Mistress and the Apprentice

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She watched as he got ready. The changing room was small, but big enough for the two of them. Like all the times before; he got undressed and knelt down in front of her. Naked except for his chastity cage.

“I have a treat for you today my pet. Do you think you deserve it?”

“No Mistress.” he said not looking up.

“Perhaps, but I think I’ll enjoy watching you.” she said as she circled him. “Today I’m going to let you tease my cock.”

“Thank you Mistress. Thank you very much.” His heart beat faster and his caged member made a vain attempt at an erection.

“Does this excite you?”

“Yes Mistress. Very much.”

“I’m excited also my pet. I enjoy watching my pets pleasure and tease my cocks. Would you like to tease my cock for me?”

“Yes, yes I would. Please Mistress.”

She chuckled to herself at his eagerness. They were always very eager until it happened, but then they accepted it in the end. That’s the part that pleased her most. The crumbling of resistance. “Good. I hope so. First let’s get you ready.”

Mistress then put a ball gag in his mouth, slid a black nylon mask over his head and then put headphones over his ears.

He looked up at her, but the mask hid his puzzled look as she then put a black sack over his head.

Her pet couldn’t speak or hear and now with the sack in place he couldn’t see.

He felt hands grab each of his arms and pull him up. Leading him out of the changing room.

He knew exactly where he was going.

The same place he’d been going to for almost two months. The same place she teased him mercilessly without relief.

The recreation room as Mistress was fond of saying.

Complete with large rugs, plants, paintings, a TV and even a pool table. Along with other devices she could add or subtract at will.

He knew he was going to the A. It was a giant wooden A in the middle of the room that he would be strapped on to. Ankles, thighs, waist, wrists and neck.

His neck was loosely bound, instead of the tight grip she normally put him in.

He felt his hormones surge as his right hand was kept free and his cage was removed.

“Does that feel good?” she spoke to him through the head set.

He nodded.

A hand began to gently stroke him. “Then I know this definitely feels good.”

His shaft quickly stiffened.

“Tell me. Are you sure you want to stroke my cock?”

Her words pierced the void of his sensory deprived space. He kıbrıs escort should have sensed something was different, something ominous about her words, but his yearning to be released and hopefully relieved was too much.

He nodded vigorously.

A hand lifted his free one. It held it palm up and he felt lube being drizzled onto it.

His chest was heaving in anticipation.

“Are you going to behave?”

He nodded

“No accidents. Am I clear? If you think you can’t take anymore tap your head against the frame.”

He uttered a muffled yes.

“OK. Here we go.”

Her hand guided his hand outward away from him, but before he could process what was going on she clamped his hand around something stiff and warm.

At the same time he felt a hand on his own hard shaft and it began shake and tug.

It took a moment, but then he realized what was happening.

He tried to pull away but her hand held him.

“Uh. Uh. Uh!” she warned. “Stroke my cock for me my pets… Unless.”

He knew what ‘unless’ entailed.

The hand began stroking him. It felt so good. The lube coating him fully. He moaned.

His pent up lust consumed him as he began slowly stroking the cock he held and she released his hand. He shouldn’t be doing this he told himself, but he couldn’t stop. A serene warmth washed over him.

“Yes, my pets stroke my cocks. Make them cry with frustration.” her voice cooed into his ears.

Soon soft, seductive overlapping voices rose in the background. Enough to break the silence. The voices of Sirens whispering to him.

‘Oh so good. Stroke them good. You love stroking cocks. Tease that cock. Stroke her cock. She love having her cocks stroked.’

Over and over. On and On. Soft imploring voices. Coaxing him on.

Mistress continued to talk. The overlapping voices still filling the background.

His mind struggled to make sense of it all. He was teasing, no, he was jerking off another guy. He didn’t care.

And probably another guy was stroking him.

‘So?’ a voice in his head said.

‘Tease that cock. Stroke her cock.’

It felt so good.

Good to be hard.

Good to be stroked.

“Oh my pets. Look at you two. So eager. So willing. I knew I could count on you two.”

‘Tease it for her. Stroke it. You love touching her cock.’

He stroked and teased as he was stroked and teased.

The voices filled his ears.

He prayed kıbrıs escort bayan she would allow him to cum.

Although he had a hood on, he closed his eyes. Letting his sexual inhibitions fall to the wayside. His mind no longer cared about the ramifications of his actions.

‘It feels good to touch her cock. To stroke it. Caress her cock.’

His limbs tingled and a deep heats surged within him. Wild thoughts flooded his mind.

“That’s it my pets. You’re doing wonderful. Tease my cocks for me.”

‘You love touching her cock. You love cock. You want to worship her cock.’

His breathing became labored as he could now only think of fighting back the urge to cum.

‘Tease her cock. You love cock. You live for her cock. Love to touch her cock.’

The hand on his cock started stroking faster.

‘Stroke her cock. Tease her cock. You love stroking cock. Touching cock.’

His moaning was muffled by the gag.

‘Stroking her cock makes her happy. Makes you happy.’

He in turn began speeding up.

‘Touch her cock.’

He whimpered softly, but the gag all but silenced it.

“Careful my pets.”

‘Tease it. Worship cock. You love her cock. Torment her cock.’

He stroked and caressed the cock in his hand. Twisting and turning. Stroking. Faster.

The hand stroking him mimicked his movements.

A strange symbiotic bond now bound the two pets together.

‘You love cock. You want her cock. Stroke her cock.’

His body began to tremble. Knowing how close he was he began tapping his head against the frame.

“Stop! No more stroking!”

‘Her cock feels good. You want her cock. Cock feels good. You want cock.’


The bodies trembled. Each not moving their hand, but each trying to hump the others hand in a vain attempt to continue. Each grunting like animals as their bodies quivered.

They were suspended in a dark and silent void. Held together by their hands on each others hard shaft. Both wishing in vain for more stimulation.

Held at the brink of an orgasm their minds fell into a sexual rabbit hole.

Each thinking of how far they’d go with each other to get what they so desperately craved.

The women watched as the two bound men shook and whimpered.

They then ripped the hoods off.

He looked at the other pet and the other back at him. In front of him just off to one side. Facing him. Bound just like he escort kıbrıs was to a wooden frame. Black mask and headphones. The outline of the ball gag.

They could both see the other, but the sheer mask prevented one from seeing the others face.

They looked at each other. Then at the cocks they held. Then back to each other.

Then to Mistress and another woman they’d never seen before.

“Look at them.” Mistress in a soft and comforting voice. “Look at how desperate they both are.”

“Bound by their libido.” said the other woman.

“Yes, my young apprentice. They are.” she replied. “The strongest restraint there is.”

The two women began undoing the straps that held them to the frame.

The two men stood still and silent, still grasping the others shaft.

Once free they looked at Mistress.

“Look at each other, my pets. Take a good look. Look at my cock that I have allowed you to touch. To tease. My precious cock teasing pets.”

The two looked down and back at each other.

“Did you enjoy that my pets? Teasing my cock for me?”

The two nodded. Still grasping each other.

“Would you like to tease my cock for me again?”

They glanced at each other, but also nodded. Hesitant and unsure, but more desperate and frustrated than embarrassed.

“Soon my pets. Soon you’ll be able to realize those dark and depraved thoughts you’ve been thinking. Only then will you be able to find the satisfaction you are seeking.”

The other woman stepped next to them. Which was odd since they still had the headphones on.

“I want to tell you two a secret.” she whispered.

They both turned to her.

“Think of this as you go to work tomorrow… You both work for the same company. In the same building.”

Even though their faces could not been seen one could tell they were shocked by the statement.

“Yes. For the next week as you go about you business look at each one of your coworkers and think ‘Does he have Mistress’ cock between his legs? Was that the cock I was teasing? Stroking? Is he caged like me?’ Think on it as you look into the eyes of the people in your office.”

The two looked back at each other. Fear, excitement, embarrassment and frustration all coursed through their minds.

“OK. My pets. You can let go.” Mistress said. “Go get soft, put your cages back on and get going. Remember the walls have eyes so behave as you get dressed and leave.”

The two women turned off their microphones as the pets slowly, as if to get one last stroke, slid their hands off their shafts and quietly separated. Retiring to their changing rooms.

“Bound by their libido.” the apprentice said.

“Yes, Tweets. I told you they were. They always are.”

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