Morning Delight

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The droplets tugged me out of my dreamland. The following tantalising smell of fresh apples completely woke me up. The culprit was my dearly wife.

I think she might have just finished her shower and a head-bath!!?? (Lucky me). Yesterday is the last day for her periods. Let’s just say her mood swings are legendary. Hell hath no fury than my girl on her periods. Actually, she is a sweet girl on normal days and a cuddly cat after her periods.

Instead of being afraid of PMS I always look forward for them. She is really cute when is angry. Those are really torture for me on those days. I don’t know whether to run for hills for her anger or snog her brains out at the same time.

I really loved her and I cared for her on those special days. She reaps me rewards on the bed aftermath.

Ok back to the point. It is a crime for an extraordinarily beautiful woman to tease her husband with her wet body and little glimpse of her treasure. Knowing exactly what is underneath that towel adds more fuel to my hunger for her body.

That one drop, started its journey from the tip of her hair. Flowed along the sinfully curved neck. Can a neck be that sexy? Suddenly dipped inside of towel along her spine.

As I am concentrating the wicked images of her beautiful back, the brother of drop on her forehead from the mirror caught my eye. And my eyes followed it like a faithful puppy.

Moving oh-so slowly from its starting point, it advanced to the nose, on nose bridge. This suddenly brought my attention to her eyes. Beautiful petal shaped brown eyes. Sometimes (scratch that, Always) I was utterly destroyed by her eyes whenever she needs something from me. Looking into those eyes during any argument removes no from my vocabulary.

Gah, once again out of the point. Again, I looked for the drop. It is hanging dearly for its life from the tip of her upturned nose. Suddenly it fell on her top lip. Those lips hmmm yummy.

“Nom nom”

A delicate pink tongue tried to wipe it out of its existence but some how it survived. That particular act brought certain organ of my body to life. By a great strength I suppressed my groan. I don’t want to disturb the thing of beauty. The drop successfully continued its journey.

Hats off buddy you are a tough one.

Then from the tip of pointy chin suddenly it fell down to her neck. This time a hand with dry towel followed it on the intention of wiping it out completely.

Hurray! Somehow our buddy water droplet successfully out ran the hand and towel combo and headed to the valley of boobs.

Oh no.

The transmission was lost. Soldier water droplet missing. Suddenly I was completely envious of little droplet. AND THEN…


Like the curtain drops to reveal a wonderful marmaris escort sculpture, the white terry cloth was pooled around her feet.

I am sure my jaw is somewhere on the floor. No matter how many times I see her naked every time she stuns and amazes me.

Her breasts are neither too large nor too small. They fit perfectly for her figure. Her dark areolae contrast wonderfully to her bronze complexion. Her pink nubs are cute and they are really sensitive (personal experience). With few licks they sets her off violently.

At the same my monkey inside the brain started sending the vivid images of her experiencing orgasm on my bed due to my tongue.

I think I am drooling. The wetness on my chin confirmed the fact and a tent in my sheets confirmed the birth of my desire for her.

Her tummy is flat. The days of running with me paid off. Of course, I ogled her rump during our runs as a dutiful husband and red-blooded male. She is as smooth as a baby down there. I love eating her and let her loose on my tongue.

Her thighs (“Nom nom”) and sinfully long legs. They look erotic when they are wrapped around me.

The proudest feature of her is definitely her bum. Perfectly carved out from smooth stone by greatest sculptor. The running further toned her wonderful butt.

Suddenly it struck me, the object of my carnal adoration stopped drying her body.

I looked up her face. I was caught.

“Like what you see?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Isn’t sneak peaking at women rude?”

“Who said you are a woman? You are a goddess.”

Beautiful laugh filled my ears. “Flattery won’t get you anywhere.”

“Is it so?”

“Oh yeah.” Using my words against me? Did I tell you that my wife is a lawyer? That too a successful one?

Suddenly I launched myself at her without any warning and took hold of her. Her squeak blasted my ear drum, I don’t care. All that matters is sexpot of 5’11 in my hands.

I threw her onto the bed without caring my nudity and started tickling her. Peals of laughter filled the room. It almost made my day. (your day is not complete unless you take care of your boner) I stopped tickling her and let her take a breather.

Heeding to the lust inside me, I started kissing her. My minx eagerly responded with equal ferocity. My hands weren’t idle either. They explored the rest of her body. My left-hand went south and its partner raced north both starting from her hips.

My greedy hands massaged her supple ass and bountiful boobs. My fingers played with her pointed nipple with fine expertise gained from our past love making and fucking.

I couldn’t get enough of her ass. It is soft and round which perfect for kneading and spanking.

After few wonderful moments of kneading and kissing I couldn’t control my desire marmaris escort bayan to explore her fine body with my lips and started to move towards her honeypot which is currently being toyed by my left-hand fingers. (I swear to god I really don’t know when they left her wonderful spongy butt.) She wetter than Niagara water falls on downpour. Three fingers were greedily sucked by her pussy and my thumb was busy playing with her clit.

Her moans were heavenly choir for my ears.

My mouth followed for her graceful curve of her neck and my teeth wanted to taste her freshly washed skin. With little biting and nibling my mouth took over her right tit after little confusion. My lips immediately latched to her rubbery pointed nipple and started sucking eagerly.

My mouth and my fingers fought for their rights on her boobs. Between my fingers in her canal and my teeth oh-so softly on her breasts she creamed on my fingers in no time.

I tasted her nectar on my fingers. My hunger is not sated by a sample. My heart yearned for more. So, I continued my journey downward to taste the real thing.

My lips stopped at her navel to worship her belly button and granted permission to move forward by the hands of my mistress in my hair.

Instead of directly diving into her honeypot, I wanted to taste her supple and meaty thighs. I almost went to her toes and restarted my journey towards her pussy.

I took a deep breath of her musky aroma and started nibbling around her petals and slowly advanced to them. My little minx pulled me urgently demanding my attention to her pussy, but I took my time. Finally, (ok the teasing also affected me) I lightly spread her labia and started licking from bottom to top with a little flick at her clit.

Her moans are my trusty guide in the adventure of bringing her to the orgasm. As always, I changed the pressure in my licking according to her moans. After few seconds I latched my lips on her clit and added fingers to the game. My fingers found the rough patch which always sets her off violently.

When I say violently, she mostly chokes me by locking my head in her thighs. What a way to go.

After few taps to her g-spot, she orgasmed with a loud moan and I didn’t forget to taste her cream.

“Hmm, delicious” I said when she let me up for air.

With a fiery look she then tackled me to bed and kissed me.

She stunned me by saying “You are right I really taste good.”

“Trust your man about it lady.”

“Oh! I trust you.” With that she silenced any retort from me with another kiss.

With a wicked grin on her face, she moved southward of my body.

* * * * *


My lips mirrored his path on my body. But there are no boobs for me to squeeze. His body is smooth escort marmaris and chiselled. His workouts are really good for him and bad for me.

He is all shiny, puffed and wet with sweat which makes me wet.

He really blew my mind and socks off me while eating me. Now I am going to blow his (pun intended).

I started by licking the underside of his cock and licked at the mushroom tip. After few wonderous moments for me and torturous for him, I took him into my mouth and started bobbing on his dick.

My left-hand fondled his balls and other one helped me screwing his dick. I also made sure to keep my drool in check.

I alternated licking and sucking his cock as silently as possible. I know I practically screamed and creamed on the tongue of his before. But I wanted to keep the sound minimum.

His groan is only warning I got before he erupted inside my mouth. He is little salty but ok.

* * * * *


I have to say she really blew my mind.

This wonderful woman is mine. That thought set tingles on my body.

“I love you woman.”

“I love you too my man.” And she kissed me, which made my cock rise again.

Seeing my little guy rise she sat up and straddled me with a grace but left my poor pecker out of her vagina. She started moving back and forth both teasing me and herself. I tried to put myself in her when she reached the tip but she quickly moved away.

“Nope. Today I am the in charge.”

I grinned at her and let her do her bidding. After a few seconds (and they are really lengthy seconds) she took mercy of my condition and let me slip inside her.


Being inside her is like being inside a warm massage oil. Warm and slick. She started rising up to a small height and falling slowly. She placed her hands on my chest for her leverage.

She is torturing me by bringing me to the point of eruption and stopping suddenly. And it is really a painful torture. I can overpower but I also wanted to see her taking the charge. She repeated her tactic few more times.

When I tried to pump her using her hips, she held me by my balls in her grip and I did not do it again. After painful ten minutes she morphed into human version of jack-hammer.

She is a vision. Her bouncing on me and her bouncy boobs on her. After few wonderful minutes she stopped. I almost groaned in frustration but she did not entirely stop.

Her Kegels worked their magic on my dick and I will definitely will kill anyone without hesitation if they interrupt. I erupted inside her and it is wonderful but not painful.

Sweat is covering both of us. She noticed the sweat and said “Now I have to bath again” with a huff. This made me laugh and that made my wife my bounce on me as she is lying on me. That particular action made my blood flow to an organ which is buried inside her.

“Let’s take a bath together.”

I lifted her in my arms and moved to bathroom to satisfy my new hunger and to wash her supple body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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