Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma Ch. 01

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Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma: Tom comes home

“I don’t quite know what to tell you Mrs. Asken,” Dr. Hamilton conceded, “I can’t find a anything that would explain it. No head trauma, nothing neurological that we can find. Tom is just dehydrated and exhausted.”

Janet Asken looked at Dr. Hamilton with pleading eyes. Her son Tom had been rescued from a wilderness trek in Alaska and was on the verge of death when they finally reached him. He got separated from his friends and wandered 23 miles in the wrong direction. His survival skills saved him, but at considerable cost.

When she got him home from the hospital, Tom would lapse in and out of consciousness, frightening her at times. Dr. Hamilton reassured her that Tom was just going to need a lot of care and a lot of rest, but nothing otherwise was wrong.

She was so happy to have Tom home again. After leaving for college, she only saw him on school breaks. The winter trek robbed her of an extended time with him. But the trauma of the ordeal and the need to recuperate guaranteed her at least an entire semester of nursing Tom back to health.

“So, you’re saying that even though he is sleeping a lot and seems not to be aware of his surroundings, he is okay?” She asked flatly.

“That’s what I’m saying,” Dr. Hamilton reassured. “He’s alert when he is awake isn’t he? And he has a healthy appetite. And he, by your accounts, is getting stronger each day. Isn’t all that true?”

“Yes, I suppose it is. I just want to be sure he is going to be okay.” Mrs. Asken looked down. She was embarrassed at what she was going to ask next.

“And the erections? Are those normal too?” She drew a deep breath. She had noticed a tent beneath the sheets several times as she watched Tom sleeping. Being too modest to look, she did not pull back the covers, letting her son have his privacy, even though he would not have awoken if she had peeked.

“Yes, Mrs. Asken. Completely normal. All men get erections at times during their sleep cycle. Very often in the morning, when they have to urinate. Guys call them piss-hard-ons.”

Janet looked down, blushing. She was not na├»ve. She had been married and had a son, after all. It was just that she was not as used to such frankness. “Yes, I know about that,” she said softly.

“The best thing you can do is to stop worrying and start observing. Just watch him and enjoy his regaining his health. You are really blessed, Mrs. Asken. Tom’s been through a lot. So, let his body teach you what it needs. You’ll know what to do. Just relax and do whatever his body is suggesting it needs. You’ll know whether it’s chicken soup or ice cream when the time comes.” Dr. Hamilton stood from his chair and extended his hand. Janet got the message and shook his hand then turned to leave.

“Thank you, Dr. Hamilton. It’s good advice. I guess I have been so worried, that I over-reacted. You have really helped me today. Yes, I’ll just let nature take its course. That’s just what I’ll do.”

As she drove home, Janet’s mind cleared. She didn’t need to worry any more. Tom was going to be all right. She only had to be his nurse and she had several months to dote on him. What could be better?

She crept upstairs and peeked in him Tom’s room. He lay on his back sleeping, the sheet pulled only up to his chest. His strong shoulders seemed so thin now. But he would soon regain his strength and bulk. Janet stepped into his room calling softly, “Tom? Are you awake, dear?”

“Hmm? Oh is that you, Mom? Yes, I was just having a dream. About you actually. It was really nice. I am glad you’re here. I have been meaning to thank you for all you are doing for me. I am sorry to be such a slug.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I am just so happy to have you back here alive. I was so scared. And now Dr. Hamilton tells me you are going to be all right. I just need to be a good nurse and to let your body tell me what it needs. ‘Chicken soup or ice cream.'” She smiled at him and crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Can I get you anything, sweetheart?” She asked.

“Well, Mom, I hate to ask you, but could you get the urinal for me. I have to pee pretty bad. I am just so exhausted, I can’t get out of bed.” Tom looked drained and not the least self-conscious about asking his mother for the urinal. Perhaps he had already given up his privacy from the two weeks in the hospital with nurses and doctors poking and examining him every hour of the day.

“Sure, sweetheart. Here it is. Would you like me to go out while you use it?”

“No, Mom. You can stay here. In fact, I am going to need a little help. Could you roll me to my side? I think I can manage if you sort of prop me up a little on my side.” Tom asked without looking at her.

She slid down on the bed a little farther down toward his knees. As Tom tried to roll over, his mother pulled on his hips and helped him shift his weight. She moved her hand farther back until she was cupping his ass cheek, his hip fitting in the shallow of her inner wrist. Her fingers just reached his ass crack. As she balanced him, halkal─▒ ucuz escort her fingers gently touched his cleft.

“This isn’t going to work. I have to pull the sheet down and take my pajamas off.” Tom sighed. Just the rolling over took it out of him. “Could you help?”

Janet smiled sweetly at her helpless boy and gently lay him on his back again. Then she pulled the sheet off him and reached for his pajamas. His hips stuck out sharply and his belly was sunk in. Hooking her fingers in the waist of his pajamas, she tugged them down.

She expected to see his pubic hair, but was surprised that he was shaved. Then his cock came into view. It was half-firm and lay against his skin. His ball sack was relaxed and his balls were clearly visible beneath the skin. Janet. Inhaled sharply at the sight of her son’s manhood. Trying to maintain her composure, she continued to pull his drawers off.

“Go ahead and pull them all the way down, Mom. I won’t need them. Thanks.” He was too tired to care that he was fully exposed to his mother’s view.

“Okay, now what?” She asked. “Tom? Tom? Honey” A frisson of fear caught her.

“Oh, sorry. I just fell asleep again. It’s like that all the time. And I had a dream about your again. Roll me over again, Mom. I really have to go.”

Janet pulled him over and held his ass as she had before. This time, her hand moved farther across his ass and her fingers cupped his cheek, the tips reaching down into his crack. Tom’s cock slipped down, but he was not helping to direct it to the urinal.

With her right hand Janet positioned the urinal under his penis. It was not aligned well and Janet faced a dilemma. She remembered Dr. Hamilton’s advice to let his body tell her what she needed to do. So, she reached for his penis and pointed it into the urinal.

Soon, a hissing sound and the sight of the bottle filling assured her that Tom was relieving himself. He dribbled the last bit out and let out a sigh of relieve. “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best. I love you.” And was fast asleep again.

Janet squeezed his ass cheek gently and said, “I love you too, sweetie. Just sleep. Mommy will take care of you.”

She slipped the urinal away and saw his cock was wet with urine. Laying him on his back again, she reached for his pajamas. Taking his penis in her hand again, she lifted it and daubed the last drops of urine from him. It hit her that she was holding her son’s flaccid cock in her hand. She admired the scene and did not make any move to let go. She just watched, but nothing happened. Janet then pulled the sheet up and covered his naked body. She leaned in to kiss Tom and left the room with the urinal in her left hand.

Janet smiled as she walked down the hallway carrying her son’s urine. When she got to he bathroom, she poured the yellow liquid in the sink and rinsed the bottle. It was as natural as if she had actually been a nurse. Then she thought, ” I am a nurse. I am Tom’s nurse. And whatever my boy’s body tells me it needs, I am going to give it to him.”

She was proud of herself for getting through what might have been an awkward event without freezing. It did not seem to matter to Tom that his mother was holding his cock and helping him piss. Therefore, it did not matter to her.

At least on one level, it did not matter. Twice he had told her he had dreamed of her. She wondered what he was dreaming and why it was of her.

At ten o’clock she checked on Tom before going to bed herself. He was watching TV and seemed alert. “Need anything, honey?”

“No, Mom. I am good. I slept pretty hard today. Have you been here long?”

“Yes, dear. I came home about 3:30. Don’t you remember?”

“No. I honestly don’t. I had a dream or two, but that it all.”

Janet swallowed her fear. “Do you remember your dreams at all?”

“Well, it was nice, Mom. I dreamed you were my nurse in the hospital. I was pretty sexy, too, but that is about all I can recall.” He smiled wryly at her and she did not know whether he was telling the truth or toying with her.

“Actually, I helped you with the urinal. I supposed you don’t remember that?”

“Oh, that explains the nurse part, then.” Tom grinned.

“Okay, wise guy, get some rest. Call me if you need anything. I’ll be in with your breakfast in the morning.

That night, Janet slept fitfully. She kept recalling the sight of her son’s penis and the act of him urinating in the bottle. It made her happy thinking of how she took care of her son. But there was another feeling she did not dare to linger on. It was the feeling of excitement having a naked man under her care and control. As she fought to regain sleep, Janet kept replaying in her mind the sight of her son’s penis in her hand and the stream of clear fluid he produced. A tingling in her abdomen annoyed her and the argument in her head kept her awake. How could she be aroused by the sight of her son peeing? She hated the thoughts. And loved them.

She got up at 8 AM worried that Tom may have been awake halkal─▒ ├╝niversiteli escort and needing her attention. She padded down the hallway and into his room. She want not prepared for what she saw next. Tom lay there under the cotton sheet. He was on his side, but clearly visible in the folds of material was an erection pointing upward. She gave a sharp inhale.

“It’s okay,” she said to herself. “Dr. Hamilton told me that men get erections like this in the morning when they need to urinate. Just calm down.” But she felt that tingling again and her breath quickened.

“Tom? Are you awake honey?” she asked hesitantly.

“Mmmm… oh yeah, I am, Mom,” Tom said groggily and rolled on to his back. His erection drawing the material as he turned wrapping the stiff rod like a gift. “I need the urinal again, Mom. Could you get it for me?” He seemed so casual about his needs and the state of his erection. It helped Janet to focus on her chores and to fight down the feelings she was having. Still, helping him piss when he was flaccid was one thing. Seeing a hard cock under the sheets was a challenge more difficult.

She took the urinal and sat on the side of his bed, her hand on his thigh. “Tell me how I can help, sweetie.”

“Just help me with the sheets and hold the bottle for me, okay?”

She had to pull the sheets out from under him and she was afraid it would hurt his cock when she tried to unwrap them from around him. As she pulled the sheets away, his cock sprang free and smacked his belly with an audible crack.

“Oh, are you okay? Sorry, I guess I need to be more careful,” she blushed. She could hardly look him in the eye. She was wanting to look at his erect penis, instead.

“No. It’s okay. Don’t be scared, Mom. You have seen me naked before. Remember? I’m still your little boy and I still need my Mommy.” Tom tried to reassure her. It merely gave her permission to get more aroused.

Janet smiled at him gently. “Yes. You are still my little boy. My handsome little boy. But your aren’t so little any more, honey. Mommy’s little boy is a big man now and Mommy is very happy to see it. But inside, you are my little boy and always will be.”

She took hold of his cock and its warmth amazed her. Veins traced along its length and the deep red head seemed to throb. She wanted to hold it and examine it for a long time, but she was aware he needed to relieve himself. So, she drew the urine bottle toward his cock and inserted the head into it. It reminded her of fucking as she saw the head of his cock disappear in the mouth of the bottle.

Tom began his stream and she had to hold the bottle steady on his belly as he pissed. She could only dimly see his urine stream though the opaque plastic urinal. But she could feel it coursing out of his cock and could feel the warmth of it as it poured into the bottle. She let her left hand drop a bit and the edge of her palm rested on his balls as she gripped the lower part of his shaft.

Tom, sighed audibly as he felt her hand contact his balls. “That is a relief, Mom. Thanks. You know what to do, don’t you? You are a good nurse. And a better Mom.”

Janet was unsure what he meant. Was he just talking about the fact he was peeing his first bladderful of the morning or that he liked her hand on his manhood. And what was that he said yesterday about dreaming about her.

Tom peed a lot into the bottle so it took a while for him to finish. As she sat there on the bedside looking at the rail-thin boy who had been so husky only three months ago, she hoped he would gain his weight and strength back soon. She studied him and made firm her commitment to recognize his body’s needs. When he gained weight, she would see it fill around his bones. When he was stronger, she would see his muscle strands get thicker.

Tom was looking as his mother as she studied him. “What are you thinking, Mom” It startled her.

“Oh, I was just looking at my boy and how you have changed. I used to love giving you baths and washing you all over. Your skin was so soft and smelled so good, I would kiss you all over and tell you how much I love you. Now, you’re all grown up and I never expected to see that little boy’s body again. It just brought back some memories.”

Tom clasped his hands behind his neck letting Janet view him entirely. He liked showing himself off. “I used to like it when you did that. And I liked it that you let me run around the house with no clothes on. You used to pretend to chase me. I always wanted you to catch me, too.”

Janet smiled at him. “Looks like you are done here.” She lifted the bottle so it would not spill and withdrew his still hard cock from the end of the bottle. She lay it gently on his stomach. “I’ll just pour this out and be back in a moment. Don’t go anywhere,” she teased him. She was feeling more relaxed and more aroused. The fact that Tom had normalized the awkwardness and recalled they way she treated him as a child made her feel more comfortable. It also unlocked one of the haramidere escort latches that prevented her from opening a door and crossing a threshold.

When she returned Tom was still lying there completely exposed with is cock still firmly erect for her to see. He saw her reaction and quipped, “Well you said not to go anywhere!”

“You haven’t changed a bit. Still like your Mommy to see you naked, don’t you?”

“Yes. Mom I still like that. Thanks for being my mom. You are the best.”

“Well, what kind of mother would I be if I did not give my little boy a bath? Ready to get cleaned up?” She perked up at the thought of washing his entire body. What, she wondered, would happen when she got to the prize?

Tom did not move even as she bustled about getting a basin and cloths. The last item was a bottle of liquid soap and a bottle of lotion. She began at his head, washing what little hair he had. He had cropped himself closely before the trek. She worked diligently and directly, the acts of motherhood never leaving a woman’s muscle memory.

When she got his chest and belly washed and had turned him to wash his back, she changed the water and returned to the room. Instead of continuing the longitudinal task working her way down Tom’s body, Janet started again at his feet. She washed each toe working the cloth between them. His foot she rested in her bosom as she washed his calves and shins. Tom watched her every movement. His cock had softened and lolled against his skin, but as his mother started to move up his thighs, it filled again. He watched his mother’s eyes. She was watching his cock.

“Tom…” she hesitated. He did not rescue her anxiety. “Mom?”he replied.

“Tommy, do you have to use the bottle again?” she managed hoarsely.

“No, Mom. I am good. This feels so nice to be clean. You can’t imagine how rough the old bull nurses were. You should have been a nurse. You are more gentle.”

The tension mounted as his cock grew to its full thickness and length. A Rubicon of taboo lay in front of them; they would not be able to cross back. Janet drew in a breath and decided to act as if there was nothing wrong. Dr. Hamilton told her to let Tom’s body tell her what to do. She kept that thought in her mind as she worked her way up his thighs.

“Honey, do you think you can turn over again. I’ll get your bottom for you.”

“You’ll have to help me. I am pretty wiped out,” he replied.

She straightened his leg and reached for his hip to pull him over. Her inner arm grazed Tom’s erect cock. She felt it sear her flesh, but did not let him see her reaction. Tom squeezed his ass cheeks and flexed his cock so that it would bounce against her arm again. She felt that too.

As she rolled him on his belly, his cock disappeared from view. “Are you okay there?” she asked. “Yeah. All good.”

“Well now we are going to get your knees under you. Help me as I lift your hips.” Tom grunted as she lifted him and he worked hard drawing his knees to his chest. Then, at last, his ass was exposed and his cheeks were pulled apart giving his mother complete access to his anus. She warmed the rag and soaped it. Working around his cheeks, she played with him dipping her fingers only slightly into his crack. Tom lay there inertly, but hoping to feel her fingers trace his anus and even to plunge inside.

Janet felt her shame rise and with it her passion. She tried to reconcile her motherly attention to washing her son with her desire to arouse him. She felt that tingling in her abdomen and what was this? Was she getting wet between her legs? “Focus! Focus!” she told herself.

She stepped back to rinse the rag and she gasped audibly. From the short distance, she could now see his rigid cock sticking straight away and pointing down toward the bed. It throbbed and bounced. His balls hung low and she could see each one in the fine bag that contained them. With no hair to hide him, Janet could make out his entire masculine anatomy.

She soaped the rag again and began to wash his ass once more. Tom sighed as she touched his anus briefly. That was the signal she had hoped for. His body was telling her he wanted her to touch him there. She began making small circles around his puckered opening. Tom sighed each time. “Mmmm……”

“Does my little boy like it when he gets his bottom washed?”

“MmmHmmm…” He replied and shifted his weight slightly causing her finger to wiggle against his anus.

“Oh, you like that, do you? Well, we better get you all cleaned up then.” She worked her finger into the soapy rag and pushed it against his anus. He resisted naturally at first and then relaxed. Her finger sunk in to the first knuckle and then pulled back. No reaction. Janet wondered if she had hurt him. She tried again and he let her in again.

Her breathing was heavier now. Her son was letting her wash his ass hole and almost inviting her to push her fingers inside of him. Where was the line, she wondered, between doing a thorough job washing him and crossing into a sexual act.

Tom showed her the line. He pushed back against her finger drawing her farther into him. Then he rocked forward again. Janet was sweating now. She pulled out and washed his entire ass again. Tom remained motionless in that ass-upward position. His face was turned away from her, but she had a better indicator of her effect on him than any facial expression.

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