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More Than She Bargained For

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As per usual, this story is not intended for minors. Inspired by Kami Tora’s robinraku01. Comments/criticisms welcome. Enjoy.


While on vacation, Robin decides to tease a couple of poor, hard-working laborers. But when they’ve had enough teasing, Robin gets

More Than She Bargained For

Robin’s eyes couldn’t get any wider, and a syrupy mixture of saliva and precum was dripping lazily onto her bare breasts. Two of the most mammoth cocks she had ever seen were now competing for the very limited space inside her lovely little mouth. At this moment, her mind almost frozen in a strange mixture of lust and fear, she couldn’t help but reflect on how her perfect vacation had taken such an alarming turn . . .


“Are you sure it’s okay with you, Robin?” Merylin asked for the fourth or fifth time in this phone call.

“For God sakes, yes, Mary!”

“I just don’t want to ruin your vacation or anything.”

“Look, I didn’t have any plans for those two weeks. You and Nick have a lovely time in Europe, and I will be happy to take care of the house while you’re gone. It really is no trouble at all,” Robin said reassuringly.

“Okay, thanks again so much for doing this. I’ll leave a note on the fridge with all the instructions, and you have a key already, right?”

“Yes, Mary. All set.”

“Okay, well then I guess we’ll see you in a couple of weeks!” Mary said, finally sounding like she might be able to relax and enjoy the idea. God, if anyone needs a vacation, it’s poor Mary. Nick had better give it to her good over there.

“Have a great trip, Mary, and tell Nick I said he better give it to you good, or he’ll have to answer to me!” Robin replied with a smile on her face.

“Oh, Lord! Behave while we’re gone, Rob,” Mary rejoined with her own smile, and hung up.

Ahhhhhh . . . a beautiful house on the beach all to myself for two whole weeks! This is gonna be a WONDERFUL vacation, Robin thought dreamily to herself.


After 3 days, it was everything she’d hoped it would be. Nick and Mary had stocked the pantry and the fridge admirably before they left; the only ‘chores’ they’d left for her were to pick up the mail and water a few plants; she got a nice morning run on the beach and had the rest of the day to lounge around, read, or go shopping in this lovely little beach town. The only thing she was starting to miss was some cock.

It just so happened that on the fourth day of her lovely vacation, Marco and Eddie showed up to redo the tile in the kitchen. They weren’t actually scheduled to stop by for two more weeks, but due to a small scheduling snafu at the main office had been sent out early.

Robin was upstairs enjoying a nice, relaxing shower after her run when she heard the doorbell downstairs. Oh, shit. Who could that be? Figures they’d show up when I’m in the shower. Robin grabbed the towel, quickly wrapped herself, and hussled down the stairs. As she reached the smooth tile at the foot of the stairs, her still-wet foot got no purchase and shot out in front of her. Robin let out an “Oop!” as she flailed for a moment before landing unceremoniously on her ass. She lay sprawled on the ground, propped on her elbows; slightly dazed and towel askew.

Unbeknownst to Robin, it was at this moment that Marco peered around through a window, catching a glimpse of the moist beauty in most of her glory. “Holy shit,” he mumbled softly, his mind not believing what his eyes were telling him. Eddie looked over curiously, and then Marco abruptly straightened and gave him a shooshing motion. Eddie squinted at his partner suspiciously but said nothing.

Meanwhile, Robin had recovered, having suffered nothing more than a little bruising of the tushy. Thank God no one was here to see that, she thought to herself. She stood and made sure the towel made her decent again and moved to open the door. Not unexpectedly, the men who greeted her from the doorstep were transfixed by her state of undress and simply stood ogling her for a full 5 seconds.

“Um, can I help you gentlemen with something?” Robin prompted.

“*ahem* Uh, yes. Sorry, Miss. I’m Marco and this here is Eddie. We’re here about the kitchen?” Marco provided helpfully. Eddie’s jaw was still somewhere on the ground between his feet.

“Kitchen?”asked Robin, her total confusion painted on her face. Robin glanced over at Eddie to find him practically drooling, his lascivious mind apparently unimpaired by the towel covering her most sensitive parts. She subconsciously straightened the towel and turned back to Marco.

“We, uh . . . let me see,” Marco hesitated, flipping through his work orders and stealing glances at the impressive amount of glistening cleavage on display above the towel. “Yeah, we’re supposed to re-tile the kitchen, it says . . . counter backsplash? You’re, uh . . . Merlin?” Marco asked uncertainly. He was finding it rather difficult to concentrate at the moment.

“Mer-Y-lin. escort şişli I mean, no. I’m just taking care of the place. Are you sure this is the right day?” Robin happened to glance at Eddie’s fidgeting hands to see him surreptitiously adjusting the most alarming bulge she had seen in a long time. She barely contained a gasp and quickly turned her attention back to Marco, who had forgotten about his papers for the moment as he checked out Robin’s firm, toned legs and their sweet juncture only barely covered by the towel.

Robin cleared her throat and started to step further behind the door, then caught herself. These boys are obviously wound up pretty tight. What’s the harm in playing this up a little? Instead she bent forward at the waist, pretending to scratch her calf. Her enormous rack shifted forward in a desperate attempt to leave the towel, and only the valiant efforts of her left arm kept her modesty in check (such as it was). She took the opportunity to steal a glance at Marco’s crotch, and was delighted to find something the size and shape of a large Maglite straining the material of his work pants.

She straightened tantalizingly slowly, pleased to see the helpless males transfixed. “I said, ‘Is this the right day?'” Robin repeated with a knowing smirk on her face.

Marco shook himself and glanced down at the work order again. His brain refused to translate the gibberish on the page, so he said, “Oh yes, Miss. We’re very careful about this sort of thing. I’m sorry to bother you, but we should be able to finish this is up in an hour or so at the most.” Marco didn’t miss Robin’s brief smile.

“Well, alright then. Come on in. I’ll show you where the kitchen is,” she said, opening the door wide. Marco elbowed Eddie roughly, who awoke from his stupor and went to fetch the materials from the truck.


Once they were situated in the kitchen, Robin turned toward the entry and said, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish up. Just holler if you need anything.” She took the opportunity to hitch up the towel in front, causing it ride up on her ass so that the towel barely came down over her thick cheeks. She could feel the worker’s eyes following each exaggerated roll and bounce of her ass as she made her way to the stairs. What they couldn’t see was the moisture from her swollen pussy dripping down her inner thigh and the look of flushed arousal on her face. She very nearly slipped on the tile again but this time caught herself on the banister, grateful she was out of sight of the men.


When he heard the bathroom door click shut and the water turn on, Marco turned toward Eddie and exclaimed, “What. the. FUCK. Did we get in a car accident and now we’re having some crazy coma dream, or did a hot-ass bitch just answer the door in a towel and tease the ever-loving shit out of us?”

Eddie, never too quick on the uptake, looked quizzically at Marco. “Car accident?”

“Oh, never mind. Let’s just hurry up and get this job over with,” Marco said exasperatedly. “thick ass [mumble, mumble] . . . tits for days . . .,” he mumbled to himself, thoughts still stuck on Robin as he and Eddie started to prep the tile.


Maybe just a quick one, Robin allowed herself as the hot water once again cascaded down her naked body. Her left hand groped first her left, then her right breast, squeezing and tugging on her sensitive nipples. The fingers of her right hand slipped through the folds of her incredibly wet pussy, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body. She thought of her body lewdly on display for those horny men, their eyes ravishing her unashamedly, their incredibly fat cocks trying desperately to get free and hose her down with their pent up seed. “Ohhhhhhh . . . ” she moaned, her fingers making firm contact with her hyper-sensitive clit. She rubbed the little nubbin firmly and steadily as the orgasm built quickly and exploded, images of two huge cocks pumping out their delicious cream all over her dancing through her head.

She sagged against the shower wall as the waves of her orgasm diminished. Whew. I had better get down there before they wonder what I’m up to up here. She turned off the water and reached for a fresh towel, looking out the window. It was another beautiful, sunny day at the coast, and there were a couple of lounge chairs on the grass that looked perfect for a little laying out. Give the boys another tiny little show; a reward for all their hard work, Robin thought, giggling to herself.


As she finished blow-drying her hair, Robin noticed some pink ribbons on the counter. The image of her in pigtails and a bikini got her own pussy wet again, so she could only imagine what it would do those poor guys’ cocks. Any male who would have seen the look of mischievous joy on Robin’s face at that moment would have been putty in her hands.


Oh, come on. Did I seriously forget to bring a freakin’ bikini to the freakin’ beach? Robin thought escort mecidiyeköy as she checked her bag for the tenth time. Maybe Mary has something that will fit me. Shortly Robin found one of Mary’s bikinis and held it up to herself. It looked about the right size; the top was gonna be a bit tight, of course, but she could live with that for a couple of hours in the backyard.


Marco and Eddie were actually making pretty good time in the kitchen. They both paused in their efforts when they heard the soft patter of bare feet approaching the kitchen. If they were awed by Robin before, they were positively dumbstruck now. Her soft, shoulder-length brown hair was up in pigtails with pink bows. Her long, tone legs led up to a deliciously full ass accentuated wonderfully by the teal bikini bottoms. But it was her chest that drew the attention of Marco and Eddie. Robin’s breasts, impressive even under modest circumstances, were positively eye-popping in the slightly too-small bikini top.

She could practically hear their cocks jumping to attention as she entered the kitchen, and struggled to suppress a squeal of satisfaction. Instead she smiled cheerfully and said, “Look at you guys, working so hard! Would you like something to drink? I think there might actually be some cold beer in the fridge,” Robin offered helpfully, pulling open the fridge door.

“Uh, shes . . . I mean, uh, yure, uh . . . that sounds good. Thanks,” Marco stammered, all of the blood normally used for cognition now rapidly inflating his heavy cock. Robin bent at the waist to lean fully into the fridge, relishing the groans behind her. God, I hope they can’t see how wet my pussy is! With that thought she quickly grabbed a couple of beers from the shelf and straightened.

“I’m going to be in the backyard if you guys need anything. Hey! The tile looks great!” she beamed, handing the cold beers to the dumbfounded, aroused men. Then she turned and positively bounced out the back of the house.

Robin made sure to set the chair so it was in full view of the kitchen window. She smiled to herself, picturing the looks on their faces and the unmistakable tents in their pants when she walked into the kitchen. She could only imagine what was happening to them now . . .

Inside, Marco turned from the window to Eddie, “This is good enough. Let’s clean this up. I’ve got a plan for this teasing bitch,” he said confidently, subconsciously rubbing his massive member through his pants. He glanced over at Eddie, who was likewise admiring the view out the kitchen window. “Eddie, you’re drooling, dude. Come on.” Eddie absent-mindedly wiped at his mouth and began to help Marco clean up the job.


Their work complete and the truck all packed, Marco and Eddie quietly made their way around the side of the house. Both men’s thoughts were preoccupied with the scorching temptress currently sunbathing in the backyard, their cocks still mostly hard.

They leaned their heads around the house, spotting Robin still in the lounge chair. She had turned onto her stomach and undone the straps of her bikini. Even from this distance they could spot the sides of her ample tits as they were squashed under her onto the chair. “Now, just follow my lead,” Marco whispered to Eddie. Eddie simply nodded and licked his lips hungrily, his eyes locked on Robin.

Robin, enjoying a light doze in the warm sun, didn’t hear them approach. Marco cleared his throat and Robin started slightly, blinking her eyes in the sunlight as she looked up at the two men. “You guys get all finished?”

“Almost, Miss. There was just one more thing that we need your help with,” Marco responded. Robin didn’t miss the slight tone of menace in his voice, and it was then that she noticed the dangerous bulges the men were still sporting, now uncomfortably close to her face. She realized she was all alone and wearing next-to-nothing with two strong, well-hung, and wickedly prick-teased men standing over her. This was not a situation for which she was prepared. She sat up slowly, looking up warily at the two men. In her state of distraction she neglected to grab her top, and her large tits stood proudly on display.

Without a word, both Marco and Eddie undid their pants and slowly lowered their underwear down their thighs, letting their unbelievably thick, half-hard, cut-cocks flop out into Robin’s startled face. Both men had an equally amazing set of large, hairless testicles hanging below their rapidly swelling cocks. Marco and Eddie gave their cocks a few slow strokes, each enjoying Robin’s look of worried awe.

“My associate and I really appreciated your incentives, but now we’re ready for you to finish what you started,” Marco said, admiring the rise and fall of Robin’s heavy tits as he brought his cock close to her face. His fat knob bumped her cheek at the corner of her mouth, leaving a large, wet spot of precum. This startled Robin from her daze and she looked osmanbey escort up, first at Marco and then at Eddie. She realized she would have to do something fast, if she didn’t want this situation to go from alarming to downright dangerous in a hurry.

She wiped Marco’s precum from her face and, making eye contact with him, brought it to her mouth and licked it luridly. “Boy, it looks like I got you guys all hot and bothered, didn’t I? I guess I’ll have to see what I can do to help you with these swollen balls,” she said softly, reaching up to cradle each man’s heavy, distended sac. Oh, my God! Not only are their cocks unbelievably thick, but these balls are ENORMOUS! What have you got yourself into this time, Robin?

Marco was temporarily thrown off by her quick acquiescence. Eddie, oblivious, was enjoying her gentle ball-massage and swung his cock into her face. The heavy tool impacted her face just below the eye with a heavy *splat*, leaving it’s own film of precum behind. Robin, no novice in the cock-pleasing department, was now unsure of exactly where to begin. She looked a little uncertainly between the veiny rods of flesh before her.

Marco smiled to himself and then nodded to Eddie. “Open wide, bitch,” he said, as he and Eddie swung their hips to bring their cockheads to Robin’s mouth. She had gasped at Marco’s words and the cocks impacted her stretched lips and immediately began to BOTH try and force their way inside. Her mouth instinctively began to water, her saliva and the copious precum flowing from both cocks forming a soupy mixture on her face which slowly began to drip down onto her bare breasts.

Realizing both men were lost in a haze of lust, Robin knew she had to take control or these monsters would tear her apart. She stuck out her long tongue and laved over and around each cockhead in turn. She brought her hands up once again, this time gripping each cock firmly at the base and giving a test squeeze. Her hands didn’t even come close to closing around their immense girth, but her grip caused the cocks to swell even further and elicited a loud groan from Eddie and a sharp hiss of indrawn breath from Marco.

“Fuck! but you boys are hung! Do you want me to try and squeeze these fat fuckers into my tiny little mouth?” Robin asked teasingly. Without giving them a chance to respond, she began to slowly but firmly jack her right hand up and down Eddie’s turgid length, while with her left she brought Marco’s monster to her mouth. Once again she stuck her tongue out and began to firmly swath all over his fat head, relishing the taste of his precum as she lubed up for the task ahead. Eddie’s precum was starting to provide a nice lubricant as well, and she slightly increased both the speed and the pressure of her masturbation of his fat rod.

Looking up into Marco’s face, Robin couldn’t help but enjoy the look of intense arousal and pained-pleasure she found there. Locking eyes with his, she stretched her jaw wide and enveloped his gargantuan knob with her little mouth. It stretched her jaw obscenely, but the saliva-precum cocktail helped it to squeeze in. She kept up her tongue work inside her mouth and worked the first few inches of his cock in and out rapidly. Then she brought her left hand up his thick shaft, gathering her saliva on the way. With a firm suck she popped Marco’s cock from her mouth and began to jerk him as well.

Then she turned her attention to Eddie’s throbbing member. He was now rock hard from her manual ministrations and looked like he might blow soon. She looked up into Eddie’s eyes and said seductively, “How does that feel, baby? Can I taste your cock, too?” Eddie could only groan in response as Robin forced her mouth onto his equally fat knob. Marco’s cock was receiving long, full strokes now, and Robin could feel his heavy balls bouncing off of her wrist with each downstroke.

Her enchanting green eyes never leaving Eddie’s soft brown ones, she laved her tongue firmly back and forth over his sweet spot and began a twisting-bobbing motion with her head. Her right hand was still stroking firmly up and down his shaft, in time with her sucking movements on the top third of his cock. Eddie threw his head back in ecstasy and felt a tremendous load boiling over in his balls. He didn’t even try to hold back the floodgates as the mind-numbing pleasure he was receiving from this busty vixen sent him hurtling over the edge.

Robin felt his massive balls draw tight against his body and felt his already insanely-thick cock swell alarmingly in her mouth. She maintained her firm stroking of his shaft and pulled his cock from her mouth until just the head remained inside, licking all over the distended head vigorously. The first spurt rocketed out of his cock and into the back of her throat with such volume and force that she nearly gagged, but she managed to swallow that first shot as tears filled her eyes. The rest of his hot, thick load began to pump out in heavy pulses from his cock. She swallowed hungrily, savoring his surprisingly delicious flavor as he kept cumming and cumming. For almost a minute, his cock continued to spasm as his balls pumped what seemed like a gallon of his thick semen into Robin’s mouth. Finally, utterly spent, Eddie’s cock popped from her mouth and he collapsed on the chair beside her.

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