Morning Beauty

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Gabriella snaps to attention in her seat and pokes my side. “There she is!”

I lift my eyes from the glass of Merlot I’ve been contemplating — I don’t want to say anxiously but, yeah, I admit it, anxiously – for the last few seconds to see the door close behind her. The bright afternoon light that briefly filled the rather somber-looking Italian restaurant disappears. The flood of street sounds fades and the music returns, Dean Martin crooning about how love came just in time, she found him just in time.

“She” is a deeply tanned Asian woman in her twenties, black hair parted in the middle and falling just below her shoulders, wearing a yellow sundress that ends just far enough above the knees to hint at what is covered. She is holding her sandals in her left hand, apparently unconcerned about any “no shoes” policy Madre’s Finer Italian might have.

Gabrielle waves a little shyly. It takes the woman’s eyes a couple of seconds to adjust to the somewhat dimmed lighting before she spots her, waves back, and heads for the table.

Before she gets there, Gabi says, in a low voice, with just a trace of her Colombian accent, “I really want to thank you for this.”

I glance over at her; her hair is about the same length as the newcomer’s, but decidedly auburn. “You’re thanking me?”

She kicks my leg under the table. “Shut up!”

She gets up, straightens her black skirt, brushes off her blue print blouse, and approaches her. They both pause, not quite sure how to greet each other, considering what the plan for the evening is, and settle on a quick embrace. The only indication that this not just a simple, innocent meeting is the Asian woman’s hand slipping down Gabriella’s back and resting and extra moment on her butt.

Gabi blushes and resumes her seat while I rise and pull a chair for our guest. Well, actually I’m the guest, I think.

Before she sits, she turns and gives me a quick hug, but without the ass-grabbing. “You must be Leo. I’m Asami.”

I take my seat. “‘Morning Beauty,’ right?”

She pulls her chair forward. “That’s right. You know Japanese?”

“Most people just call me Lee. But, no, I’m just fluent in Google Translate.”

To her credit, she doesn’t give a fake little laugh. She drops her sandals onto the floor, slides her chair over to the still-blushing Gabi, takes her hand, and kisses her fingers. “Well…” she says, and all Gabriella can do at the moment is giggle.

# # # # #

A week ago, on the first really hot night of the summer, Gabriella and I were lying naked on lounge chairs on my deck. In the semi-darkness a few feet away, just out of the halo of the soft yellow porch light, hummed the filter of the above-ground swimming pool.

I was thankful I had resisted the urge to take it down after the divorce. Troublesome as it was — and anybody with a large above-ground pool knows these things can be troublesome — I had figured it would make the kids less resistant to the bimonthly weekend visitations. I was correct, mostly. Having the girl next door come over to skinny dip was a plus.

The high wooden fence around us, originally put in to protect my daughters, provided enough cover to protect the two of us from the prying eyes of anyone else in the neighborhood, although I suppose someone with a drone could have gotten an eyeful.

I can’t say I would have minded, though. At forty-five, I had no problem being seen cavorting with a twenty-six year old woman, even if we had never actually had sex. But let them believe what they want.

She set her Corona on the table between us. Her hair was still wet from the swim. “I have to tell you something.” She turned and propped herself on one arm. “I think I need your help.”

I sipped my beer, turned, and allowed myself a long look at her. She was leaning on her left arm facing me, her breasts still winning the battle against gravity, her pink nipples hard, undoubtedly from the cold water, her belly showing just the slightest sign of an endearing paunch, her right thigh crossed downward over her left, not quite covering her hairless vulva, one bare foot resting in front of the other. It was a perfect recreation of some of the famous “reclining nude” paintings of the past.

“It’s about time,” I said, pretending to reach for the towel that covered my waist, trying to use humor to camouflage my real feelings. Not like Gabi hadn’t figured it out.

Her momentary pause was full of import. “You might be closer than you think.” Just the statement, just the thought, was enough to stir me to attention. The head of my cock pushed hard against the towel.

“Really?” I tried to sound as casual as I could.

Her face flushed a little, and she hesitated a little before she went on. “I met a girl online a couple of weeks ago. Asami. She’s an Asian girl.” She sat up, picked up her beer, and swallowed hard. She continued after she set the bottle back down. “I never thought I’d be attracted to a girl before, but there we were, talking, and I was tokat escort really getting turned on by her.”

As her voice picked up speed, her accent became a little thicker. “We talked again two nights later and she asked to see my tits. We both ended up getting naked for each other on cam.”

Her right hand dropped between her thighs and she began to absent-mindedly stroke herself. “And then last week we just masturbated for each other.” Unable to find words for a moment, she took a breath and broke into her familiar giggle.

“Calm down, sweety.” I tried to maintain my cool, older-guy-who’s-seen-it-all demeanor, but couldn’t help the fact that my hand was under my towel trying to discreetly stroke my dick. The image of little Gabriella naked in front of computer playing with herself in front of another naked young woman was just impossible to ignore.

Until my wife and I broke up, Gabriella was just the girl — actually, woman — next door. We were in the house four years until the divorce last year (amicably, more or less) and Gabriella had lived there with her parents. Then, last year, her parents had moved down to Florida and left the house behind for Gabi to rent, so we found ourselves single neighbors at about the same time.

We were always friendly, of course, greeting each other, waving when we left in the morning, usually at about the same time – I’m a teacher; she works in the ticket office of one of the downtown theaters. She was beautiful and, as far as I could tell, single, but I doubted she’d have any interest in someone nearly twenty years her senior.

One night Gabriella had come pounding on my door terrified that half of her lights had gone out. My trusty flashlight and I made our way to her basement to find that a circuit had simply been blown. It hadn’t been half of her lights, either — her hairdryer and a space heater had overloaded the circuit. After I switched it back on, we sat in her kitchen and had a few beers and she even gave me a quick peck on the lips when I finally went home a few hours later.

That was the beginning of a beautiful and casual friendship. She made a mean omelet and fed me breakfast from time to time. She was straightforward about everything — losing her virginity at 19 (“It was so laaaate,” she complained. “And fast.”), her experiences, her fantasies — no subject was taboo for her. And when I set up the pool last month and invited her over for a swim, it was her idea to make my yard clothing-optional.

Needless to say, I definitely wanted to get things to the next level, but she didn’t seem particularly interested. I was happy enough to have a woman nineteen years younger hang out with me naked.

“Have you ever had a threesome?” Gabriella was staring off into the darkness, a bit more aware of the fact that she was touching herself in front of me but seemingly unconcerned.

I nearly did a classic spit take as I sipped my beer. Then I set the bottle down and took a breath. “Yes. At the end of our marriage, Janice brought her friend Yolanda home with her. Trying to spice up our marriage. It was a complete surprise. The girls were at her mother’s and she had gone out for the night, like she was prone to do at the time”

Her eyes widened as she looked at me. “Really? Wow!”

“In the middle of the night the two of them came home. I was asleep on the couch. Yandi just kind of jumped on my and started kissing and stroking me. One thing kind of led to another.”

Gabi closed her eyes for a moment and I heard a soft wet sound as her right hand dipped between her legs. She paused, took a breath, put her hand back on her waist, and reached for the Corona with her free left hand. “So, me and Asami — that’s her name — want to meet sometime next week. We’ll have dinner at Madre’s and stay at the hotel.”

My brain was so preoccupied with the image of her and another woman, naked in bed, touching each other, pleasing each other, that I almost didn’t hear what she said next. “I want you to be there to help me.”

Suddenly I was the one flushed and speechless. “You mean, you can’t figure out on your own?”

She took a long sip from her beer. Her right hand slid between her thighs again. I couldn’t quite tell if she was still teasing herself. I was.

“I know you,” she went on. “I like her and want her, but I don’t really know her. I know you. If anything horrible happens, I want you there. And you have experience.”

“So you need the old, grizzled, seasoned guy to help you.”

“Shut the fuck up.” She brought her right hand to her mouth and tasted herself.

“There is one thing.” I looked directly into her hazel eyes. “You know I’m not going to just sit in a chair and watch you.

She pushed herself to her feet, padded over to me, leaned over, and reached under the towel. For the first time I felt her cool fingers wrapped around my dick. “Of course.” My loins tingled as she stroked it a couple of times.

“Should we practice tokat escort bayan now?”

She laughed, stepped over to the end of the deck, and jumped into the pool.

# # # # #

I don’t think any of us have actually anticipated the dinner portion of the evening or considered the possibility of being hungry, and on top of that for pasta, but the first decanter of wine makes us just lightheaded enough to realized we need some food to keep us focused.

I think I pace myself pretty well, sipping just enough wine to feel tinged with warmth, but little Gabi, in her excitement, drinks two glasses for my every one. Asami is trying to look casual, but a tiny tremor in her hand as she holds her glass, casts her eyes on Gabriella’s crossed legs, and sneaks glances at me belie her nervousness.

We are all at a loss for words. We eat mostly in silence, listening to Rat Pack music, mostly Dean’s, which is fine with me. Gabi and Asami at least know each other well enough to be comfortable in quietude. I keep feeling like I should be more conversational, but what should I say? “Hey, that’s gonna be a kick-ass threesome tonight, isn’t it?”

When the food is gone, and we are on the third decanter, things begin to get a little looser. Asami leans over to Gabi, close enough that Gabi can probably feel her breath on her neck, and lightly touches her inner thigh. Gabi’s breath catches a little and her face reddens. After a deep breath she parts her legs and I can see Asami’s hand disappear up her skirt.

Gabi turns to me, on her right, takes my hand, and places it on her other thigh. Under the table I run my fingertips along her cool skin, staying below the hem of her skirt while Asami buries her hand in the dark areas above it.

“Touch me,” Asami whispers into Gabriella’s ear. “Go ahead. Nobody can see us.”

Although we are in an isolated corner of the not particularly crowded restaurant, I am not so sure we can’t be seen, but none of us is particularly concerned.

Asami pulls the fringe of her skirt up, exposing tanned legs and the edges of her white panties. “Go ahead.” Her voice is barely audible. Dino’s voice softly fills the room, “If they made me a king I’d be but a slave to you…”

I take Gabi’s hand and place it on the Asian woman’s leg. “Here we go,” I say in a low voice into her other ear.

Gabi moves her hand up and strokes Asami’s inner thigh while Asami’s hand fidgets a little more under her skirt. I can sense Gabi’s heart racing. Her breath quickens a little.

Asami slips her hand out and holds it in front of me, smiling. Her fingertips are glistening. Her eyes meet mine. “Maybe we should go now,” she says.

We pay the bill, step out of the restaurant into the warm, humid night, and walk the two blocks to the hotel. I realize Gabriella made the right choice by choosing a hotel instead of one of our houses because, in addition to the safety concerns about bringing someone relatively unknown into our homes, none of us is in any condition to drive, at least for now.

The two women hold hands as they walk. I fade back and stay a couple of steps behind them. I can tell by Gabriella’s walk, with her bare legs slightly apart at the hips as she moves, that not only is she somewhat inebriated, she is also wet and tingling. She takes a quick glance back at me, her face still glowing red with excitement, and silently blows me a kiss. It’s the first blown kiss I have ever received that actually makes me blush.

We move through the lobby and take the elevator to the third floor. I fumble in my pocket a moment for the key card; finally the three of us step into the room, the king-sized bed looming in the center, the dresser against the wall across from it, an unusually large flat-screened TV propped up atop it.

Asami glides between them into the bathroom, leaving Gabriella and I standing awkwardly next to the bed. I tap her shoulder. She turns and embraces me tightly, burying her head in my chest. As excited as she may be, I get a sense that she is sobbing ever so slightly.

“Ready?” I whisper, and she nods her head.

“Drinks?” My voice is louder than I had intended and it makes Gabi jump just a little. She and I have come in here earlier today to prepare the room. There are beers and little bottles of margaritas buried in ice in a cooler on the floor. I reach into it and pull out a bottle of Corona. Gabi takes it from my hand and I grab one for myself.

She leans against the dresser and sips. Her eyes are wide as she looks up at me. “Lee, I –” Her voice is more subdued that I have ever heard it.

We hear the water in the sink run briefly and stop. A moment later, Asami reappears, still in the light yellow dress, her panties in her hand. She drops them onto the floor.

I gesture to the cooler and she shakes her head as she climbs into the bed, moving over to the side close to us. “Come here,” she orders Gabriella, although the tone of her voice and her smile make escort tokat it more a request than a demand. Gabi sets her beer down and walks to the bed, facing Asami, a few feet away from her.

Asami’s eyes are fixed on her and I can see Gabi shivering a little under her gaze.

The woman on the bed’s face breaks out into a smile. “You are so sweet,” she says.

She pulls her feet up under her legs and raises her skirt, exposing her brown thighs, and runs her fingers through her dark, barely trimmed pubic hair, soft and mysterious-looking. Her eyes are still feasting upon Gabi. When her finger reaches her clitoris her mouth opens wider and she takes a deep breath.

I come up behind Gabriella and put my arms around her. Her breath catches as she feels my cock against her butt, feeling my hard-on through our clothes. She pushes back against me a little and pulls up her skirt. My hand finds its way into her panties, already damp and stuck to her skin, and I start touching her. The sound of my fingers massaging her wet pussy fills the room. Obviously excited, Asami begins finger fucking herself more furiously as she watches.

With both hands I take Gabrielle’s panties and slip them below her waist; then I do the same with her skirt. As they fall to the floor, I shrug out of my pants and shorts and push against Gabriella again.

My intention is to nestle my dick between her butt cheeks, and stroke a little, but Gabriella shifts her body a little and, unexpectedly, the tip of my cock presses against her anus. She takes a quick breath, feeling my hard dick poking her there. I can’t tell if she is feeling hesitation, anticipation, or both. My cock is screaming for the warmth and tightness of her little hole, although I have a little hesitation about going there.

As I instinctively begin to push my hips forward gently, I unbutton Gabriella’s blouse. Asami begins to moan as she watches the show, her fingers still caressing her clit.

I open Gabriella’s blouse and Asami crawls over to suck her lovely, sensitive nipples. As the very tip of my penis enters Gabriella’s asshole, Asami begins to play with Gabi’s pussy. I feel Gabi shudder in my arms as Asami begins to alternately suck and bite her erect, sensitive nipples. She is still on the bed; we are still standing. I quickly pull my shirt over my head. My cockhead has made its way inside her puckered little asshole, coated with my leaking precum.

There are tears in Gabriella’s eyes from the excitement; she seems to be finding it a little hard to catch her breath. I can’t quite tell if it’s from the petite Japanese girl, hair down over her shoulders, face hidden as she feasts on Gabriella’s nipples, playing with Gabi’s rosebud, her hands already glistening from Gabi’s juices, or if it’s from my cock slowly making its way up her tight butthole. Obviously I assume it’s both, but I’m wondering which is exciting Gabriella more.

By the time we have edged up all the way to the bed my dick is all the way inside Gabriella. Gabi leans over the bed, her hands on the mattress holding her up, as I take a couple of deep thrusts into her mildly resistant anus. Gabriella’s “Oh!” is loud and involuntary and speaks more of pleasure than of pain.

Asami backs away a moment and pulls her dress up over her head, revealing breasts whose size is larger than her pixie-like appearance would have you expect; tear-shaped, with dark nipples spiraled into a tight hardness. She tosses it to the floor and the three of us are finally, officially naked.

My dick becomes even more engorged at both the thought and the sight of this and I push hard again into Gabriella’s ass. Gabriella moans again – I am afraid I might have hurt her and am relieved when Gabriella’s cry is punctuated by “Yes!” – as we both collapse onto the bed, still glued together in a spooning position, my cock gripped tightly by Gabriella’s anal walls.

As Asami moves to lie next to Gabriella, I stroke a couple of times, this time more slowly, feeling a little more of my precum dribble into Gabriella’s dark canyon, making it warmer and slicker.

I continue to push inside Gabriella slowly as Asami leans forward to kiss her. Guttural sounds escape from Gabi’s throat as she kisses her back hungrily. She opens her legs a little to give Asami access to her pussy. Asami takes Gabi’s nipples into her mouth, sucking first one, then the other, as her fingertips play with her shaved, glistening slit. She takes her hand, slick with both of their juices, and caresses my now-soaking balls, guiding them as I fuck Gabriella.

Although she is right now focused on teasing Gabriella’s nipples into excitement, I feel her fingers creep past my testicles and caress the tender, ticklish skin behind them. As I pull back a little, I feel her lubricated finger penetrate my asshole. My sphincter reacts by clenching it and I push hard inside Gabriella. The cry Gabriella makes pierces the relative silence and worries me again until Gabriella pushes back against my groin, inviting more.

Gabriella’s moan, the finger toying with my asshole, and the friction of Gabi pushing against me is too much and, in spite of my best efforts to hold back, the muscles at the root of my penis spasm and I feel myself throbbing as my hot cum erupts deep into her bowels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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