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So after a week or two of coming to terms with what Jon did to me, I found myself in town browsing the shoe and clothes shops. I picked up a pair black stockings, matching corset and suspender belt, a pair of silver heeled sandals and a sparkly silver mini dress. I picked up some makeup, dildo and my first bottle of poppers, having experienced them with Jon I just had to get some myself.

I rushed home, dressed up and dildo’d myself whilst sniffing poppers. All the sensations came back to me and I replayed the night with Jon in my mind as I came everywhere. The following day I built up enough courage to head back down to the bar to see if Jon would be there. Part of me hoped not, the dirty slutty part of me hoped he was, I needed to be used and humiliated again. I’d missed a week of uni lectures and this was to be my punishment.

I put on my stockings, corset and panties under my jeans and t-shirt and walked through town. On the way I spotted a pair of girls loafers in the shop window and thought sod it, went in and bought them. As soon as I was outside around the corner I put them on, nervous as hell. Looking down at them they were kind of sexy, but the thought of wearing a pair of girls shoes as I walked past people gave me such a buzz. Maybe one day I will go out fully dressed!

So I walk into the bar and look around, no Jon. Phew I thought, relieved but also disappointed. I went to the bar and ordered a drink and hung around for a while. I loved sitting at the bar on a high stool, showing off my girly loafers, dangling them hoping a guy would notice. I even thought about slipping on my strappy heels but didn’t have the courage.

About an hour or so later after a fair few drinks in walked Jon, followed by another guy who was chatting to him. This guy was pretty overweight, about 55-60 years old, grey hair, about 6 foot tall and wearing leather trousers. I wondered if he was Jon’s date, maybe he has a wide range of tastes! there is me, the slim 20 year old guy who likes to dress as a girl, and there is this big bear of a man with Jon. Oh well I thought, time to go. As I got up I caught Jons eye. A big smile appeared on his face and he and his friend headed over to me.

“You’re not leaving” Jon said, more of a command than a question.
“lets grab a table, I’ll get you a drink.”

We headed over to the table and the three of us sat down.
“this is the slut i was telling you about Steve. She loves it”
The guy called Steve laughed, “You are a lucky man Jon, I’d tap that”
I was feeling very nervous again, more so than the first time I met Jon as I now knew he liked me dressing and also how he liked to use me.
“So are you back for more?” Jon asked.
“Yes” I whispered, looking down into my drink.
“Good. Well finish your drink and we can go back to mine”
I looked up at Steve, he had a big grin on his face
“Well Jon, I have to go, have fun with your slut”
Steve got up and started to walk away from the table, stopping and turning around “oh, and I like your shoes slut, very girly” before he left
I could feel my face flush, he had noticed! How many other guys had??
Anyway I downed my drink as soon as Steve had left and the next thing I know we are in a taxi going back to Jons.

Once at his place, Jon tells me to go upstairs and get changed, then come back down to the kitchen. I slip on my outfit, apply a bit of makeup, take a deep inhale of Poppers to give me the courage to then head back down into the kitchen.

“Very nice slut” Jon walks over to me and grabs my neck with his big hands, pulling me tight to him and kisses my deeply. His over hand grabs my ass and squeezes hard. Then he turns me around and pushes me over the kitchen table, pinning me, grinding against my panties. I can feel his hard cock pushing at my boy pussy, probing through my panties. He kicks my legs apart with his, then reaches down and cuffs my ankles to the table legs. He then moves around to the front, pulling my arms out in front of me and ties them too to the other legs.
“Perfect, now suck me”
Jon proceeds to use my mouth, starting slowly as I run my tounge around his big hard cock, before he takes hold of my head and starts to push deep making me deep throat him.
“Ahhh yes you are so good at this”. He takes his cock out and puts a ball gag on me, then walks around behind me. I can feel his cock rubbing against my thigh as he works his way higher, using it to push my panties to one side. His big hands on my shoulders, he thrusts into me. The pain is intense and I scream into the ball gag
“Fuck yes bitch, take it hard”

After a few minutes of his pumping the pain subsides. Jon pulls out and walks around in front of me again, taking the ball gag out and replacing it with his cock.
“Right time to spice things up a bit I think” Jon said as he fucked my throat.

He pulled out and put the ball gag back on me, followed by a blindfold.

“I’ll be back in a minute, don’t go anywhere, hahaha” Jon said as I heard to kitchen door close.

After what seems like ages, tied to the table, blindfolded, my mouth dripping due to the tight ball gag, I hear the kitchen door open again.

“Time for some more fun bitch” said Jon as I can sense him standing in front of me. I hear him shake a bottle and smell poppers as he holds it under my nose.
“Take a few deep breaths, you are going to need it” I inhale deeply a few times, the buzz hitting me, I can feel my heart pumping, my skin tingling. Out comes the ball gag to be replaced by Jon’s cock. I’m in heaven as his big hard cock uses my mouth and thoat, eagerly sucking him. Next thing I feel is a pair of hands on my hips. What is going on! Then I feel a cock entering my tight boy pussy. I moan and try to cry out but Jon is holding his cock deep in my throat
“Oh bet you are loving this bitch” says Jon. He pulls my blindfold off and I look up at Jon, seeing in a full length mirror on the wall behind him the Steve guy riding me, his big belly resting on my back as he holds my hips tight, pulling me into him, a mean look on his face as he fucks me hard.

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