Mother’s New Governess Ch. 03

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Following the morning bath and a late breakfast, Harry parted company with his mummy and Auntie Lucy. He thought he saw the rain abating but Mummy Nature was being a horrid tease. He then made up his mind to continue sticking a few more pins in some unlucky members of his bug collection so that he’d at least use his time wisely while waiting for the rain to finish with its business.

He thought maybe he’d have a chance for the rain to stop and then he’d take the dogs out for a wee and a run as he lugged a gun through the fields and blasted something to smoking bits. Nothing doing. He occupied himself with his bug collection some more and then for a bit with his stamp collection until he was summoned for lunch.

The meal went splendidly enough with the rest of the family but at the end of things, Aunty Lucy reminded him that he’d be needed shortly for that appointment up in her chambers that she’d spoken of before. Suffice to say, he was instructed not to roam too far afield as it were. So much for entertaining thoughts of taking the dogs out, however he did notice lovely blue breaks in the clouds and far off through the window he even caught a splash of sunshine on the horizon so his heart leapt at the possibility of doing something outside later.

The family arose and began to prepare for whatever it was they were about to do for the afternoon. As Aunty Lucy rose from the table and was about to excuse herself, her mother, Grand Mah-mah Rebecca shot her a look over the clearing dishes that were already being cleared. It was a serious look that she gave her daughter. There was a heavy pause as Lucy contemplated what might be vexing the old woman.

“Remember Lucinda,” Rebecca said sternly but a little under her breath so that only Lucy could hear, “a full report. I want to know!”

“Yes of course Mah-mah,” Lucy replied, “I shall tell you everything!” She stood along with Edwina and all the children and waited for Grand Mah-mah to rise and leave the room. Once she’d left, Harry noticed Auntie Lucy’s chest sag a bit as his aunt breathed a side of relief. It was as if one of the storm clouds from earlier in the morning had quietly taken lunch with them and now had just left the room. Lucy-Rex was oh so intimidated by Rebecca-Rex and in that instance it was never so self-evident for Harry!

Harry was occupied with his stamp collection and was fussing over a few Penny Blacks of his when Meredith, the upstairs maid; came down the stairs for him. She walked straight over to Harry seated upon the settee and informed him that he was needed upstairs by his Aunt Lucy. It was a little after one o’clock. He moved his stamps back to the bookcase and hurried up the stairs to his Auntie Lucy’s bedchamber.

He knocked upon the door and Lucy’s voice bid him to enter. He reached for the door handle and curiously, he noticed it had a black ribbon tied around it in a bow. It struck him as rather odd. He opened the door and entered the room.

The room was darkened, save a few cracks of light shining through the windows. Everything else was blanketed in shadows and dim light. It felt heavy in there at first, intimidating.

Harry looked about the room and attempted to make things out in the gloom. To the right of the doorway was a large cherrywood clothes dresser; in front of it were the trunks that Aunty Lucy had brought with her. Behind these next to the drapes and windows was a large full-length standing mirror. Far over in the corner of the room beside the nightstand was a small writing desk and chair, unoccupied for the moment.

Curiously he noticed a strange odor in the room. A heavy perfumey sort of something hung in the air like smoke but he could not see anything save a dull haze in the room. He also noticed another strange odor; not quite perfume but not quite smoke or soaps. It was as if the two scents were vying for control of his nostrils and neither one would yield.

Harry now looked to the left and saw the bedroom loveseat another low dresser and another nightstand. Directly before him and in the middle of things he saw the large four-poster bed. Ominously, the curtains were pulled shut making him feel even more ill at ease. Auntie Lucy’s voice came from the darkness, someplace within the curtains.

“Undress Harry,” she said, “and remove everything. Not one thread upon your body please. And fold your clothes neatly and place them on the loveseat with your shoes underneath.” Her voice sounded serious but not angry or unpleasant; no…it was just serious. She sounded like a schoolmistress telling him to take out a lesson book.

It definitely appeared Harry’d be in for more of the same as this morning. He did as told and then walked to the small love seat to begin folding his clothing and to put his shoes “in their proper place.” As he approached the low sofa, he noticed Lucy’s skirts, corset, stockings and chemise were all folded neatly to one side of the cushions. He took it as an example and hurriedly did the same.

“Are you done yet Harry?” Auntie’s voice came innovia escort out of the darkness between the curtains of the four-poster.

“Nearly there Auntie Lucy,” he replied.

“It is highly impolite to keep a lady waiting,” she commented. Her voice was not angry, just observant and strangely it trailed off into a chuckle. For all the “dark as Hades,” aspect of the room he now did not find it fearful, it was… calming -perhaps?

He figured if Lucy had intended to let loose with her fearsome inner-harpy; she’d have unleashed it by now. He’d have received a stern scolding or solid reprimand of maybe a cane across his bum for some infraction of her arcane rules but instead; all his senses perceived was silence and calm and that ever-present collection of smells!

He finished folding his clothes, and then proceeded to the far side of the bed near the windows as the near side had a large stuffed chair in the way. Upon gaining the far side of the bed, he saw the other nightstand had a strange bottle-like structure set up on top. At the bottom of the bottle was a bowl with a feint glow emanating from within. He guessed this was the source of all the smelliness. Next to the structure on a flat bit of polished wood, an incense cone burned. He recognized the bottle from a textbook on India as a hookah pipe; the kind found throughout the sub-continent and which was used as far as the café’s and bazaars of North Africa.

He stepped to the edge of the curtain and took it in his hand. From inside the curtains Aunty Lucy’s eyes reflected back at him, illuminated by the narrowest shaft of daylight spearing its way in through the window curtains. He pulled back the curtain and simply uttered,


The daylight shone dimly on Auntie Lucy and only briefly before she struck a match and lit two wall sconces above the headboards of the bed; instantly filling the darkened sleeping compartment with yellow light. The sconces flickered brightly in sharp contrast to the dull grey daylight making its way through the curtains. Lucy sat atop the bed wearing only her pantalets. The round orbs of her largish breasts and her high cheek boned face were now washed in flickering candlelight. Around her was an array of cushions and pillows cast about her and it looked for a moment as if she was not lying in a bed at all, but instead seated in some exotic Indian litter and being carried by six to eight servants.

She blew the match out and placed it on a shelf containing books and curious bottles set in the wall between the sconces. Lying on the bed beside her was what appeared like a long metal hose wrapped in red velvet that ran out behind the edge of the curtains to the hookah on the night stand. She picked up a long coil, bringing its strange mouthpiece to her lips and she sucked in her breath. A noisy bubbling sound immediately rose from the pipe and the coals inside it glowed hot.

Lucy exhaled and blew a generous cloud of smoke in his face as she reclined back on the pillows. His nose detected a whiff tobacco but also with a strong note of cherry or fruit. She parted her legs akimbo and cocked one knee back slightly; resting her free hand upon her thigh. She was barefoot; her legs draped with the customary pantalets of the day but most noticeable of all was the gap at the crotch which bared her pink sex with its black thatch roof of a Venus mound -directly at him!

“Come in Harry,” she said serenely, “and close those bed curtains behind you. We shall have some lovely fun this afternoon, yes?” He climbed up onto the bed and pulled the curtains tight behind him until all that could be seen from outside of the four-poster were the flickers from the wall candles inside, and the puffs of smoke from Lucy’s hookah. He was in her lair now.

Lucy patted the mattress beside her and moved over a bit to afford Harry more room. He lay down next to her and she gave him another sweet kiss; just as sweet and tender as the ones she’d given him in the tub with Mummy following the “lessons in hygienics.” She wrapped the arm with the hookah nozzle around him and pulled his head to her bosom. He began to suckle at her teat as Aunty Lucy began to puff upon the pipe as her free hand manipulated his penis; first playing with it and then progressively wanking him with more vigorous flourishes.

“You noticed probably a lot of things when you entered the room Harry,” Lucy cooed to him, “did you not?” He nodded.

“I take it you noticed my hookah pipe, the gap in my pantalets, and lastly … that black ribbon on the door, did you?” Again he nodded speechlessly, enjoying the sensation of the nipple between his lips and the lovely frig her hand was giving his rising cock.

“Oh dear, such an observant boy I have here nursing upon me! Well Harry, let me explain them in order for you then. The hookah is something I picked up when a gentleman I knew; a certain Captain Collins brought a few back from India. He gave me one as a gift out of gratitude for a particularly rude sucking istanbul escort I gave another pipe of his! Anyhow, I picked up the habit ten years ago and have enjoyed it supremely ever since! You simply must try it,” with that she put the mouthpiece to his cheek and his lips reluctantly dropped the nipple and he then took the end of the pipe in his teeth.

“Now suck on it Harry my eager little pupil,” she encouraged him with a sweet smile, “just like you did Aunty Lucy’s nipple.” Harry sucked his breath in and as Lucy’s hand wanked him harder, rougher, and faster he drew in a large breath. The result a second later was a wheeze, a red eyed tearful gag, and a series of hacking coughs while Aunty Lucy shrieked with laughter and tussled his hair!

“Well,” she said rubbing her nose against his and giggling, “smoking will come in good time my dear. Your mother plucked your virginal flower with me this morning and that means you are now a man! You’ll need to start doing things men do, and smoking is one of them. I’ll take you into town this week and find you a fine gentleman’s pipe, would you like that my darling?” He coughed and nodded as Lucy continued.

“Yes, of course my little man would,” she said with more giggling nose rubs as she went back to wanking his cock, “now as for my pantalets and the lovely little opening that you noticed when you arrived at the bedside…you’ve never looked under a ladies dress before have you?” He shook his head. She brought his face back to her nipple to nurse as she went on.

“Well,” she explained, “with ladies it is different than men when we have to use the toilet. We cannot have things getting in the way when we need to wee or poo so in this way; a woman can squat upon her chamber pot or toilet and simply bring the bowl to the most private aspects of her anatomy. So you see, my little fellow; all you need know is that all the ladies you see walking about in dresses have an split-drawers that serve as an open doorway to their most wicked and desirable of places! It is considered healthy and keeps us ventilated when it gets too warm. ” He nodded his head understanding but continued to suck at her teat; his lips wrapped around the nipple and his tongue inside working with his teeth against the nub; making Lucy sigh in-between puffs of the pipe!

“Well,” Aunty Lucie went on, “lastly I suppose you’d like to know what the bit of black ribbon was on the door you inquisitive young man?” He continued masticating her mammary but as he nodded his head he brought his hand up to begin to vex her other bubbie-nub and delightfully agitate it into prominence. This did not go unnoticed or unappreciated by his aunty.

“Oh Harry,” she sighed after taking in a deep puff from the hookah, “you are to be commended for your initiative! Tweak it just like you are doing with your teeth lips and tongue and don’t spare the manly vigor; if you haven’t guessed I enjoy it on the rough side of things!” Harry’s finger plucked harder at the nipple as though he was pulling a drawer open on the bedroom dresser and to his surprise his Aunty Lucy only tensed up for the briefest of instances. She clearly had a high tolerance for pain, a hint to him that she could “take it even harder than she could dish it out.”

“Well my dear,” she said, “concerning the bit of ribbon; you’ll see that ribbon on the door each and every time that Meredith fetches you to my bedchamber. It is to let you know that a special sort of ‘practical exercise’ will be administered by me (your tutor), inside. It is also to inform the staff and anyone else save a select few, that we are not to be disturbed save the house catching fire. You understand yes?” He nodded as she now grasped his tweaking hand and moved it from her nipple down to the opening between her pantalets where she’d decided she needed it more.

“Oh Harry,” Lucy sighed, “there. Use those naughty little fingers THERE!” He complied and his fingertips began to bother and pluck at her hooded bean as his lips, tongue, and teeth chewed nibbled away at her bosom. Lucy continued to explain.

“Now,” Lucy said continuing to wank him, “each and every time you see the black ribbon, you are to knock upon the door. You shall wait for me to tell you to enter. You will then fold your clothes neatly as I have done today and place them on the sofa just as you did today. No speaking, no questions, and no tardiness. You will then move to the curtains and draw them open. If I am lying on my back you are to take my cunny. If I am on my belly with my hips over one of these cushions then it is my bottom you shall take, do you understand?” He nodded as he felt her hooded fleshy nub begin to swell under his touch.

“Good,” she went on although now slightly distracted as he fingering felt excruciatingly good to her, “now OOOOH (sigh) …if I should be on all fours as a dog or a mare would stand before a bastard or stallion, then you are to take me in my cunny as you did this morning.”

“You mean in the tub with Mum?” he said rising kadıköy escort from her bosom.

“Yes quite,” Lucy said, “just like you did with Mummy! Now, these will be the starting positions that I’ll teach and evaluate you on. As we progress, there may be others. As with ANY of them, you are not to achieve culmination until I direct you to do so.”

“Spend?” he said again rising from her teat.

“Yes,” Lucy said,” culminate, spend, CUM, seed; they are all the same! It is extremely poor form and bad manners for a gentleman to spout and leave a lady high and dry!” She plucked her nipple from his ardent lips which had already latched onto her teat once more and “redirected” her enthusiastic pupil to a new area of instruction. She rolled abruptly onto her tum-tum and with a few well-placed pillows tucked underneath her; raised her arse high in the air; a clue for what was to come next for Harry.

“Oh Harry,” Lucy said, “do be a good fellow and take that blue bottle down from the shelf of books.” She pointed for him up to the shelf between the two sconces. Harry spied the blue green bottle and fetched it straight away for her.

“Ah lovely,” she said, “now there’s a good fellow! Now Harry, open it carefully and pour some of that oil onto your hand and hand the rest of that bottle to me.” Harry did as he was told.

As he poured some of the oil into his palm he noticed an exotic pungent quality to the contents of the bottle and he noticed that they were especially slippery. He handed the bottle to Aunty Lucy who thanked him and poured a generous amount of the oil into one of her hands before capping the bottle and setting it to one side. She then provided him with additional guidance to him saying,

“Now my dearest nephew, place that lovely oil you have on your fingers in Aunty Lucy’s bottom-hole whilst she holds her arse up for you and rubs some of that same oil upon that lovely cockie of yours!” Harry did as told. He knelt next to his aunt’s shoulder and looked down upon her fesses that were offered up high off the bed. He reached forward and began to dab his oily fingers around in the valley between the cheeks of Lucy’s moon and presently, he found the mouth to her rude turd pucker and began to rub. A moment later, he felt her slicked up hand and deft fingers, dancing away on his cock; slicking the rather rude veiny appendage up for pending penetration!

“Ah,” said Lucy after half a minutes time, “I think this wonderful tool is now properly oiled for the job it is to be applied to! Take yourself now up behind me and finish with my bottom-hole before you begin to pego-plug it!” Again, Harry complied but as he moved to the rear of his aunt, he witnessed her reaching forward to pull a black riding crop up from underneath the pillows. The site of the fearsome crop provided him with no small amount of foreboding but he set himself about the task of inspecting Lucy’s pink backdoor crater and providing additional rubs of his oily digit; making the woman alternately sigh and giggle between puffs of the hookah pipe.

At long last, Lucy decided her tracks were properly greased and that she needed an engine to come down them! She reached for the crop and to Harry’s amazement; instead of making him the target of her abuse, she brought it up and around in a vicious arc over her shoulder to make the cane CRAACK smack dab in the middle of her apple-bottom with the black leather keeper “hornet-stinging” her; precisely upon her tender rectum! The gunshot like CRACK of the crop frightened Harry (as did the yelp of self-inflicted pain from his auntie)!

For a moment he stood on his knees behind her; completely open mouthed an awestruck at what he’d just witnessed. Lucy turned her head over her shoulder to him; a single tear running down her cheek and ironically a broad happy smile of pleasure etched upon her face. She said to her pupil,

“Shall we begin?”

Harry placed the mushroom knob of his greased cock at the notch of his aunt’s fesses. His hands steadied the tip and pushed against Lucy’s rude pucker while he applied more and more weight against the naughty little ring of freshly stung flesh! The taught resistance of the delightfully snug pink aperture gave way to the forces of gravity and lubrication and in an instant, Harry felt himself slide down and in; well-sheathed inside the gripping warmth Auntie Lucie’s foul wicked innards. A great cry and a gasp rose from inside the bed-curtains; not from Lucy mind-you (who was wide mouthed and speechless at the great greasy “gut-stretcher” that now split her entrails), but from Harry; who’d sunk into her straight up to his balls and was now awash in rude excruciating pleasure!

Lucy on the other hand stared straight ahead open-mouthed into the pillows and cushions; unable to speak for several seconds and completely caught off guard at the enormity of the task she’d subjected her bottom-hole to! It could have been said that she’d bitten off more than she could chew except that the woman didn’t have any teeth back there, although one would have been hard pressed to convinced Harry; who felt as if she’d swallowed him whole! It wasn’t as if Lucy was new to a large stiff cock “back-there” ; to the contrary, she’d had a good many run up her back-channel over the years and it was a practice she thoroughly enjoyed!

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