Mrs. Jones Vacation

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Big Dick

He looked across the table at his auburn haired wife. At forty three, she was as beautiful as when he married her fifteen years ago. A little over five feet and still petite and in good shape with a flat tummy. And tonight, the first of their vacation, she looked especially sexy.

He smiled, “I like your top.”

“This old thing? I’ve worn it before.” It was yellow, sleeveless with a low cut square collar. “Maybe so, but not without a bra.” Her breasts were small and she didn’t really need a bra, but often wore one. She said it was to keep her nipples from showing and right now, they were quite evident.

He was amazed that she had married him, though he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t too bad at six foot and still sandy haired. Running kept him in shape so she wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with him. Grace laughed, “You noticed. We’re on vacation, so I thought I’d be comfortable.”

“The waiter noticed, too.”

She pressed her hand against her chest above her breasts, closing the gap, eyes wide, “No.”

“Oh, yes. And since he was standing up, he gets a much better view. When he comes back with our drinks, lean forward and let him see your nipples. And look at the bulge in his pants.”

She had always been a bit subservient and he had been a bit dominant, but it had never progress beyond suggestion and acceptance. But tonight might be different.

When the waiter returned, she leaned forward to take her drink and Tim heard the waiter inhale.

He walked away and Grace giggled, “You’re right. It’s huge.”

“You want to see it?”

“No. I just gave him a thrill, that’s all.”

“I’m sure he’d be more than happy to show you And like you said, we’re on vacation. It’s not something we would do at home.”

She shook her head, “Be serious. He’s just a kid.”

“He’s a well built kid and he’s certainly over twenty-one or he couldn’t serve drinks.”

“But he wouldn’t be interested in an old woman like me.”

“Of course he would. You are beautiful. You look younger than your age. I’ll bet he would get on his knees and lick you, just to get a chance to screw you.”

She was quiet. She sipped her margarita, then she shook her head, “No. I don’t think so.”

But he could tell she was thinking about it.

He smiled, “Grace Sanders would never do anything like that. But lean back and close your eyes. You are Grace Jones. Mrs. Jones is on vacation. Mrs. Jones takes great pleasure in teasing men, exciting them. Often, when Mrs. Jones is in the mood, she will let them make love to her. Mr. Jones is happy to let her enjoy herself, knowing she will happily return to him. So, Mrs. Jones, take advantage of the moment. Now, open your eyes.”

She looked at him quizzically, wondering what was happening.

They enjoyed their dinner and the waiter was very attentive. Grace was taking great pleasure in his admiration. She would arch her back, pushing out her small tits, displaying them to their best advantage.

As they were finishing their meal, Tim smiled, “Mrs. Jones, ask him to come to your room. We’re on vacation. Believe me, if some young lady was interested in me, we’d be having a different conversation.”

“You want him to join us?”

“No, and I don’t think Mrs. Jones would want both of us. I’ll leave you with him. I won’t be far away. So, Mrs. Jones, ask him.” He stood up. “I’m going to the restroom.”

When he returned, she was positively giddy. “You asked him, didn’t you?” She didn’t answer, just smiled.

When they returned to their room, she was so excited she almost ripped his clothes off. They made passionate love and dozed.

When his wrist alarm went off at ten, Tim sat up and began pulling on his pants. Grace sat up against the headboard, the sheet pulled up to her waist. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s vacation. We would never do this at home.”

“But I don’t know….”

“When the waiter looked down your loose top and you saw his hard-on, your nipples got hard. And when I went to the bathroom, you gave him your room number like I told you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but if he comes up here, you know what’s going to happen.”

“Yes, and I want you to enjoy. Maybe next time, I’ll find someone.”

He pulled on his shirt and shoes, skipping the underwear and socks. He leaned over and kissed her. He went to his suitcase and placed a pack of condoms on the bedside table, “Enjoy it.”

He went down the hall and into the stairwell. The restaurant closed at ten and he expected the waiter at any time. He didn’t have long to wait. There was a small window in the stairway fire door. He heard the elevator door open and saw the waiter go to Grace’s room. He knocked, the door opened and he disappeared.

Tim took a breath and went down the stairs. The restaurant was closed but the bar was still open.

Tim took a stool at the bar and ordered a scotch, neat.

The bartender poured, her ample breasts were insufficiently supported by a bra and he enjoyed watching them jiggle. And when she turned to scoop ice for someone’s drink, he was treated to a great sincan s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escortlar view of her rear.

By the time he reached his second scotch, there was only him and a couple in the corner remaining.

The bartender came over, “Why are you here during the off season? Better rates?”

“No, we enjoy not having to deal with crowds of people. We can walk on the beach before it gets too dark. We can hold hands, stop and kiss and if there’s no one close, maybe fondle a bit. Besides, I would never get to talk to a sexy bartender when you’re busy.”

She smiled and shook her head, “Didn’t I see you here earlier?”

“Yes, we had dinner here.”

“What happened to the lovely lady you were with?”

He smiled, remembering the old joke; that was no lady….”That was my wife. And she’s upstairs, and I expect she’s screwing your waiter.”

She frowned, “What are you talking about?”

“She was wearing a loose top and all through dinner she kept flashing him and he obviously had an erection. Since we’re on vacation, I told her to take advantage of it and she asked him to her room. When he came up, I left.”

“You’re talking about Bruce, my waiter?”

“Yeah. Tall, well built, brown hair?”

“That’s Bruce. And you think he’s screwing your wife?”

“I left him in the room with her naked, so I expect so.”

“Well, damn. I’ve been trying to get him in bed for weeks.

“Maybe you should be more direct.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been hinting, looking sexy, trying to get his attention, haven’t you?”

“Yes.” She thought for a minute, “You think I’m sexy?”

“Of course.” She was probably in her thirties, but she was in great shape. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back in an efficient pony tail, her jeans were tight and now her nipples were quite evident.

He continued the compliment, “But you were probably being too passive. Grace was aggressive. She told him to come to her room when he finished work.”

She frowned and looked at her watch. She poured him another drink and he tried to stop her. “No, no. I’ve had enough. I need to go upstairs and see if they’re alright.”

“The drinks on me. Stick around a few minutes until I close up.”

She went over to the couple and talked for a few minutes and they left. She followed them to the door and locked it.

She came over to where he was sitting. “So you think I should be more aggressive?”


She pushed between his legs, “Walk up to Bruce like this and say, ‘Fuck me.?”

“That would certainly get his attention. It got mine.”

She started rubbing the front of his slacks, “And why aren’t you able to satisfy your wife?”

“Oh, I think I satisfy her, but when you have steak every day, sometimes fried chicken can taste good.”

She put her arms around his neck and pulled him off the stool and kissed him. His hands were on her back, then lower, pulling her against his erection. After a few minutes, she broke the kiss. “Hold that thought. I’ve got to finish closing” She went behind the counter. “By the way, I’m Mave.”

“I’m Tim,” he called after her.

She went behind the bar and bustled about and then went in back. When she came out, her hair was loose, falling down to her shoulders. She had freshened her lipstick and put on heels. They embraced and kissed. She pushed him away, “Let’s go check on them.”

In the elevator they kissed again, her breasts pressed against him, his hands on her rear, pressing her close. At the room, he used his card to enter.

The room was dark except for the light that spilled around the door to the bath, but it was enough to see Bruce lying on his back, Grace’s head on his shoulder and one leg across his thighs. Both were asleep. And naked.

Mave brought her finger to her lips, telling him to be quiet and then kissed him so he couldn’t say anything. As they kissed, she unbuttoned his shirt and he unbuttoned hers. He reached behind her to unfasten her bra and she stopped him, showed him that it fastened in front. He unfastened it and pushed it and her shirt off her shoulders exposing her large breasts and dark nipples. He caressed and fondled, pinched and pulled. He bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. She forgot to be quiet and moaned. She pulled him up and they kissed.

She unfastened his pants, knelt and pushed them to the floor. She was at his waist, and kissed the tip of his erection, then licked and took the tip in her mouth. He knew she could taste Grace, but if she did, she didn’t complain.

He enjoyed her mouth for a few minutes but stopped her before he became too excited. He pulled her to her feet and backed her up to the king sized bed. He knelt, pushed down her jeans and her panties and nuzzled her. She was wet and fragrant and he licked, tasting. He stood, sat her on the bed and spread her legs.

He helped Grace shave and kept her smooth. But Mave was not a blond. She had a neatly trimmed dark curly thatch that was already damp. He used his hands to spread her open and licked and nibbled elvankent suriyeli escortlar on her lips. When his tongue tapped her clit, she moaned loudly.

She leaned back, her head resting on the Grace’s shin He pushed in two fingers and curled them up as if he were trying to touch his tongue tapping her clit. It was the spot. Mave arched her back, both hands on his head, pulling tight against her as she cried out “Oh, fuck. Fuck.”

Grace was on her back, up on her elbows, watching. When Mave began yelling, he saw Grace slip out of the bed and go to the bathroom.

With more room on the bed, he helped Mave move up. He reached over, grabbed a condom and climbed on top of her. He easily entered her, stroking in and out. He heard Grace return and sit in a chair near the bed. Mave was excited and as Tim leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking, she began shaking, pushing up to meet his thrusts, and then “Arrrggghh.” She stiffened. It was enough for Tim and he pumped out wad after wad.

He kept stroking until he softened and lay down beside her.

As Mave recovered, Tim leaned over and whispered, “Go around to Bruce’s side and play with his cock until it gets hard. Then straddle him.”

“What if he wakes up?”

“I don’t think he’ll stop you.”

As she slid away from him, he went over to Grace, pulled her up and kissed her. He sat in the chair and pulled her to his lap.

“You went down stairs and seduced her. That’s why you wanted me to do Bruce.”

“No, I went downstairs for a drink. When I told her Bruce was screwing you, she got angry and seduced me.”

“Revenge, huh?”

“If it made her feel better, I didn’t mind.” He kissed her, his hand on her breast. “Did you enjoy yourself, Mrs. Jones?’

She took a breath, “He was nice. Not as good a lover as you, but he was enthusiastic.” She kissed him. “He wanted to kiss me down there and I didn’t tell him you had done me. I think he thought had done something special and I didn’t tell him.”

“You shouldn’t have given up. He looks like he’s ready to go again.”

Mave had awakened Bruce with a blow job and was getting ready to mount him.

“Do you think she can taste me?”

“She didn’t complain when she did me.”

Grace frowned, “Are they lovers?”

“Not until tonight.”

They snuggled, watched Bruce and Mave. “Do you like being Mrs. Jones?”

She laughed, “She’s a slut.”

“Yes, but do you like her?”

“It makes for a fun vacation. But what about when we go home?”

“Nobody knows us here. We can be Mr. and Mrs. Jones. But at home, everybody knows us. So Mrs. Jones will have to wait for another vacation.”

She giggled, “I look forward to it.”

“Did you enjoy having two men make love to you?”

“Yes, I want to make it three.”

“Oh, who is number three?”

She reached down between her legs and stroked his erection. “Tell me, Mr. Jones, is that from knowing Bruce did me or from watching Mave and Bruce?”

“That’s from having a beautiful, sexy woman in my lap, Mrs. Jones.”

“Think they’ll share the bed?”

After their first vacation adventure as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Grace with the waiter, and Tim with the bartender, the next morning, they went sightseeing, and had lunch at a bar overlooking the ocean. They walked on the beach, returned to their room and made love before falling asleep.

Tim wanted to have dinner downstairs so that he could enjoy a few scotches and a bottle of wine. When they were seated, a smiling Bruce came over with their menus. Grace smiled and asked, “Where did you two go last night when you left us?”

Now he was grinning, “To Mave’s.”

“So you had a good night?”

He was blushing, “And a good morning.”

He took their orders and went away. Grace said, “He seemed happy.”

“And why not, he made love to two beautiful women last night with prospects of seeing Mave again. And maybe Mrs. Jones.”

She shook her head and sighed, “I don’t think so.”

A new couple entered the restaurant and sat at the table next to them. Grace, or was it Mrs. Jones, greeted them, “Hi, how long have you been here?”

The man was taller than Tim, younger and in good shape. Sport coat, open collar blue shirt, solid handsome face. Perhaps Mrs. Jones was attracted to him.

And it didn’t hurt that he was with a most attractive long haired brunette. Her long skirt was split up the side, exposing enough thigh that Tim doubted she was wearing pants. Her silky blue shirt clung to her curves and Tim doubted that she was wearing a bra. He wasn’t sure, but thought he could see her nipples. Bruce would be overjoyed.

“Oh, we just got in, but we come here two or three times every year,” the woman answered. “How about you?”

“We got in yesterday, but it’s our first time.”

Tim smiled, “A lot of firsts.”

The brunette seemed to light up, “Oh, tell me, do.”

Bruce came over and took their orders.

As he walked away, Grace laughed, “Well, he was one of my firsts.”

But when she didn’t etimesgut t├╝rbanl─▒ escortlar go any further, the woman begged, “Tell me more.”

“Maybe later.” She looked over at Tim, then back to the woman, “Why don’t you join us?”

They picked up their drinks and introduced themselves as Jane and John Smith.

Tim laughed, “I’ve seen your name on lots of hotel registers.”

“And some of them were mine.”

Jane playfully poked him. “And some of them were mine.”

Tim introduced them as Tim and Grace and wondered if their names were false for vacation like Tim and Grace’s ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jones.’

Bruce brought everyone’s drinks and John toasted ‘To New Friendships.’

They were well into their dinners when Jane asked, “So tell me about Bruce.”

Grace blushed, “Well, it kind of happened. I didn’t wear a bra to dinner and Bruce got all excited.”

Jane grinned, “And, and?”

“Tim told me to go for it and I asked him to our room.”

Jane looked at Tim, “Ah, a threesome.”

Tim shook his head, “No, I left them alone.”

John looked at Tim and frowned. Grace caught it, “But don’t you worry. He seduced a woman while I was with Bruce.”

John smiled.

Tim shook his head, “Not that it makes any difference, but she seduced me.”

Jane reached over and patted his arm, “I don’t blame her.”

After a few minutes, Jane asked, “So, you two are swingers?”

Grace shook her head and Tim answered, “No. It’s just that we’re on vacation and decided to enjoy ourselves. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you?”

“Oh, no. That’s why we come here. At home we rarely have a chance to swing, but on vacation it seems to work wonderfully. There’s even a club for couples here we like. That’s why we keep coming back. Things can happen on vacation that can’t happen at home.”

Grace nodded, “I know what you mean.”

Tim felt a foot run up between his legs and end up in his crotch and knew it was Jane’s. He reached down and found her foot in a stocking and massaged her toes and her arch. He watched her close her eyes and sigh. But she removed her foot when Bruce brought their desserts.

They finished their desserts and Grace and Jane went to the ladies. John and Tim discovered they both watched hockey, and though they cheered for different teams, they both hated Detroit.

Grace and Jane had been gone unusually long, even for two ladies. When they returned, they were both smiling.

Grace took a breath and took Tim’s hand, “We’ve decided, you’re going to take Jane to her room and John is going with me.”

Tim raised his eyebrows and looked at John. John shrugged, “Fine with me.”

At the room, Jane handed Tim the key. They entered and she walked across the room to the bath and called, “Scotch or bourbon?”


She returned with one glass. She took a sip and offered it to him. It was a well aged single malt. Jane or John had good taste. She stepped back, smiled and removed her blouse. It was not a strip tease, just an undressing for his pleasure. And he was pleased. Her breasts were larger than Grace’s and the nipples were very prominent. He wondered if they would get bigger when he sucked them.

She unfastened the skirt and tossed it aside, standing before him in nothing but stockings and heels. She had a neatly trimmed Brazilian, making her slit appear even longer. She unbuttoned his shirt and pressed her breasts against him as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She pushed them down, reached and wrapped her hand around his erection.

“Oh, you must make Grace very happy.”

Tim was comparing her to Grace and expected she was comparing him to John. She didn’t seem disappointed.

This was new to him so he kissed and held her, letting her lead. He caressed her back and down to her cheeks, pulling her closer. Her breasts were pressed to his chest and his erection was between them. He stepped out of his shoes and his pants as she broke the kiss and moved them to the bed. She pushed him down and knelt beside him. She leaned down and kissed him, then bit his nipple as her hand stoked his erection. She twisted further and kissed the tip, licked.

Tim was able to get his hand on her bottom and down into the crack, finally rubbing her crease. But when he tried to pull her on top of him to sixty-nine, she resisted and Tim relaxed and enjoyed her attention to his cock. She licked from the tip to his balls and took one, then the other in her mouth as she continued to stroke. She took him in her mouth and massaged his balls, squeezing almost painfully. Although he had made love to Grace that afternoon, it didn’t take long before he was shooting again, and Jane tried to swallow it all.

When he was completely drained, she turned and kissed him, letting him taste himself.

She straddled him, bent forward and let him suck and fondle her tits. “Oh, yes. That’s it. Suck. Yes, the tip, harder. Bite it. Oh, yes. That’s good.”

He could feel her wetness on his belly as she was sliding back and forth and he played with her tits. She pushed up farther until her pussy was above his face. “Is this what you wanted? Did you want to eat my pussy, see how I taste?” She lowered her self, tempting him until he could touch her with his tongue.

“Oh, yes. Higher. Up. Right there. That’s my kitty, my clitty. Lick it. Oh, oh. Bite my lips.” She moved back and forth, twisted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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