was waiting for daddy to make love to him.

I really wanted to just fuck him hard and cum in his ass, but there was something so enticing about his tight, little butt. I had discovered my bisexuality late in life and here was the youngest boy I had ever been with. There was no way I would not take time to savor his beautiful, young ass.

Starting on the back of his thighs, I kissed and licked my way up to his cheek before I switched over and did the same with the other thigh as I ran my hands all over his back, enjoying the smoothness of his body. When I reached his butt cheeks the second time, I grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks before licking his tight little anus. He reacted exactly how I thought he would.

“Oh shit! Oh my fucking god!” he shouted out as he squirmed with my tongue in his ass while I licked him once again. I was enjoying myself as I kept licking, knowing how much he was loving it as I heard him moaning. It kept getting louder and louder and I changed gears on him, going from a pointy tongue to a flat one, giving him different sensation between licks. His breathing was once again elevated when I tickled his anus with one of my fingers. There was plenty of saliva present when I penetrated him with the same finger. It was cute how he pushed up his little ass, as if begging for more. Immediately, I introduced a second finger as I started finger-fucking him hard.

His moaning and groaning was getting louder the harder I fucked him with my fingers as I talked to him, asking him if he was feeling good.

“Does this feel good?”


“Did I keep my promise. Am I making you feel good?”

“Yeah…..fuck…yeah……I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me! Please fuck me, daddy!” Hearing that one word got me even more aroused, if that was even possible. Had he also had the same perverted fantasy? How long had he been wanting daddy to fuck him?

“If you want to daddy to fuck you, you got to say it the right way.”

“Fuck me, daddy. Please fuck me! I need to feel daddy’s big, fat cock in me.” I was glad he caught on real quick because I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached for the lube in the nightstand’s bottom drawer and quickly applied a generous amount to both my hard cock and his ass. I got behind him and pulled his ass up in the air as he just kept his head on a pillow, allowing me to do as I pleased. I didn’t think it was possible, but he looked even sexier with his ass up in the air waiting for my cock.

I grabbed my cock and teased his asshole for a bit as I rubbed the head of my cock up against it. He quickly protested, asking me to stop teasing and just fuck him.

“Please stop teasing, daddy! I really need you inside me. Please, just fuck me!” There was nothing more that I wanted to do at that moment. I pushed forward and my cockhead popped in and I heard a grunting sound come from my babyboy. I was in heaven at that very moment and I held onto his narrow hips with more of my cock penetrating him until my nuts made contact with his.

I started off slow, allowing him to adjust to my girth, as I pushed in and pulled out a little before pushing back in, just taking my time as I enjoyed the moment. I was finally fucking the sweet little boy that I fatasized from long ago. In the past 2 months, he had been driving me crazy as he walked around the house looking so hot and sexy. At times he would walk around topless in tight shorts completely unaware of what he was doing to me. But, now he was exactly where he belonged. Naked on my bed and on his knees as I slowly fucked him.

There was so much love and lust in my heart for him that I wanted to be tender. At least in the beginning. It sounded like one long moan coming from him as I slid my entire cock in and out, enjoying his tightness as his ass squeezed me. I was finally fucking my little boy, giving him sexual pleasure as I penetrated him over and over. I had started off slow, trying not to go too fast from the start, but my arousal for him only grew the longer I fucked him and soon I had thrown caution to the wind.

He was moaning & grunting and oohing & ahhing as I kept pounding him hard, over and over. I just couldn’t control myself. It was something I’d wanted for a very long time, something I thought would never happen after Jane had left me, but here we were and I just couldn’t stop. I kept fucking Danny harder and harder, letting him know how much daddy loved and desired him and how it was okay to be gay and enjoy yourself.

“Are you a dirty little whore, huh?” I shouted as I pounded him hard, with my cock going in and out of his ass like a piston. “Are you daddy’s fuck-toy? Do you enjoy letting Daddy fuck you in the ass like a little sissy? Is that it? Are you daddy’s little sissy-boy?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m daddy’s little sissy. I love it when daddy fucks me. Please don’t stop fucking me!!” I kept pounding him hard, the hardest I had ever fucked anyone in my life. The whole idea of having my fantasy become a reality had me horny beyond belief.

“I’m cumming, daddy. I’m cumming!!”

I may have lasted another five minutes when I just shoved my cock deep into his ass and bred him like a little girl. I held on to his narrow hips as my cock shot stream after stream of hot cum deep into this ass, claiming it as mine.

It was clear he had never experienced anything like what I had just put him through. I finally had my little boy back in my arms and I wasn’t about to let him go. I planned on fucking him for a very long time.

“I love you, baby-boy.”

“I love you too, daddy. Good night”

We were both exhausted and soon fell asleep on our sides, spooning each other with my cock still lodged deep in his ass. I laid there wondering what life would be like for us after tonight.

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