Miss Crowley’s History Detention

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Alissa White

All characters and actresses in this video are 18 years old or older.

Episode 88) Miss Crowley’s History Detention

Two cute high school girls are eating lunch. They’re both dress in school uniforms. Presley’s skirt is noticeably shorter than her friend’s. Presley is telling her friend that she can’t come over that afternoon because Miss Crowley gave her a detention. Her friend asks Presley what she did. Her friend says that she didn’t think that Miss Crowley cared what happens in her classes and usually lets her students get away with murder. Presley says she was in a bad mood because the science teacher that Crowley likes has a new girlfriend, and she took it out on Presley for talking on her phone in class. The girls agree that Crowley is the worst teacher at the school because she doesn’t care. They feel that Crowley is only there to try to catch one of the other teachers to get married. They talk about how she dresses and flirts with the men to be her boyfriend. They agree that she’s very cute for her age (they guess she’s around 30 ÔÇö Presley thinks younger and her friend thinks older) but that she scares the men off because of how desperate she seems. The friend asks “you know what would be a hoot. You should act like you think she’s really hot and make a pass at her.” They laugh at that idea, and Presley says she’s going to try it.

We see Presley walk into an empty classroom ÔÇö except for Miss Crowley sitting at her desk. Crowley stands when Presley enters; she has on a sexy, short skirt ÔÇö much shorter than Presley’s. She’s around 27 years old with a very slender figure. “You’re late Presley.”

“I’m sorry. I had to stop off at my locker and get the books I need.”

“I want you to sit up here in the front room. There’ll be no hiding in the back and texting on your phone during detention. Do you understand?”

Presley is listening and nodding. “Yes, Miss Crowley. You know I like to sit up front when I get here soon enough. It’s my favorite place in the class.” Crowley doesn’t react; she assumes that Presley is just making stuff up. “Because when I sit in the front, I can see you without everyone else in the way.” Crowley starts to have a confused expression as she wonders where Presley is going beylikd├╝z├╝ escort with this. “I really like it when you wear short dresses like today because it shows off your legs so well.” She pauses. “We all have to wear this dumb uniform, of course, but I think it’s cool that there’s no dress code for teachers, and you dress sexier than anyone else at the school.”

Now Crowley’s getting embarrassed and flustered by these compliments coming from an 18-year-old high school girl. She starts to say “thank you” but decides that wouldn’t be appropriate, and stammers while thinking of something to say. She shouldn’t have to defend how she dresses to her students, but she feels the need for some justification. “Well, it’s mostly what I wore as a receptionist. I just started teaching and haven’t been able to afford a new wardrobe.

Presley can tell that Crowley is defensive, and it emboldens her to press on. She hides a smirk behind her hand and then gathers her composure to continue flattering the attractive teacher. “And I like it when you wear thin, light-colored blouses today. When I look closely, I can see the lace of your bra underneath the blouse.” Crowley’s mouth is hanging open. “And another thing I like about sitting in the front is when you turn to your left to talk to your class, I can see part of your breasts between the buttons of your blouse.” Crowley’s hands immediately go up to her blouse as if she’s covering herself. Presley’s enjoying how uncomfortable she makes her teacher and goes on to her big finish. She squirms a little in her seat. Her skirt rides up the chair enough that we can see glimpses of her red panties. “Oh, Miss Crowley,, would you let me end my detention early?” She begs. “Suddenly, I’m feeling kind of hot, and I need to go home and play with myself.” She bites her lip to keep from laughing.

Crowley has been standing in front of Presley. She’s silent at first and doesn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry, I never suspected that you felt this way about girls.” She pauses. “Or about me.” She suddenly unzips her skirt and lets its fall to the ground. She’s wearing a colorful thong. Presley’s shocked and just has her mouth open. “While you watch me, I’ve been watching you. The real reason I like it when avc─▒lar escort you sit up front is I get to spy on your panties up your skirt, and my favorite ones are the red ones that I can see today.” She quickly gets on her knees in front of Presley and pushes up Presley’s skirt to expose the red bikini panties. This has all happened too fast for Presley to say anything. Crowley keeps telling Presley how cute she is and how much she’s dreamed of Presley’s body.

Presley tries to explain that it wasn’t real, that she wasn’t serious, but Crowley isn’t listening and continues her own compliments of Presley, She pushes Presley’s legs apart and buries her face between her thighs and is kissing her. She pulls the panties aside so she can lick Presley’s pussy.

At this point, Presley has stopped objecting and is panting. Instead of trying to get away, she holds Crowley’s head in place and is telling her not to stop. Crowley pulls off Presley’s top and her bra and then pulls down the panties so she can fondle her breasts while licking her. Presley is going wild and has an orgasm. Crowley orders her to stand up and pull down her skirt so she can see her ass. Presley happily complies and they kiss while Crowley is rubbing Presley’s ass and pussy.

Crowley is completely turned on herself and steps back. “Now do you want to see what you’ve been spying on all semester?”

Presley’s reluctance returns, but she continues rubbing herself after Crowley stops, and Crowley takes that for a “yes.” She turns to her left and slowly unbuttons the blouse and takes it off. “Now you can see the lace and more of my breast. Do you like I?” The bra’s pattern matches the thong. Presley pulls the teacher’s hands back to her own body. Crowley briefly rubs her student and then puts her hands behind her to take off her bra. “Do you like my breasts?” She squeezes and rubs her perky C-cup breasts.

Presley really couldn’t care much about Crowley’s body; she just wants her teacher to continue licking and rubbing her again. She pulls Crowley’s hands back to her own breasts and pussy. “‘I’ll squeeze your breasts. Just don’t stop rubbing me!” Presley plays with her teacher’s breasts. Crowley leans forward to kiss the girl, but Presley turns her head. She esenyurt escort wasn’t expecting that. Crowley takes the hand that was rubbing Presley’s pussy and puts it behind Presley’s head to steady it and start to lean in again.

“Please, don’t stop rubbing me!” Presley is almost bouncing with desire. “I’ll kiss you if you put your fingers in me.” Crowley’s hand moves down and puts two fingers into Presley while they kiss and tongues swirl in each other’s mouth.” As Presley gets closer to cumming, she has trouble concentrating on the kissing and is panting and moaning.

The sexy, older woman steps back and pulls off her remaining clothes. “Lie on your back on the floor!” Presley obeys the teacher, who climbs on the girl and grinds their pussies together until Presley has another orgasm. Then she orders rolls on to her back and orders Presley to lick her and make her cum. By now, Presley is overcome by the experience, and she follows the order.

Now Crowley stands up and Presley is still on the floor. Presley rolls over onto her back and is feverishly fingering herself. Crowley watches Presley as she puts on her blouse and skirt. Crowley puts both sets of bra and panties into the purse on her desk She stands over Presley so Presley can see up her skirt, pulls apart her pussy lips, and tells Presley “now you have more than just a fantasy to masturbate to.” The memory of licking her teacher pushes Presley over the edge; she sticks her fingers deep inside of herself and cums again. She just leaves her fingers inside herself, and her body continues to shudder every few seconds. Finally, she’s exhausted, and she slowly pulls out her fingers and rubs traces her pussy lips with her fingers.

Crowley goes to the desk and is writing something on a slip of paper. She walks back to Presley and stands above her with her legs apart. The camera shows us Presley’s point of view for a moment. Presley is breathing hard, and she’s moving her fingers in and out again. “From now on, I’m going to expect you to sit in the front row every day and pull up your skirt so I can see up it while I teach.” She lets the slip of paper drop down onto Presley’s naked body. “This is another detention for tomorrow, and you can expect a detention every day for the rest of the school year.” The camera zooms in on Crowley as the walks out of the room. The camera moves back to Presley, nude on the floor with her fingers inside of herself, and the scene fades.

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