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Mr. Turtle KeyHolder Ch. 02

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I wiped the dirt off of it and stuffed it into my pocket as I found my way back to my car. Patti’s mom had already driven away; there was no opportunity to negotiate a second chance — it was her way or the highway, so to speak. So the dilemma is mine alone: Would I wear the plastic device this week to obtain a 2nd date with Patti? Or admit the defeat that I had failed, when all my buddies had apparently scored with Patti?

I weighed the pros and cons all the way home.

I had worn it uncomfortably this evening; I can’t imagine wearing it for a week. But I’m not about to give up that easily and be the butt of my buddies’ jokes.

“Hey guess who couldn’t score with Patti Putout? Harold, you’ve gotta be the biggest loser ever. What’s the matter, Harold? Couldn’t she find your little pee-pee?”

No, it’s not ending that easily. I can handle a little discomfort for now, in the interests of scoring with Little Miss FarmGirl on Saturday night.

Arriving home, I took the cage into the bathroom, washed it off with hot soapy water. Even used my toothbrush on it. I don’t need any cornfield germs crawling up my penis!

Bam, bam, bam! My younger sister is beating down the bathroom door.

“Harold, c’mon, you’ve been in there for Anadolu Yakası Escort a half an hour. I need to get in there!”

“Hold on, Sis. I’ll be out in a minute!”

I rushed to push my balls through the ring. Owww. And slip my penis under and cap it off with the tube. And now the moment of truth…”

“Hurry up, Harold! I’ve gotta pee! Stop playing with your ding-dong and let me in!”

“I’m not!”

“Let me in and see, then! Or are you in there and thinking about Patti? I’ll bet that’s exactly what you’re doing. Patti, Patti, Patti!”

No time to ponder any longer — I crunched the lock shut. And exited the bathroom, pushing past my sister who was playfully grabbing at my privates.

“Patti, Patti, Patti!”


Sunday was the longest day ever. Between my sister teasing me with her childish sing-songy reminders about Patti… and my painfully trapped hard-off (not on!)… I couldn’t get any relief all day.

“You know, Harold, the girls at school say Patti is quite the vixen. She swears she has never put out on a first date, so I’m not surprised you seem to be crazy horny today; but word is, she makes up for it on a second date — if you get a second date, that is. I heard her parents Bostancı Escort are pretty cautious about horny young guys wanting to date their daughter.” Then Sis continued her taunt:

“Patti, Patti, Patti.”

I thought the day would never end. But nighttime was even worse. Trying to sleep with my penis trapped — it’s downright cruel. And that singsongy chorus kept going on & on & on in my head. And the thoughts of how furious Patti’s mom was with me. I don’t know if I’ll even get a real 2nd date. Or will her mom simply point me to Mr. Turtle and send me on my way? At least I’d have a dick free to do as I pleased after that. She will free me, right? She can’t make me go 2 weeks with this on, can she? No way!

Eventually my horror wore me out and I drifted off.



I really am not looking forward to awkward moments in the school hallway with Patti. So I was kind of keeping a watchful eye out, and avoiding her. But afternoon English Class together would make that impossible. And sure enough, she caught my arm after class.

“Hi Harold. How have I missed seeing you all day? Have you been avoiding me? You’d better not be. Especially after getting me in so much trouble with my parents! Man, Ümraniye Escort was my mom pissed. She said to give you this.”…as Patti handed me a sealed envelope with my name on it.

I quickly opened it, but wouldn’t let Patti see. It was a penciled map with an X marked in the middle of a cornfield. And written above it… “Checkup Appt… 8pm… Don’t be late!!!”

I stuffed it in my pocket before Patti could see.

“Well? What’d she say, Harold? What is it?”

“Just that you’re their beautiful young daughter and I had better treat you nice, if I hoped to get a second chance with them. Will you go out with me Saturday night, Patti?”

“Oh how sweet of them. And yes, Harold, I would love to go out with you again — if you treat me super nicely to make up for last week. But just one little problem. I had already told Joe I would go out with him this weekend. So how about the following weekend, Harold? Can you wait for me that long? Remember, you need to treat me really really nicely if you want to make it to my front-door and get a 2nd chance with Mr. Turtle. It wouldn’t be nice to let Mr. Turtle down again”. And she batted her eyes at me with that flirting look she gives all the guys.

Dang! And Joe, of all the guys. Football jock. An ass, for sure. And now, he’s effectively locking my dick up for an extra week. Damn.

“Ok, Patti, you’re very worth waiting for. Just think of me instead when you’re with him.”

“Oh I’m quite sure we will.”….as she waved goodbye and left for home.

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