Eyl 01

MSDS Society Ch. 12

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Our Masters fuck us on and off as they slept. Danny and I would kiss and hold each other while being fucked. In between the fucking we would try to nap knowing we most likely will not get much sleep.

It is dinner time when our Masters are ready to get out of bed. They pulled us out of bed towards the shower. They first needed to use the toilet and of course, Danny and I clean them up afterward. It is one of the tasks that I am not fond of. It is humiliating with awful tastes. Yet it’s what our Masters want. The funny thing is the more I clean up after my Master, the shit and pisses the taste gets less and less discussing. I guess you can get used to anything if you just do it often enough.

After my Master does his business, I set up the shower water to the correct temperature as Master taught me. We clean our Masters as they relax under the warm water. I turn off the water after they are thoroughly clean. Danny and I then dry them with warm towels. Master orders us to clean each other. From my training I know to only use cold water. Of course, we clean each quickly and then do our business on the toilet too. Then we give each other an enema. Once we are clean inside and out, we dry each other with old rough towels. I am happy for Danny’s help. Plus, it is good not to be as lonely anymore. I have someone to share in my servitude with. I think Danny is happy too.

When we walk out of the shower our Masters are kissing again, so we kneel and kiss their feet three times.

“Slaves we are hungry so find us nice shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals from our closets.”

I rush to the closet, pulling out blue cargo shorts, a red and white polo T-Shirt, and blue sandals to match the shorts. When I return Danny is right behind me. We find our Masters continuously kissing. So we kneel with our arms parallel to the ground with the clothes on top of them. Our Masters ignore us preferring to make out longer as lovers tend to do. It reminds me of the way Danny and I did in the cell last night. We both know we need to wait until our Master’s are finished. Our arms start to get tired with a pile of clothes on them. I try to not show any discomfort so as not to disturb our Master’s make-out session. In the corner of my eye, I see Danny have more of a difficult time with it. Yet, it doesn’t seem to bother our Masters. They just seem to be so into each other that we are completely ignored.

About 20 minutes later Master looks down at us, “Slaves dress us.”

We quickly dress our Masters. They then take leashes and attach them to our collars. We are pulled to our feet and ordered to follow. I follow my Master down to the dining hall. It is busy with about 30 guys sitting and eating with their slaves either standing next to them or serving them under the table. This is the first time I have been in the dining hall with other Masters and slaves besides Master Jason and Danny.

Our Masters grab two seats next to each with enough room for Danny and me to stand on either side of them. I’m on the left of my Master and Danny is to the right of his Master.

A kitchen slave rushes out and asks what our Masters would like to drink. My Master asks for a rum and coke and Jason asks for a gin and tonic. The slave rushes off to get our Master’s drinks. Meantime, Danny and I stand at rest with our hands behind our backs, ready to serve our Masters.

Master says “Bread and butter.”

I quickly grab some bread just out of reach of my Master. I butter it and place the slice of bread on my Master’s plate.

Master just ignores me, as he chats with the other Masters about their summer break. I see our Masters holding hands openly on the table. So, I assume they are open with their relationship with others in the house. As Master is chatting, I hear a few seats down from us, a Master moans and notices he is holding his hand under the table I assume a slave must be giving him a good blow job. The kitchen slave arrives with our Master’s cocktails. Then Master snaps his fingers and points to the floor. I quickly kneel at his side.


I instinctively understand what to do. I crawl under the table and between my Master’s legs. In the corner of my eye, I see Danny doing the same thing. I take the centerpiece out of my Master’s chair and crawl closer to my Master’s crotch. I lick my lips wanting to give him the pleasure I have been trained to do. I open his shorts and his massive cock falls out, hitting me in the face. I can see Master is already excited as precum is smeared on my face. I take the cock in my mouth and suck him while never stopping his conversation above. I am impressed. In the corner of my eye, I see Danny servicing Master Jason too. I am glad we had some training for each meal. It gave Master more time to socialize with his friends and not have to train me at the same time.

A few minutes later his meal comes. He must have made his food order before we took a shower. The app on his phone can do a lot around the college.

I continue to suck Beylikdüzü Escort him while he catches up with his what his friends have been doing over the summer break. When he is about to shoot, he holds my head down, forcing his massive cock deep into my throat. Except he doesn’t shoot! He lets go of my head and I catch my breath and continue to suck. When he is about to shoot again, I force his cock deep into my throat, holding Master back from the edge of cumming. So, from now on, he doesn’t have to hold my head and be distracted. It is my job to keep him on the edge. I hear him chatting and laughing with his friend all the while he is on the edge of cumming. Fuck my Master is amazing. I could never hold a conversation on the edge of cumming that! I hear Danny next to me sucking and stopping just like me.

Finally, Master finishes his meal and taps my head. I take this as a sign he is ready to cum. So, I keep sucking until he shoots deep into my throat. He moans a little stopping his conversation with his friends. They wait until he recovers then they continue the conversation where it left off. I assume they are all used to being serviced at meals. It’s like shooting a load in the middle of a conversation is just a normal thing!

To my surprise, Master holds my head down and then releases a stream of piss down my throat. I am forced to swallow a gallon of piss. Once he’s done, I am released. I lick the rest of the piss dripping out of his cock. Only then am I allowed to let go of his cock.

Not long after my serving my Master, a kitchen slave comes out with a bowl of slave chow. It is the only food I have eaten since my enslavement. I am starting to forget what normal food tastes like. Yet, I bend down under Master’s chair and eat my meal. It is filling but has a very bland flavor. I lick the bowl clean, not wanting to waste any food given to me. I depend on my Master to feed me and don’t want to waste any of it. Master could withhold food at any time so it’s best to get what you can when it’s available.

The kitchen slave removes the bowl and I sit back on my thighs then look up at my Master’s softening cock. Fuck it is so beautiful. I lick my lips hoping Master will get hard again soon. Master pulls my head into his lap as he continues to chat with his friends. He presses my cheek into his half-hard cock. I feel content just kneeling between my Master’s legs with my head pressed against his wonderful cock. I smile knowing his is my favorite place to be.

Our Masters chat with their friends for another hour while I take in Master’s scent, keeping me in my happy place. I zoned out of Master’s conversations, floating peacefully inside my happy place. Master, rubs my head for the entire hour. It feels so nice to have Master’s affection. I could stay like this forever!

Master pats my head, indicating he is ready to get up. I shake myself out of my happy space. Then I place his cock back into his shorts and button them up. Then put the chair back together and crawl out from under the table.

I grab the back of the chair as Master gets up. I see Danny do the same for Master Jason. Master grabs my leash and pulls me out of the dining hall. Master walks into a large lounge with leather chairs and sofas and love seats. I have never been in this lounge before. Master puls Master Jason to a loveseat with him. Danny and I kneel between our Masters’ legs.

“Slave, get Jason and me another drink. The same as before.”

I quickly get up and rush over to the bar in the corner. My half-brother is at the bar getting his Master a drink too I smile at him. He smiles back. We know we cannot take long. Yet, I do ask him what his name is.

“So, ah… what is your name?”

It is strange to ask your own brother what his name is. Well, I mean we are strangers after all. I fill up a glass with coke.

He smiles “My name is Robert, brother.”

Oh shit, he just called me brother. Well, that is what I am but it is weird hearing it from him.

I quickly switch my shocked face to a smile and reach over to him grabbing the rum then turn my face to him. We are now face-to-face for a second.

“My name is David but my Master only calls me slave now.”

My brother laughs, “Well brother you are a slave just like me.”

He smiles at me while I pour the rum into the glass and then fill a second glass with gin and tonic.

“Brother David, it is good to meet you and I hope we can get to know each other better”

I jump as my brother brushes my ass with his free hand as he takes the drink to his Master. Shit did my brother just hit on me. I watch him hand the drink to his Master while his Master whispers something in his ear. My brother then looks at me with a smile. I see his Master look over at me and smile too. Did my brother tell his Master that he hit on me? Looking at his Master, it looks like his Master is ok with that. I quickly look away and grab the two drinks. Then I walk back to my Master, kneeling in front of him, and hand him Master Jason Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan and his. Master gives Jason his drink then they take a sip of their drinks and put them down on a coffee table next to them.

In the corner of my eye, I see Master Josh take a seat next to us. My brother kneels between his legs.

Master Josh says, “Hey guys, that was hot out front. You guys really know how to start a party.”

“Thanks, Josh, our slaves needed punishment for disappointing us. It is good for them to have some humility once and a while.”

I think, once and a while! Ever since my enslavement, I have gone from one humiliating scene to another. Yet, what can I say? I am a slave now and I have learned that life is not fair for us slaves.

“Yes, Yes, of course. I have to thank you for letting me fuck your slave. It has one tight hole.”

“Oh yeah, I have been training it to keep its hole nice and tight.”

“Shit, you’re doing an awesome job.”

“Thanks again. I fuck him while I sleep so he keeps his hole nice and tight. In order for my slave to get any sleep, it has to get me to have a wet dream. You know how it is we are horny even in our dreams,” Master laughs.

My face turns red as they talk about my hole and how Master trains me to keep it tight. It is all true but I am still embarrassed. See we are constantly being humiliated. There is nothing fair about being a slave.

Master Josh starts rubbing his cock through his shorts. He pats my brother’s head. My brother quickly opens Master Josh’s shorts and pulls out his cock. Then starts sucking him off.

I see Master watching my brother sucking off his Master. I look at Master’s crotch and see he is getting hard.

Master pats my head. I know what he wants. So, like my brother, I open Master’s pants and take out his cock. Then I open my mouth and suck him, loving his wonderful cock. My Master gets hard on a dime and he can cum at least 5 times a day. Therefore, I am not surprised he is hard after just sucking him off two hours ago.

“You know Alex, it would be hot if these three slaves give us some entertainment.”

“What do you suggest?”

“How about we watch them fuck each other. I have always wanted to see brothers fuck. It is so hot! Do you agree?”

Master looks at my brother and then at me. Is he really going to make my brother and me fuck?

“Sure why not. It would be hot to see your slave fuck mine. Jason, what do you think?”

I see Jason is getting excited as well.

“Fuck, that would be so hot, two Anderson brothers fucking each other. I want to see that!”

Master smiles down at me.

“Slave, have its slave lover and it go get the fuck bench from the dungeon. I will give it access to the dungeon.”

Fuck did Master call Danny my slave lover? Plus, now I am embarrassed again since he is going to have my brother and me fuck.

Danny and I get up and walk out of the lounge to the elevators. As we walk to the elevators several Masters comment about how marked up our asses are. It only reminds me of our punishment from earlier. Both, Danny’s and my faces turn red with shame. We both know we fucked up big time and deserve our punishment.

I put my handprint on the elevator door, a display says “Access granted”. I am a bit surprised but Master did say he will give me access. I push the down arrow and soon the doors open. Danny and I walk inside. I pick “D” for the dungeon.

“David I am so sorry you have to do this. I can’t imagine having sex with my own brother.”

“Thanks, Danny, I’m sorry you will have to watch. You know I would rather it be with you!”

I smile at Danny. Then to my surprise, Danny kisses me. We make out passionately as the doors open.

“What the fuck are you two slaves doing down here.”

We both break the kiss and jump away from each other like did something wrong. Yet we know we really didn’t do anything wrong. Our Masters are OK with slave Danny and this slave being lovers.

“Sir, our Master wants us to bring up a fuck bench to the lounge on the first level.”

“Oh, and why is that slave?”

Shit now I have to tell this Master why!

“Sir, our Masters want to watch my half-brother fuck me.”

The Master laughs so hard he has tears in his eyes.

“Shit! I have to see that. Let me show you where the fuck bench is slaves.”

The Master leads us to the bench. I take one side and Danny takes the other.

“By the way, slaves, does its Masters allow the kissing that I saw earlier?”

As we carry the heavy fuck bench the Master follows us.

“Yes, Sir. Danny and I are lovers. Our Masters have approved of our relationship. Danny is the slave of my Master’s lover, Master Jason.”

“OH, you mean Master Alex and Master Jason.”

“Yes Sir, they are our Masters, Sir.”

“Oh! that is so sweet two Masters in love have slaves that love each other.”

The Master laughs at us. I am not sure if he mocking us or truly happy for us.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Danny Escort Beylikdüzü and I make it to the elevator. We have to set the bench down so I can open the elevator doors. Then we carry the bench into the elevator then I press the button for the main level. When the elevator doors open we carry the fuck bench to the lounge where our Masters are waiting.

My Master directs us to place the fuck bench in front of all three Masters. So, Danny and I pick up the bench and put it in front of our Masters. On either side of the bench, there are places for both the arms and knees to rest on. The slave can then straddle the bench on all fours so its ass is up and its legs are spread wide ready to be fucked.

Master Josh, “I been thinking of making my slave a breeding bull. So, would you mind if my slave fuck yours first? I want to see it perform as a breeder.”

“Josh I completely understand. It is from good stock to be used as a breeding bull. Anyways, I would love to see my slave get fucked by its brother. Its purpose is to please us. What better way to please its Master is to entertain us?”

So, Master Josh orders my brother to stop sucking him and help set me up on the fuck bench. I am taken by surprise when my brother walks up to me and grabs my neck.

He whispers in my ear, “Ready to be my bitch?”

He squeezes my neck harder, causing me to yelp in pain as he forces me onto the bench. As he straps my arm and legs down, my brother whispers again in my ear.

“Brother, you’re about to become my bitch. Are you excited to have your own brother use you like the bitch you were born to be?”

I cannot believe my own brother is saying those things to me. I was hoping maybe since we are half brothers we could become friends. But now I know why he was hitting on me earlier. He wants to make me his bitch!

He walks behind me and rubs my ass and pushes a finger into my hole. He starts rubbing my prostate then bends over my back and whispers again in my ear.

“Bitch, that is a tight hole. Do you like what I am doing to my bitch?”

I moan and whisper, “Oh fuck, Yes, brother!”

“I always knew you would be my bitch someday.

My brother stands back up and pushes three fingers in my hole. Then, adds a fourth finger. After getting me loose enough, he places his fat cock at my hole and pushes. I moan as he opens me up and then pushes hard, burying his cock deep into me with one quick motion. I yell out in surprise and pain. Once again he bends over my back and whispers in my ear.

“DAM! ‘bro’ your hole is so tight. Your Master has trained its hole well. You know, you were Dad’s favorite boy. He spent more time with you than any of our other brothers. He only did that to make you the good little bitch slave boy you are now. That way he can sell your tight ass to your Master. Bitch, Dad was so excited when he sold you. I heard Dad and my mother talking about you while he fucked her. Dad said you needed special treatment since you were the weakest of all his sons.”

A tear runs down my face hearing my brother take about my father saying I was the weakest of all his sons. That he was happy he sold me. My father was always strict and did not show much love toward me. My guess is that my father doesn’t love any of his sons even my half-brother.

Then my brother fucks me hard and fast. I moan out as the bench creeks with each deep hard fuck!

“Bro, now you’re my bitch! You love my cock don’t you, brother?”

I whisper back, “Yes brother, Your cock feels amazing.”

I am not lying, my brother is fucking amazing. I moan as he grunts in my ear.

As I am being fucked, I see Danny being passed around all by three Masters, sucking their cocks like the pro he has become. I know he is enjoying the attention. Danny loves sucking cock.

Just before my brother shoots he slows down so he doesn’t climax. Then he whispers again in my ear.

“Bro, do you know why I agreed to be a slave and not a Master? It is because of you brother. I wanted to make you my bitch. And now look at you, brother. You’re my bitch. Anytime our Masters are together I am going ask to fuck you again and again. My Master loves seeing me fuck you. So look forward to having my cock in your hole often”, he laughs. It’s a sadistic laugh. I wonder why my brother gave up a life of freedom to make me his bitch? Does he resent me for spending so much time with our father? Doesn’t he know father never loved me? I was just a slave for him to sell and make a profit. I am sure my father did not love any of his children. I know my mother loved me and I am sure my brother’s mother loved him too. I least I hope she did.

Then I hear my Master say, “Jason mind if have another go at your slave’s hole.”

Master Josh laughs “Hell no, go right ahead. I think we all should fuck my slave as he fuck yours.” He says it loud enough for the whole room to hear.

All the Masters in the room look in our direction. Fuck that means my brother is going to be fucked for much longer than I expected. Which, in turn, I will be fucked just as long!

Master pushes Danny off him and hands him to Master Jason then walks behind my brother.

“Brother, get ready for a long fuck session, I am about to be gangbanged. Each one of these Masters are going to fuck me as I fuck my bitch,” my brother laughs.

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