Mother-in-law Lust Ch. 02

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This account is the sequel to my first attempt at writing down my sexual experiences with my mother in law Georgina who is in her mid sixties. I wasn’t sure if there would be a follow up, but after some positive comments from readers I was tempted to continue the saga for now. I don’t intend to relate every episode of sex we have had, mainly because I can’t remember what happened when. The first time was obviously memorable as was the second because there was a gap, but after that the memorable times have been when I have persuaded my mother in law to try different things like anal sex, fantasies with the use of sex toys, “watersports” (which was initially her suggestion) and more recently a bit of bondage. One of the most memorable times for me was also when I fucked Georgie in a bedroom in Majorca, whilst my wife was asleep and out of it (drunk) in bed in the same room. These stories are fact, though I have taken some license with the dialogue. I can remember the gist of conversations and some of the things we said, but after 2 years, at my age, lots of things roll into one. Whether she said “I’m cumming” or “I am going to cum” makes little difference I think as long as you understand how things panned out.

In my first story (Mother in law lust) I explained how after nearly 30 years of knowing each other my mother in law and I ended up having sex on a December afternoon in 2006. I also mentioned that after that first time there was a gap of four months until it happened again.

During that gap, our sexual encounter in her living room was never mentioned once and although at first when we met there was a sort of awkwardness between us, after a while that wore off and things got back to how they were before, as if nothing had ever happened. That was hard for me as I’d had a taste of something very nice and naughty and wanted more, much more! However because Georgie never said anything, I was too scared to in case it ruined our relationship. I thus had to be satisfied with masturbating remembering every detail of that first time or when fucking my wife Liz (Georgie’s daughter) pretending it was her mum. Now and again when Liz and I were at my in laws bungalow I would venture into the bathroom and root around in the linen basket for a pair of Georgie’s cotton panties and have a good sniff just to keep the memory fresh, but that was as close to her pussy as I got for four long months.

However unbeknown to me, Georgie was desperately fighting temptation and the concern that if our affair continued and someone found out, 2 marriages would be ruined as well as all the incriminations with children/grandchildren and other family members. I found out later that many a night she would lay in bed playing with herself thinking of me and bizarrely didn’t dare do anything else because of my silence on the subject.

Thankfully that changed one April day in 2007.

Every week Ken and Georgie went shopping on a Thursday afternoon to the nearest Sainsburys supermarket. However that April Ken had to go into hospital for an operation and he had to stay in for a few days after surgery. As I am self employed and work from an office at home I am usually readily available for family jobs unless I am running behind on a drawing deadline. Therefore Liz, my wife, offered my services to her Mum to help with the shopping on the Thursday after Ken’s operation. I therefore picked Georgie up from home and took her to the supermarket. It was really the first time we had been alone for any length of time since I had first fucked her and in the car on the way to the supermarket both of us were silent, struggling with our own thoughts. I let her shop on her own and just sat in the car park, going though different scenarios in my head which might lead to another chance with her, but discounted them all really mainly because I was too concerned about how she might react. On the way back to her beylikd├╝z├╝ ucuz escort bungalow, she chatted a bit, talking about my kids mainly. When we got to her home, I helped her in with the bags and was going to make a quick exit, when she offered me a cup of tea. For the first time in ages she seemed quite bright, so I agreed and she made me the tea and I sat on her sofa to drink it. Georgie excused herself and disappeared towards her bedroom with a Sainsburys carrier bag while I relaxed.

She had been gone a couple of minutes when the lounge door opened and my 64 year old mother in law stepped from the hallway wearing a peach coloured lacy bra with matching panties and suspender belt which was holding up a pair of white stockings.

I came close to dropping the cup I was holding as she walked seductively into the room.

She looked straight at me and simply said, “Nice?”

The picture was simply stunning, her breasts are large and when unfettered dropped onto her chest, but now they were held firmly and her erect nipples were straining against the lace top of the bra. The panties were of the hi-leg type, again with a lacy front which clearly revealed her mat of black/silver pubic hair but they also cut into the lips of her pussy, clearly revealing its outline against the peach coloured material. My wife can never understand what it is about stockings that men just love, (“They are so fucking uncomfortable” is her normal moan) and I suppose it is difficult for men to actually say, but still the sight of a woman, whatever her age, wearing them is usually enough to get blood rushing to the right places.

I stood up and looked Georgie up and down.

“You know I was frightened I might not ever get to see you like this again,” I told her.

“I bought these especially for you,” she said “so do I look good?”

“Georgie, you look bloody amazing,” I said and reached out for her.

She stepped into my arms and we kissed passionately. I ran my hands up and down her back reaching for her lovely arse and squeezing her cheeks through her knickers.

Georgie was very excited and panting wildly between kisses and telling me that she loved me and that she had been desperate for this for months. My hands ran freely over her body, groping her tits and her arse and palming the front of her panties as all the pent up frustration of four months came out.

As I bent down to kiss her neck, she whispered huskily into my ear,

“Take me to bed and fuck me darling.”

We went into Georgie’s room and collapsed onto her bed, kissing each other as we did so. I reached down and eased my fingers past the gusset of her panties and felt my way inside her cunt. Once again I was overjoyed to feel just how moist she was and I was soon stimulating her clit with my fingers. I did this for quite a while as we kissed and then she demanded more,

“I need your tongue down there babe, I want you to lick and suck me dry.”

I moved down the bed and went to work on Georgie’s pussy with my mouth and tongue. She held her panties to one-side as I licked every part of her pussy and as far in as I possibly could. As I did this, she herself, started to use her fingers to stimulate her clit and as both of us worked together, my mother in law’s pussy slowly got wetter and wetter until there was a sudden gush as she released her cum.

“Ohhhhh… darling, yesssssss….. make me cum,” she moaned in between panting,

“Don’t stop, lick me babe, lick me, drink Georgie’s juice, yessss…… that is so good.”

I gulped down Georgie’s cum as wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through her body and she writhed on the bed.

By the time she had finished, I had her love juice all over my face and even though I had gulped down as much as I could, her duvet cover already had a large wet stain spreading out beylikd├╝z├╝ ├╝niversiteli escort from underneath her.

I stood up at that point and looked down at a very satisfied old lady.

“My time,” I said.

I removed my clothes and released my aching prick and then knelt on the bed holding myself close to Georgie’s face.

Georgie reached out and stroked the end of my cock, smearing my pre-cum over me.

“Do you want naughty Georgie to suck you babe?”

“Mmmmm, forever you horny bitch.”

Georgie eased herself towards me, teasing me by flicking her tongue towards my cock without actually touching it.

“Mmmmm I can smell your sex, Johnny boy, you just want to explode don’t you?” she said.

I manoeuvred closer to her, desperate to feel her moist lips around me, but she pulled back. Again she just stroked me some more, running her red painted finger nails the length of my shaft whilst simulating a kiss aimed at my cock.

“What do you want?” she asked in a husky voice.

“I need you to suck my cock.”

“Who do you want to suck your hard cock, honey?”

“You darling, my gorgeous horny mother in law.”

“Mmmm we are being naughty aren’t we,” she said as she continued her slow wank of my stiff prick.

I realised she was enjoying teasing me and wanted to be in control so I decided to use a term I don’t think I ever have before with Georgie.

“Oh Mum that is so good, my cock hasn’t felt this hard since December.”

I saw the shiver run through her body as I used that taboo word and she exerted a little extra pressure on my cock.

She looked at me and I could tell by the look in her eyes that the lust and excitement within her was uncontrollable.

“You naughty boy, you’ve not called me Mum before. Do you like to think of me as your Mum when I wank you?”

“Mmmmm, your Liz’s Mum so it is nearly the same thing, and I want Liz’s Mum to be dirty with me, I want my Mum to suck my cock.”

She leaned forward and licked my cock from tip to base and back again and then her lips enfolded around me and she started to move her head backwards and forwards. I moved in rhythm with her as my cock went deeper into her mouth.

“Oh yes fuck Georgie, suck me darling, suck my cock.”

Georgie squeezed my balls as she took a good few inches of cock into her mouth. Her eyes were closed and her wrinkled mouth was going like crazy as she gave me an awesome blowjob.

It was all too much for me and without any warning to her, I spurted my spunk into her mouth. As her mouth filled, she pulled away and my cock continued to jerk, spraying my cum onto her face. She fell back onto the bed as my ejaculation slowed to a dribble and I watched as her tongue flicked out to lick around her mouth.

The lust was still in those eyes as she said,

“Well baby was Mother as good as daughter?”

“Too right, much better you horny old tart, Liz is not too keen on me shooting inside her mouth, she doesn’t mind the taste, just feels she is going to gag.”

Georgie reached out for my cock again which had started to fall limp,

“Well this old lady loves it when you cream her mouth, come and give me another taste.”

Like many men, I often feel a bit embarrassed when the passion has gone and I am left with 4 inches of cock dangling down, especially when a return to being erect is not always forthcoming quickly. However Georgie made all the difference that day as she coaxed me forward and she took my limp cock into her soft wet mouth. The whole thing disappeared as she licked and sucked me and it wasn’t long before my cock started to twitch and grow to a semi erect state. As she did that I fondled her large breasts. She was still wearing her lacy bra at this point, but she soon relieved herself of it and once again I was treated beyo─člu escort to the sight of Georgie’s fantastic 36inch D tits. I filled my right hand with her, kneading her roughly as my cock grew to a more respectable size again.

She released me from her mouth and I moved down beside her and we kissed before I moved down to spend a while sucking her nipples.

“Your naughty Mum needs you inside her again, that is what I have been dreaming about for months, so fuck me again darling,” she said.

I pulled her knickers down just leaving her with stockings and suspenders on and climbed on top of her. My cock penetrated her juicy pussy and for a good 5 minutes I humped my mother in law.

“Ken did it to me from behind a couple of times babe, do it that way,” she said.

I pulled out and Georgie got up on all fours pushing her lovely arse towards me. For the first time as she spread her legs I got a look at her wonderful glistening arsehole, a place I wanted to lick and fuck but which I decided would have to wait until I thought she was ready for more unconventional sex. So I just rammed myself home into her moist cunt and fucked her with every ounce of energy I had until I once more felt that wonderful release as I shot my load into her.

As my cock twitched and her pussy filled with hot spunk, she called out,

“Oh yes darling fill Georgie’s fanny, fill me with your spunk darling, don’t stop make Mum come as well.”

As I finished Georgie let out a little yelp and then a groan and I felt her juice run down from her cunt onto my balls and then onto the bed.

We both collapsed in a heap on her bed and lay quiet for a few minutes until I moved beside her and cuddled her in my arms.

I asked if she was okay, feeling a bit guilty myself now.

“I am fine darling, of course I am worried about Ken and especially Liz but I just want you, I can’t express how happy and fulfilled I feel right now.”

“So we can do this again?” I asked

She moved her head round to kiss me and said,

“As long as we are careful and don’t raise any suspicion I think we can manage a session every now and then. Ken is not interested at all really. I even watched some of that porn on Sky with him and it made little impression. The first couple of times he got a hard on watching some lesbian stuff and we had sex on the sofa once and the second time I gave him a nice wank, but he doesn’t really want to watch it now. He’d rather go to bed and read one of his detective novels. Me now, I need some good loving, I might need a few days to recover afterwards but at my age what can I expect. What would be best is if I let you know when the time is right. Ken goes to his walking club and of course still plays golf now and then, so that gives us a chance here and with Liz at work all day, I am sure I can make a few excuses to go out and come to your house.”

She kissed me again and said “Right I need the loo and need to get cleaned up, I also need to hide these undies away, so you young man better get off home.”

From that day onwards, Georgie and I have never gone more than a fortnight without sex and we have ventured into many new things. However for the first couple of months after this our sessions went along similar lines to the one just described. I would go to her or she would come to mine and we would spend an hour having straight sex with some oral thrown in. At the time I wanted to do much more, my wife loves having my cock up her arse and loves it when I use sex toys on her and we pretend she is getting more than 1 cock inside her and I wanted to introduce Georgie to these things. However it was clear that Georgie wasn’t used to anything other than what we were doing. In fact she often talked about some of the stuff she had seen on TV with excitement but in a strange way made it sound like it was only for people who couldn’t get pleasure from a straight fuck. Not wanting her to think I was a complete pervert, even though I was fucking my mother in law, I decided to wait until I thought she was ready for anything a little more adventurous.

Our adventure into a more wilder sex life began after a week’s holiday together in Majorca in July 2007, but I think that is best left to another story.

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