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Mrs. O’Malley’s Golden Juices Ch. 15

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Please be advised that this is a very nasty story, with an older woman dominating a younger man and his mom, with scenes of golden showers, cum-farting and creampie eating. Some like this genre, some don’t, but there you have the caveat before reading. Thank you.


Susan O’Malley was in her happiest place, at the small beach owned by the tiny town in which she lived.

As usual, she was down the far end, away from the screaming hordes of children and families, comfortable in her lounge chair, sipping chardonnay from the cooler at her side.

She was enjoying the sun, the warmth, the comforting cadence of small waves lapping at the shore. And her occasional piss breaks.

Susan was a piss freak, through and through. Nothing pleased her more than using her scorching hot golden juices to control others, male or female, preferably young people in their teens.

She had something of a reputation in this small town, one of a very sexy dominant senior citizen who had her way with others in this most unusual fashion.

And now as she sat, the urge to pee building inside her luscious body, she clenched her muscular old thighs together in her snug two-piece yellow bathing suit, grinding her pussy, always a pleasurable prelude to a gushing piss to follow.

The sexy 65-year-old with the silvery blonde hair ordinarily went just behind the fence where she sat, a fence separating the public beach from private land behind it where a large house stood, a second home for the summer owned by a rich out-of-town family.

But this day, the family was there, making Susan’s piss visits out of the question. That didn’t matter to her, she’d just stand in the water, waist deep, and let it out, feeling the hot liquid contrast wonderfully to the chilly ocean water, often having an orgasm as she stood, looking to all the world only like a pretty elderly woman enjoying a dip in the sea.

Now, later in the day and much of a good bottle of wine later, she had to piss again. She wished she had someone to share it with. She scanned the beach and saw two people taking up residence toward the other end.

“Well, well, well, whaddya know?” she smiled to herself, feeling her hairy pussy moisten from pre-orgasmic pleasure and the slight ooze of pee she allowed to trickle into it. “Look who’s here…lucky me!”

There was Brett Hannigan, 19, and his mom, Laura, a mousy 37-year-old woman. She knew them quite well. They were both her piss slaves.

Not very long ago, Brett had been first. She’d seen him at this beach, chatted him up, and enticed the shy, curly haired lad to sit near her by the fence. She’d noticed him noticing her, eyeballing her supple, sexy old body, one sinewy and lean and fit from years of exercising, even furtively snapping photos of her with his phone.

She devised a trap, going behind the fence to pee. It had worked: Brett watched her through a hole in the fence, and when she returned, excused himself to pee as well.

And there Susan caught him, face first in the pissy patch of grass she’d squatted over, licking, smelling, tasting, while jerking his beautiful young cock. Enslaving him at that point was easy, making him lick her pussy, drink her urine and then fucking him and forcing him to clean her out after.

Later that day, the outraged Laura had showed up at Susan’s house, having noticed something amiss with her boy and badgering a confession from him. Susan laughed at the pretty young woman’s tirade – and then enslaved her as well.

From then it was easy, taking them both, separately and together, the latter being the most fun, forcing the young man to piss on and sexually use his mother, who seemed to like it more and more with each encounter, despite her teary-eyed protests.

And now, Susan sat in her chair, clenching her saggy but sexy thighs together around her pussy, watching the Hannigan mother and son set up their chairs and sit down to enjoy the later afternoon.

Susan picked up her cell phone and called Brett.

She delighted watching the young man’s startled expression when he saw her number.


“Brett, so good to hear your voice, it’s been awhile,” Susan said brightly. “And better to see you, and your sexy little mommy…”

“Yes..yes it has,” he said, looking around frantically and then settling his gaze on Susan at the far end of the beach, who waved at him.

“Now, the two of you come down here to me. Right now. Understood?”

“Brett, what’s wrong, honey?”

Susan heard Laura speak as the young woman looked at her nervous-seeming son, and then followed his gaze. She was tanned from the summer sun, but Susan delighted in watching her face drain white when she realized who was calling.

“Put your mommy on the phone, dear boy,” Susan said in a mock scolding tone. “I’d like very much to have a word with here…”

Somewhat grimly, Brett handed it to her.

“I want you two down here, with me, right now,” Susan snarled into the phone. “I have to pee very badly.”

“Susa…Mrs. Anadolu Yakası Escort O’Malley…Brett and I…we just want to relax…I mean, now isn’t…I mean…” Laura stammered.

“You’ll only make it worse if you don’t obey me, dear woman, you know that,” Susan said, holding up a hand and waving it to signal her intent, beckoning them to come. “Is that what you want, you little piss slut? You want me to really make it hard on you, harder than it has to be? I think that’s it, isn’t it Laura, you filthy cunt! You WANT me to really enslave you, don’t you?”

“No, that’s not…but Mrs…please…I’m not…I can’t…we shouldn’t…not here…”

“Oh, you’re not, you can’t, you shouldn’t, blah-blah-fucking-blah,” Susan mocked her. “I won’t ask again! Tell Brett to bring his chair and water bottle. You don’t need a chair, you won’t be sitting. But I will…on your dyke face!”

She clicked off the phone, smiling, waiting and watching as Brett and Laura trudged toward her, Brett carrying his gear and a look of anticipation, Laura carrying only the weight of what was to come on her drooping, sad shoulders.

They walked up to Susan, who remained in her lounge chair, directly behind a small beach cabana she’d set up earlier, one that provided respite from the sun when it got too hot. And where she’d also go from time to time to masturbate, when the urge was strong.

She smiled, thinking just how much hotter and urgent it was going to get now.

“Brett, sit here beside me, dear boy, right here!” Susan said happily, pointing to a spot next to her, the boy eagerly obeying and plunking down beside her. “Laura, kneel. Here. Now.”

Laura gulped and knelt directly before the sexy senior citizen. Susan spread her legs slightly, the younger woman’s sad eyes drawn to the crotch of her yellow suit, and the deeply tanned, slightly saggy inner thighs that jiggled in a wrinkly wave as Susan slowly moved them back and forth.

“This is for you, my little slut!” Susan growled, nodding toward her groin, spreading her sexy thighs wider. “Now watch carefully, as I prepare you a little something special to drink!”

Laura watched as Susan grunted and pissed herself. It was that simple. She pissed in her bathing suit, the front of it quickly getting wet, the huge stain spreading. Laura’s eyes bugged out, her mouth hanging open, her ears taking in the lurid liquid sound of the old woman’s bladder emptying.

Brett watched as well, groaning at the sight and at Susan’s hand sliding between his legs and under his baggy suit to grip and stroke his rock-hard cock.

“Mmmm, my piss ALWAYS gets you stiff, doesn’t it, boy?” Susan cooed, continuing to piss, a flow so hard and large it completely soaked her suit bottom and now streamed out to coat her quivering thighs, the tanned flesh gleaming with her juices. “You like it, Brett? You like me stroking your beautiful cock as I piss for your mommy?”

“Oh God…God yes, Mrs. O’Malley, yes!” he yelped, eyes rolling in the sockets as the old woman’s little bony hand pulsated around his cock, stroking with increasing intensity.

“Mrs. O’Malley…please…please don’t…please…” Laura begged, tears streaming down her face, her gaze hypnotically locked on Susan’s soaked crotch, while from the corner of her eyes she watched her tug her son’s cock out of his shorts and continue to jerk him off.

“It’s only just begun, dearie,” Susan sighed, finishing her piss. “Now. Lick. My. Thighs. Go on. Get that piss, clean it up!”

Laura gulped loudly, watching golden droplets of Susan’s piss trickle off the bottoms of her thighs and onto the sand as the older woman sat back, spreading them. She knew she had to obey and slowly pushed forward on her knees, her head between those gleaming wet thighs on either side of her face.

Crying, she closed her eyes and put her mouth on Susan’s left thigh, cringing at the heat and flavor of the fresh piss.

“Lick it nice, baby, lick it alllll up!” Susan giggled, cupping the back of her head with one hand, directing the sobbing face up and down her piss-soaked thigh as with the other she continued to jerk off her slave’s son. “Lick it nice and slow, you little piss whore, taste it!”

Laura cried and continued the ghastly task of lapping and sucking the hot piss from Susan’s quivering thighs, running her tongue over the wet, salty flesh, drawing the urine into her mouth and trying to ignore the flavor and scent as she gulped it down. She lapped furiously and completely, from Susan’s knees to her groin, until she was sure the nasty job was done.

It wasn’t. Susan now pulled the face to her crotch, slamming her mouth to the piss-soaked suit bottom and held it there by clamping her powerful old thighs around Laura’s screaming head.

“You missed a spot!” Susan laughed, gyrating her

hips and grinding her wet crotch into the trapped face. “Suck it, bitch, suck ALL the piss out of my bathing suit, or I swear I will crush your

fucking skull Bostancı Escort in my thighs!”

Laura screamed in pain, her hands coming up around the amazingly muscular old legs imprisoning her face, kneading the steely flesh

as she opened her mouth and sucked.

Instantly, she drew the foul liquid into her mouth, salty, hot and pungent as she sucked harder, more and more leeching inside. She swallowed, fighting the urge to throw up, and continued to suck every acrid drop of pee from Susan’s suit bottom, all the while trying to ignore the pain in her head from the crush of the piss-crazy old woman’s crushing scissor lock.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!!” Susan screamed, arching her back as she came against Laura’s face, snapping her legs in matching jolts as she did, those crushing thighs squeezing the moaning woman’s face blue in their meaty grip.

“Holy fuck!” Brett screamed, arching his own back to meet the increasingly fast strokes of Susan’s fist clamped around his cock as she jerked him and he watched his mother suck piss from the old lady’s suit and the orgasmic gel mixed in with it.

Susan finally quieted, settling back down into the lounge chair. She peeked up and over the cabana behind Laura to make sure no one had seen. No one had, and now Susan giggled as she looked down at Laura, who was lying flat on her belly, her chest tilted up as her face remained a

prisoner of Susan’s punishing thighs. Her body was slack and limp.

“Oops!” Susan laughed. “You’re a little groggy from my squeeze, here, have a little more liquid, we don’t want you to get dehydrated!”

She grunted and pissed again, Laura’s moaning, barely awake face still locked in the sweaty, slick grip of Susan’s crushing thighs. The urine flowed through the wet fabric of her suit bottom and directly into Laura’s mouth, the younger woman gagging at the volume of the flow. She screamed a muffled scream in the pussy prison and swallowed as best she could, the excess running down her chin.

“You didn’t get it all, bitch,” Susan snarled as she stopped pissing and locked her lethal legs out straight.

Brett could only watch his mother being tortured, listening to her squealing cries. Susan was squeezing with unrelenting fury, the muscles in her inner thighs snapping hard on Laura’s neck arteries, and within 10 seconds of exerting full power, knocking her out.

Susan laughed, squeezed a moment longer and then relaxed her scissor grip, letting Laura’s wet face escape, the younger woman plopping into the sand between her legs.

Susan turned to face the astonished Brett, who watched his mother convulse on the sand, snorting as the blood returned to her brain and the air to her lungs. Susan locked her lips to his, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and stroked him harder and faster.

Brett groaned and ran his hands up to Susan’s wrinkly tits, pulling them out of the suit top and bending to suckle the thick brown nipples as she jerked him.

“Eager to cum, boy?” Susan laughed, smearing his copious pre-cum on her fingers and running them over her nipples, which Brett eagerly lapped clean.

“God, yes, please, Mrs. O’Malley, let me cum, let me cum!” he begged, slobbering over her thick tits.

“First things first,” Susan sighed.

She slowed her stroking and sat back, kicking the groaning woman at her feet.

“Wake up, bitch,” she snarled. “Your boy’s gotta piss, too!”

“No…Mrs. O’Malley please…not again…this is SICK, so SICK!” Laura sobbed, getting to her knees and sobbing into her hands.

The pain and humiliation hit her harder than the slap as Susan’s palm slammed across her stunned face. The snarling old woman cupped Laura’s chin and brought the shocked woman to her knees to face her.

“You fucking LOVE it, and you KNOW it!” Susan barked into Laura’s face, spitting into her mouth and rubbing it in with her hand. “Want proof?”

She dipped the hand between Laura’s chubby thighs and brutally sliced her fingers under the suit bottom and into Laura’s hairy cunt. They easily knifed into the meaty hole, the lips slick and wet. She pulled them out and held them up to Laura’s shamed face.

“You got wet from all this, from sucking my piss and watching me jerk your SON’S beautiful cock, you filthy, fucking disgusting pig!” Susan bellowed, wiping the slimy fingers on Laura’s

sputtering lips, then forcing them into her mouth to be sucked clean. “You fucking hypocrite slut!”

Laura sobbed out of control, sucking her own cunt slime from Susan’s fingers – and knowing she was right. Her pussy was on fire from the brutalization by this sexy older woman, unable to stop the feeling of wanting more even as guilt and humiliation gnawed at her.

Susan sensed her acquiescence and shoved her fingers deeper into Laura’s throat, gagging her, and running the other hand behind her to slice into her ass. She violated Laura’s tight rectal ring with three fingers and pulled them out, jamming them alongside the cunt-stinking fingers Ümraniye Escort already in Laura’s mouth.

The younger woman, tears streaming down her face, could only lick her filth clean, eyes staring forlornly into Susan’s flashing ones, the older woman grinning madly as she finger fucked the sobbing face.

Yanking the fingers from Laura’s mouth, Susan grabbed a handful of her hair and painfully twisted the crying woman on her knees before her son. Brett looked down into his mother’s begging eyes, a mix of lust and compassion on his young face, confusion, shame and want on hers.

“Do it, Brett,” Susan snarled, stopping her hand job to hold the cock in her fingers, aiming the pre-cum soaked head at his mother’s face. “Piss for Mommy! PISS ON MOMMY!!”

“OH FUCK!! Brett screamed.

His cock eye flared open and out shot a scorching hot torrent of piss, splashing directly onto his mother’s face, stinging her eyes, blasting into her nostrils and then into the mouth open in a guttural scream. She tried closing it but Susan forced it open and twisted the groaning young man off his chair by his dick, thrusting the jetting cock into Laura’s mouth.

The piss continued, long, hot and steaming, filling Laura’s gagging throat and belly for a full 30 seconds before Brett’s cock softened and slipped out of his mom’s sputtering lips.

“Oh my God…my God…nooooo!” Laura wailed, thighs involuntarily clenched together and grinding her pussy to a quick orgasm as she swallowed the rest

of her son’s piss.

Susan laughed and let them both go, Brett crashing back into his chair watching his mother sit back trembling on her haunches, her face soaked with piss, swallowing what was left in her mouth, the rest sheeting out of her lips to run down her front, drenching the top of her sensible one-piece bathing suit. She flopped into the sand, sobbing uncontrollably, her entire body shaking.

Susan laughed and reached down to grab her hair again, pulling the crying woman to her knees and force her face to Brett’s softening cock.

“You’re not done yet, bitch,” she snarled. “Suck your son off, now!”

Laura was too far gone to disobey, opening her mouth and sucking Brett’s dick inside. The boy gripped the arms of his lounge chair, head back, hips thrusting up. His cock stiffened instantly in the sucking confines of his mother’s mouth and he face fucked her fast and hard.

Susan locked her hand around the base, stroking him and squeezing his huge balls with the other.

“Cum, baby, cum in Mommy’s mouth, go on, you know you want to!” Susan hissed, leaning over to suck Brett’s young nipples, gnawing on the tender teats and making him cry out in pain and pleasure.

“Oh fuck..oh fuck…OH FUCK!!” he screamed. “HERE IT CUMS MOMMY!!”

Laura’s hands were on her son’s thighs, squeezing them as she felt the first jets of her boy’s hot spunk stream out of his cock and fill her cheeks.

She gulped down the thick load desperately, swallowing hard and relaxing her throat to take in more, but it was too much and she gagged, forcing a river of spunk up her nasal passages that blasted out of her nostrils, coating Susan’s hand.

Susan laughed and held her other hand to the back of Laura’s head, jamming her son’s cock all the way to the balls until the boy stopped cumming, and slumped back into his chair.

Susan grabbed Laura’s hair and forced her mouth to her hand coated with pearly white cream.

“Clean that shit off my hand, bitch, get it all!”

Laura obeyed, slobbering over Susan’s cum-soaked hand, gulping down the cooling clumps of her son’s sperm. Susan finally let her go and kicked her back into the sand where the younger woman lay on her back, chest heaving with sobs, her face slick with cum, piss and sweat.

“Just where I want you, bitch,” Susan snarled, slithering out of her chair to squat over the woman’s upturned face, her hairy, foul-smelling cunt brushing it.”God, I’m pissing a lot today, guess you just bring out the best in my, baby!”

She pulled her suit aside, the hot urine splashing onto Laura’s crying face. The younger woman couldn’t move, only lay still and cry, accepting the stinging sheets of hot pee that blasted onto her face, into her eyes and filling her mouth.

Susan laughed a cackling, maniacal laugh, jamming her hirsute pussy onto the mother’s face, smothering her as she finished her piss. She then stood up and looked over the small cabana that was hiding all the gruesome activity from the view of others. There weren’t many as the afternoon sun set on the horizon.

“Little treat for ya, baby,” Susan giggled.

She slipped out of her suit bottom, holding it up, the fabric still soaked with piss, sweat and Susan’s orgasmic cream. She knelt down by Laura’s head, pinning it between her squatting thighs and wrung out the suit with a deliberate, slow motion, watching with delight as every drop of piss left in it dripped in a lurid, stinking yellow flow into Laura’s groaning open mouth.

Laura sobbed anew, swallowing, eyes open and watching the crazy old piss mistress’s sinewy forearms flex as her hands continued to wring the bathing suit bottom, the trickle of piss waning into golden droplets highlighted by the rays of the setting sun, tinkling noisily into her throat.

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