Mistaken Identity

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My head felt like there were hundreds of jackhammers pounding away inside, I was totally disorientated with no idea where I was or how I came to be here. The darkness surrounded me like a black mist, my wrists were secured tightly above my head dangling from what I imagined to be a ceiling beam while my ankles were securely parted and anchored to something in the floor. I couldn’t see where I was but the goosebumps on my flesh revealed that I was naked and vulnerable, but why I kept thinking. The last thing I could remember was being out on a drinking binge with my long time friend James, we downed more pints of beer than I care to remember or even seemed able to remember.

As my head began to clear a little I heard a door open, the sudden blast of daylight causing me to wince and close my eyes quickly against the blinding light.

“Good morning John,” said a voice that I instantly recognised as James. “How are we this morning?” he asked in a friendly voice.

“What’s going on?” I managed to ask indignantly.

“I think you know why you are here, you have to be punished. I know you’ve been poking my wife and now you have to pay the price,” he replied with hurt in his voice.

“Me; kurtköy escort no I haven’t, I wouldn’t do that to you, come on we’ve been friends for years why would I do that to you?” I replied trying to hide my nervousness.

He walked closer to me and ran his fingers down my spine, “is that what she does to you while you’re buried in her pussy, fucking her and laughing behind my back,” he said in a sarcastic manner.

“I promise you, I have never ever touched Lisa, I wouldn’t, trust me,” I pleaded.

“I overheard her on the phone talking to you and describing what she was going to wear for you the next time, so just admit it.”

“I swear on my mothers life I haven’t been sleeping with your wife, I wouldn’t betray a friends trust, you know me well enough.”

“I thought I knew you but it seems I was wrong, so stop pretending and for once in your life be honest,” James said with a hint of anger.

“I am being honest,” I said as sincerely as I knew how.

“You either admit it now or I’ll hurt you until you do, and I mean that.”

“I didn’t and haven’t,” was all I could find to say.

My body jolted with surprise as the unexpected cold liquid was spread in and malatya escort around my butt hole, even with a hangover I quickly realised that my hole was going to be invaded either by James or a dildo of some sorts.

“James please don’t do this, I promise I’m telling you the truth,” I begged.

“This is just retribution, you fucked my wife and now I fuck you and I keep fucking you until you admit the truth.”

I clenched my teeth as the short pangs of pain surged through my body as his finger violated by hole, sinking deep inside me. Next there were two fingers increasing the pain to a level I never knew was possible until he slipped a third into my hole. I yelled as the excruciating pain increased with each movement of his fingers.

“Do you want to admit it now,” he asked once more.

“I didn’t! I didn’t!” I yelled back but to no avail.

The wave of relief as he removed his fingers was short lived as I felt the end of his cock pushing against my hole. He had no thought for my agony and sunk his stiff cock deep inside me causing another yell to escape my lips.

His rhythm increased and thankfully the pain subsided and was replaced by what I could only describe as a weird kayseri escort kind of pleasure. I felt my cock stiffening as the sensations of being butt fucked increased, without warning my cock erupted sending my white fluid cascading in front of me, but the pounding continued.

“You going to admit it now?” demanded James as he tried to control his breathing.

The level of enjoyment I had now reached I would admit to anything, but just before I managed to answer I heard the door open once more.

“What the fucking hell are you two doing!” yelled Lisa who had come to see what all the yelling was about.

“He fucked you and now I’m fucking him, I heard you two on the phone,” said James bitterly.

Lisa began laughing and the longer she laughed the louder it got, “you are joking aren’t you, I wouldn’t have sex with John if you paid me,” she said while her laughter died down.

“But I heard you, why are you lying,” asked James.

“I admit I have been having sex with John, but not this one, it’s our neighbour across the road,” she said as she burst once more into laughter.

Lisa walked out of the garage and out of James life, but things didn’t all end bad as James and I have developed our own relationship and now live together and in between dating women we sometimes indulge in sex together, one day we’ll move on but for now things are just fine.

Any views let me know, good or bad .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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