Eki 22

Mother to Maid

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was early on a Saturday morning. Ruth McKenna woke up slowly and peacefully. As she woke more she found that she could not move her arms. Still half asleep, Ruth tried to move and then she came awake rapidly. She couldn’t move! Her arms and legs were secured to the bed somehow. She tested the restraints again to no avail. She looked around and saw no one.

“Hello,” she called out, “Is anyone there?”

No response. She squirmed again and realized her middle was secured too. She looked down and saw a strap across her middle. And she was naked and lying on top of the covers.

“What on earth is happening,” she thought. “Help. Help,” she yelled out.

And again, no one responded.

Who is Ruth McKenna? She is a 34 year old mother of 18 year old twin girls, Teah and Mia, who had just graduated with honors from High School. Ruth had the girls when she was 16 years old and life had been a struggle. But, with loving parents and hard work, she had graduated herself. She raised the girls by herself since their father was a no show. Her parents died when Ruth was 20 years old in a car accident. Ruth was very proud of her girls. Teah and Mia were strong, intelligent young women.

After a time, Ruth did not know how much time had passed; the TV on the bedroom wall came on. Ruth could see herself on the screen. She moved a little and realized it was a live feed. She noticed something else. She was clean shaven! She wasn’t last night.

“What is happening,” she thought again.

Then she felt something. Something good. Something in her pussy.

“It is a vibrator. Someone put a vibrator in my pussy. Oh my god,” she thought to herself.

She was getting hotter and hotter. Then it stopped.

“Ooh. So close,” she said out loud.

In a short while, it started again. Ruth was brought close but not given release. This pattern was repeated six times. After the last, Ruth cried out, “Please, let me cum. Please.”

At that moment, in walked Teah and Mia.

“Hello mother,” they each said.

Ruth looked at them in surprise for a moment, and then said, “Let me up. Release me now.”

In response, Mia held up a remote control. And then turned on the vibrator again.

“Ooh,” moaned Ruth.

Teah and Mia laughed. Teah then said, “Something wrong mother? Do you want to cum?”

“Please, stop doing this.”

“No mother, you see we planned this. We drugged you last night. We chained you. We shaved you.”

“But why? Why?”

“You want to cum so bad, don’t you mother? Just agree to be our slave and we will let you cum.”

“What? Your slave?”

“Yes mother. Our slave. Mia’s and mine.”

Then Mia said to Teah, “We could bring Greg and his friends over to fuck her. One after the other.”

“Yes, if she doesn’t agree to be our slave.”

“Well, mother. Should we call the guys over to fuck you?”

Ruth was in shock. She thought, “What is happening?”

She then said, “Would you really do that to me? Your own mother?”

Holding up her phone, Teah answered, “Yes dear mother.”

Ruth said, “What do you mean by slave?”

Mia answered, “Simple. Obey all commands. We are your Mistress’s now, you are our Slave. You will do what we say, wear what we tell you to wear, fuck who we tell you to fuck. We control now. Do you agree?”

The vibrator had been kept on, with the intensity going up and down, and Ruth was so hot and horny. And so confused.

Mia said, “Dear mother, we will use you for our pleasure. Yes, incest. It is so hot.”

Teah and Mia then embraced and kissed long and hard. Ruth just watched them, her daughters, as they kissed. When they broke the kiss, they looked at their mother.

Mia said, “We have been lovers for two years now. We still like men but we love to have sex together.”

Teah then said, “Also Slave Mother, we will also chain you up on occasion and spank you. If you displease us you will be punished.”

“But I am your mother.”

“Yes you are. Our Slave Mother. Do you agree?”

“Let me go now.”

To which Mia and Teah looked at each other, smiled, and left the room. As she was leaving, Teah said, “You will be kept in bed and tormented until you submit.”

And she was, the vibrator was kept on low, then brought higher, building Ruth’s desire. She would get close, and then brought down. Again and again. Every so often, the two daughters would come into the room, naked, and get on either side of their mother. Then softly caress and lightly kiss Ruth’s body. Ruth would get hotter and hotter, and then the two would get up and leave. This went on for hours and hours.

At one point, Mia walked in, on the phone, and said into the phone, “Yes Greg. Bring all your friends over. We have a big surprise for all of you…Yes…Come if we call again. Bye.” Then to her mother she said. “Greg is going to love fucking you mother. So will his 10 friends.”

Ruth’s eyes got big and she moaned, “No, not that.”

“Then submit to your daughters.”


Mia Anadolu Yakası Escort looked at her mother for a moment, and then said, “Very well,” as she walked out of the room.

And the vibrator continued to work on Ruth. Ruth was brought close to release, than denied and then brought close again. And again. And again.

Finally, Ruth cried out, “Please, let me cum. Please. I submit. I submit.”

Teah and Mia walked into the room. “Dear Mother, you called?”

“Yes, yes. I submit. Please let me cum. Please.”

“Will you behave? Will you obey?”

“Yes I will.”

“If you displease us, you will be punished.”

“I will be good. I promise.”

Mia and Teah took their clothes.

“Then cum Mother,” Teah said as she turned the vibrator on full.

Then Mia and Teah joined their Mother on the bed, on either side, and kissed her, fondled her tits and sucked on her nipples. Soon. Ruth had a massive orgasm. The girls kept at her and soon, she came again. The vibrator was turned off and removed from her pussy. The three lay for a few minutes while Ruth recovered.

Then Teah face sat on Ruth saying, “Ok Mother. Time to please me.”

Ruth hesitated for a moment, until Mia pinched her left tit and said; “Now Mother, get busy and serve your daughter. Then you will do me. Then and only then will you be released.”

Teah lowered herself again and Ruth began to lick and tongue Teah’s pussy. Mia kissed her sister, fondled her tits and soon Teah had two orgasms. Then the sisters switched places. Ruth then licked and tongued Mia’s pussy as Teah kissed her and fondled her tits. And soon Mia came twice.

Ruth was released from her bonds and her daughters helped her to her feet. Then, Ruth was forced to her knees.

Mia said, “Now Mother Slave, beg to be our slave. Beg your daughters to accept you.”

Ruth looked up at her daughters and said, “My daughters please make me your slave. Please.”

Mia and Teah looked at each other and smiled. Mia then said, “Yes Mother, we accept you as our Slave. You may kiss our feet.”

Ruth kissed her daughter’s feet as Teah said, “Very good Mother Slave. Your service to us begins now.”

Mia continued, “Dear Mother Slave. You are our slave 24/7 from now on. You will address us as Mistress Teah and Mistress Mia. Or as Mistress. Or you may call us Miss Teah or Miss Mia. We will control all aspects of your life. For now, you will continue to work. That may change. While at home you will wear either a sexy Maid Uniform or other clothing as directed.”

Teah added, “Or nothing at all. There will be times when you will be naked. You are now our Domestic Servant and sex toy. You are kept around to give us pleasure. You will fuck who we say and when.”

Mia then asked her mother, “Do you understand Mother Slave?”

Ruth looked up at her two daughters and said, “Yes Mistress Mia, I understand. I will be a good and faithful slave.”

“That is good Mother Slave. Get up and join us in a shower. Then we will go out.”

The three women walked into the bathroom and took a shower together. Mother Slave washed her Daughter Mistresses and then herself. Then she ate her daughter’s pussies and brought each to an orgasm. Afterwards, Ruth dried her daughters, and herself, did their hair, and her own.

All three were blonde, petite and very good looking. Ruth was very young looking and when the three looked at themselves in a mirror, they looked like sisters. They each had on a short skirt, a halter top and thigh highs. Mia and Teah had their hair in a pony tail while Ruth’s hair was in pig-tails.

“Let us go,” Mia said as they walked to the door.

The three drove to the mall with Ruth sitting in the back. Once there, they walked along window shopping, occasionally going into stores, as many people looked at the three beautiful young women. In a shoe store they tried on many shoes, keeping the young male sales very busy, and the two daughters each chose a pair to buy.

Mia asked the clerk, whose name was Mark, “We would like a discount. Ok?”

“Sorry, there are no discounts.”

Teah responded, “Oh? How would you like her,” pointing at Ruth, “to suck your cock?”

Mark smiled and Mia said to Ruth, “Take this young man in the back and suck him off. Now.”

Slowly, Ruth stood up and walked with Mark to the backroom, followed by her daughters. Once behind the door, Mark said, “Ok bitch, on your knees.”

Ruth looked at her daughters with tears in her eyes. She got to her knees, unzipped his fly, took out his cock and started to lick and suck on his cock. With her daughters watching and capturing the act on their phones, Ruth sucked off Mark and soon he came in her mouth.

Mia said, “Swallow my dear.”

“Thank you slut,” Mark said to Ruth, who was red in embarrassment. To Mia and Teah he said, “Take the shoes. Bring the slut back.”

“Thank you Mark. We will.”

At a teen clothing store, they took Ruth to the fitting rooms.

“Get out of your clothes. We’ll bring you clothes to try on,” Mia said to Ruth.

Teah and Kadıköy Escort Mia brought several outfits for Ruth to try on to find her still with her underwear on. “I told you to remove your clothes,” Mia said harshly, “do you need a spanking?”

“No Miss Mia. I did not understand.”

Ruth removed her bra and panties and stood nude.

“You will stay nude unless you are trying on clothes,” Mia told Ruth.

Ruth tried on several outfits and at one point, Mia told the store manager, her name was Beverly, to take a different size to the fitting room. Beverly, a 39 year old married woman, did as told and when she returned, she was upset.

“Something wrong?” Asked Mia.

“Why is she naked?”

“Oh that,” laughed Mia, “Because we told her to be.”

Teah walked up behind Beverly and said, “Did you like what you saw? For a discount, we can let her go down on you.”

“Oh no, thank you.”

Each took an arm with Mia saying, “But we insist. Come with us.”

They led Beverly to Ruth and sat her down on a bench. Beverly, confused, just sat, waiting.

“Ruth,” Mia said, “come here and take care of Beverly.”

Teah added, “As you are.”

Ruth walked to Beverly, naked, knelt down in front of her, lifted up her dress, grabbed her panties down her legs and went down on her. With Mia and Teah each recording the action.

While Ruth was busy, Gale, a part-time employee, came back to the fitting area and saw what was happening. Gale, a nineteen year old beauty, took in what she was seeing and took out her phone and recorded also. Ruth brought Beverly to an orgasm and when Beverly opened her eyes, she was startled by the audience.

She started to rise but Gale walked up to her and said, “Stay there you bitch. You are mine now. There is going to some changes around here.”

Gale looked at Mia and Teah, smiled and said, “Thank you. I’ll take it from here. Take what you want.”

“You are welcome my dear,” replied Mia. Then turning to Ruth, she said, “Now get dressed in the clothes you came in.”

Mia, Teah and Gale exchanged info and promised to stay in touch. Before they left the store, they picked out a couple of outfits for Ruth. Mia said to Ruth, “Mother Slave, thank Miss Gale for your outfits.”

“Thank you Miss Gale.”

Gale turned to Beverly and said, “Beverly, thank Miss Mia and Miss Teah for now being my slave.”

Beverly hesitated and Gale slapped her ass.

Beverly said, “Thank you Miss Mia and Miss Teah.”

“You are welcome Slave Beverly. Remember, we also have you on video. Be a good slave to Gale.”

The three then left the store. As they were walking along, they heard a voice from behind them, “Ruth. Hi Ruth.”

They stopped and turned around. It was Victoria, a co-worker of Ruth and Ruth was so embarrassed but she said, “Hi Victoria.”

“That’s a different look for you isn’t it?”

Ruth laughed and said, “Yes, we had a bet. I lost.”

Mia spoke up, “Yes, we made her wear this. Isn’t she adorable?”

“Oh yes. She is.”

Teah hugged her mother and said to Victoria, “Bet you want her to eat your pussy. Don’t you? She will if you ask her.”

Ruth wanted to die.

Victoria laughed and said, “Oh really. Promises, promises. See you on Monday.”

When Victoria had walked away, Ruth grabbed Teah’s arm and said, “That wasn’t funny. I work with her.”

Teah broke free while Mia grabbed Ruth from behind.

Teah said, “You will be punished for that. Do you want your punishment here or at home?”

Ruth was docile again and said, “At home Miss Teah. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you will be sorry. Come on.”

They drove home in silence.

Ruth spoke once saying, “Please Mistress. I was in shock at seeing Victoria. I’ll be good.”

“You will be punished. Now be quiet.”

Once home, the three entered their home. Teah wasted no time, she said to her mother, “Get naked now.”

Teah sat down and when Ruth was nude, Mia said, “Now lay across Mistress Teah’s lap.”

Ruth did as ordered saying, “Please Mistress, forgive me.”

“You must learn to be a good slave.”

Teah then spanked her mother 100 hard swats. Ruth’s ass was bright red and she was crying. When she was allowed stand, Mia hugged her and said, “Now, thank Mistress Teah.”

Through her tears, Ruth said, “Thank you Mistress Teah.”

Teah stood and then the three women, mother and daughters, hugged. Mia then said, “Now, go draw us a bath.”

“Yes Miss Mia.”

After bathing both of her daughters, Ruth bathed as per orders from Teah. In the evening, after she made dinner and the three had eaten, the three sat in the living room and watched TV. With Ruth servicing her Mistress’s pussies, bringing both to multiple orgasms.

When they retired for the night, each to her own bedroom, Teah said, “For now, we real allow you to stay in your room.”

“Thank you Miss Teah.”

“Now, on your knees and kiss our feet and thank us for your slavery.” Ruth dropped to her knees, kissed her daughter’s feet and said, “Thank you Mistress Mia. Thank İstanbul Escort you Mistress Teah.”

“For what dear mother?”

“For allowing me to be your Slave.”

“Now, get into bed.”

When she had lain down on her bed, her daughters secured her to the bed. “Why are you chaining me to the bed? I have accepted my slavery.”

“We must be sure my dear one. Goodnight Mother Slave.”

“Goodnight Miss Mia.”

“Goodnight Mother Slave.”

“Goodnight Miss Teah.”

Then Mia and Teah left the room, going to their own rooms, leaving Ruth alone to her thoughts. Ruth had a night of fits and starts of sleeping. She kept reviewing the day and wondering why? But by morning, Ruth was resolved to accept her life as her daughter’s Slave. As for her daughters, they were delighted in the events of the day. After an hour in their own rooms, Teah joined Mia in her room. “I can’t believe it worked so well,” Teah said went she entered.

“I know. But it did. Now she is ours.”

“Yes she is. Now, dear sister my love. Let us make love,” Teah said as she got into her sister’s bed.

Afterwards, the two sisters fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, it was Sunday, Mia and Teah released their Slave from the bed and the three showered together with Ruth bringing her two daughters to an orgasm. Ruth dressed in a sexy Maid Uniform as instructed and proceeded to clean the house while her Owners watched.

Ruth was also wearing a special pair of panties; a remote controlled pair of panties, so that her Daughter Mistresses could keep her hot and horny. All through the day, Mia and Teah would walk up to Ruth, caress her or kiss her or rub her ass or finger her or suck a nipple. Ruth was kept horny all day. Also, the two young women stayed nude but did let Ruth touch them, only look at them. By the evening, Ruth was in such a state. She was aroused beyond endurance.

Finally, she dropped to her knees and begged, “Please Mistresses, have mercy. Let me service your perfect pussies. Please. I beg you.”

It was music to their ears. Mia and Teah exchanged looks and sat down and spread their legs. Ruth immediately dropped and dove into Mia’s pussy. Then Teah’s. After she had brought her Daughter Mistresses to three orgasms each, Teah gave her a dildo and said, “Now Mother Slave, fuck yourself with that. Bring yourself off.”

“Thank you Miss Teah.”

Ruth then, in front of her daughters and on the floor, fucked herself with the dildo with one hand while fondling her tits with the other. She was so hot and horny that she quickly came. Then came twice more in quick succession. Of course, all was captured on the girl’s phones. After all had recovered, Mia said, “Now, let us bathe.”

Ruth then washed and dried her daughters. Then Ruth bathed. The evening was spent watching a movie. When they went to bed, Ruth was not secured to the bed.

“Thank you Mistresses,” Ruth said.

“For what dear Slave?” asked Mia.

“For trusting me.”

Mia smiled at her mother and said, “Yes mother, we do. You were wonderful today.”

“Goodnight Miss Mia. Goodnight Miss Teah.”

“Goodnight Mother Slave,” the two Mistresses said in reply.

The three women got up early; after all, Ruth had to go to work. Her daughters allowed her to wear her normal business attire except “no panties Mother Slave.”

“But, I am going to work.”

“No panties Slave.”


“If you continue, you won’t be allowed bras either.”

“Yes Miss Mia”

As they walked Ruth to her car, Teah said, “We don’t want to interfere with your job dear mother. But remember, you are our Slave. If we Call or text, obey.”

“Yes Miss Teah.”

“Text us when you arrive at the office.”

“Yes Miss Mia.”

The two daughters kissed their mother goodbye and watched as she drove off. In the car, really alone for the first time since Friday, Ruth thought about her situation and wondered what would happen next. When she got you her desk, she texted her daughters, “I have arrived.”

Mia responded, “Go to the restroom and play with yourself. BUT DO NOT CUM Do it for 10 minutes. Go now.”

Ruth looked around the office and since she was early, there was no one else in yet. Ruth walked to the Ladies Room and entered a stall. She sat down and slowly rubbed her pussy and closed her eyes. She kept it up the 10 minutes. She was washing her hands when Victoria entered the restroom.

“Oh hi,” she said seeing Ruth.


“Back to regular clothing I see.”

Ruth laughed and said, “Yes, that was just for yesterday.”

Victoria stepped close to Ruth and said, “Are you sure? I watched you three for awhile before I said hello.” Smiling, she asked, “Anything you want to tell me?”

“No there isn’t. Excuse me.”

“Oh really? I overheard some interesting things.”

“Please, leave me alone.”

Laughing, Victoria stepped back and said, “All right Ruth. Back to work.”

Twice more that morning, Ruth was ordered to go to the restroom and play with herself. Victoria, who is a few years older than Ruth, watched her come and go. In the afternoon, when Ruth was once again heading to the restroom, Victoria followed a few minutes later. Victoria entered the restroom, locked the door and looked under the stall doors. She was satisfied that she and Ruth were the only ones present.

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