Morning Abigail

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The double doors leading to Master Sean’s master bed room were closed. Master was never to be disturbed when his doors were closed. He wasn’t known for patience or his forgiveness. Abigail smiled silently to herself determined to get what she wanted from Master before he decided to punish her.

She took one final glance around to make sure she was alone in the long hallway and then as quietly as she could manage opened the door, slid in and just as silently shut it behind her. Abigail’s green eyes quickly scanned the room, she’d expected Lilli or Talia to already be there waiting patiently but other than her sleeping master the room was empty.

Sinking to her knees Abigail moved with a trained smooth feline crawl to the foot of the bed. Carefully she undid the silk sheets and slithered between them. Sean always slept in the nude, usually with one of his servants curled around him but this morning he was alone and there was nobody between Abigail and her master.

Abigail took her time pulling her body along the silk sheeted bed. Dragging herself up the bed toward Sean would have been silent if not for the deep throaty purr that emanated when her pierced nipples grazed the cold fabric. Instantly Abigail froze in place hoping she hadn’t been noticed. Sean made some garbled noise but he seemed to still be asleep.

Knowing she wasn’t likely to get another chance Abigail closed the last bit of distance between herself and Sean’s cock. She immediately nuzzled her nose against his scrotum and took a deep breath. She loved masculine scent of his flesh and the way it filled her nostrils. Abigail extended her tongue taking a long lick from base to tip. Even asleep Sean’s body reacted to a woman’s touch hardening a ka├žak iddaa bit more with each flicker of her tongue until it had reached its full size and she captured it between her lips.

She was only given a moment before Sean woke up to his extraordinary surprise. “The sun had better be up already, I was planning on sleeping in. Breakfast in bed,” Abigail giggled at the thought. In the three years she’d spent as Sean’s slave she’d never heard of him sleeping in. “Abigail-” he said knowingly, “-didn’t I leave me door closed last night?” He couldn’t see her eyes widen but he could feel her body stiffen. “You know that means you’ll be punished don’t you?” Sean ripped the sheets from the bed tossing them aside. Without letting Sean’s manhood slip from between her plump lips Abigail nodded. “You don’t even care do you?” She shook her head still careful to keep his cock between her lips where her tongue could feverishly wash over it.

“Maybe if you let some other men stay around the house we wouldn’t all be so desperate for your attention.” Abigail hissed in mock frustration. She kissed, nibbled and licked her way up his smooth stomach straddling his hips at the same time.

Sean grinned up at Abigail and laced his fingers behind his head. “You really couldn’t wait could you?” He teased.

“You’re an absolute beast Master.” She rested her palms against his chest resting her weight there. Abigail’s gaze locked with his while her hips started to churn against him. Abigail knew at any moment he was going to take control so she wanted to make certain she enjoyed however long he let her dictate the pace. He wasn’t going to be gentle, and she didn’t want him to be. She just wanted to feel him bottom out inside her. She loved ka├žak bahis the way his cock head felt bumping up against her womb.

Like the cruel tormentor he was Sean waited until she was getting close to her climax before he took her by the hips and tossed her off him. As Abigail bounced off the mattress she immediately bit back a string of swear words that would have resulted in her being unable to walk for at least a week. If looks could kill she still would have slaughtered him with her smoldering star.

Sean grabbed Abigail by the hips, flipped her onto her stomach and slammed his cock back into pussy.

Abigail whimpered as it grew and expanded inside her. It started in a spot someplace between her pussy and her stomach just a bit beneath the surface but each time he pushed into her it grew. Her hard nipples dragging across cool fabric made it grow inside her pushing back against him. When his fingers dug into her hips that drove her a little closer to her destination. “Whore.” It was a single word. A single syllable in fact that drove her over the edge.

She was aware of the exact thrust that burst the bubble inside her that popped. She felt her entire body shatter in surrender to the orgasm that he had thrust upon her robbing her of all sense of self control and she screamed at the very top of her lungs. “MASTER!!!!!” Sean grunted and continued his use of her body. “No more!” She whimpered as her body became over sensitive as the second orgasm crashed over her senses.

Sean continued slamming against her, over and over and over again. He wasn’t even thinking of her, Sean was hardly aware of Abigail. He was only aware of the fact that he wanted. . .needed to cum and he was going to use her. His fingers illegal bahis dug into the firm flesh of her hips pulling her back towards him. Abigail’s green spheres widened to the size of saucers when she realized what he was planning. What it meant that his cock slid from her cunt and now was pressed against a much tighter orifice. Abigail tried to wriggle out of the bed but Sean easily overpowered the petite female. “Please Master it’s too big! It hurts!” She screamed kicking and trying to pull herself away. The souls of her feet slapped against his ass but didn’t seem to deter him in the least.

Sean was easily stronger than her though, and he kept thrusting, pumping into her. “Shut up whore.” He growled but she kept screaming, pulling the sheets off the bed and then digging gouges in the mattress with her nails until he pushed into her as deeply as he could manage and flooded her ass with his cum and leaned over her pinning her body for a few moments.

“You gonna be ok? I didn’t mean to be so rough.” He asked kissing her cheek softly and waiting for her to scramble away, or claw at him. It was rare that he felt any remorse for the things he did to his slaves but he felt a slight twinge of shame looking at the disheveled woman lying beneath him.

“No Master, stop, it hurts, you’re soooo big.” She mocked as Cheshire grin curved her lips and she returned his kiss then licked his cheek. “I trust I was pleasing Master?” She whispered pushing back against him.

“You little slut.” He said wrapping his arms around her middle and resting his chin on her shoulder. “You lied, you were loving every second of it weren’t you?”

“Correction.” She squeezed her muscles around him. “I am loving every second of it.” She wrapped one hand over her head pulling his lips to hers. “I know you want to hear me beg more. I won’t be in heat forever.” She ground her hips down against him feeling semi-hard cock swell inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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