My Aunt Margie and Mom Ch. 03

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After my cousin Mitzie came I rolled over and moved up the bed to lie beside her. Mitzie turned onto her side toward me and Put her arms around me. I pulled her close and just held her there for a long time. We must have dozed off because I woke up to find us alone on the bed. When I opened my eyes Mitzie was looking into my eyes and smiling. She leaned closer and kissed me on the lips.

“I love you Johnny and have always wanted to do that. You made me feel so good..

I didn’t tell mom earlier but I’ve always remembered us in the bathtub and playing with your penis. I’ve dreamed about playing with it so many times but never thought I would ever get the chance to again.”

I felt her hand close around my almost exhausted dick as she began to squeeze and manipulate it between her fingers. I lay still and enjoyed what she was doing. I looked down and the sight of her just budding breasts was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. They were so different from Mom’s and Aunt Margie’s. She was tiny and I was scared that if I put my dick inside her I would really hurt her. I also remembered Aunt Margie say she didn’t think Mitzie was ready for intercourse but I really wanted to make love to her. She must have been thinking the same thinking the same thing because she smiled, rolled over onto her back and pulled me on top of her. She was still holding my dick which had responded by getting very erect in her little hand as she guided it toward her opening. It was already wet as the head of my dick was guided between her little pussy lips. I didn’t think I could get inside as she was so tight that my head seemed to be hitting a soft wall. Suddenly her lips parted and I slid into her. I tried to be gentle as I felt her hymen resisting. She thrust her hips up toward me with a squeal of pain as the head penetrated and my shaft was buried deeply into her. The feeling of her tight pussy was even more incredible than my Mom’s or Aunt Margie’s pussies squeezing my dick. I began to slowly and rhythmically thrust in and out as I instinctively began to fuck her. She began to moan and match me thrust for thrust as each thrust got faster and faster.

Her moans and our thrusting caused the bed to go squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. This must have attracted the attention of my mom and Aunt Margie as I slowly became aware of their presence in the room. I saw Mom standing holding Aunt Margie in her arms as they watched. Both had a very loving smile on their faces and from time to time they would kiss each other on the lips. They moved over and sat on the bed beside us and Mitzie looked up at them, smiled and continued to thrust her little pussy against my dick.

Mom leaned over close and whispered to me:

” Johnny, When you think you are about ready to cum pull out and squirt it onto her stomach. We really don’t want her to get pregnant.”

I hadn’t thought about that before but nodded my head. Mitzie began to orgasm as I continued to thrust into her. Her stomach muscled tightened and her vaginal muscles spasmed as she locked my dick deep inside her and thrust her pussy forward and held it there. I felt my orgasm building and quickly pulled my shaft from her pussy. Mom reached between us and took hold of my dick as I withdrew. She began jerking ba─čdat caddesi escort me off and my cum shot out and forward onto Mitzie’s sparse pubic hair and up her belly to her stomach. A little puddled in he navel and I collapsed onto the bed beside her. Mom continued to squeeze my dick and milked every drop onto Mitzie. She and Aunt Margie both leaned over and began licking the cum from Mitzie’s body.

Mitzie reached down, pushed her mom’s head aside and said:”wait a second, save some for me.” She wiped some onto her own fingers and put them

into her mouth. She then laughed and we all joined her in a quiet laugh and a group hug.

Mitzie’s dad was my mom’s youngest brother. His name was Bill. Uncle Bill had started working for the F.W.Woolworth Co. as a manager trainee. He had moved up until at the time they were living in N.C. he was managing a small Woolworth store there.He worked long hours at the store and was often gone overnight on business. I hadn’t really thought much about his reaction to what had been going on until it came time for him to return home from a trip that night. After I had made love to Mitzie that morning the day had gone on uneventfully. The four of us had gone sightseeing at the Biltmore Estates a large mansion open to the public as a sort a museum. When we got home about 6 o’clock that evening Uncle Bill was in the kitchen cooking supper. He was a great cook and often cooked for us when we were there. He had been in the Army and was stationed in Germany at the same time Elvis Presley was there and they had been friends in the same company. He said that was where he learned to cook from a German lady that they often visited together off base. Uncle Bill was a really nice looking man with dark hair and green eyes. When he smiled he often subconsciously put his hand in front of his mouth to hide a twisted front tooth that left a not so attractive gap in the middle. He was a great guy though with a heart as big as the world.. When we got home I went back to my bedroom and lay down on my bed wondering what would happen if Uncle Bill found out what had been going on. Mitzie came in and quietly closed the door behind her then sat on the bed beside her. She was trembling as though scared.

“I just heard mom telling daddy that she wanted him to sit down after supper, that she has something important to tell him about you and me,” she told me.”

My only thought was Oh shit, but nothing unusual was said at supper except Aunt Margie told him she wanted him to get out the slide projector after supper and show us some of their slides. He looked really confused but said ok. I knew that he and Aunt Margie had taken up photography and film developing as a hobby but never really thought much about it. Well after supper we all went into the living room and Aunt Margie helped him put up a screen and then set up the projector across the room on the table beside the couch. Uncle Bill put a carousel of picture slides in the projector and turned it on. The picture projected on the screen was of us all playing in the surf during a vacation we had taken to Myrtle Beech together the summer before. Aunt Margie got up and went to the closet and returned with another carousel of slides.

“No, bah├želievler escort darling, I want you to show these.” she said as she took the first carousel out of the projector and replaced it. Uncle Bill just sat there looking extremely confused and tried to object but Aunt Margie pushed a button and a new picture was cast on the screen. I stared as the picture appeared. It was Uncle Bill standing beside another man and a woman I didn’t know. They all were totally naked.

Aunt Margie spoke up and said:

“These were taken on our trip to the Foothills Nudist resort last summer and I thought you all might enjoy them.

Uncle Bill sat back onto the couch and said:

“Margie, what are you doing?”

She replied that she just thought that we would enjoy them and that afterward she would have a surprise for him. She continued clicking the button and more pictures were revealed. They showed Uncle Bill and Aunt Margie with several different couples engaged in sports like badminton and horse shoes and lounging around a huge pool. Everyone was totally nude. I also noticed that uncle Bill had an incredibly large dick even though none of the pictures showed it erect. Uncle Bill started looking around the room at mom and me then Mitzie. It was obvious he had no idea what Aunt Margie was up to but he was resigned to waiting to find out. Gradually the pictures changed and they were no longer at the resort but nude in what appeared to be the living room of a house. Then Mitzie leaned over and whispered to me:

“That’s Ms Barbara and Mr. Jim, they live down the street from us” .

Then the picture changed and it showed Uncle Bill sitting on a couch leaning back with a huge hard on. I heard Mitzie gasp and saw uncle Bill look over at her then at Aunt Margie. Mom was sitting next to me with a big smile on her face. Mom had her hand on my leg and slowly moved it over and began rubbing my dick though my pants. Of course I was hard in seconds and my pants were getting very uncomfortable. She took both hands and unzipped them and released my hardon into the open and started rubbing it up and down in her hand. Mitzie was on the other side of me and she looked at her daddy and put her right hand over and began messaging my balls. With that Aunt Margie went to uncle Bill and leaning over told him:

“Honey we have a little surprise for you”.

She started unbuttoning his shirt and quickly stripped it off. Next was his white t-shirt then she started unbuckling his belt and removed his pants. The whole time he was just staring at Mitzie. When Margie pulled down his boxer shorts his enormous dick sprang out with a raging hard on. Aunt Margie bent down and started sucking on it and he slowly sat back down into his chair as Aunt Margie began slipping off her blouse and pants while keeping his dick sucked in between her lips.

At this point Mom stood up and said:

” Mitzie, we might as well join them.” and began unbuttoning Mitzies’s blouse.

Quickly Mitzie helped and was soon standing nude in front of Mom while Mom took off her own clothes. I couldn’t help but stare at Mom’s beautiful tits bobbing and swaying back and forth as she helped Mitzie undress. Bill was looking back and forth from Mom to bah├že┼čehir escort Mitzie and Aunt Margie and back again. Aunt Margie took Him by the hand then and led him toward the bedroom. Mom took my hand and Mitzie’s and pulled us toward the bedroom also. Once there Aunt Margie had uncle Bill lay down on the bed and she sat down beside him. She held her hand out for Mitzie and had her sit down beside them also.

Taking Mitzie’s hand she placed it on her own daddy’s dick and said to Uncle Bill:

“I know you’ ve always wanted this.”as she leaned over and took the head of his dick into her mouth while Mitzie manipulated it up and down.

As Mitzie lay down beside them she started licking the sides of her daddy’s dick as her mother sucked it’s head into her mouth. Mom then lay down on the bed and while rubbing Mitzies legs she moved her face between them and began licking hers pussy. I stood by the bed and watched my mom eat my cousin’s pussy and began to jerk off. I started looking for a place to put my dick and as my mom was conveniently bending over Mitzie with her behind slightly up in the air I moved forward and put my dick into her wet pussy from behind. I took hold of her ass cheeks as I began ramming my dick into Mom’s pussy as hard as I could as I stood on the floor behind her. Mitzie now had uncle Bill’s dick in her own mouth and was sucking it in and out, and in and out as Uncle Bill lay there with his eyes closed softly moaning. I soon could hold back no longer and shot my load of hot cum deeply into my mom’s pussy. She tightened her ass cheeks and squeezed my dick to drain every drop. Weakly I pulled out and sat down on the bed between Aunt Margie and Mitzie. Aunt Margie looked up at me and said:

“Would you like to suck his dick too?”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never thought about sucking a dick before. I was a guy and I had always thought about tits and pussy when I thought about sex. I suddenly found myself getting exited about the idea as I watched Mitzie sucking it in and out of her mouth. She looked up at me took it out of her mouth with her hand and held it pointed up at me:

“Go ahead, it tastes good, I think you’ll like it.”

I slowly leaned down toward it and took the head into my mouth. It was a whole new sensation. It felt solid but soft as it slid into my mouth. Sweet liquid was oozing out of the tip and it actually did taste pretty good. I tried to pull my teeth up inside my lips as I didn’t want to cut it and began to suck Uncle Bill’s dick. I took his shaft in my hand and began to slowly jerk him off as I sucked. I was looking into Mitzies eyes as she watched me suck her daddy’s dick. She smiled then closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Mom brought her to orgasm. As Mitzie came Uncle Bill began to thrust his dick rapidly in and out of my mouth and quickly started shooting his cum down my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could but couldn’t get it all as it spilled out across my chin. Mom took my chin in her hand and I could taste the musky taste of Mitzie’s pussy juices on Moms lips as she turned my face toward her and licked her brother’s cum from her son’s face.

These things happened a long time ago. We had several other experiences together over the next few years until Mitzie and I both got invovlved in college and eventually married and moved away. My Mom and Uncle Bill and Aunt Margie are all passed away now. Mitzie lives with her husband several hours away and we do see each other from time to time but strangely we never mention those times and what we all shared and it is as though they never happened.

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