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Mission Possible

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It had been a very long day. My pussy had twinged and pulsated from the moment I woke up, and my thoughts were skating all over the place. I couldn’t focus on much, so I made a plan to seduce my husband, Jim, when he came in from work. The only difficult part to my day was resisting the urge to take matters into my own hands and satisfy my hot cunt with one of the toys hidden in my bedroom.

I spent an hour or two reading erotic stories, making my pussy twitch harder than it had all day. I found scenarios I liked, and decided to incorporate them into my plans to make sure my pussy got what it desired when I let Jim take the reigns.

About an hour and a half before Jim was due home, I slid into a bubbly hot bath. My curvy 5’9″ tanned body relaxed in the tub, and the nearly half inch nipples extending from my 36C tits hardened into overly sensitive nubs immediately. I tugged on them while my mind wandered, and every small twist I gave each nipple made my cunt convulse and shudder. The ache between my legs was getting to be nearly uncomfortable.

I tried to take my mind off pleasure and slide it into the business in front of me. Spreading my legs, I lathered my pussy with vanilla scented shaving cream, the cool menthol seeping through my wet lips and tantalizing my clit. I gritted my teeth against the overwhelming desire to reach my hand between my legs and give my aching pussy a good rub. Grabbing my razor, I set to work.

Shaving my pussy has never been easy work, I can never seem to find the perfect position to make it a quick and easy job. As the razor skated over my lips time and again, the juices flowed and lubricated my lips to give me a close shave. Running my free hand over my cunt for errant stubble, I let my thumb tease my clit quickly as I passed by it. The feeling was enormous, I knew immediately that one more trip back up my pussy with a wandering thumb would have me cumming right there, ruining my plans for a night of hot fucking.

Sitting upright, I felt my twat pulsate again as it was submerged in hot water. Hissing between my teeth, I grabbed up the razor once again and set to making my legs silky smooth. Minutes later, I drained the water from the tub and stood. Absentmindedly, I grabbed a soft nipple in each of my hands and tweaked them hard, tugging them slightly away from my body and allowing them to snap back. It seemed that I was in the frame of mind to relentlessly torture myself, so I gave up trying to resist. I thumbed one nipple with my hand while reaching down and turning the faucet on. After adjusting the water temperature, I pulled the lever to start the shower and stepped into the hard pulse of the water.

The sensations were immediate as the hot water pounded against my tits. My nipples returned to the hardened state that they were in earlier. I turned my back on the water, feeling it run between my ass cheeks as I pushed my hair under the water. Five minutes later, and my hair was freshly washed. I set to the task of soaping up the rest of my body, knowing it would be torture to wash my aching cunt.

Grabbing my body pouf, I poured a bit of scented body wash onto it, and set to washing my firm tits. As the rough texture of the pouf slid over my nipples, I could feel my pussy getting so slick that my legs were sliding silkily over one another as I moved slightly, washing my tits thoroughly. I let out a small moan, continuing to wash the rest of my body. I avoided my pussy, knowing that the moment I touched it I would need all of my willpower to keep from cumming in the shower. A few minutes later, and I couldn’t avoid it any longer. My cunt needed to be washed. I steeled myself as I slid the pouf between my legs.

The rough material slid over my extended clit and slick lips. I moaned lightly, knowing that I had to finish the job quickly or ruin it for Jim later that night. I scrubbed roughly, letting my pussy know who was boss. Reaching up, I adjusted the shower head so the water would pulse over my pussy, cleaning it of the scented suds I had just left behind. The first blast nearly sent me over the edge, so I jumped back, breathing shallowly. With all the nerve I could muster, I thrust my twitching cunt back under the stream of water. Running my hand over my lips as roughly as I could, I made sure that no suds were left behind. Finally, I was ready to get out of the shower.

Turning off the water, I ran the curtain back on its rod and grabbed a towel. Quickly and roughly I dried off, taking extra care to make sure my pussy was completely dry. It was one of my peeves, I hated the feeling of a wet cunt from the shower. Glancing into the mirror as I dried my curly brown hair with blond streaks, I noticed that my hazel eyes were glazed with the need to cum. Sighing in frustration, I headed out of the bathroom and entered my bedroom.

Swiping at my pussy again to make sure it was totally dry, I settled onto my bed with a bottle of sexy smelling lotion and set to rubbing it slowly over my skin. Starting with my legs, I worked my way up Sivas Escort my body, spending more time than was called for rubbing the sweet scent into my tits. As I rubbed, I played over in my mind how I wanted my night of hot fucking to go. Before I knew it, I had tossed the lotion bottle aside, and found my hand exploring my clit gently between my legs. The little nub was hard and extended, and each time my fingers gently caressed it, I felt my pussy muscles contract. Curious to see how wet I was since drying off, I dipped a finger down to my hole.

I slowly brought my finger away from my pussy, watching in fascination as the slickness stuck to my finger and formed a glistening thread leading back to my twat. Breaking the gossamer connection, my brain was on autopilot as I brought my finger to my lips and tasted the tangy and musky drippings left on my finger. As I sucked the juices off my finger, I let out a low growl as I felt more juices flood my pussy lips. I squeezed my thighs together tightly, savoring the feel of the slickness oozing between my pussy lips and onto my inner thighs. Unable to stop what I was doing, I returned my fingers to my cunt and dipped them towards my hole, being careful not to let them slip inside my hot tunnel.

For a good five minutes, I repeated the process of dipping my juices onto my fingers then licking them off, and each time my pussy would flood anew with more juices. On one trip down to my hole, I brought my fingers up and masturbated my clit gently, feeling the sensations within my cunt tripling in intensity with each small rub. Slowly, I brought my pussy to near climax, then stopped, breathing hard and licking my slickness from my fingers. I must have brought myself to the brink of climax at least 10 times before realizing that all it was taking in between cooling off and the next near climax was a simple rub or two of my clit. Groaning in lust, I pulled my hand away from my pussy, sucked my fingers clean one last time, then dried my pussy thoroughly with a towel. Jumping off the bed, I slid a silky nightgown on, fixed my hair quickly, and sprayed my neck and cleavage with the perfume that drives Jim wild with lust every time I wear it. The mixture of contentment at knowing what lay ahead for me, and disappointment at not having the ability to cum more than once a day without ruining my want for sex, compelled me to turn my mind to making dinner for my husband.

He arrived home from work covered in soot and grime, so while I put dinner on the table I had him wash up. I smiled to myself while he was in the bathroom, knowing that if he only knew how turned on I was, and how wet my pussy had gotten when I saw him walk through the door, he would have taken me right there in the kitchen with reckless abandonment.

The next few hours he spent blissfully unaware of what I had planned. We had a nice dinner and watched a new release on DVD before shutting everything down and heading for the bedroom. I slid into bed restlessly while Jim headed for the bathroom. I rubbed my clit idly while waiting for him to join me in bed. As I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom, I took the rough towel that was still laying on my bed from earlier and rubbed hastily at my cunt, drying it off one last time before the main event.

I watched as my husband undressed entirely, admiring his short stature (he was only 5’4″) and his muscled chest, arms, and thighs. As he turned, fully naked, to set his alarm clock for the morning, I watched his ass jiggle a bit with the movements he was making. I felt my pussy clench tightly, and I breathed slowly, calming my body so as not to ruin what I had in store.

He slid into bed, and I caught a glimpse of his cock before the blankets covered his body. It lay all soft, in a trimmed nest of dirty blond hair. My mouth watered as I thought of having it sliding in and out of my lips, and down my throat. I turned my body towards him, where he was already on his side facing me with his arm holding his head up so he could look at me. I let my fingers play with his short brown hair while I stared at his hazel green eyes, wondering if he knew what was on my mind. Before I could say anything, he broke the silence.

“So, baby, what do you say to me going down on your pussy?” He smiled at me knowingly, I never turned down an offer to have my pussy eaten by him. Determined not to let him ruin my plans, I counter offered.

“Actually, I have a mission for you.” His eyebrows lifted as a small smile replaced the knowing one he wore just seconds before. He asked what my mission was, and as I twisted my fingers through the curly hair on his chest, I answered as boldly as I knew how.

“Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to tease me mercilessly without letting me cum until I tell you to.” His eyebrows shot up, and I immediately knew that he was up for it. He murmured “If that’s what you want, then mission accepted” and lowered in for a steamy kiss.

My pussy juices started to flow the moment his lips touched Sivas Escort Bayan mine, his tongue reaching out lightly to touch my lips. I returned his kiss with fervor, and he leaned into me, making me wonder what he had in store. Before I could wonder too far, he broke the kiss and rolled me over lightly onto my belly, kissing his way along my body as it turned before his eyes.

He pushed my silk nightie up as he worked his kisses down my back. I arched my back in appreciation when he grabbed my ass cheeks with both of his hands, he was now entirely behind me. Kissing all over my ass, he gave a slight pull and forced me onto my knees in front of him. His tongue slipped between my ass cheeks, trailing down, pausing to swirl around my puckered asshole, before barely reaching my pussy lips.

“Are you sure this is what you want, baby?” He growled from behind me, and all I could respond with was a whimper and a groan. His breath was cool on my pussy lips as he waited for my response, then lightly licked at my hole. My whole body jerked as his tongue made contact with my sopping wet pussy, and I buried my face in a pillow as he slowly started to lick all of my juices from my cunt.

He tortured me with his slow licking for a minute or two, and I could start to feel his tongue getting rougher along my pussy, letting me know that he had managed to lap up most of my juices and my pussy was now resembling the near dryness that I loved to feel between my legs. A lick or two more, with me whimpering uncontrollably and waiting for him to find my clit, and I was rewarded with the best pussy eating I have ever had.

As his tongue passed back down towards my hole, he moved suddenly and my whole clit was sucked into his mouth while he lapped it without mercy with his tongue. My pussy flooded with juices again, I could feel them starting to run down my inner thighs as he teased my clit. I cried out as he shook my clit from side to side with his mouth latched firmly onto it, arching my body up to break the suction before he made me cum. He released my clit, he could read my body language so well.

He flipped over and slid under me, so my pussy was right above his face, and started to slurp up my juices. He licked tantalizingly along my thighs, not wasting a single drop of my muskiness. He returned to this torturous licking of my pussy again, lapping up my flow as fast as I could produce it, until I could feel his rough tongue again. Sighing in contentment, I felt his mouth take in my clit again and begin to torture it. Less than a minute later, I arched my back up again, letting him know he had me close.

I could hear him give a throaty laugh from underneath me, he was clearly enjoying the torture he was putting me through. Not one to be outdone, I flipped my body around so I was inches from his rock hard 7″ long and 3″ thick cock. I ran my tongue over it lightly, and he groaned like a man who has been waiting for days to release his load. I smiled wickedly, holding my pussy far enough from his face so he couldn’t torture it with his tongue, opened my mouth wide, and deep throated his cock. His cock pulsed and throbbed as I slowly backed off it, my tongue scraping along the underside. Reaching his large head, I sucked with all of my might, causing him to grab my hips with his hands, squeeze, and force my pussy down to his tongue.

I tortured his cock with my mouth while he tortured my pussy with his, me deep throating him so often that within a couple of minutes I could feel him near the edge. I backed off while he lapped gently at my pussy, drying me off. Reaching down, I took his sack and massaged it gently, then popped his balls into my mouth one at a time, giving each a hard suck and letting it pop out of my mouth before moving to the other. I repeated this process a few times, until his balls were slick with my spit. Moving back to the head of his cock, I found it covered in a big glob of pre-cum.

I growled low in my throat, I love the taste of pre-cum. I ran his big cock head over my lips, coating them nicely in his pre-cum, then sucked on the head until I felt a good drop of his manliness drizzle out and land on my tongue. I rolled it around, feeling my pussy flood with juices all over again that I knew he would love to lick up. Working hard with my mouth, I deep throated his beautiful cock time and again until he was near cumming, as I continuously had to wrench my pussy out of the grip his mouth had on my clit to avoid climax.

He pushed me up and off him, and removed himself from underneath me. As he emerged from between my legs, I got a good glimpse of my juices on his chin. My pussy twitched again, he was soaked, and it was running off his chin. Pulling him up and over me, I opened my mouth wide just under the drip of my pussy juices and lapped them up. While I sucked on his chin to get up every last drop, he grabbed the head of his cock, squeezed it until a big drop of pre-cum glistened on it, then rubbed it over my clit. Knowing how much I loved Escort Sivas to feel his pre-cum on my clit, he grinned slyly as he backed down away from my face, caught a nipple in his mouth lightly, nipped at it, and continued down to my pussy.

He lapped gently at my clit, removing his pre-cum from it as slowly as he could. I reached down and spread my cunt lips for him, allowing him the freedom to roam over every inch my pussy offered. My cunt was flowing so many juices that they were pooling underneath me, running down the crack of my ass and onto the sheet. I felt his finger slide through my juices at my hole, lubing it up heavily. As he slid a finger into my tight hole, I felt him run the lubed finger down the slippery trail between my ass cheeks, pausing at my asshole and teasing around it.

Tensing up, I tried to enjoy the feel of his mouth on my clit while his finger was in my pussy. Knowing that the initial invasion is the worst, I focused elsewhere as I felt his lubed finger gently prise its way into my super tight ass. I groaned as my asshole adjusted to the size of his finger, he knew enough not to move it into my body until I entirely relaxed in his grip. He applied more pressure to my clit, bringing me to a near climax where I jerked my pussy away from his mouth, then started to slowly fuck my ass with his finger.

I twisted on the bed while he fucked me in both holes with his fingers, my hands repeatedly pulling my nipples away from my body and letting them snap back into hard little nubs. He lapped at my pussy as much as he could, but my juices were flowing so fast and so much that he couldn’t lick them up quick enough to somewhat dry my pussy off. As he brought me near climax again, he must have felt my ass pulsate to let him know I was super close to going over the edge, so he ceased his licking, but continued finger fucking my holes, ramming each one harder and harder with each plunge.

Unable to take the ass reaming any longer, I inched my body away from him, letting him know that I had had enough of his finger in my tight ass. As his finger slowly vacated my ass, his other left my pussy at the same time, leaving me with the feeling of complete abandonment. I moaned in agony, wanting his fat cock inside my cunt so badly that my my whole pussy was throbbing with my heartbeat.

He raised himself over me, bringing his face down so I could lick my juices from him again. As soon as I had him cleaned up, he gave me a probing kiss, reached down and grabbed his cock, and rubbed it on my clit. Moaning nonstop, he knew he was hitting the right spot as he teased my pussy. Breaking our kiss, he reached down and took my left nipple in his mouth, grasping it with his teeth after giving it a quick suck. He nibbled on it lightly, pulling it away from my body and allowing the hard little bud to snap back. I took my right nipple in my hand, and teased it to the rhythm that he was applying to the other.

After minutes of slow torture, he raised himself between my legs and pushed my knees to the side, my pussy splayed before his hard cock. He reached down, gave my pussy a light slap, causing me to groan loudly. As I looked down, I watched him grab his cock and slide it slowly down my lips, stopping at my hole. I could feel his cock starting to stretch my hole slightly and the feeling had my pussy convulsing with the want to feel his cock inside it. I squirmed underneath him, he positioned his cock snugly just inside my wet pussy, grabbed my hips, and rammed his cock all of the way into my pussy.

My pussy spasmed as he bottomed out, holding my hips in place, he ground his cock into my wet hole, relishing the feeling. He pulled out slowly, until the head pulled out, rubbed it up my pussy, teasing my clit. Dragging it slowly down my swollen lips, he rammed it back in just as hard as the first time. I was moaning in ecstasy, writhing on the bed. My movements encouraged him, and he started pounding my pussy with long, deep strokes.

He fucked me long and hard for a good 10 minutes, holding my legs in the air as he pounded me relentlessly. I continued to pinch and pull on my nipples, and occasionally he would reach down and brush his fingers against my clit, making me shudder in ecstasy. Just as I was nearing orgasm, my pussy clenching at his cock as he rammed it in and out of me, he grunted long and low. Pushing his cock into me all of the way, he released my legs and settled down on top of me, slowing his pace as he kissed me passionately.

Holding me tightly with his cock buried inside of me, he rolled to the right and pulled me with him. Landing on his back with me straddling him, he placed his hands tightly on my hips and encouraged me to fuck him fast and hard. Normally, he would pull me over him, latch onto my nipple, and encourage me to orgasm while I rode his thick cock. Not this time.

Jim was on a mission, and my orgasm wasn’t in the cards at this point. He pushed and pulled at my hips until I had a rhythm going that would make him cum in no time. I rode him fast and hard, feeling my orgasm ebbing and flowing without the proper stimulation in this position. My ass slapped against his thighs as his cock slammed hard into my pussy, his balls squishing against the crack of my ass every time I swallowed his cock with my hot pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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