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Mrs Whitehouse Masturbates

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It was the early 90’s and I was dating a girl called Emily. She was a cute blonde (dyed). Not so tall and a little curvy with great tits and a pussy that was always ready. At that age you’re just ready to fuck all the time – and we did. Usually at her place as I was still living at home with my family and there was rarely any alone time there. Emily lived with her mum in a flat and that worked out great as her mum, Deborah, was often out, either with work or socialising. Now, when I started seeing a girl my dad would always ask me to check the mother out. Either wise advice – this is likely to be how the daughter will mature, or maybe he just fancied a bit of a perv himself. Who knows? Well, Deborah was something else. she’d had Emily in her teens so was still under 40. She was always immaculately turned out, perfect hair and make up and she always wore heels. I think this is where my fascination with the typical “office hottie’ started. She worked at a solicitors office in town and had that look absolutely spot on. She had long dark hair and was taller and slimmer than Emily. I fantasised about her many times and more than once her favourite black mules took a load. I would often try and sneak a look at her legs or down her top if she had something low cut on. I don’t think Emily ever noticed but Deborah gave me a knowing smile once or twice. I think she liked it.

So, one Saturday night Emily and me and a group of friends had been out in town having a few drinks. We were having a great time, as you would, and then part way through the evening Emily starts to slyly squeeze my cock under the table. “Let’s go and have some fun on the way home. I need to get fucked so bad and I don’t know if mum will be in when we get home”. I didn’t need to be asked twice and was soon slipping my coat on and making excuses. We left the pub giggling and decided to cut across the local golf course on the way home. It was usually deserted apart from the odd dog walker and was a handy fuck spot if we knew that we wouldn’t be alone later. That evening I was feeling particularly adventurous and when we got to one of the greens I told Emily to take all of her clothes off and lie down and start masturbating Erzincan Escort for me. She looked coy and unsure. “It’ll be hot” I said “and I’ll do the same”. She looked at me as if making up her mind and then slid her skirt and panties off. As she made to lie down I stopped her and said “everything, I want you completely naked”. She kind of knowingly rolled her eyes and pulled her top over her head. I unclipped her bra and she sat down to unlace her DM’s.(it was the 90’s). I got to work on my own clothes while she laid back on the green and started to run her hands over her tits and down to her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes of her as I pulled my clothes off. I should describe myself – I’m just over 6ft tall and at the time I was slim and had long dark brown hair. My thick 7.5 inch uncut cock sprang to attention as I removed my underwear. Both my dick and I stood proud on 8th green, completely naked taking in the erotic sight of this wanking girl on the ground. She looked up, biting one finger in her mouth whilst stuffing others in to her eager twat. I knelt down and placed her ankles over my shoulders while I guided my hard cock inside her. She was so wet that I entered easily and I was soon hammering away with all the enthusiasm and lack of technique I could muster. She whimpered with every stroke, pushing herself onto me as best she could. Soon I had lifted her arse clear off the ground as I bear hugged her legs a pumped her full of cum. We lay there gasping for breath, recovering for a while before awkwardly getting dressed and heading back to Emily’s.

There was no sign of Deborah when we got in. Just a note that said she’d be out and may not get back until the morning. “Typical! We could have been fucking in bed and I wouldn’t be picking grass out of my knickers” Emily said. “Come on – it was a fucking turn on and you looked so hot playing with yourself”. “Oh yeah’ she said, eyeing me suggestively. She backed her way over to the sofa, hitched up her skirt and whipped her panties off as she sat down and spread her legs. “I’m charge now though, get over herald get to work”. Her fingers toying with her clit. Well, I didn’t need telling twice and I was soon standing in front Erzincan Escort Bayan of her frantically trying to undo my trousers. “No, no, no, on your knees!” she ordered. I love licking pussy so I did as I was told. “Good boy” she said as she held my head and directed my tongue to where she wanted it. I used my fingers and then my thumb on her as I sucked and nibbled on her clit, bathing my face in her until I could sense her breathing quicken, she tensed, and then started to buck and writhe, pulling my face into her as her orgasm took her. . After a short time she got up, went to the loo and she headed for bed leaving my in the lounge with a bursting erection. I tried to complain but she said she was tired and wanted me keen and eager to please in the morning. I can’t say I was happy about that but what can you do. There was always the morning to look forward to.

As we woke in the morning I was understandably “keen”. I spooned Emily, One hand on her tits and the other making it’s way south. “Somebody’s excited this morning” she whispered. “I think I’ve been hard all night”. She parted her legs just enough and I began gently fingering her. Just then the door opened and in came Deborah, hair up, black neglige – she obviously takes dressing for bed as seriously as dressing for any other occasion. “Oh, didn’t realise you were here” she said. Not in a cross way, more curious. “Err yeah it got kind of late and I didn’t fancy the walk”. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t allowed to stay over but this conversation felt awkward as I still had a finger inside Emily and my erection squashed up against her back. “OK. I’m making tea. I’ll bring you both a cup” and she left. “Shit” I spat as I turned on to my back and we both sat up trying to make ourselves look presentable.

Soon Deborah returned with the tea a placed a cup on the table next to Emily and the she walked around the bed to my side. Fuck she looks hot I thought. Long tanned legs on display. I was going to save this image up for later. She placed my cup and then said “budge up” and she sat on the side of the bed. Her and Emily started talking about something I wasn’t really paying attention. I was acutely aware Escort Erzincan of how close I was to this very sexy older woman. And she was only partly dressed! Every time she moved the sound of the material just made the situation sexier. I was aware that the chatter had stopped “earth to Barry” said Deborah. “hmmm”. “You’re miles away” she continued as she laughed and made to pat me on the leg. Except it wasn’t my leg she’d landed on. My cock was ramrod hard and it had given me away. I think she knew immediately but she didn’t recoil in embarrassment. She just left her hand resting there while she took a moment. Her lips parted and very so subtly she ran her tongue over her top lip. I looked at her imploringly – I knew I was hard, she knew I was hard. Wouldn’t she just move her hand and then I could wank about this situation for weeks to come. “So, you’re going to take Emily shopping later? Yes?”, “err yeah, anything you say”. “Good boy” Deborah replied, much as Emily had last night while she pulled my tongue inside her. Deborah gently patted the bedclothes around my dick until the outline was obvious and a little tent had started to form. By now Emily had noticed and was looking on inquisitively. I was aware that my breathing had quicken, my mouth had gone dry. Deborah slowly pushed the covers down. “Mrs Whitehouse! Don’t….” She just looked at me and raised her eyebrows, daring me to stop her. Emily grabbed my hand. The covers continued to descend until I was fully exposed. Erect ad standing proud. All eyes on my twitching cock. Emily took my hand and guided it back between her legs.

“Aren’t you a big boy?” she looked at me. She wanted an answer. “Yes, Mrs Whitehouse”. “Yes, Mrs Whitehouse” she echoed. Then she very slowly and deliberately grasped my shaft and started to pump. All of that pent up cum from last night and the sexiness of this situation. My fingers once again in Emily’s pussy while her mum and long term wank fantasy jerked my cock. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” one last tug and “nnnnngggrhhhhh” the torrent unleashed. The first rope hit me on the side of the face, the second did the same, plastering cum from my hair and in to my mouth. The subsequent 7 or so spurts decorated my chest with a huge spiders web of spunk. Deborah disdainfully dropped my cock with a “plop’ right into the huge cum puddle and got up left and I fingered Emily to orgasm.

We never spoke of it again

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