Mum! Mum?

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I’m not really sure where to start with this story; so I guess I’ll go back and tell you a little about myself. I’m Connie and I’m nearly 40 and have a 21 year old son called Rudy. Rudy is now nearly 6 feet tall; very athletic (very good at soccer and athletics) and has a shaved head. I’m 5 ft 6, size 12-14, with very short curly reddish hair. I have a round ‘feline’ face with lots and lots of freckles and a small pixyish nose. My boobs are 34b and the nipples are pink and very sensitive. My son and I have a very close bond; probably brought on by the two of us having to struggle through a lot of troubles; together for the last 15 years; after his shithouse of a father finally left us.

I’m from a pretty wealthy middle-class family that disowned me when I fell pregnant during my second year at University. The pregnancy out of wedlock was bad enough for my parents but their heads nearly exploded when they found out that Buster, the father was Jamaican and played bass in a band. Buster was in and out of my life until Rudy was about 5; usually for money or sex or both. I struggled to keep house and home together finally buying a flat on the outskirts of town 6 years ago when I joined the HR department of a local hospital. I’m now the head of the department.

I first discovered boys when my boobs appeared at 15 and I’ve never looked back. Obviously being a single parent restricted my love life for a few years; but Rudy never seemed to mind when my friend, Megan, baby sat him if I had a date and later ‘turned a blind eye’ when boyfriends began staying over a few years ago. This, sadly, has not been on a regular basis; but a woman has needs which can’t always be satisfied with her fingers or ‘old faithful’ (a 7 inch vibrater).

When Rudy was 18; I began to notice that my ‘special’ magazines in the bedside cabinet weren’t always in the same order that I’d left them in; and I’m meticulous about such things. Plus his socks and underpants would have mysterious white stains on them when I took them out of the laundry basket in the bathroom.

At first I was shocked that Rudy had found them and would think that I was a bad mother; but the more I thought about it the more it amused me to think that we were both now masturbating to the same magazines. I soon began buying a new magazine every couple of weeks; which really cheered up my local Asian newsagent who soon began flirting with me when I visited his shop on my way home from work on a Friday evening.

Dev was in his late forties and attractive in a smarmy kind of manner. He thought he was ‘Gods gift to women’ and always ‘tried too hard’ in the way he dressed. His shirts would be a little bit too tight and bright and always unbuttoned to show off his gold chains, plus his hair was a bit to long and luscious for a man his age. After a couple of months, Dev began suggesting new titles for me to look at and one night, when I was alone in the shop he suggested that he had some ‘exceptional magazines’ in the back shop that he kept for ‘regular customers’ and did I want to see them. Intrigued I blushed and nodded. He shouted out something in his native language and ushered me through a bead curtain into a dark and cluttered office. As I adjusted to the darkness a short chubby woman in an ethnic dress passed us. I recognised her as his wife or sister as she occasionally worked in the shop. Satisfied that we were alone, Dev opened a cupboard that was full of magazines and DVD’s. He searched for a short while then passed me two magazines. “Open it…. check it out…tell me what you think.” Dev gabbled as he found another for me. I flicked through the pages to find it a lot more hardcore than I was used to. There were actual picture of erect cocks and women with their legs wide open. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pictures as I found a story with two men and one woman in some amazing positions.

“Do you like them?” Dev asked; a huge grin lighting up his face; “Do you like to see what they are doing?”

I really didn’t know what to say; so slightly nodded and opened the second magazine. It was the same; but this time one of the men was black and hung like a donkey.

“Do you want them?” He asked; his voice dropping an octave or two and his eyes twinkling.

“I don’t know.” I pouted as I put the magazine down, “how much are they?”

“Never mind the cost.” He leered; slightly licking his lips, “I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.”

He then stepped forward and stroked my boob. I flinched but didn’t move. Dev then opened my jacket and cradled the boob in his hand as if he was weighing it; then squeezed. He went to kiss me; but I moved my head. He shrugged his shoulders and pursed his lips; then slid his other hand up my skirt. I still didn’t move.

“Mmmm Mmmm; stockings?” He purred as his hand found my suspenders. I nodded. My breathing was becoming shorter and heavier as he unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my bra up over my tits. I gasped and bit my lip when his rough palm touched my nipples. Unable to stop myself or the Asian shopkeeper sar─▒yer escort I rested on the edge of his desk with my bum and hands leaving him to do what he wanted. He dipped his head forward and nuzzled a nipple…making me shiver. His hand that was up my skirt was now stroking my crotch through my knickers and sending tremors through my lower body. He soon pulled the gusset to one side and began fingering me. First one long finger then when I was wet enough a second; twisting it deep inside my hole. I threw my head backwards as his rough palm began rubbing my clit and my nipples felt like they were wired to the electric mains. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beaded curtain no more than six feet away from me and the occasional flash of movement as the beaded strands fluttered open.

“Uggh aggh; Ooohhh.” I panted as I felt my orgasm building up in my toes. Dev gurgled and chuckled as he fingered my pussy faster and faster. “Oh my God!” I gasped when I finally came; knocking some papers of the desk at the same time.

The woman in the shop shouted something when she heard the commotion; but Dev shouted something louder and angrier in reply.

“My turn now.” He demanded; as he pulled his fingers out and began unbuckling his tacky silver belt. “No….I’m sorry….I have to go.” I spluttered as I tucked my boobs back into the bra.

“You’re not going to leave me like this; are you?” He sneered as he pulled his grey underpants down revealing a long thin and very stiff brown hooded cock.

“What do you mean?” I nervously asked.

“Suck me.” He coldly replied, “Get on your knees.” I immediately looked at the bead curtain and could see movement on the other side.

“No…I’m sorry….I really must go.” I nodded towards the shop.

“Don’t worry about her.” He sniggered, “Just get on with it.”

I grabbed my bag and tried to push past the disappointed Asian shopkeeper.

“Oh.” He sighed; then pulled his pants back up. “Here; you can still have these.” as he slid three magazines into a brown paper bag then held them out to me.

I nodded my thanks and smiled a thin embarrassed smile as I scurried out of the office and through the crowded shop. I had to battle with my conscience over the next few months; but continued visiting the shop to buy magazines. Thankfully it would be quite busy on the majority of my visits but occasionally Dev would be alone and I would find myself in his small office; knickers around my ankles with him fingering me as I wanked him in exchange for a couple of porno mags. No matter how much he tried and how much I was tempted I never let him fuck me — I do have some standards!

As the weeks and months went by and the magazines got naughtier and naughtier Rudy got braver and more brazen; with some of the magazines being returned with pages stuck together and then my underwear in the laundry basket would have extra stains on them when I came to wash them. I too was masturbating three or four times a week at this time but I worked out that my teenage son was knocking them out two or three times a day! I was having a barren patch in my sex life and soon began craving the smell of my soiled underwear after he had filled them with his spunk. I knew then as I know now; that this was wrong in many ways but the slut of my youth won out and some nights I would wait feverishly for him to visit the bathroom after a wanking session then rush along myself so I could retrieve the cum soaked garment and frantically fuck myself with ‘old faithful’ as I rubbed the panties over my face. I’m not proud of what I was doing; but no one was getting hurt — right?

I was now living a type of ‘double-life’. In my role at work I was expected to dress quite conservatively but began buying and wearing very naughty and sexy thongs, g-strings and bras to wear under my dresses or skirts then deliberately leaving them for Rudy to find later in the day to fuel his own fantasies. We never ever mentioned what we were doing and carried on with the rest of lives as a normal mother and son.

I eventually got a boyfriend (who was married and younger than me) so my masturbation became less habitual for the duration. Rudy was cool with Adrian visiting and fucking my brains out once or twice a week with his 8 inch monster cock. I can only guess he was happy for Ade to visit as a) I began wearing stockings, suspenders and occasionally a bustierre or Basque that my lover bought for me; and which would always mysteriously disappear from the laundry basket — sometimes for days on end; eventually being returned caked in teenage spunk; and b) Fucking with Ade and his 8 inches made me scream and curse like only Rudy’s Dad Buster had ever managed previously. I can only presume that my son lay on his bed; cock in hand as I took a severe fucking in the next room. Ade loved anal and having that thing shoved up my arse made me scream so loud even the neighbours must have heard me.

Our affair lasted about 3 months until his wife became suspicious and we had sefak├Ây escort to finish; well I say finish….we still occasionally meet for lunch and he lets me suck him off in his silver BMW at the back of the Hospital Car Park.

One Friday night soon after it was over; Rudy asked if I was ‘going out’ and I replied by sighing, “Not tonight sweetie, it’s just me, you, the TV, a bottle of wine and a visit from old faithful.” There was an instant silence as the last two words left my lips. “Mum!!!!” Rudy grinned and gave me an extra-saucy wink; letting me know that he knew exactly what I meant. This was the first time that we’d even hinted at knowing what we were each getting up to. Sure enough we went through the same charade for the next 2 or 3 months; me buying sexy magazines from Dev Allahad and leaving my sexy underwear for Rudy to find and wank into; then I would retrieve the garment and sniff his spunk if it was dry but if I was really lucky and quick his goo was occasionally still wet and I would…..lick it off. Is that too nasty?

By the time Rudy was 18 he had a couple of really close friends who would visit each others homes after school to play on their PS2’s. My flat soon became their regular hang out because I’d let them smoke dope and have an occasional beer. I’m sorry if that offends anyone; but I like to think of myself as a modern liberal mother. I couldn’t help myself some nights; wearing fairly short skirts or dresses and my tops were normally quite low cut with a Wonderbra, lifting, separating and emphasising my still quite perky boobs. I loved the attention that I drew from Spike, Sash and Mikey as I served them Coke and biscuits making sure that they all got a good look at my cleavage or up my skirt; especially as I had begun wearing stockings and suspenders or hold ups most days. The boys would always sit in silence whenever I was in the bedroom, apart from Rudy who would hiss; “Mum!!!” as he would get a bit uncomfortable by my attire and behaviour in front of his best friends then I’d hear boyish giggling as soon as I left. Once or twice in late Summer I deliberately went braless under a thin cotton dress or vest, when the boys were around. Their eyes followed me around the flat like tracer bullets. Their youthful attention really made me feel quite good about myself.

On one of these nights I’d really gone overboard with my teasing — braless under a white cotton vest and a short pleated skirt with a tiny white g-string underneath. Spike and Mikey went home at about 9 but Sash was staying over. At about 10 o’clock I went to the bathroom and had to walk past my sons’ bedroom. As usual the music was blaring out but the door was slightly ajar; possibly 4 inches or so. My nosiness got the better of me and I peaked in. Both boys were sitting on the bed reading dirty magazines and obviously wanking. I was shocked that they would do this in front of each other; but couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Sash is tall, ginger and very skinny but he had a nice long uncut cock which he was slowly stroking revealing a bright blue knob on the downward strokes. At first Rudy had his back to the door; making it difficult for me to see what he had hold of. Whatever it was he was giving it a good fast hammering. My heart was pounding and my nipples were as hard as diamonds….you can only guess how wet my tiny panties were as Rudy flopped onto his back and furiously tugged at his huge black cock which was wrapped inside a pair of my red silk French knickers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though we both wandered around the flat in our underwear I had absolutely no idea how big his cock was. It looked like a big fat tulip…..with a long thin stem tapering into a big fat pink knob. As he lay there tugging away; I couldn’t help thinking that he’d inherited his Dad’s only redeeming feature — a big cock; at least 7 gorgeous inches long.

My need to pee was suddenly overtaken by my own need to play with myself. I was as quiet as possible but couldn’t stop pulling my panties to one side and flicking my clit. I knew it wouldn’t take either of us very long but I came at the site of Rudy shoving my panties onto his face and spurt after spurt of white spunk landed on his light brown tummy (he’s mixed-race after all). He then lay still with a cheeky smile on his face as even more spunk oozed out. Sash just looked on slack jawed; until he too lifted a black thong that I’d worn for work the previous day from the bed and covered his blue knob with them as he too orgasmed….only into the panties. I staggered along the corridor to the bathroom holding my skirt up with one hand as the other frigged my clit like it was going out of fashion. I only just made it onto the bowl and made myself cum as the piss gushed out covering my fingers as they flicked across my clit.

As soon as I finished the first one I had to finger my cunt again and flick my clit as images of the boys wanking filled my head. When I’d finished and cleaned myself up the boys were already in the kitchen making silivri escort supper.

“Mum? Are you okay?” Rudy asked as Sash openly stared at my tits and nipples that were ready to explode.

“Yes I am. Why?” I asked as I switched the kettle on with my back to them.

“You look a bit……flushed; that’s all.” He asked with hardly any concern in his voice.

I turned and pulled a face that was meant to imply ‘don’t push your luck Sonny Boy’. He got the message.

I couldn’t get the images of Rudy’s cock out of my head in the next few days; frantically fingering myself at every opportunity — even in the loos at work a couple of times!

The following Wednesday Rudy commandeered the TV to watch a football match in his white replica shirt and navy football shorts. Bored; I decided to take a nice long bath. As I undressed I ran my fingers through my pubic bush. It was a bit hairier than I normally like so I found my electric razor to trim it down. “Shit!” The batteries ran out after about a minute and less than half trimmed. It looked terrible…..there was only one thing for it…..a full wet shave! I slid into the hot foams; washed my hair and gave myself a good soaping then took out THE Gillette G11 that I use for my legs. I hadn’t done this for a lot of years so my hand was shaking a little as it slithered through the short hairs surrounding my pussy. I even positioned the bathroom mirror so I could get at the hairs further back surrounding my bum hole. Eventually satisfied I rinsed everything off and powdered and dried myself.

Only wearing my ┬ż length dressing gown I went back into the living room with a big glass of wine. Rudy was engrossed in the match when I joined him on the sofa. I picked up a magazine then curled my legs underneath me making myself comfortable. When I’d finished reading Rudy was still glued to the TV as his team were winning. I was bored and mischievous; so uncurled my legs and rested them on his lap then wiggling my toes under his nose.

“Mum!!!!” He grumbled when he realised what I wanted, “I’m watching this!”

“You’re a big boy now and can do two things at once,” I giggled as I touched his nose with my big toe, “come on sweetie….make Mummy happy!”

He knew that it would be futile to ignore me when I was in this mood and soon relented. From a very young age I’d taught my beloved son how to do a foot massage and he was now a master.

Rudy did his customary job on my right foot as I slid slightly down the sofa and read another magazine and slurped my wine. It wasn’t until he dropped my right foot and began rubbing my left that I realised something was different.

In my new relaxed position my robe was hanging open at my thighs and had slightly slid up my legs……giving him a glimpse of my freshly shaved pussy.

“Mmmmmm….that’s lovely.” I sighed and giggled as I dropped my magazine onto the carpet, “you have wonderful fingers!”

Rudy was silent and began intently watching the TV screen.

“Hey!” I playfully screeched as my foot touched a lump in his shorts, “what’s this?”

“Mum!!!!!!” Rudy yelled as he tried to push my foot away; but I persisted by pressing the sole against his stiff dick. “Mum!!!!! Stop it!!!!”

I giggled like a naughty schoolgirl as I continued teasing him with my foot; making his cock get even stiffer.

“You little bugger!” I chuckled; “have you been looking at my naughty bits???” “Mum!” He protested, “No….I haven’t! Honest!”

The twinkle in his eye and the stiff cock between my feet told another story; though.

“Yes you have” I continued rubbing his hard dick with my feet as my robe fell wide open and I made no attempt to hide my nakedness; “If not…what’s this then?”

“Mum!!!!” He protested again; but made no effort to stop me as I tried to get my toes under the elastic band of his shorts.

“Come on Sweetie,” I urged as my toes began pulling his shorts down; “show mummy your pee-pee.”

“Mum! Stop it!” He wriggled and laughed as his shorts stuck on his dick.

“Please” I giggled as I sat up and began puling at the shorts with my hands. Rudy was completely confused now as my robe was wide open and his eyes were all over me staring at my boobs and wide open bald pussy. “You’ve seen mine; so it’s only fair you show me yours!”

The football on the TV was now forgottan as I finally released his cock from the shorts.

“Mmmmmm.” I purred as I stroked the shaft with my red manicured nails, “somebody takes after their father.”

“Mum!” he groaned; “Too much detail!”

I used my forefinger and thumb to pull back his foreskin and spotted a pearl of pre-cum oozing out of his pink knob. I scooped it off on my nail and sensually licked it off.

“Mum!!!!!” My son gasped as I bent forward and began sucking his bulbous knob. It was delicious but far too big for me to actually swallow. “Mum! Oh shit…..Mum????” Rudy kept sighing as I licked and sucked his long cock as if my life depended on it. I hoped he’d had at least one wank since coming home from school because I wanted this to last as long as possible; but after a minute or so he began twitching and his balls expanded in my hands so I knew he was about to cum. I began sucking as hard as possible on his pink plum and furiously rubbing his long thin shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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