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Mr. D and the Babysitter Pt. 03

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(For readers outside Australia, a few notes: University = College. Colleges are the residential halls attached to Universities. Mobile = Cell Phone. We drive on the left side of the road so we drive on the right side of the car. Summer begins on December 1. Chips = potato crisps, unless they are hot and then they = French Fries. Bathers have different names even in Australia = togs = swimmers = board shorts for swimming. In Australia we wear thongs on our feet = flip flops. That is ‘thongs’ plural. ‘Thong’ could be one of those items of footwear but increasingly is also used for that item of underwear which has barely a string between the bum cheeks and a tiny triangle of cloth in front. In Australia the age of consent for sex is sixteen and legal drinking age is eighteen. We use metric measurements and Celsius for temperature.)

In ‘Mr D and the Babysitter’ I set the scene for this and other stores to come. I followed up with ‘Mr D and the Babysitter (now live in)’. This story picks up where the last one left off. I will start with a summary, but why not go back and read the previous stories! The taboo/incest aspect will develop later in the series. Let me know what you think.

All persons in this story involved sexually are aged at least 18 years.


My wife, Debbie, died in a tragic accident when we had only been married for two years. She was finally pregnant with what would have been our first child but her second. When we married she had a beautiful three year old daughter, Sarah, whose father had died when she was about one. So each other was all we had. The teenager, Rachel, from next door began caring for Sarah and spent a lot of time at our house over the next two years. When she graduated from secondary school, just after she turned eighteen, she came to live with us because her parents moved interstate to expand their business. So then all we had was the three of us, which is where the second story took over. That second story was all on our first full day together but ended with Sarah walking in unexpectedly catching’ Rachel and naked together.


“Daddy? Rachel? Is everything ok? I heard noises.”

Rachel and I quickly grabbed our robes and rushed to the door to reassure Sarah that we were ok and there were no problems and she had nothing to be worried about and as much of a torrent of words as we could find to cover our embarrassment. We had just been ‘caught’ in my bed by my stepdaughter. Rachel was her babysitter and now had come to live with us. We had been at the beach and thought Sarah was sleeping. She had been but the sounds of us in ecstasy must have woken her.

“Sorry that we woke you darling. Didn’t we have a lovely morning at the beach! Is your sunburn worrying you?” Any thoughts we could use to distract her from what she might have seen as she came into the room would be good. Because I had just brought Rachel to an explosive orgasm through an extended banquet of oral delight. That was after she had done the same for me. Yet we kept being stopped before taking the physical connection to the next level. This was a reminder that we needed to pay attention to the fact that we were not alone in the house.

“I am thirsty, daddy.” At least her mind had already moved on. We all moved into the kitchen though I noticed that Rachel dashed away quickly and when she returned she was wearing shorts and t-shirt again. I then made my own exit and re-joined them soon after wearing something similar.

Crisis averted. At seven years old Sarah was old enough to be aware of a lot about the world and human relationships and even the differences in human bodies. We had not had ‘that’ conversation yet, but perhaps it was time to start talking to her about some of the realities and differences and complexity of human life, even sex. Was it too early? I did read an article which suggested that even younger than Sarah’s age was a time to start talking about sex, or at least about human bodies and privacy and things like that. But she was still far too young to be exposed to practical examples! We would need to be more discreet.

Technically Rachel was also just a ‘lodger’ in the house. She was staying with us as a favour for friends who were neighbours until recently. She didn’t want to stay at a College when she went to Uni and so the plan was for her to live here while studying. I am not sure how those friends would have felt if the word leaked out and got back to them that Rachel and I were rolling around naked in bed together!!

Not that it worried me really. Everything we had shared so far had been amazing. She is over eighteen, and the legal age in Australia is sixteen so we were not even close to anything illegal. My thoughts rambled on, but the refrain that kept returning was that we need to be discreet AND that I need to start some serious conversations with Sarah about human bodies. It did strike me that I could palm that off on Rachel and, at least in part, that might be easier.

That night, after Sarah was finally properly asleep in mecidiyeköy escort her bed with the door firmly closed, Rachel and I took up that conversation. I wasn’t really surprised that she had been thinking along similar lines, especially as she remembered the ways her mother had talked to her about these things. I am in my mid 20s and I love women’s bodies and exploring and … you know what I mean. But some of the differences between men and women are still a mystery to me. This would be much easier for Rachel. And she agreed.

We decided that it would be best to sleep separately that night, just in case Sarah woke again. We hadn’t come up with any explanation for why she was in my room but a second time before we had an idea of how to handle this would cause too many problems, we decided. I had actually gotten a bit sunburnt at the beach that morning so when my head hit the pillow, even though that pillow still smelled of Rachel, I went off into a sound sleep.

I woke late and was surprised to find that neither Sarah not Rachel were already up. When they did emerge Sarah was looking different somehow. Rachel explained “We have been having a little talk about boys and girls.”

“Penises and vaginas” added Sarah.

“Um … ok … good.” I stuttered. “Um … Is there anything you want to ask me Sarah or has Rachel explained everything?” I really didnt know what to say.

“Well we talked about how babies are made and how we look different down there. Rachel and I look sort of the same but she said that you and other boys look different. Can I have waffles for breakfast?”

The sudden change of topic threw me a bit, but perhaps that was her way of saying that she had learned enough for now and didn’t want to think about all that any more, at least not on an empty stomach! I mouthed a silent “Thank you” to Rachel who simply smiled.

Over breakfast Rachel told me she had something she wanted to ask. “Anything” I said, glancing at Sarah in case this was something not for her ears, especially with her newfound knowledge.

“Well,” said Rachel, “most of my friends have finished school for the year now and I was wondering if I could ask some of them to come over for a pool party on the weekend? The beach is nice but here is more private and comfortable and we can all just relax. Would that be ok?”

I had met some of Rachel’s friends and they all seemed to be like her. Beautiful. Fit. Bubbly personalities. Lots of fun. “Why not!” I said. They are all, or mostly, over eighteen so we wouldn’t have to worry about there being a few drinks as well. I immediately began to wonder if any of Rachel’s friends had also bought skimpy bikinis as part of their post school freedom celebrations. Mixed with a few drinks, in a private and secluded place, this could become a very interesting party. So much for my resolve about discretion in front of Sarah, though that had not entirely disappeared and I would ensure that nothing too raunchy happened until after she was tucked up in bed!

In the end the party was fairly tame. Yes some of Rachel’s girlfriends had very revealing bikinis and there was some kissing and cuddling and fondling that happened in the bushes beyond the poolside lights, but overall it was just a fun and friendly party.

That night though, as we finished tidying everything up, bagging up the rubbish and stacking the dishwasher with whatever would fit, Rachel had a new request. “What would you think about a more intimate party, something a bit more … fun?”

“It depends on what you mean and with who. I like lots of your friends but I am not sure I want to see them ALL naked” I joked, smiling.

“So which ones WOULD you want to see naked?” she bounced straight back at me.

Now I was caught. What should I say? How would she like the idea that I had been keeping an eye on Lizzie and Bec and Angela as they were splashing around in the pool? “Let me say straight out that I told Bec about you and me. I hope that is ok. I am sure that she will keep it to herself. But she did tell me that she thinks you are really hot and she said she felt a bit jealous of me being here with you.” Now my head was really in a spin. Not only the fact that someone else knew about us and at least some of what we had done (which still wasn’t all that much really!). But that Rachel was talking about me like that with her friends. Where was this going?

“Ok” Rachel continued. “I have been thinking and tell me if this is far too much. I am not suggesting that we have an orgy or anything like that.” Just as well, I thought. That would definitely wake Sarah up and then I would be really in the shit. “I have an idea for a game and I would like to try it with you and a few friends.”

“What sort of game?” I was thinking that Rachel was taking ‘moving out of home and away from her parents’ – though technically they moved away – at a very fast pace!

“Well how does this sound? I call it the massage game. You have eight people, probably four guys and four girls nişantaşı escort though it doesn’t have to be balanced like that absolutely. Each person has a number. Then, each in turn, spins a wheel with the numbers one to eight on it. So, if I am number one and you are number two and I spin up your number then I give you a massage.”

“That sounds like fun but is there more to it than that?”

“Of course there is. There is another wheel to spin. That one determines the kind of massage that you give the person whose number you spin up. I was thinking that every massage should last for ten minutes. That means that it is time to get interesting a bit at least.”

“Ok.” I said. “But what would you have on that second wheel?”

“I thought about that as well,” she replied. There would be six categories of massage and they would be shown by percentages. 10% means just a massage of the head. Scalp massage can be really nice and relaxing and if done well can be very sexy too. 25% would mean head and shoulders. 50% would be a full back massage from head to toe, naked. By the way all these would be in front of the rest of the group, not off in another room. 90% would be head to toe naked front and back EXCEPT no touching anywhere that would be covered by bathers. So on guys nothing that would be covered by board shorts and girls nothing that would be covered by a bikini.”

I smiled, thinking that Rachel’s new bikini made that more like 95% ‘available’. “That makes four”, I said. “What about the other two categories?”

“That is where it gets more interesting” she said with a wicked smile. “98% means a massage everywhere front and back EXCEPT no touching the triangle down there and the pussy on a girl and no touching the cock and balls on a guy.”

My mind was racing. This girl had really thought this through. “And the last category?” I asked.

“100%. Which is exactly what it means. Full body massage. Everywhere.”

I gulped. This could easily get out of hand, though limited to ten minutes and in front of a group it would mean an incredible build-up of sexual tension in the room. “OK. A few questions. Firstly, how would you feel about having any other guy, or girl, touching you like that? And me? Would you mind them touching me like that in front of you? I know we are just getting to know each other but we need to know where you and I might be going. Next, would your friends actually go for this and agree? I know there was lots of sexy talk tonight but maybe that is a bit out there for them?”

“Good questions. I have been thinking about that. It would feel a bit strange having just anyone touch me, and so we would choose the group carefully, limiting it to eight people we want to be here. As for watching someone else massaging and touching you, it could be kind of hot to see and I would know that after everyone was gone then it would spice up whatever happens next between us. Does that make sense?”

“Absolutely. I am already feeling ‘spiced up’ just thinking about it” I said with a smile.

“Mmmmmmm. Ok. Let’s get to that in a moment. The other question was about them going for it. I already know who would be in. If we limit it to eight then you and me. I would choose Bec, Angela and Lizzie” (How was it that she had chosen those I had been thinking about earlier?). “As for the guys I think Steve, John and Richard would be fun and ok. But I was thinking that it would be good to start with the girls and ask them which guys to invite, if that is ok with you?”

“Sounds good to me. I can make up the wheels easily with the numbers and the categories. They will look like those ones that people spin for Twister. Maybe another night we could try naked Twister?” This was going to be a fun summer I could tell!!

“Hey I just thought of another question. If you have eight numbers on the wheel and each person is numbered one to eight what happens if you spin your own number? Do you just spin again?

Rachel blushed. “I was wondering about that. How about if you spin your own number then you have to spend your fifteen minutes touching yourself, down there?” “So everyone else would sit and watch as that person masturbated for ten minutes?”

“Wow this is going to be some party! That could be really hot. Any limits on what is allowed to be happening around the rest of the circle while we watch?”

“I thought about that too. Anything goes EXCEPT no actual sex. Do you think that would be fair?”

“Yes sounds good, though after the party ends I hope they make it home or a little way away before that happens. I don’t want to upset any of the neighbours by having all that sexual tension erupt on their front lawns!”

And so we started planning. The next day we did at least. Because for that night I was already feeling enough of that sexual tension and I wanted to see how far Rachel was ready to go.

We managed to get Sarah off for an early night and when I checked half an hour later she was sleeping soundly.

I returned to the lounge şişli escort room where Rachel and I had been sitting chatting. We had a bottle of delicious Mount Barker red wine before us and our two large glasses, the sort that allow the wine to breathe then concentrate the aroma as the shape bells out then in again towards the top of the glass. While we waited for Sarah to settle into sleep we had already drunk half of the bottle and our glasses were charged again. The wine had relaxed us but there was still tension in the air. We both knew what was coming next and even over the heady smell of the rich red wine I could detect the even headier scent of her arousal. I certainly knew I was aroused and the front of my shorts were already straining with the pressure, anticipating what was coming (so to speak).

As soon as I sat down Rachel replaced her glass on the table in front of us and turned towards me, sliding her hand quickly from my knee until it rested at the top of my leg, her fingers resting on the inside of my upper thigh. Not that they were actually resting because immediately she began to stroke that soft skin on my inner thigh. She wasn’t actually touching my bulging cock but must have been barely a finger’s breadth away.

Her eyes seemed to be on fire. The sparks between us were almost visible. “Do you know what I want now?” she asked with a wicked smile.

“Go ahead and tell me” I said, though I was already beginning to feel the effect of both the wine and more so her fingers and I am sure my reply came out as almost a husky grunt.

“I want all of you. With all of me. Here. Now. Yes?”

“Oh YES!”

Rachel stood before me, though I could still feel the tingle of her fingers on my thigh. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, she lifted the hem of her blouse and drew it up her body, over her head before tossing it aside. She did sometimes wear a bra, though she didn’t need it much of the time. Her firm beautifully rounded breasts held in place even when she was standing. And now they were proud and naked in front of my eyes, adorned with her prominent nipples which looked like they were hard enough to etch glass. I groaned. Unless I got my shorts off soon I would seriously be in pain. But I waited. At the moment the action was all Rachel.

Her tiny shorts hugged her body so tightly that they looked almost painted on, but seeing for real would be a new delight. The button was popped apart, the zip lowered, then very, very slowly again Rachel placed her hands on her hips and slid her shorts down. Her smooth mons appeared. As I already knew she was completely smooth, all of her pubic hair removed and her pussy would be completely revealed to me. We had been up close and intimate before but always (so far) in semi darkness. This would be the first time in full light we would see each other completely naked.

The top of her pussy lips appeared and her clitoris was reaching out towards me, looking as aroused as her nipples. Her lips glistened as her shorts and panties slid past and, though I am sure that the movement downwards continued, my eyes stopped there. Rachel’s legs parted slightly and her pussy lips moved apart, opening up, pink, wet, absolutely beautiful. I groaned again and reached out towards her.

“Not yet Mr D. First … you are a little overdressed, don’t you think?” I started to take off my t-shirt but Rachel stopped me. “Let me help.” She looked deeply into my eyes as she repeated on me the slow removal, as she had removed her t-shirt. I raised my arms so that it could be taken off but she surprised me. As soon as my head was covered she let go of the t-shirt, leaned in and licked once across each of my nipples. I nearly came. I was already so aroused just seeing her naked but the heat of her tongue, even briefly, on my nipples made me shudder.

I didn’t get any more chance to react though because the t-shirt was then quickly whipped from my head and tossed alongside hers. Even though the wicked smile remained and her eyes flashed I could also tell that Rachel was getting more and more aroused. I unbuttoned my shorts and she knelt in from of me. This was no time now for drawing out the moment further and as soon as I lifted my bum from the lounge Rachel quickly stripped me, releasing my cock which almost slapped her in the face as it sprang into release.

Now it was Rachel’s turn to groan, then lick her lips. I shuffled forward onto the edge of the lounge. We were both now naked and our eyes were drinking in the curves and shades and delights of each other’s bodies. As I was still sitting Rachel’s breasts were directly in front of my face. I leaned forward and returned the favour she had so cheekily given me when taking off my t-shirt. I licked upwards across each hard nipple but I indulged in several licks, letting my tongue move up and down then sucking each nipple in turn into my mouth.

Rachel moved her legs apart and sat on my knees, put her arms on my shoulders then slid forward into a wonderful naked hug. Her hard nipples poked so hard into my chest that I a sure they left a mark there. But I wasn’t going to let go to check. I hugged her in close and as I did I felt her pussy, wet and wide open, cuddled up against my balls. My cock was raised between our bodies and as Rachel rocked her hips her lips and the whole of her pussy caressed my balls and the underside of my shaft.

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