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Morning Sex

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He’d got back from the trip at about midnight and almost managed to not wake her when he got to bed. She had half woken, asked him how the trip had been and then fallen asleep before he’d answered.

He woke up first, at about 8am. He was naked, as usual, she wore loose fitting shorts and a vest. He shuffled over to her and spooned a moment, enjoying the feeling as she pushed her arse back against him. He felt himself start to get hard, but she left the bed and went to the bathroom.

She came back a couple of minutes later and got back into bed, again with her back to him. He was dozing and they got close to each other, her arse against his groin again, and both dozed.

‘Did you bring a broom handle to bed or are you just pleased to see me?’ she said. He was vaguely aware of her voice, his half-asleep mind had wandered off to memories of her sucking his cock, but he was very aware of his hard on pressed against her arse. He was also aware of her pushing back against him.

‘Is that my present?’ she asked.

He groaned quietly, and his hand reached around over her and gently went to her breast, holding at first through her vest but then his hand slipped inside and his fingers gently found her nipple, and it responded to his gentle caress by hardening. She felt the lovely warm glow of anticipation in her tummy and pressed back harder.

He moved to put his other arm under her head and got closer to her, now pressed against her at chest, groin and thigh level. He kissed her shoulder and neck and felt her stretch back against him then gaziosmanpaşa escort her hand went behind her to hold his hardness. As she did so she raised her knee and he knew what she wanted and moved his hands to her tummy then started to slowly, ever so slowly, move it down.

She stretched to meet his hand, eager to be touched. He drew circles on her tummy, slowly moving lower, as he kissed her neck and shoulder and gently nipped her with his teeth. His hand dipped to her opening, fingers tracing a line from her clit and down, then back again.

She felt his fingers creating sensations between her legs and wanted him to continue but also wanted more, wanted to feel the hot, pulsing thickness of him inside her. She rolled onto her back, he moving away to give her room, then he leaned in and kissed her as he moved on top of her and between her legs. His cock rested against her pussy as they kissed, he looked down to see his purple cock end and the thin strip of her remaining blond hair. He kissed her again and could taste the toothpaste and laughed to himself, one of her quirks that he found so endearing. She moved her hips to get him inside of her and he pushed forward gently, his cock sliding into her warm wetness, and they both stayed still, enjoying the sensation, their eyes locked. He moved an inch and she gasped, then he withdrew two or three inches then slid back in and she groaned. He kept up the slow pace, her hips rising to meet him, both enjoying the ease of it. He resisted the urge to speed up but sultangazi escort felt and sensed her getting more needy, needing him just as he needed her.

‘I love fucking you’ he whispered as he started to move a little faster back and forth in her.

‘Do you?’ she gasped ‘Show me how much’.

He pulled his cock out of her almost completely and paused, and just as she was about to demand him to move he smoothly pushed back into her and she moaned with pleasure.

‘This what you want is it?’ he said, his hips maintaining their slow rhythm as his iron hard cock slipped into and out of her.

‘Oh fuck yes, yes, YES!’ she moaned quietly, feeling the delicious tension building in her clit, pussy and tummy.

He sat up on his knees, his body forming a right angle with hers, and looked down at her. She looked up and saw him lick the pad of his thumb and she almost came thinking about what she knew he was about to do. His wet thumb moved down and gently pressed against her clit.

He used his hips to move in and out, still slowly, as his thumb manipulated her hard little clit. Her moans were louder and more urgent and her hips bucked against him desperate for more but he continued the rhythm and then, unbelievably, he pulled out completely and she almost punched him… but then she felt his fingers gently leading a path down her body and her excitement built again.

His fingers found her pussy and played with the wetness around her lips, stroking her clit, one finger sliding into her esenler escort then two, then both pulling out, teasing her. He fingered her hard and fast and deep and she felt her orgasm build again. He pushed two fingers into her and gradually increased the pace, feeling her excitement grow. Her moans, the bucking of her hips, the increase in her wetness and the tightening of her around his fingers all told him she was reaching her peak and he pushed his thumb against her clit and that was enough for her and she came, powerfully and with loud moans of pleasure, on his fingers and his hand.

As her orgasm subsided he leaned forward to kiss her again. Her arms came up to hold him, to pull him into her, and he grabbed them, one of his long- fingered hands holding both of her wrists and he gently, but firmly, pinned her arms above her head as he kissed her.

She moaned at him, begging him to slide into her and his cock, so hard pressed between her thighs, slowly slid into her.

He moved his mouth to her ear, gently kissing his way there and whispered to her ‘Do you want to cum?’

A strangled ‘oh fuck please’ was her reply.

‘Are you sure?’

‘PLEASE’ she said, pushing her pussy against him.

He started to move in and out, a gentle rhythm as their lips met and they kissed deeply. He raised himself up on his arms pushed deeply into her and she felt the cum build, like a train in her lower stomach, his cock driving her wild with its relentless fucking of her, then he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and she felt so full of him.

As she neared her climax she noticed his breathing change and his speed increase and he moaned loudly and just as her clit and pussy began their delicious, heart-stopping waves of ecstasy she felt him lock and then she felt a spurting torrent in her as his cock pumped into her orgasming pussy and they both cried out in ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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