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Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 01

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Mary and David got together after their first marriages ended; his without children, her’s with two. They moved slowly since both had rushed into first marriages, with disastrous results. Mary’s was worse and actually involved physical abuse. Mary’s mother had never liked her first husband, Fred, and they had had a falling out over it before it was obvious that mother had been right about him all along. Even though Mary had admitted she was wrong about Fred to her mom there were apparently other issues behind their estrangement, not the least of which was the fact that she and David were together without mom having had the chance to “weigh in” on his worthiness. For her own sake and the sake of her children, Mary wanted to reestablish a relationship with her mother, the children’s grandmother. She warned David that her mother could be difficult, opinionated and very easily offended at times.

Mary was a “Change of Life” baby. Momma Ann, as she liked to be called, was in her 60’s. Mary’s dad had died of cancer some half dozen years before, and perhaps that also fueled the urgency of mending these family fences. In any event, the children were excited that Momma Ann would be coming to dinner, and they got out the best dishes.

Momma Ann had been a nurse. Her husband had been a cabinet maker and was quite skilled in working with wood. Momma Ann seemed pleasant enough, but there was a “gruffness” about her that went a little beyond the voice deepened by age. She was apparently used to getting her way in even the most minor of things. David thought he understood where a little of the discord had come from between Mary and her mother.

It was getting into the summer and the house seemed awful warm. David went to lower the thermostat but Mary said her mom was a little chilled and could we leave it where it was. He reluctantly agreed, because after all it was about making her mom feel welcome. But the uncomfortable heat was really getting to him, and making him perhaps a bit more irritable than he realized. When Momma Ann made a snippy remark that it was like a freezer in here and couldn’t we do anything about that, he snapped back with “Are you kidding!? It’s like an oven in here. Everyone is sweating!”

Let’s just say it quickly went downhill from there with Momma Ann making a remark to the effect that it didn’t appear David was much better than Fred and perhaps this whole idea of a rapprochement wasn’t going to work. Momma Ann left without even getting to the dessert.

David knew he was wrong immediately, and apologized to Mary profusely. She didn’t reject his apology, but didn’t seem much consoled by it, either. All she would say is that she had warned him her mother could be “difficult”, and kept repeating that she didn’t know how we were going to fix it, but that we had to.

Later the next day Mary talked to her mother by phone, then told David that it looked like there was a way to get past this, but it would require something from him which she wasn’t sure he would agree to. “Whatever it is, I’ll do it,” David said without thinking. He just wanted Mary to be happy and for the kids to have their Momma Ann back.

“You’ll have to apologize directly to her,” Mary said with some caution.

“No problem, I’ll call her right now.”

“That’s not all. It will have to be in person, and you will have to perform an ‘Act of Contrition’, as she called it.”

“What does that mean?” he asked truly puzzled.

“I don’t know exactly, she wouldn’t say. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it included a spanking. She spanked my brother till he left home for the Army.”

This brought him up short, but he thought even if it did, how hard could an old woman hit anyway. While he was still pondering these ideas Mary continued, “David, I know there isn’t a reason in the world why you should do this, but I’m begging you. Please, is there is any way you would be willing to do this for me?”

David was no expert on relationships, but he knew enough not to make a woman choose between him and her family, or especially her children’s family. “Yes, dear, I will.”

David called, apologized and agreed to come to her place alone later that day at the time she specified. When he was ready to leave Mary held him, and looking deeply in his eyes said, “I really appreciate you doing this for me, for us. Do whatever she says no matter how strange it may seem and make this right between us. Be brave.”

He stopped and picked up some flowers, and also brought some of the dessert she missed at dinner. When he rang the bell, the door opened but she didn’t step to the opening, rather commanded him to enter from behind the door. He soon saw why. She was dressed in only a slip, though she still had on her heels and hose.

“I have to say that I was a little surprised to hear from you. I thought you would flat out refuse to accept my terms for an apology. This is a good mark in your favor,” she said with a hint of smile.

“Thank you, Momma Ann,” he said, hoping the familiarity would soften Escort Bayan the tone.

“Let’s stop right there. Today, here, for this purpose, you should address me as ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Miss Ann’. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. Now let’s get on with it. Say what you have to say.”

“Miss Ann, I am very sorry for my remarks when you were visiting us. I was rude, and I’m very sorry to have offended you. Whenever you visit us I will be happy to make the temperature suit your comfort. I ask for your forgiveness.”

“That’s a good start. I suppose Mary told you that I expected an Act of Contrition.”

“Yes, Ma’am, she did, but she didn’t say what that was.”

“Because I didn’t tell her. You will have submit to a whipping. If you do, all will be forgiven.”

So it was as Mary had suspected. “I will submit to your whipping.”

“Good. We will go down to the basement where I have prepared what we will need.”

As she stood up David could see she wasn’t wearing any panties and got a very quick glimpse of her pussy before averting his eyes, for fear of giving offense.

The basement was a small room that had once been her husband’s shop. In the middle of the room was a heavy looking sawhorse weighted down with bags of sand and with two bags tied across the cross bar.

“Remove all of your clothes. You may place them on this chair.”

He hesitated for just a moment. “Get on with it. I’m a nurse. I assure you that you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

He hadn’t thought about this part, but Mary had been very explicit when she said to do whatever her mother ordered.

When he was completely naked, trying to cover himself in front of her, she smiled. “Go over to the toilet and empty your bladder and anything else that needs emptying. Sit down, even if you only have to pee. Do it now.”

A toilet and small sink were in the corner of the basement room, but there was no wall around it. Apparently one had been planned at one time since there were studs and framing, but no sheet rock in place. He would be sitting on the toilet in full view.

“I don’t think I need to go,” he said, but the tension and fear was already making his bladder tell him he was lying.

“Go try anyway,” she said. He was able to squeeze a few drops out. And after washing up he returned to face her by the sawhorse.

“Let me explain how this works. I have a sort of ritual for this. If you complete all of it to my satisfaction, all will be forgiven and we can be a nice family. I know Mary would like that. If you fail to complete any part of this, it will be as if you had never even come to my door. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You must first kneel and ask for punishment, and agree to accept future punishments if I feel your behavior has been unacceptable, to either me or to my daughter, then afterward you will thank me for your punishment and show appreciation. You will be punished until I feel you have learned your lesson. Is that clear so far?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He noticed that the legs of the sawhorse were fitted with those leather buckle cuffs, like they use in hospitals to restrain patients. She noticed his looking at the restraints.

“You will not be restrained unless you ask for it. But there is more. During your punishment you are not to curse, use abusive or threatening language toward me. You may scream and beg for mercy all you wish, though it won’t sway me. In addition you are not to stand up, lift your feet off the ground, or try to block any blows with your hand. For each time you do I will add two additional strokes, to be delivered after I feel your punishment for the original offense is complete. I promise you that you will be in considerable distress by that time. That’s when the extras are applied. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He was still thinking that this couldn’t be so bad, though he was beginning to have some doubts. He recited the language asking for punishment and agreeing to accept more from her if she decided in the future that he deserved it. This bothered him a little, especially since she insisted on making it a solemn oath, but he kept assuring himself that he would simply give no offense and not have to worry.

“Although I would prefer that you take your punishment unrestrained, it will not be held against you if you need to be restrained. And you may ask for restraints at any time during the punishment.”

“I’ll try it without, Ma’am,” he answered promptly.

“Good boy,” she said. She seemed pleased and he was relieved that he might actually be able to meet all of her requirements.

He stepped into position and leaned over the sandbags on the crossbeam. It was rough on his stomach but otherwise the position seemed fairly easy to hold. Then the first blow with the strap came.


He was shocked at how hard she could hit, and at how much it stung.



After a few blows, she came up behind him, grasped his penis to hold Bayan Escort it out of the way while she strapped the part of his butt cheeks that were closest to his package.

SMACK!! “Awwww! DAMN!” as much in surprise as pain.

“That’s two extra,” she said without emotion.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! A rain of strikes across his backside had him grunting and hollering regularly.

Then a couple struck very close together and he jumped up. “I’m sorry, Ma’am,” came out of his mouth instantly, but she just said, “Two more, total of four extra.”

She changed to her cane, and these blows burned like fire from the very start.

CRACK! “Ahhhhhh!”


CRACK! “Oh God! Please, Miss Ann! Not so hard!” His right foot jerked up.

“You’re up to six extras, David, and we have a very long way to go before you have been punished for the original offense, and then the extras will be applied. Are you sure you don’t want to be restrained?”

He couldn’t have imagined how much more was in store for him, but he knew it would be much worse with extras, and he couldn’t see surviving this without incurring more extras unless he was restrained. He could hear the whimper in his voice, “Please restrain me, Ma’am.”

“Good choice. I’m still glad you tried to take it without.”

The caning went on with struggles against the bonds and the occasional shriek as nerves he thought went numb suddenly felt pain again.

“AHHHHHIIIIEEEEE!! PLEASE, NO MORE! Please Miss Ann, have mercy on me. I can’t take any more, please I can’t go on.” The cane suspended for a moment and he just kept blabbering on, begging pleading, promising.

“David, you certainly can take more. But if you really want me to, I’ll unlock you and you can leave right now,” she said with a calm voice.

“You will?” he asked in disbelief.

“Of course, you’re not a prisoner. Of course it would be a shame to throw away all you’ve been through.” Her implication slowly dawned on him.

He was trapped, as surely as if he were a prisoner. He didn’t want to be the cause of this family’s continuing estrangement, and after all the pain he’d already been through it did seem foolish to have endured it for nothing. Besides, he thought to himself, how much longer can this go on?

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. I’ll continue,” he could hear the defeat in his own voice. “Very good,” was all she said before resuming with the cane.

His shrieking resumed and soon tears flowed freely down his face and he was sobbing rhythmically, blubbering incoherently. Eventually his body no longer struggled in its bonds. Some of the blows felt like being burned with a red hot iron, others felt exactly as if a knife had slashed across his skin. He just felt intense pain, but the attempt to avoid it, or withstand it was just gone as if something had broken inside.

Miss Ann noticed it too, and it wasn’t long before the whoosh and crack of the cane stopped.

“There, I believe you have finally learned your lesson. You did very well.” David slumped even more in his bonds, relaxed; it was over, at long last it was over. Internally he felt his spirit returning to something akin to normal.

“We now have only the six extras to dispose of,” she announced matter-of-factly.

“OH NO! Oh please, Miss Ann. Haven’t I suffered enough? Please show some mercy!”

“Now, now, I warned you at the outset how this worked. And I am a woman of my word. It’s only six more. Do it for Mary.” It was obviously a remark designed to manipulate him, and it worked.

As for it “only being six more”, she no doubt knew those six coming after thinking he was through reawakened physical and psychological pain. It was during one of those six that his bladder emptied involuntarily. He could tell it was happening, but it was like his body was under someone else’s control. In an instant he’d been transported back to that completely broken spirit he experienced at the end of caning.

As she was unfastening his restraints she said, “I see we’ve had an accident. Clean it up with this rag and cleanser,” she said gesturing to the side of the whipping horse. He hadn’t noticed them in a small pail strategically handy. He found himself wondering who all had she put in such similar positions and how many times. He made quick work of the puddle which was small thank goodness.

“That’s fine, now kneel down and thank me for punishing you.”

“Thank you for your punishment of my misbehavior, Miss Ann. Thank you for taking the time to correct me. I promise it won’t ever happen again.” He hoped that words like these were what she wanted.

“Leave your clothes off, but bring them upstairs. We’re not quite done. You still must show appreciation for my discipline.”

He gathered his clothes and returned to the living room where he found her sitting on the same sofa as when he first arrived. This time she made no effort to hide her sex and motioned for him to approach her.

“I…I don’t understand, Miss Ann. Escort What about Mary?”

“You know she only wants this to work out between us, no matter what, and this is the ‘what’. Didn’t she tell you to do whatever I said, no matter how strange it seemed? She would have explicitly agreed to this if I insisted, but there was no need to burden her with making that decision consciously. We both know that this is not a threat to your marriage. And I will give her a glowing report on you making everything right between us.”

He didn’t miss her thinly veiled threat that even at this late point he could have endured everything for nothing if he didn’t comply. He glanced down at his penis wondering if it would function while he was in such pain.

“Don’t be silly. I haven’t had interest in or need for a penis since I got pregnant with your wife. Your mouth is all I want, it will do just fine.”

He put his head between her thighs and nuzzled into her sparse bush. She had the same intoxicating fragrance Mary had, or maybe he should be saying Mary had her’s. In any event he was soon lapping and licking her labia and working his way around her clit. He tried to stick his tongue in her vagina, but couldn’t find the opening. He raised his head for a better look and parted her inner lips to see where he was missing it. There was no vaginal opening. Where it should have been there was just a wall of skin with a horizontal crease in the middle.

“That’s right. It isn’t there. Shortly after Mary was born I had a hysterectomy and I told them to go ahead and remove my vagina as well,” she explained.

“But how did…I mean your husband was still alive then…?” He really didn’t know how, or even if he should be asking this question, but frankly he was in shock that a woman would voluntarily choose such a surgery.

“He was naturally disappointed, but I had never been that fond of penetration to begin with. Afterwards I allowed him to pleasure me as you are.”

“And you… him…?” He couldn’t help himself finishing the thought half out loud, struggling to believe that she and her husband still enjoyed some form of intimacy.

“Absolutely not!” she almost sounded offended. “I had no interest in touching it, especially with my mouth!”

“So he just had to take care of things himself?” Sheer shock had numbed his critical thinking at this point, and his curiosity was just blundering ahead.

“He was forbidden to masturbate, but I do believe he cheated. At that time I was just happy if I didn’t have to see it or think about it. I can assure you I would not tolerate it today!” The subject seemed closed.

David resumed eating her and after a while he could tell she was approaching her crest. She pressed her legs in tight around his head, holding him in position. When she came with a loud cry she shot some liquid straight into his mouth. Assuming she and Mary had similar responses he kept gently licking her and she kept having little “aftershocks.” Finally she indicated he should stop by relaxing her thigh’s grip on his head and giving the top of his head a slight push.

The scent of a woman was like Viagra to him, and he had an enormous hard on all during his oral service and it had not gone down. Miss Ann noticed it.

“Since I failed to mention it before, there will be no consequences this time, but I don’t care for that at all,” nodding toward his erection. “In the future we will have to deal with it harshly if it comes up again.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was all he could think of to say. He was certain he didn’t want to know the details behind that comment, and was still sure that we would never have need of another such encounter.

Before he got dressed she put some salve on his bruised ass, which made it feel a little better. Her touch seemed tender and loving. It was such a contrast, the very hands that had delivered such terrible pain and without mercy, were now easing it somewhat.

“You did very well for a first timer. There are no cuts, so this should heal just fine. Cold compresses for the next 24 to 48 hours, after that warm soaks will help the discoloration pass quicker but you will have tenderness and pain on sitting for about a week. That’s your reminder to correct your behavior,” her voice seemed softer and more loving than he recalled hearing it at any time since they met. “I will tell Mary not to worry, Momma Ann will be in your lives for a long time.”

When he walked in the house something seemed different, quieter. Mary walked into the room wearing her sexiest lingerie.

“Mother called and told me that she was completely satisfied with your apology and Act of Contrition, and she even said that she was wrong about you. You’re nothing like Fred.” Mary was obviously overjoyed with this news. “Did you hear that? She said she was wrong about you; Mother NEVER admits she’s wrong.”

He managed a weak smile and nodded, “That’s nice.” His ass was throbbing in time with his pulse. Her smile faded to concern as she suddenly realized why he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as she was. “Was it very bad?” she asked.

“It was pretty bad. I’ve never felt anything like that before. But it’s all over now.” He tried to put on a brave face and take in the new situation at the house. “The kids…?”

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