Mother and Son – A Love Story

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This story is based on an incestuous relationship. There are elements of cheating women and cuckoldry. If these things are of no interest to you, or offend you, don’t read it. You have been warned.


Rosie Simpson is 41. She is an attractive widowed mum with one son. Rosie keeps herself in good shape with visits to the gym and Karate lessons. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, with thick, shoulder length, glossy brown hair. Her enviable bust requires a 35 inch, C cup bra, to contain it. Her waist at 30 inches, her flat tummy, and her 36 inch hips, bear testament to her good diet and her regular exercise.

Rosie lives with her son John in a nice, detached, house on the edge of a small town in Essex, England.

Rosie’s only child, John, is a strapping, handsome young man, 22 years old. He was 10 when his father was killed in a road accident.

John’s birth had been very difficult, as a result Rosie would never be able to conceive again.

Rosie’s husband, also John, was killed in a car crash involving another speeding driver. The other driver was charged and convicted of dangerous driving and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. His insurers had to pay more than £1 million to his widow, which she invested shrewdly giving a decent income for herself and her son.

Both Rosie and her husband John Snr, were only children. They were born to parents quite late in their lives and all four had passed away during the last 10 years. They had no other family.

Once she came to terms with her husband’s death, Rosie would have liked to have made another relationship, but found that her suitors, and there had been a good few, were generally very shallow and not prepared to commit to the loving relationship she was looking for. She never let any of them know that she was very financially very secure as that would have attracted the sharks as well as those that were just trying to get her into bed.

She’d had a few sexual encounters, naturally. She is still relatively young and has normal physical needs, but she hasn’t met anyone that she would like to spend the rest of her life with.

John Simpson is Rosie’s son, he is 5 feet 10 inches tall, dark haired, deep chested, with a narrow waist and slim hips. He is very much like his father was when he and Rosie got married and like his father, he has a long thick cock, more than 8 inches long when fully aroused. He is a deep thinker and shares many of his mother’s values.

John was given the same first name as his father, it was a tradition in his father’s family, that the first born son would have his father’s first name.

John studied computer technology and is a talented freelance programmer, working in the gaming industry. He has a girlfriend, Lauren. John has been with Lauren for a few months and thinks she might be the kind of girl he could settle down with. He found that, too often, his previous girlfriends had left him wanting something intangible, that they could not, or would not give him, commitment.

Lauren Spencer, is John’s girlfriend. Lauren has been with John for a few months. Her previous boyfriend is Darren. His relationship with Lauren was never anything but sexual.

Bill and Amy Spencer are Lauren’s parents. Both in their mid-forties.

The Story

It was Friday evening. John and Lauren had gone out to dinner at a favourite restaurant where they had an enjoyable meal. Lauren had drunk two large glasses of wine with her meal, John had stuck to mineral water as he was driving.

As they were leaving the restaurant, John asked Lauren if she wanted to go out on Sunday evening, to see the new movie being shown at their local cinema.

Lauren said she was sorry, she couldn’t see him tomorrow as she had promised to go to her favourite rock group’s gig with her ex-boyfriend, who had managed to get hold of a couple of hard to obtain tickets.

John was speechless for a moment, then he said, “Why are you still going out with him? I thought we were going steady, now you tell me you are still seeing your ex-boyfriend. How long has this been going on?”

“Oh, don’t be so possessive,” replied Lauren, “You don’t own me. I still see Darren now and then, we have known each other for a long time.”

“When have you been seeing him?” Asked John.

“On some of the nights when I don’t see you,” she replied.

“Have you been sleeping with him?” asked John.

“Sometimes,” she said. “It’s only sex, I don’t love him or anything.”

“Only sex!” snarled John. “I thought we had something special going between us. Now I find you have been fucking your ex-boyfriend all the time. Well, we are finished, I’ll take you home and I never want to see again. There’s a word for girls like you.”

“Oh, yes. And what’s that,” she said, with a sneer.

“Slut!” snarled John.

She burst into tears as she got into his car.

When they arrived at her parent’s house, she got out of the car, still crying, and ran to the front door. John drove away without looking to see if she got yozgat escort in OK. Then he remembered that he had her laptop in the back of the car, so he turned round and went back to the house. He took the laptop, went to the front door and rang the doorbell. Lauren’s father opened the door. “What is up with you and Lauren?” He asked as he took the laptop.

“We are finished,” said John, “She has been two timing me, having dates with her ex-boyfriend.”

“That sounds a bit harsh,” said Bill Spencer, “There’s not much harm in a few dates.”

“You don’t understand, Bill.” Said John, “I thought we were in a serious relationship, but she was still seeing Darren, and she has been having sex with him.”

“Well, even so,” said Bill, “It was just a few dates, and it was only sex. Amy (his wife) goes on dates and often has sex with her partners, but it doesn’t mean anything. She has been on dates with Darren as well. In fact, Amy and Lauren have double dated at times and swapped partners during sex. They have shared Darren a couple of times and they planned to do the same with you, it’s only sex, why can’t you accept that?”

He went on, “It’s exciting when your wife or girlfriend comes home from a horny date and tells you what sexual antics she and her partner for the night have been up to. Amy has had some great experiences with guys, and girls. Then later, when we are in bed and she is telling me about it, while I am fucking her, and sliding in and out on another guy’s cum, it gives me a fantastic feeling.”

John was shocked. He couldn’t find any words other than, “Goodbye Bill”, then he turned on his heel and left.

John drove home, shaken and sad. He thought Lauren loved him as he did her. He had been sure that she was the girl he wanted to build a sound relationship with and that she would, eventually, become his wife. How can he have been unaware what she was really like?

He was shocked at Bill Spencer’s words and his acceptance that his wife went on dates and had sex with other men, even with her daughter’s old boyfriend, and that she also shared dates with her daughter.

When John arrived home, he was surprised to find lights on in the house. His mother had a date tonight and she had told him that she wouldn’t be home until late, as her date was with a man that she’d enjoyed spending time with before.

John let himself in and went to the lounge, where all the lights were on. His mother was sitting in an armchair staring into the distance but not really seeing anything.

“Hi Mum,” he said, “Why are you home so early, is there a problem?”

Rosie gave a start, focussed on her son and said, “Yes, my date turned out to be just another chancer who really just wanted to get me into bed, and not even his own bed, he talked me into bringing him back here, and when I told him I didn’t want to sleep with him tonight, he tried to force me!”

“What,” said John, “He raped you?”

“No, darling,” she replied, “I said he tried to force me. I’ve not been taking Karate lessons for the last three years for nothing. I can take care of myself, as you know. I think I busted his nose.” And she gave a wan smile. “I thought he was different, but I don’t think there are any nice single men out there. Anyway, why are you home so early, is Lauren OK?”

“I found out tonight that Lauren has been cheating on me. She’s been seeing her ex. and has been having sex with him when she wasn’t with me. She said she doesn’t know why I am so upset about it, it is only sex, nothing serious. I spoke to her dad and he said more or less the same thing about it only being sex, he said her mother also goes on dates with other men and has sex with them, including Lauren’s ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh, John. I am so sorry. What a little bitch, what a strange family. It seems that we both have the same problem. Just trying to find a decent partner with the sort of values we share is very difficult, if not impossible. But don’t stop trying, darling. You’re a good man and you will find someone perfect for you in the end.”

Rosie got up from her chair, went to John and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m going to bed, darling. Don’t forget to turn the lights out before you go to bed. See you in the morning.” And she turned and left the room.

John poured himself a stiff Scotch and sat down in the armchair his mother had recently vacated. It was still warm from her body and he could smell her delicate perfume as he sat back. Why couldn’t he find someone like his mother, there must be someone somewhere, he thought.

He finished his Scotch, turned out the lights and made his way to his room. He washed and cleaned his teeth in the ensuite bathroom and climbed into bed.

He was in the habit of leaving his bedroom door open except when Lauren had been in the room with him, and he had left it open tonight.

He couldn’t sleep as he kept thinking about Lauren, and how she had cheated on him. After a while he decided to go downstairs to get a glass of yozgat escort bayan water. As he passed his mother’s room, he thought he heard a sob. He stopped and put his ear close to the door. There was no doubt, his mother was crying herself to sleep.

He gently tapped on the door and opened it. A soft bedside light was on and Rosie was sitting up in bed trying to dry her eyes quickly with a tissue. She gave him a crooked little smile and asked him what the matter was.

John walked over to the bed where she sat, she was trying not to shed any more tears. “Don’t cry Mum,” he said, “They’re not worth your tears. If there’s a Miss Right out there for me there has to be a Mr. Right for you.”

Rosie’s tears started to fall again and rolled down her cheeks. John took the tissue from her hand and wiped the tears away. “Please don’t cry Mum,” he said, and he kissed her on the forehead and then on each eyelid.

He sat on the bed next to her. He put his arm round her and pulled her head onto his shoulder. He stroked her arm gently as she snuggled into him. She smelled of her delicious delicate perfume and she felt soft in his arms.

“Tell you what,” he said, “tomorrow, lets drive down to the coast and spend the day having fun together. We can have lunch and dinner out, and if it’s warm enough, we can go for a swim.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” she said with a grin.

“I guess I am,” was his reply.

“Then, I accept.” She said,”I can’t think of anyone I would rather have a date with.”

“You know something mum.” said John “We are both looking for people just like ourselves. I think you are looking for someone like me, and I am, definitely, looking for someone like you.”

She looked up at him and smiled. Before he realised what he was doing, he bent his head down and kissed her softly on the lips. She didn’t pull away and he continued the kiss until she parted her lips, and he slipped his tongue gently into her mouth. Her tongue met his and they licked each other slowly, enjoying each other’s taste.

As he looked down, he became aware of her breasts rising and falling, and very visible in the deeply plunging neck of her nightdress. He could see her nipples pushing against the thin fabric as they became aroused. He moved his free hand up to her left breast and cupped it over her nightdress. She quickly put her right hand on the back of his, he thought she would pull him away but, instead, she held his hand tight to her breast.

They continued to kiss, and he fondled her gently. He slipped into the bed beside her, and they embraced.

“I love you mum,” he said, “no, that’s not what I mean. What I mean to say is that I am ‘in love’ with you.”

“This is wrong,” whispered Rosie, “This is so wrong, but please hold me, please love me.”

John leaned over her as she lay on the bed. He kissed her chin, kissed down her neck and her chest until his lips closed on her nipples through her nightdress. “Take it off, darling.” She breathed arching her back so he could pull her nightdress up to her chest, then sitting up she let him pull it up over her head, leaving her naked. He reached down and removed his boxers and his rampant cock stood exposed. He wondered for a moment why he wasn’t embarrassed for his mother to see his rigid cock, but he forgot all about that, as she took hold of it and gently started to rub it backwards and forwards.

He kissed her again, then he moved her hand away from his cock so he could roll over, up onto his knees, and position himself between her legs, which she’d moved apart in anticipation. He bent down and kissed her flat tummy. He planted his kisses all the way down her tummy, passed her neatly trimmed bush in the shape of an inverted triangle, like an arrowhead pointing the way to her secret place. He kissed down her left inner thigh and back up her right thigh, avoiding her pussy lips glistening with the wetness of her arousal.

He circled around her pussy, licking and kissing all the time. She reached down to his head and tried to bring his tongue to her opening, eventually he let her guide him and put his tongue as deep into her as he could. He licked up and down her open labia for a minute or two, delighting in the taste of her liquid pussy. He raised his hands to her clitoris, carefully pulling the hood away from the engorged pink button and licked it gently. Rosie shuddered and gave a deep sigh, this was so good. He sucked her clitoris in between his lips and nibbled at it gently. She groaned and pushed up hard against his mouth.

He gently inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her, whilst he continued to suck and nibble her button at the same time. She began to squirm and pushed even harder against his face, then in a half croak, half shout she screamed out, “Oh God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” She began to cry out unintelligible words, as she bucked and writhed. Her pussy shed her juices onto his face as he continued to assault her clitoris. Her escort yozgat orgasm continued as he kept sucking on her, until she finally managed to push his head away. She collapsed spent for the moment while her pussy muscles continued their contractions..

They lay quietly for a few minutes, holding hands and occasionally sharing soft kisses. She turned to him and asked him, “Did you really mean what you said just now about being in love with me?”

“I did, I certainly did.” Replied John. “I have had this feeling for a long time now. When you do little things for me, offer words of encouragement or hold my hand when I am a bit down, or just touch me, I feel a little bit breathless and slightly out of my depth. It’s taken me a while to realise that it’s because I don’t just love you as a son, but I am in love with you. You are a wonderful, beautiful woman, with every quality that I admire and would wish for in a wife.”

Rosie looked at him and touched his cheek gently. “But that’s how I feel too,” she said,”The difference is that I know what that feeling means, and it frightens me. I find myself wanting to give myself to you as a lover and more, but it is wrong, and we can’t be together like that! What we did just now is so wrong, and it’s probably illegal as well.”

“I think we can be together,” said John “I have the beginning of a plan in my head that I think would allow us to live in society together, as if we were husband and wife. As far as being morally or legally wrong is concerned, I think that that is a matter for us and our consciences. We’re both adults, we physically cannot create a child, and the only difference between the way we live now, and the way we would live, is that we would sleep together, make love to each other, and make each other very happy. I can’t believe that it would be so wrong!”

“But, apart from the moral position there is our age difference as well, I’m 19 years older than you, and when you are in your prime at 35, I will be 54.”

“I know that will never be a problem,” replied John, “Lots of women marry men considerably younger than themselves. Even the President of France is married to a woman 22 years older than him. No, that isn’t something we should consider.”

“Alright,” said Rosie, “but we are well known around here, everyone knows we are mother and son, not husband and wife.”

“True,” said John. “We would have to move, far enough away from here so that we would be somewhere where we were not previously known.”

“But people would look at us and know that we were not husband and wife because of our age difference.”

“Really?” asked John. “Remember when we went out for dinner together a couple of months ago. You booked the table and gave your name as Mrs. Simpson, and when I paid with my credit card, the waiter said, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, as we left. He was convinced we were husband and wife because you look so young and gorgeous, and you were beautifully dressed as usual. I know we could pull this off, especially somewhere where we are not known.”

Rosie was lost in thought for a few moments, “Do you really think we could do it?” She whispered.

“Yes, I do!” Was the emphatic reply.

“Then let’s do it, and to hell with the rest of the world,” said Rosie. We have already passed the point of no return sexually, and I am not at all ashamed.” Then, with a huge smile lighting up her face she said. “There is just one rule that I want to lay down right now. Please, never call me Mum or Mother again. I want you to just call me Rosie or Mrs. Simpson.

John took Rosie in his arms and said, “I love you Mrs. Simpson, will you be my illegal and immoral wife?”

“Yes, darling,” said Rosie with a smile, “I will, if you will be my illegal and immoral husband. I love you Mr. Simpson, and I want you to make love to me now!”

They held each other in a warm embrace and kissed deeply. Their kisses became more passionate, then Rosie pushed John down onto the bed and said, “I want to do something with you that I have never done with any man before. Lie still and let me take your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you until you come. I want to taste you and swallow your cum into my belly.”

She took his cock in both hands and started to rub him up and down. He was fully aroused, and his cock was engorged and rigid. She bent down and he felt the delicious moment as she pressed her warm lips over the thick head, and slid down until she gagged a little as it reached her throat. She sucked him as she brought her head up, and her lips made an ‘O’ as they slid along his length.

“You are so big, and I am such a lucky woman.” She said before going down on his throbbing manhood again.

For a woman who had never given a blow job before she was a natural. In a few minutes John could feel his climax building and he knew that he would not be able to hold back for many more seconds.

“I’m coming Rosie! Oh God, I am coming now!” he cried, as he felt the rush of semen from the base to the top of his cock, spewing out into her mouth. She continued to suck and slide her hands up and down his length, until she had every drop. She slid her lips off him keeping them tight so that none of his cum was spilt, then as she looked lovingly into his eyes, she swallowed it all!

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