Eki 04

Mississippi Pearl River

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All characters in my story are over 21.


I was traveling through Florida and stopped for the night in Panama City Beach at a small hotel a short walk to the ocean.

He was checking in as I headed for my 2nd floor room. I waited outside on the balcony overlooking the office area. He came out and headed toward his room, climbing the stairs towards where I was standing. I had seen his car when he pulled in and noticed the license plate was from Mississippi with the description below: “Pearl River”

He was a handsome lithe young guy of perhaps 22, wearing long pants a t-shirt and sandals. His curly hair was a little longer than most young guys, touching his shoulder.

All in all, Sexy!

He came my way and stopped at the door next to mine. I told him “Hi”

He said Hi back and went into his room, but left the door open.

He dumped his backpack on the bed and with the front door still open, stepped into his bathroom and peed. As he peed, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me watching him. He turned slightly toward me and I caught a glimpse of his cock.

Taking this as an invitation, I stepped into his room closing the door behind me.

He finished, flushed the toilet, zipped up and moved out near me.

I asked him two questions.

“When was the last time you had a blow job?”

“Do you want one now?”

He hesitated, then nodded his head yes.

he stepped closer to me.

I reached slowly forward, used the back of my hand and rubbed his crotch area.

I could feel him stiffening up.

He sighed and opened his legs slightly, turning himself over to me.

I dropped down to my knees in front of him.

He stepped even closer.

I unbuttoned, unzipped him, reached in and pulled his hardening cock out of his pants.

I licked my lips as I realized with his big size, I was going to have to work at being able to deep throat all of him.

I leaned in, my hands still on his cock. I rubbed the head across my lips again and again.

He shuddered, then tangled his fingers in my hair, holding my head, guiding my mouth.

I looked up to see him smile as he pushed his big cock into my mouth for the first time. Both of us moaned.

He drove his cock deep. I relaxed, pushing my tongue forward which opened my throat more, he took advantage of that and thrust in enough that he started impaling my throat, pushing forward until 3/4 of his cock was in my mouth and throat. I did gag a little.

He held it there for a moment, pulled out then pushed back in just as deep. I settled back to receive a face fuck from him. Me still wanting to take all of him in my throat.

He was excited, but still took his time. Taking long slow strokes, entering my throat each time, while I adjusted to the intrusion. I was sucking and licking his cock, cock head, wanting to give him as much pleasure as I could.

Breathing when I could, enduring when I couldn’t.

Then his pace picked up, he moaned, I moaned as he fucked my face faster. Now he was pushing forward, deeper each time until I started to feel his balls just touching my chin with each hard stroke.

I loved this!

He was sweating slightly as he worked my mouth and throat over. I groaned as he bruised me.

He really started fucking my mouth harder, his cock jerking and throbbing. I was gasping for breath and thought about tapping out as this was almost more than I could take, but I kept at it because I wanted his cum.

I got it.

With one last deep hard full length stroke, his balls pressed tight against my chin,he exploded in orgasm, sending ropes of cum down my throat. I was swallowing, gagging, trying to breath, suddenly he pulled out splashing the last 3 or 4 spurts of cum onto my face and into my hair.

I was a wreck! But I loved it!

What just happened is what I live for.

He stood in front of me breathing hard, cum dripping down off of his big cock. I was gasping for breath, still on my knees in front of him.

He reached down, wrapped one hand around his wet hard cock, the other hand in my hair still holding me in place.

He simply said: “I want more.”

His big cock was throbbing and still leaking cum. With his cum from the first load still dripping off of my face, I leaned back slightly, opening my mouth.

An invitation.

He accepted and plunged his cock back into my mouth, again making both of us moan.

He was more relaxed as he had just cum, and now he wanted to experience more pleasure.

He stroked his dick and fucked my face for a long time.

I was in an altered reality place in my mind and body. On my knees in front of this beautiful young man, his big cock bursa escort all mine.

With out even touching my own hard cock, as he was face fucking me, I exploded in orgasm, filling my pants with my own cum.

He noticed, and just smiled as he continued using my mouth for his pleasure without missing a stroke as I shuddered and shook through my orgasm.

My mouth and throat were getting sore from the abuse I was getting.

I didn’t care, I loved this!

Being used, being desired by this young man.

What ever he wanted.

With out notice, he suddenly pulled out of my mouth, pulled his pants back up, zipping them and said:

“Let’s go down on the beach.”

I staggered up to my feet, and caught up with him as he was heading down the outside stairs.

It was late and dark, we didn’t see any people around close to us.

The beach walkway was just across from the hotel, the stair access going between the one and two story beach houses sitting on stilts, facing the water.

Most of the houses were dark as they were seasonal and there front decks cast shadows on and to the left and right of the wooden stairs we were walking down.

The beach was mostly deserted, I did see some people faintly in the distance walking along the surf line.

At the bottom of the stairs, he suddenly stopped and I ran into the back of him. He turned and then pointed to one of the shadows under a house deck and said; “There.”

We stepped into the sand, out of the moon light and into the shadows, he faced me putting his hands on the top of my shoulders and gave a downward push on them indicating he wanted me back on my knees.

I complied.

I barely settled onto my knees before he had his cock out of his pants and was pressing it against my lips.

Horny guy!

I gagged a little as he again thrust in full length before I was ready.

He started fucking my mouth and throat with a vengeance, unconcerned if I were able to breath or not.

I gasped and gagged and did my best to suck his big cock, but it was sloppy at best.

I started to get my breath around his cock and through my nose, and went to work on this big beautiful cock.

Sucking, licking, tonguing the head and shaft, determined to bring as much pleasure as I could to him. My hands on his balls, caressing, rubbing, pulling slightly on them as I serviced him.

Behind him, I saw some movement and froze for a second.

I saw a couple of guys that must have been sleeping on their towels in the sand under the house overhang in the deep shadows.

As they stirred awake I saw a bunch of empty beer cans laying around, along with their surf boards leaning against the house pilings.

They must have been surfing and drinking beer

I realized they were watching me service my young guy.

They had both stood up and were looking at us. Each had on swim suites. One guy had on a wet suite, down off of his upper body, but still onto his legs and waist.

Unknown to my guy they moved closer as I continued to suck cock, I saw one of them reach down and start to rub his own cock through his swimsuit.

I was scared, and didn’t know what to do, so I just kept on sucking the guy from the hotel. Then I realized, I was excited about being watched as I sucked cock.

My guy started fucking my mouth faster. I moaned, he moaned. then again for the second time in less than a hour, he jammed his big cock down my throat and exploded!

He held my head close as I struggled for breath, my face turning red as he emptied himself into me, this time not pulling out from my throat.

I could feel the throbs as his cock slowly deflated. I saw black spots before my eyes and knew from past experience I was close to passing out.

Suddenly he released me, stepped back slightly as I fell to the ground.

I was laying there gasping for breath, as my guy with his back toward our watchers was unaware that we had company, leaned in close to me and said:

“Thanks cocksucker, I needed that. Now I’m going to get some sleep, but I want your mouth again in the morning before I check out”.

He walked away, stepping out into the moon light, going back up the stairway, leaving me, us alone.

I was still laying in the sand, gasping, getting my breath, when I looked up to see both of the young guys had stepped close and were looking down at me.

One of them said:

“Cocksucker huh? My dick could use some attention.”

He reached down, grabbed me by the hair, pulling me up in place as I struggled to my knees.

I was coming to my senses and found myself facing another crotch near my face.

His friend stepped close görükle escort behind me and said:

“You get his mouth, I get his ass.

We’ll spit roast him like we did that surfer chick the other day.”

I had finally gotten my breath and was able to look at both guys.

Both were young 20’s something, toned, tangled longer hair. They were hot looking guys, but I wasn’t so sure about being spit roasted.

“Get undressed, now” the swim suite guy said.

I tried jumping up to my feet to run away, but slipped as the guy behind me pushed me off balance and I fell into the sand again.

The first guy said” “You can struggle if you want, but we are both going to fuck you one way or the other, you might as well enjoy it, after all you are a cocksucker.”

I knew the truth when I heard it as my hand touched the front of my pants and discovered my cock was hard as a rock.

“Get undressed now.” the first guy said.

I complied.

I slowly stood up, and took my clothes off until I was naked.

As I undressed, the two guys were sliding out of their swim and wet suits.

By the time I was naked, both guys were naked too and still standing close to me.

My mind was on fire. I had no thought of trying to get away.

I wanted this.

We were in the shadows, but I could still see some detail as I looked down and watched them getting hard.

Fucking hot!

Two young hot surfer studs, both with good sized hard cocks that wanted my mouth and my ass.

We stood there for a moment until one of them looked down saw my throbbing cock and said:

“He wants this.

Let’s fuck this cocksucker.”

Both guys moved in close, one on each side of me. I had no where to run, but didn’t want to leave.

I did want this.

I was roughly pushed down to my knees, now with two hard cocks waving in my face.

The first guy grabbed my hair tangling his fingers in it and shoved his cock into my mouth.

I took it.

He started thrusting hard into my mouth hitting the back of my throat, and as I tilted my head back, pushing my tongue forward making more room for his hard cock, he thrust again driving the head down my throat. I still had some cum in my mouth and throat from the hotel guy so it slide in place easier.

I moaned.

He took a dozen hard thrusts when his friend said: “Dam Danny, save some for me.”

Now I knew a name. Danny said: “Shut up Mike, you’ll get your turn.”

Mike pushed into us standing close and started rubbing his hard cock against my face, then pulling me by the hair, turned me away from Danny and jabbed his cock into my mouth, deep.

I gagged, but had to take it as I realized they were going to use me no matter what.

No choice.

Somehow, I was thrilled!

The mouth fucking went on for awhile.

When I could, I worked my own cock, but with the roughness, I mostly couldn’t. I had to brace myself with my hands behind me in the sand.

I lost track of time as the two guys traded off using me as a sex toy, fucking my mouth like it was a dirty cunt. I loved it!

I was gagging, choking, licking, sucking as they passed me off back and forth, back and forth.

It was an altered reality for sure.

I didn’t want it to end.

They both used me roughly not caring what I was feeling, only concerned about their own lust.

Up to now it had been them using me. No choice. Fucking my mouth hard and deep if that’s what they wanted, me taking it, no choice.

Danny stopped and said: “Cocksucker, we’re doing all the work here. It’s your turn. Go to work!”

They both stood still now standing side by side as I went to work, sucking licking deep throating, going back and forth for one dick to the other.

When one was in my mouth, I had my hand wrapped around the other and was stroking it, rubbing their balls, touching them, pleasuring these two young studs, servicing them.

We had all relaxed because we all knew what we wanted.

Earlier they had been using me.

Now I was using them?

My mouth and lips could feel the veins in their hard cocks as I worked them over.

They were throbbing and leaking a lot of precum. I swallowed it all.

Then they changed it up again, taking charge.

Danny pressed me backward into the sand onto my back, mounted my face and drove his hard cock into my throat again and again. I took it, breathing when I could, enduring when I couldn’t.

His cock was big, but not as big as my guy from the hotel.

I was silently amused as I didn’t even know the hotel guys name.

Mike tapped Danny on the shoulder, and took his place mounting bursa escort bayan my face, shoving his cock into my throat.

My whole world was this.

Servicing, sucking, having my face fucked, being used by these two young studs.

During the brutal use, I found my own hands, rubbing and stroking my hard dick. My fingers pulling and pinching my tight nipples hard.

I was so into what was happening!

I wanted this!

Several times, my hands had gone up and cupped someone’s ass cheeks, pulling down, urging them to give me more, to fuck my mouth harder.

They did.

Again, this time Danny tapping Mike on the shoulder, switching off taking his place, face fucking me for what seemed like an endless time.

They had done this before, sharing, using, trading off.

I loved it!

I lost track of time. I lost track of any reality.

Just this.

It was enough. It filled my world, somehow this is what I need. Being used. Being fucked in any of my holes.

Then things changed. I was hauled up onto my hands and knees.

I was gasping for breath, almost hyperventilating from the hard use.

There was more use to come, much more, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Danny dropping down to his knees and was at my mouth again.

I could feel Mike dropping down behind me, shoving my legs open, pushing down on my back which arched my ass up.

I heard him spit, and felt the splatter of saliva hit my ass hole. He followed it with his thumb rubbing the spit into my opening. I moaned around Danny cock.

I felt the head of Mikes hard cock probing my ass, then touching and pushing forward into me. I moaned as all the while Danny was stroking into my mouth and throat.

Mike must have spit on his cock as it was wet enough or was it my own saliva? Then he gave a big shove forward, it slide into my ass bottoming out.

I groaned!

That hurt!

I could feel Mikes hands on my hips, holding me, using me for balance, for his advantage to pound my ass, and he did.

Danny said to Mike:

We got this cocksucker where we want him, spit roasted.”

I heard the clap of hands as the guys must have high 5’d each other over my back.

The pain in my ass was starting to be replaced by pleasure and Mike kept a steady rhythm fucking my ass. Danny was doing the same with my mouth and throat.

I was spit roasted, being fucked, being used by these two surfer guys.

Without touching myself, (I couldn’t) my throbbing cock exploded again!

I shuddered and shook through it, both guys noticed and laughed, but kept on fucking me,.

Mike said: “See this cocksucker loves this, we can use him harder.”

They did.

The fucking went on for awhile, then they changed it up.

I was flipped over onto my back, Mike raising my legs up, plunging back into my ass, Danny facing Mike, mounting my face, driving his cock back into my throat.

With my legs up in the air pushed toward my head, and my throat full of cock, I really struggled to breath!

I was seeing black spots before my eyes, I was more out of it than aware of all the ways they were using me.

I blacked out for a moment, but came back and the double fucking was still going on.

The guys had picked up speed, were talking, moaning, groaning. Mike said: “Fuck Danny, I’m going to cum! You close?”

Danny said: Yeah, I’m there, you ready?’

Then I was dimly aware that the two of them were kissing each other as I was being double fucked.

Mike said: Yeah I’m cumming!” Danny said: “Me too!” they had done this before, double teaming, split roasting, using someone.

They both climaxed, their mouths locked to each other, gasping into the other’s mouth.

I felt the shock of their climax splattering down my throat and deep in my ass and involuntarily shook and shuddered!

They emptied them-self into me and then collapsed on the sand near me. All of us gasping for breath.

Fucking intense!

I must have passed out.

I woke up cold, naked, laying in the sand, confused as to where I was, what had happened.

It was still dark, but I could see that it was almost predawn. I was alone under the house, deep in the shadows.

I laid there for a few minutes, recalling, remembering all that had taken place this night.

I groaned as I staggered to my feet, my body hurting in so many places from the hard use.

My throat was sore, my ass hurt. I had dried cum on my face, in my hair and mouth, cum still dripping down from my ass.

I found my clothes and struggled into them.

My mind playing over again and again all that had happened.

I wandered back to the hotel. I staggered up the stairs only wanting to get back into my room. At the top of the stairs with only a few steps to get to my door, the other door opened and the young guy from the hotel walked out of his room, stepped in front of me and said: “Ready cocksucker?”

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