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Mrs. Mills’ Predicament Ch. 08

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… I awoke to the ringtone of my cell phone on my nightstand the next morning. Groggily opening my eyes, I peeked at my alarm clock and saw that it was 10 am. Planning on sleeping until at least noon, I reached for my phone with the intention of turning it off and ignoring the call.

Picking up the phone, and rolling onto my back, I held it up, trying to focus on the screen to see who was calling… the cell phone screen read, ‘Brooke’. Fumbling the phone for a second, I quickly touched the green ‘accept’key. Trying to sound awake, but still with a sleepy morning voice, I answered enthusiastically, “Hey. How are you this morning?”

Brooke answered, “Hi, Shawn. I’m good. How are you?”

“I am awesome,” I replied, “Thanks for last night. I hope you had as good a time as I did.”

“I did,” she replied, sounding truly sincere, as I realized how sexy her voice sounded over the phone. She continued, “I was thinking about going to the mall today. Do you want to go?”

Eagerly wanting to spend more time with her, I quickly answered, “Absolutely… What time should I pick you up?”

“How about noon?” she answered.

“Sounds good… See you at noon,” I answered, before we both said goodbye.

After showering, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, as my mom was emptying the dishwasher in the kitchen. I said, “Mom, I’m taking Brooke to the mall this afternoon,” then asked, “That OK with you?”

My mom replied, “It’s OK with me… Your dad and I need to run a few errands today, but I was planning on doing a family dinner tonight. It seems like we see so little of each other anymore. Why don’t you invite Brooke over too. We’d love to meet her.”

I replied, “OK, I’ll ask her if she can,” then asked, “What time are we eating?”

My mom replied, “Planning dinner for around 5 or so, but whenever everyone is ready is fine.”

“Great,” I said, “See you around five,” as I got up to leave.

I arrived at Brooke’s house just after noon. When we met at the door, she gave me a quick peck on the lips as she walked out the door. She was wearing tight jeans, and a heavy winter jacket over her blouse. As we walked to my car, I said, “My mom’s doing dinner tonight and wanted me to ask you over… honestly, I think they just want to meet you,” I asked, “You up for it?”

Brooke replied, “I guess… sure,” putting on a happy voice, but sounding less than enthusiastic. Then she asked, “What are your parents like?”

I replied, reassuringly, “They’re cool. They work a lot, and they travel on business quite a bit. So, they pretty much trust me on my own. My mom likes to do family dinners on Sundays whenever she can, since we don’t see much of each other. Don’t worry, they are going to like you a lot.”

Brooke smiled at me, more at ease, but still looking a little nervous about meeting my parents. As she was texting her mom to let her know she would be going to my house for dinner, I said, “Really, my parents are cool… Why are you so nervous about meeting them?”

She replied, “I’m not really nervous… It’s just… well… my last boyfriend’s parents… I could tell that they didn’t like me very much. They never really talked to me, and they were just kind of cold. It was one of the reasons that I stopped going out with him. I just wasn’t comfortable around them.”

I quickly replied, “Well, they were assholes… my parents are not that way. Don’t worry, they’ll love you.”

My reassurance seemed to relax Brooke quite a bit.

When we arrived at the mall, Brooke knew exactly where she wanted to go. We stopped by the jewelry kiosk, where she picked up some earrings for her younger sister, whose birthday, she explained, was coming up next week. Then we just kind of wandered the mall, holding hands, before we stopped for some ice cream.

As we passed the lingerie shop… the same one that I had previously visited to buy lingerie for Mrs. Mills, Brooke tugged my hand, pulling me towards it, and said, “C’mon, let’s go in there.”

Nervous, but a little excited, I allowed her to lead me in.

As before, the shop was mostly filled with women shoppers, with a few men, like me, being led around by their wives or girlfriends. Brooke slowly walked through the store looking at each display, me following closely behind. She made comments about the lingerie she liked, and giggled at some that were a bit more “tacky” or “racy”.

Then she stopped in front of a display of sexy, short nightgowns, and said, “Wow… that is so cute,” reaching for a nightgown and holding it in front of her.

Looking at the nightgown, as she held in front of her, I felt my dick twitch in my jeans. I briefly glanced away from her, escort taksim and towards the display. The sign said ‘Baby Doll Nightie”. Then, looking to the right of the display, I noticed a table full of matching silk, french cut panties.

Looking back at Brooke, I noticed that the the baby doll nightie she was holding up was light blue. It had thin shoulder straps that attached to the top of the bralette. The straps and bralette were opaque and made of silk, before giving way to a sheer, transparent lace just below the breast line, The see-through lace extended down to Brooke’s jeans, just above her mid-thighs.

I stood, transfixed, staring at Brooke as she held the the nightgown against her body, over her clothing.

She asked, “Well, what do you think?”

Still standing if front of her staring, I did not answer, when she asked again, “Shawn? What do you think?

Trying to regain my composure, I stuttered, “… Uh… wow… I like it…”

Brooke giggled, “I take it ‘you approve’?”

Trying to pull myself together, I replied, “Uh… absolutely,” then I asked, “When… When can I see you model it for me?”

Smiling at me sexily, and still giggling, she replied, “Be a good boy, and we’ll see.”

I watched as she flipped through the rack of nightgowns searching for her size. I stepped over to help her and asked her what size she was looking for, when, just then, she pulled one off of the rack. She said, “Here’s one… a 0-2.”

Then, flipping through the matching panties, she picked up a pair, and held them up in front of her.

I felt beads of sweat on my forehead, as she said, “I want these… C’mon, let’s go to the register.”

Walking up alongside of her, I said, “Brooke, let me get those for you.”

She quickly replied, “Nope… You’re not paying for these. These are for me… but I’ll wear them for you,” as she smiled, winking at me.

After leaving the mall, we drove straight to my house. We arrived at 4:00, an hour before my mom told me we would be having dinner. I held the door open for Brooke, who looked nervous as we entered the house. As I walked in behind her, I grabbed her hand and held it, leading her from the entryway, into the kitchen, where I heard my mom talking.

As we entered the kitchen, I suddenly stopped short. I saw, and heard, Mrs. Mills talking to my mom. Her back was to me and she was sitting across from my mom at the kitchen table.

Seeing us enter, my mom quickly stood up from the table, as she smiled and walked directly toward Brooke. She said. “You must be Brooke… So happy to meet you,” as she gave her a hug.

Mrs. Mills turned and looked at me, giving me a smile that I thought looked a little too sexy considering the circumstances. She said, “Hi, Shawn.”

Flustered, I could only reply, “Uh… Hi.”

Turning her attention to Brooke, she smiled at her. I finally got some composure back, and said, “… Brooke, this is… um, uh… Mrs. Mills..”

Mrs. Mills stood, smiling, while extending her hand to Brooke, and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Shaking her hand, Brooke replied, “Nice to meet you, too,” then asked, with a hint of recognition in her eyes, “You’re a teacher at our school, right?”

Mrs. Mills, still smiling at Brooke, replied, “I’m not a teacher, but I work in the attendance office.”

“Oh… I don’t go to the office very often, but that’s why I recognized you,” Brooke replied cheerfully.

Mrs. Mills, still standing in the kitchen after shaking Brooke’s hand, began to walk toward the hallway, as she said to my mom, “Thanks for the coffee. I’ll let you guys get to dinner.”

My mom said, “OK, Gloria. Thanks for stopping by. We’ll see you later,” as she turned her attention back to Brooke.

As Mrs. Mills walked passed me, and towards the entryway, she lightly, and covertly, brushed her hand across the front of my pants, just below my waist, while looking me in the eyes. She smiled and said, “Bye, Shawn.”

Now completely unnerved, I stammered, “Uh… b-bye… Mrs. Mills.”

Seeing Brooke out of the corner of my eye, she appeared to notice that Mrs. Mills had passed just a little too close to me… But, a second later, it appeared to be forgotten, as my mom grabbed Brooke by the hand and led her to the kitchen table. Shortly after, my dad joined us in the kitchen where I introduced Brooke.

The dinner went off without a hitch, as Brooke seemed more at ease. My mom asked her what seemed like a million questions, and they generally engaged in small talk throughout dinner.

After dinner, I told my parents, “I’m taking Brooke home now. We have school tomorrow, escort etiler and I know I have homework to finish.”

“Me too!” Brooke said, now seemly comfortable around my parents.

Before leaving, my mom made a big show of how happy she was to meet Brooke, giving her an overzealous hug at the front door.

Once in the car and on our way back to Brooke’s house, I said, “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

Brooke replied, “No. you were right… Your parents are very nice.”

As we continued driving, Brooke, I assumed making conversation, asked, “Is your mom’s friend… the lady from the attendance office your neighbor?”

I replied, “Mrs. Mills? Yeah, she lives next door to us.”

Brooke said, “She seemed very nice. I’ve seen her around the school before, but I didn’t know who she was.”

She continued, “She’s really pretty. I heard some boys at school call her a MILF,” Brooke continued, giggling at herself as she said the word ‘MILF’.

Feeling a little uncomfortable with the conversation, I forced a smile before replying, “I know. A lot of the guys at school think she’s pretty… Kind of a hot teacher fantasy, I guess.”

Brooke, with a bit of a mischievous smile, looked at me and asked, “Do you think she’s hot?”

I sat silently, looking at the road, trying to think of a way to answer her question, while also trying to figure out a way to change the direction of the conversation. After several seconds, looked over at Brooke and answered, “Well, I don’t know if she’s hot… but, I… I guess she’s pretty.”

I noticed that Brooke was closely studying my face as I answered her. I was pretty sure, at this point, that she purposely started this line of questioning based on my interaction with Mrs. Mills in the kitchen. Was the tension in the room that obvious? Did my nervousness show when I saw Mrs. Mills in our house? Did she notice the light brush Mrs. Mills gave me when she walked by?

Brooke didn’t question my response any further, and we quietly drove the last mile to her house.

When we arrived, Brooke said, “Come on in for a little while,” as she picked up the package from the lingerie shop and got out of the car.

I followed Brooke down the walkway, and after she unlocked and opened the door, I followed her into the house. She turned and kissed me on the lips as soon as we got inside. Then she pulled away, and said, “My parents texted me while we were driving home. They’re out to dinner with my sister… So, I thought you might like to see me in my new nightgown before you leave.”

Grinning, and nodding my head, I said, ” Yes… that would be nice.”

“You go sit on the couch in the family room. I’ll be down in a few minutes,” she replied, suppressing a bubbly giggle, as she skipped up the stairs.

After about five minutes, I heard light footsteps on the stairs. Looking towards the entry to the family room, I audibly gasped as Brooke appeared, wearing her new baby doll nightie. She stepped down into the room, and standing directly in front of me, she asked, exuberantly, “Well… What do you think?” as she threw her hands out to her sides.

Developing a fast rising erection under my jeans, I looked her over from the sofa. Her short, toned body fit perfectly under the light blue nightie. Her small breasts perfectly filled out the cups of the top of the nightgown. Her flat, firm stomach and bellybutton were easily discernible under the sheer lace below her breasts, with her light blue silk panties clearly visible just below.

Finally, I whispered, “Wow,” as I rose to my feet, intending grab Brooke and wrap myself around her.

Brooke put her finger up, shaking it, and said, “No… sit… I’ll come to you.”

I quickly dropped back down onto the couch as she approached me.

Brooke knelt down if front of me on the floor in front of the couch. She put her right hand on my right leg and began to caress it, slowly moving her hand up my leg. As her hand reached my crotch, she began to playfully tease the bulge in my jeans with the tips of her fingers.

As I reached towards Brooke’s breasts with my right hand, she playful pulled her body back and away. Smiling seductively, she said, “No touchy… yet.”

I dropped my hand back down to my side and figured I would just sit back and enjoy what Brooke had planned for me.

Brooke continued to massage the bulge in my pants, grabbing, and tugging at the denim outlining my hard cock. After several minutes of continuous groping over my jeans, I softly groaned, “I’m gonna have a mess to clean up in a minute… please take it out…”

She gave me a wicked smile, and said, “I escort beşiktaş will. If you answer a question.”

“Ask it… hurry,” I replied eagerly, feeling like I may explode in my pants at any second.

Slowly, Brooke said, “I noticed how nervous you were around Mrs. Mills,” then she provocatively asked, “You have a crush on her, don’t you?”

I was unsettled by her question, but I was so sexually excited, I hesitated for only a split second, before I blurted, “Yes… I… I think Mrs. Mills is hot.”

Brooke smiled, looking down at my bulge, as she reached for the button on my jeans with both of her hands… unbuttoning it, then pulling my zipper slowly downward, before stopping.

She looked up at me again and asked, “You’d like to have sex Mrs. Mills, wouldn’t you?”

This really caught me off guard. I felt like she probably sensed some tension between me and Mrs. Mills in the kitchen, but I couldn’t believe she asked this question. My head was spinning in confusion, but my sexual lust was too much, and I replied, “Yes… I… I… want to fuck Mrs. Mills.”

Smiling again, Brooke looked down at my jeans and slowly began to tug them down, exposing my black, jockey sport underwear. When my pants got to my thighs, she reached back up and softly rubbed on my bulge, over my tight underwear.

Then, she put the fingers of both of her hands under the waistband of my underwear, before looking up at me again. She asked, “Is Mrs. Mills the older woman you told me about last night?”

I could hardly believe my ears. I thought, ‘How did she figure it out so fast?’ I didn’t know the answer to that question, but I was now 100% sure that she knew, and that I couldn’t lie to her.

So, not knowing what her reaction would be, I confirmed her theory, and replied, “Yes… Yes, I had sex with Mrs. Mills. She was the one I told you about last night… but, but, no one knows… please don’t tell anyone… she could really get in trouble if anyone found out.”

Brooke, still smiling, whispered back, “I won’t tell anyone… and… I think she’s hot, too,” as she wrenched my jockey shorts down to my thighs, my rock hard dick springing into view.

Brooke leaned down and slowly lowered her lips down, over my cock. First swirling her tongue over the head, before she dropped her face down, taking the entire length of my dick into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat, as she let out a short gag, before lifting her head back up, her soft lips sliding back upwards over my sensitive shaft.

After the long session of teasing, I knew that I could not hold out any longer. Brooke, sensing the same thing, lifted her head off of my lap and put her hand on my cock. She gave it just one slow stroke downward, then, as her hand began working it’s way backup, I jerked my hips up and shot a load of cum straight into the air, the glob of semen landing in her dark hair, just above her forehead. Before she could put her hand over the the head my cock, another blast of cum erupted, hitting her in the chest, just over her breasts, above the top of her nightgown.

Brooke giggled, as she finally got her hand over the tip of my cock, blocking my semen, before it could shoot again.

My orgasm over, Brooke smiled, then stood, teasing me as she walked away, lifting her nightgown up and giving me a quick flash of her panty-covered ass.

Looking down, I saw that I had made a mess. There was cum was on the couch, on the floor, and all over my underwear and jeans. Brooke returned with a towel, knelt down if front of me and gently wiped the semen from my cock, balls and stomach. After she cleaned me up fairly well, she wiped off the couch and the floor.

She stood back up, and said, “My parents will probably be home soon and I need to go wash my hair,” as she reached up pulling at the now caked-on cum in her hair. She continued, “You better get going.”

I stood and pulled my underwear and pants back up. Holding Brooke’s hand, we walked to the door together. Before I left, she looked up and gave me a deep, affectionate kiss, before breaking away from my lips and opening the door.

As I walked down the brick pathway from her house, I looked back over my shoulder and saw Brooke was watching me, before she gently closed the door.

As I drove home, my head was swimming. I could not believe that Brooke figured out my secret. Was her intuition that good? Or, was I that obvious in the kitchen with Mrs. Mills? Or… did she see Mrs. Mills lightly brush my groin as she walked past?

This led me to more confusion… Brooke had questioned me about Mrs. Mills while teasing me sexually. It didn’t seem to bother her when I told her the truth. She even got more turned on, it seemed, as I admitted it to her… Did I actually hear her say, ‘I think she’s hot too?’

As I laid in bed that night, unable to sleep, I thought about everything that had happened today… What did all of this mean?

… To be continued.

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