Monsoon Rains of Summer

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This is my submittal for the 2019 Summer Lovin’ contest. This is a mostly true romantic story of how my friends, fictitiously named Allie and Dave, got together. I hope you enjoy it.


My neighbor Allie lost her husband a month before the summer monsoons hit the Southern Arizona desert. In years past it was a tradition, one that just began spontaneously as some of the older residents claim, that when the first summer rains poured down from the heavens, the residents on our street in this retirement community would dance on the sidewalks like little kids, soaking wet. My wife, Cindy, and I thought the practice was silly but participated nonetheless. Now I anxiously anticipate watching Allie, with her rain drenched top clinging to her mature curvy figure, playfully, yet unknowingly, reviving the lust of my youth, the blood rushing to my manhood filling with sinful desire.

Allie stood about five foot-six. She had long wavy blonde hair that nearly approached her round butt. The first time I saw Allie dancing in the summer rain she was wearing a white tank top without a bra. I was mesmerized at the sight of her large breasts bouncing, the cotton top clinging to them, her nipples protruding behind the wet cloth. Allie’s husband, George, was playfully playing with her butt as they frolicked in their driveway next door. My wife, Cindy, waived for them to come join us which they did. We had fun playing like little kids in the rain. At one point I saw Allie looking at my crotch which was embarrassing considering my erection was barely concealed inside my wet shorts.

My wife passed away over a year ago. She was healthy and vibrant. Suddenly she was gone in a horrific accident on the freeway along with her best friend while they were traveling to visit friends out of town. Cindy, my wife, was petite and vivacious. She never lost her desire for sexual pleasure as some women do as they age. Cindy kept me active in the bedroom, now I stay active masturbating. At first I relived our sexual exploitations in my mind but when summer started my nocturnal images turned to watching Allie dancing in the rain.

This summer began with fantasies of Allie driving my self-inflicted nocturnal eruptions. The few monsoon downpours we have experienced left me without the visual enticement of wet cloth clinging to Allie’s large breasts, her soaked shorts wrapped around her magnificent round ass. The first time I witnessed Allie dancing in the rain several years ago it made me very horny I practically attacked my wife Cindy when we went back inside and shed our drenched clothing.

“My, are we excited,” Cindy had said to me looking at my erection. “Must be our new neighbors,” she had teased. “Just kidding,” she laughed. “I think she’s hot too. The rain isn’t the only thing making me wet.”

I had always suspected that Cindy and her friend, Janet, were more than just good friends and Cindy was not necessarily monogamous with me. That didn’t bother me, I simply enjoyed Cindy’s sexual prowess and if she needed to get it on with a woman I was okay with that. If she was attracted to Allie and wanted to bring her into our life, that would be a fantasy fulfilled. It was unlikely though that we could have acted on it considering our friendship with Allie and her husband, George.

“Well, are you going to do something with that stiff rod of yours?” Cindy prodded that summer afternoon three years ago. I picked up her petite body and carried her to the bedroom. I let Cindy down and laid on the bed with my erection pointing up in the air. Cindy mounted me and rode me hard as she usually did. I closed my eyes and imagined our new neighbor’s large luscious breasts bouncing along with the rhythm of my wife’s gyrations. Unexpectedly, just moments into our copulation, I exploded, shooting my sperm up into my wife’s pussy.

“Fuck,” Cindy exclaimed. “You never cum when I’m riding you,” she lamented. “And how come your eyes were closed and you weren’t grabbing my tits?” Cindy dismounted while my cock was beginning to soften. “You were fantasizing about her, weren’t you?” I nodded my confession.

Cindy had the perfect perky b-cup breasts with large brown areolas and nipples that protruded out an inch when aroused. Cindy loved it when I played with her nipples which I usually did when she rode my cock, pinching them enhanced her orgasms. When our first son was born and Cindy naturally lactated, she erotically squeezed her nipples and sprayed her mother milk on my cock, then licked it as if savoring an ice cream cone.

As couples, Cindy and I became good friends with Allie and George when they moved into the community three years ago. George was fifteen years her senior in his sixties, Allie barely turned fifty. George and Allie were active in the community up until about a year ago when George was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t long after that his health deteriorated quickly.

When Cindy tragically died, George and Allie were good friends providing me with support and helping me with the funeral arrangements. I reciprocated marmaris escort for Allie during the final months of George’s life, driving her to hospice care when she was emotionally unable to drive herself. By the time George passed away Allie had accepted his fate and began to grieve quietly, internally. Since the funeral, she has been reclusive, barely going out except for an occasional need to acquire groceries. I have wanted to console her but decided it was probably best to give her space, she will come out of her grief on her own.

Allie and George were married a long time. They had met when Allie barely turned eighteen and he left the army after a fifteen year stint that had showed him the world. They had settled down to a life in a sleepy mid-western town where George managed a restaurant and Allie worked as hostess. The couple never had children and Allie excused them saying they were busy with the restaurant practically twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

It was a day in early August when Allie knocked on my door. She was dressed in a loose fitting top which exposed a considerable amount of cleavage and tight fitting shorts that highlighted her legs and ass. I was happy to see her.

“Dave,” she began. “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course. Anything you need,” I responded.

“My car died and I’m having it towed to the shop,” the beautiful middle aged woman with the soft blonde hair explained. “Can you take me to the store? I need to pick up a few things,” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered and reached for my car keys hanging by the front door. We went to the local shopping center after stopping at the drugstore. We chatted about easy things like the weather and food we liked. There were steaks on sale so I made the suggestion that I should buy a couple and that we could barbecue them some evening, a roundabout way to ask Allie over for dinner. She said that would be nice with a glimpse of the Allie who would come over with George to have dinner with Cindy and myself in happier times.

“Looks like we might get rain,” Allie noticed looking up at the dark grey clouds overhead.

“We should get back and get the groceries in before it comes,” I said to her.

I pulled into Allie’s driveway close to her door. A few drops of rain were beginning to fall as we unloaded her bags. I moved my car back to my driveway and grabbed my bags, steaks and wine, as the skies unleashed.

I looked outside after setting the bags down and there was Allie dancing in the rain. I didn’t hesitate to join her. We frolicked and held each other. My eyeglasses were spotted with large drops of water so I couldn’t really see but I could feel her wet body, her breasts pressed against me as we hugged.

“I bought a few extra bottles of wine,” I said to Allie. “After you get dry and change your clothes you should come over and we could have a glass or two together,” I offered. Allie appeared to return to her normal self so I figured it would not be out of place to be friendly.

“I’d like that,” she replied.

An hour later Allie knocked on my door and I could not have been happier. We sat on the covered patio drinking wine and have a conversation that mostly centered on how my two sons were doing and their careers in Silicon Valley writing apps for smart phones. Allie stunned me as we both neared finishing our second glass of wine.

“What did you and Cindy do after dancing in the rain?” she asked with a tone of seriousness I didn’t expect.

“We made love,” I answered after a brief hesitation.

“I remember the first time George and I danced in the summer rain,” Allie started to reminisce. “Cindy waved us over to join you,” she said starting to smile. “I looked at the bulge in your pants,” she laughed.

I blushed with embarrassment trying to move the conversation in a different direction, not willing to confess how she always had me aroused with the sight her tits bouncing beneath the wet top.

“What did you and George do?” I asked.

“We would take a soft cloth and dry each other off gently,” she said. “Then we would lie in bed for hours caressing each other,” she recounted lovingly.

Allie paused for a moment. I could sense she wanted to say more so I let her just be. She took a big swig of wine to finish her glass. I poured her another and she spoke up.

“I met George when I was volunteering at the hospital,” she started slowly. “He just had a medical discharge from the army and was in for what the chart said ‘reconstructive surgery.’ I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time. Anyway, he was handsome, kind, gentle and sweet. I think I had an immediate crush on him. You know, like a school girl crush on an older man.”

“George was so different than any other man or boy I was ever attracted to,” Allie continued. “The boys I dated in high school were nice but after a while I sensed all they wanted was to get in my panties. I was pretty well endowed, even in high school,” she said glancing down to her breasts. “George didn’t look at me that way. He was different.”

Allie marmaris escort bayan took another gulp of wine before she continued her story. “One day I walked in George’s room and the doctors were behind the curtain. They were saying things like, ‘it’s only cosmetic’ and ‘you won’t be able to function’ and ‘you will need hormone replacement the rest of your life.”

I was a bit puzzled what Allie was trying to tell me about George, I looked at her quizzically.

“It was an accident in the army,” Allie told me. “He,” she hesitated. “He lost his, you know, sexual parts.”

My mind was racing to understand. Here is a beautiful eighteen year old woman with a body that any man would die to have and she fell in love with and married a man who couldn’t function fully as a man.

“You must have been deeply in love with him,” I commented.

“Don’t think he couldn’t satisfy me sexually,” Allie responded. “What he could do with his tongue, any woman would die for,” she said sensing I might have misunderstood their situation. “George could make me orgasm more times than I could count. And he would play inside me with toys,” she confessed.

I was relieved they had a satisfying sex life, at least for her.

“The only thing that bothered me was feeling the intensity of his pleasure,” she lamented. “He made me feel good and I could do nothing for him.”

“I’m sure your love for him was all he needed,” I consoled her.

Allie finished her third glass of wine. “I better get going. You’ve heard enough of my sad story tonight,” she said to me as she stood up.

“It was far from a sad story,” I told. “Actually a romantically beautiful one,” I commented.

I walked her across the yard, if you can call a gravel spotted with cacti and succulents a yard, to her front door. I bid Allie good night and she gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

I didn’t see Allie the entire next day but on the following morning she called. She asked if I could drive her to the repair shop so she could retrieve her car. On the way there I reminded Allie of the steaks I had bought to barbeque. We set up a date for the following evening which was a Friday.

Friday evening Allie and I had a wonderful dinner of steak and a salad I prepared with Romaine, blanched asparagus, grilled tomato and Feta cheese. We drank some wine and loosened up. Allie was opening up, asking all sorts of off the wall questions, she wanted to know all the funny stories of Cindy and my sex life. I suppose she really was inquisitive about a normal married couple’s sex life.

“Did your boys ever catch you having sex?” she asked me.

“One time the boys were at their grandparents for the entire weekend,” I started to tell Allie a story in response to her question. “We weren’t expecting them back until Sunday evening so we engaged in some afternoon sex. Cindy was riding me reverse on the sofa in the living room. Without warning the boys burst through the front door. Cindy stopped bouncing on me, I was still inside her when she matter-of-factly said to the boys, ‘go to your room and wait twenty minutes while daddy and I finish our adult exercise workout’. The boys didn’t seem to think anything of it.”

“How old were they then?” Allie asked.

“Billy was ten and Lucas eight,” I recalled.

Not wanting this to be a one sided conversation about my sex life with my wife, I turned to ask Allie about the crazy things she did with George. Maybe it would make her feel that their sexual experiences were just as exciting as Cindy and I had.

“The wildest thing happened one night when we were on vacation in New York,” she said. “We were sitting at the hotel bar having a night cap and there was a woman sitting next to me trying to hit on the woman on the other side of her,” Allie explained.

“I could hear the entire conversation,” she went on. “When the woman said that men were worthless and couldn’t eat a pussy if their life depended on it, I took a hundred dollar bill out of my purse and slapped it in front of her. I bet her that George could make the other woman cum faster, harder and more times with his mouth and tongue than she could.”

“Wow, that’s a challenge,” I remarked.

“We took both of them up to our room,” Allie continued. “The other woman slid her dress and panties off and laid on the bed while George went to town on her. In fifteen seconds she was screaming with an orgasm. George didn’t stop. Her body bucked and writhed with orgasm after orgasm. Then George started vigorously rubbing her clit and she squirted all over George’s face.”

“How did the woman who was hitting on her do?” I asked.

“She didn’t even try,” Allie said. “She just got up and left. We invited the other woman, her name was Carrie, to stay a while with us. She said only if there’s no penetration. I assured her that would not be a problem so she stayed the night. It was my first time with a woman.”

“How did it feel with a woman compared to George? Was she as good as him at getting you to orgasm?” I asked.

“It was different,” escort marmaris Allie responded. “Mostly I liked kissing her soft lips and sucking on her nipples,” she went on.

“Was that a onetime thing with a woman or have you been with others?” I asked.

“That was my only time,” Allie answered and went on to share her feelings about it. “I told George how much I liked it and he encouraged me to pursue relationships with other women.”

“Did you?” I inquired.

“Well, no, I mean I never really met another woman I was attracted to and comfortable with, until,” she stated and stopped.

“Until?” I encouraged her.

“Until I met you and Cindy,” she confessed. “I fantasized us making love, Cindy and myself but I could never act on it. I was afraid that would ruin our friendship.”

“I’m sure Cindy would have welcomed a sexual relationship with you,” I told her. “I know she was attracted to you and she was just as aroused as I was when we first saw you dancing in wet clothes that summer day when we first met.”

“Did Cindy have a relationship with another woman?” Allie asked me bluntly.

“We never talked about it but I knew there was something going on between Cindy and her best friend Janet,” I told her.

All of a sudden Allie started to cry. I wasn’t understanding why so I stood up and went to her and gave her a hug. We went inside and sat down on the sofa, my arm wrapped around her. I didn’t say anything, waiting for Allie to calm down from her emotional outburst of tears.

“Dave?” Allie started to ask. “Do you find me attractive?”

“More than I would care to confess to,” I responded.

“Someday, when I am ready, would you make love with me?” she asked. I wasn’t sure I actually heard the request. I looked at this goddess of a woman, not believing that my fantasy of being with her might someday be realized.

“Make love with you?” I asked trying to confirm.

“Yes,” she answered demurely. “I want to feel a man inside me,” she said in a soft broken voice. “George once had a plan to see if we could have a foursome with you and Cindy. He wanted to see me with a man.”

I didn’t know how to respond so I just squeezed her body tight against mine.

“I told him that I wouldn’t,” Allie said. “Now, I feel like I need to.”

We sat there in silence for several minutes letting the situation make its way to something that might resemble a normal encounter among friends.

“God, I’m such an emotional train wreck,” Allie said eventually.

“It’s alright,” I said trying to comfort her. “This last year or so has been fraught with emotions and grief, me losing Cindy and you losing George.”

“Thank you for being such a good friend,” she said. “I better get going now. Thank you for the wonderful dinner.” Allie stood up and started making her way to the door. I quickly got ahead of her and walked her back to her house next door. She left me with a light kiss, this time on my lips.

I sat down afterwards with a glass of brandy trying to soak in all the conversation of the evening and try to imagine where things would go with Allie and myself. Eventually I went to bed with an erection that I stroked to the vision of Allie dancing in the rain.

The following morning I called Allie to see if she was doing alright after the emotional roller coaster ride we went on the night before. We had a pleasant conversation that resulted in a plan to date and really get to know each other better. There was a dance at the community clubhouse that evening so we decided to make that our first formal outing together.

The evening was pleasant so we walked the short distance to the clubhouse. Allie was dressed in a tight fitting red dress that was cut low to show her ample cleavage.

“You realize that you are going to pop a lot of the old men’s tents this evening,” I joked with her.

“Pop their tents?” Allie asked seeming to not be familiar with the expression.

“Give the men boners when they see you,” I explained. “Their pants pop out like a tent in their crotch.”

“That’s silly,” Allie laughed.

We both had a good time that evening dancing and socializing with some of the folks we knew in the community. Allie did get noticed by a number of the men who asked me permission if they could have a dance with her. Of course I encouraged Allie to dance with them which led to a few stabbing looks from their wives.

“You are somewhat of a sick puppy,” Allie said to me out of the blue on our walk home.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“You were relishing watching me get hit on by those dirty old men,” she laughed jabbing me in the side.

“Actually I was relishing the stares from their wives,” I told her.

“Carl Jensen wanted me to go outside in the dark with him so he could feel my tits,” Allie chuckled.

“I’m surprised he didn’t whip out his dick and go for a tittie fuck,” I shot back.

“You are a sick one,” Allie responded poking me again.

It was a fun pleasant evening that ended with a romantic kiss good night. We embraced, our lips came together with more passion. Allie’s tongue explored mine, we were locked in a sensuous smooch. That night I once again explored my fantasies with Allie alone in my bed with an act of self-pleasuring.

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