Mimi: A Bedtime Story

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Mimi came home, more stressed than when she’d gotten home the first time. Work had been stressful enough…the long days and tenuous tasks that came with working as a legal assistant at a lawyer’s office had drained on her. She felt the job was rewarding in its own way. And she loved her boss. But all the work she did was behind the scenes. She never got to see the final results. Yet that was just a part of her stress. There was always more waiting for Mimi when she finished her day.


Mimi was a Twixter…a modern term for a twenty-something adult that wasn’t quite an adult yet. Twixter’s are between…or betwixt, as it were. Not quite an adult when it came to accepting the heavy burden of responsibilities that society puts on them. But also not an adolescent any longer…and that was certainly the case with Mimi. She could never be mistaken for a teenage girl. She was 5’7″ of exotic woman.

In a word, she was gorgeous. Tall and shapely, Mimi wasn’t the rail thin waif-like woman that landed on the covers of magazines on the newsstands. She was much hotter and much sexier than that. Her olive skin gave her the exotic aura that made men drool as she passed by. Her long, light brown hair was straight, and came to the middle of her back. Her eyes were brown, and gave her a mysterious quality when she smiled. They were deep…even smoldering. If you looked at her eyes in the right light, you could feel the passion Mimi clutched inside her chest, gripping it tightly as she walked though her days.

And Mimi’s chest was impressive. She felt it was her best feature, even over her tight ass and long, thin, shapely legs. Mimi loved her tits. They weren’t huge…but who needs huge, when perfect is available. At a 34C, they were indeed the perfect size and shape for her body. They sat up proud, the large brown areolas centered by her pinkish nipples. They too were perfect…not too big to look out of place, and not too small to be unnoticeable.

Mimi loved her nipples. They were sensitive, and she loved to have them pulled and twisted. She longed to have them licked and sucked…and even bitten. But Mimi’s life had taken a drastic change…and the opportunity for that kind of wanton stimulus had vanished, much like the personal freedoms she’d grown accustomed to in college.

Yes, Mimi was a Twixter. Having finished college, she had a tough decision to make. Continue on with her studies at Grad school, as her parents wanted her to, or take some much-needed time off. She’d been and excellent student and good grades were expected of her, since her parents were footing the bill for college. But Mimi had grown weary of the constant grind of school, and she felt she needed a break.

In the end, she decided she’d been in school long enough and it was time for a change, which meant getting a job. What she hadn’t counted on was the economy crashing shortly after she’d made the decision. She also hadn’t factored in just how much of a lifestyle change it was going to be when she moved back in with her Mother and Father.

Mimi’s parents were strict…maybe even on the borderline of being controlling. She loved them, and just as importantly, she respected them. But the shell shock of going from being able to come and go as she pleased, to having to account for her whereabouts, and being expected to partake in numerous family events, quickly added a different kind of stress. And that made her wonder if she’d have been better of staying in school after all.

Family was important to Mimi’s parents. It was part of their background, the values instilled for decades…and perhaps even centuries if you considered the family hierarchy and the traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. Mimi hadn’t been allowed to date when she’d lived at home the first time. And now that she was home again, that rigid boundary was suddenly forced upon her once more; the ‘Our house, our rules’ provision taking effect.

Not that Mimi was promiscuous when she’d been in College. She had a good time, but she wasn’t wild, or carefree…or even cavalier about her personal life. But she did love men. She loved the attention she’d get walking across campus, knowing her exotic features gave her a mysterious, sensual quality that men lusted after. Yet she rarely acted on her sexual impulses. She had several brief encounters, but never felt compelled to have a serious relationship. Mimi hadn’t had the time.

Mimi longed for a relationship. And she hoped that having given up the insane course load she usually carried for what she considered a more normal life in the workplace, she might actually have the time to have one. She wanted to feel the closeness of a man. To feel herself swallowed up in his arms, and made to feel like the passionate woman she knew was deep inside her. And the more Mimi thought about being with a man, the more she wanted it. To the point that her sexual desires were about to consume her. She wanted sex…but not as much as isve├žbahis she needed it.


Walking into her parent’s house for the second time that evening, Mimi couldn’t wait to get to her room. She’d gotten home from work, tired and horny, like she had been for weeks. All she wanted was some peaceful time for herself to take matters into her own hands. She’d been thinking about ‘him’ again all day, and her pussy was dripping. She could feel her huge clit rubbing against the silky fabric of her thong underneath her tasteful, conservative dress, and it was driving her insane.

Mimi needed to cum, but before she could make her way down the hallway to her room, she was reminded that she had to attend yet another family function, and they would be leaving in 20 minutes.

“Fuck,” Mimi said under her breath, fighting to keep her anger under control. Well, it wasn’t anger. It was really just pent up sexual frustration. But it resulted in the same basic emotional response.

She tried to find a way out…to find an excuse that would allow her to stay home, log on, and be with him. But every one that Mimi came up with seemed lame. All of them would only end up with a response by either of her parents that would lead to an argument, or worse, to questioning why she wanted to be left alone in her room.

Mimi’s room had become her sanctuary. A sexual oasis hidden in the middle of the dessert of old world conservative values that was the household she was living in. Since moving home, Mimi hadn’t been able to branch out socially like she’d envisioned. She’d hoped that having been away to college for four years, her parents might look at her differently, and give her more personal freedom. But that wasn’t to be.

When it became apparent that that wasn’t going to be the case, Mimi tried at first to just control her sexual urges. But the days became weeks, and the longer she went, the more desperate she became. Mimi was horny, and she knew if she didn’t find some kind of an outlet soon, she’d snap.

Mimi found that outlet late one night as she lay on her bed, silently surfing the Internet on her trusted laptop. She had started looking at porn sites, trying to find a way to spark her desires and help her release the floodgates. She had begun watching, and looking, fingering her pussy as she did. The pussy she so meticulously waxed to make sure it was smooth and bare. She loved her pussy being bald, knowing it made everything feel more sensitive.

Starting as a naughty habit to get her through the rough times, soon, Mimi was on line every night. And while the orgasms she was having helped, she knew there was something missing. She still felt empty inside. Not just literally. Sure, she longed for a big cock to fuck her hard, long into the night, making her cum over and over. But the emptiness she felt wasn’t really physical.

While she loved looking at pictures and the occasional video of men and women having sex, Mimi was distracted by it. She loved the visual stimulus, and she got off on it. And the orgasms were good…they helped relieve the stress she’d built up. But she realized that what she was missing was the emotional connection that came from a relationship. Mimi needed to more than just watch something to help her get off. She needed to feel it, deep in her soul.


It didn’t matter if she needed to leave in 20 minutes. Mimi needed to make that emotional connection, even if it was just a short. Logging on, she knew she didn’t have much time. But she wanted to talk to him, if even for a second. She loved the way he made her feel, and she wanted to let him know she’d be gone for a while…but that she’d be back later. She only hoped that he could stay awake long enough to be there when she returned.


“I hope he’s still on line!” Mimi said to herself as she practically ran down the hallway to her room. She’d just returned from the latest family get together that wrecked havoc on her schedule, and her personal playtime.

But as Mimi looked at the clock on her nightstand seconds after she’d closed and locked her door, sealing herself inside her room for the night, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her shoulders slumped, and she felt her chest getting tight. It was 10:30. It was probably too late.

“Why! Why the hell does he have to live three time zones away!”


Yes, Mimi liked surfing for erotic images. But everything changed when she came across what had fast become her favorite adult website, stumbling onto it quite by accident. In fact, she really didn’t remember how it popped up on her computer that first time. All she knew was that it changed her life in ways she never imagined. It was a site totally dedicated to Erotic Literature.

First it was free, and that appealed to her. There were no fees, or risky sign up procedures required, and there were no pesky ‘pop-ups’ that would lead to other sites she had no interest in. She saw that she isve├žbahis giri┼č didn’t even have to become a ‘member’ if she didn’t want to, but she soon found herself feeling particularly naughty as she created an account, complete with a username that fit her life. She was a Twixter, and that’s who she became. Another benefit of the site was that it was it appealed to her intellect. Mimi had always been a voracious reader, and the guilty pleasure she derived by combining her passion for reading with her newfound love of porn, turned her on even more.

She loved the fact that there were dozens of genres and themes from which to choose. Every sexual bent seemed to be represented, save those that were so far removed from decent society that they were forbidden from the site. Most of the categories didn’t appeal to Mimi, and she never bothered to search there. She loved romance, and she tended to gravitate towards stories that had a hint of that theme. They didn’t have to be in the actual romance category, but they had to at least have that feel to them.

Very quickly, Mimi realized that there was a distinct difference in the talent level of the authors. Almost all of them were amateurs, looking for a creative outlet to share their stories or personal fantasies. Most of the ones Mimi read were serviceable. She liked the fact that there were people in the world putting forth a great effort, trying to improve their writing skills. She admired them for having the courage to post their stories, and subject themselves to the criticism of the readers that tended to post comments about what they read.

But there were some that were a complete waste of time. It was bad enough that they’d have numbers typographical errors and misused words…but they would be poorly conceived. Plot holes, or no character development made for a poor read, and when you’re trying to titillate someone with tales of sex and adventure, not being able to connect with the action proved very distracting.

Mimi continued to read though, trolling and searching amongst the tens of thousands of stories. And she did so, because every once in a while, she’d come across a writer that was amazingly gifted. One that made the scenery seem real, and who could make the characters come to life on the screen in front of her. Mimi had found several authors whose work she loved. They could take her to places she’d never been, and feel emotions she’d never experienced. And the sex…Mimi could FEEL the sex, like it was happening to her. She’d literally cum along with the characters as she fingered herself…and with those writers that had talent, the orgasms Mimi had were not only satisfying, they were magical.


Mimi turned on her computer, and logged on as fast her fingers would type.

“Please be on, please be on, please be on!” she chanted as she waited for her Facebook page to load. Not her regular Facebook page, but the one that he suggested she create, to give them another way to keep in touch. And the way he’d been ‘keeping in touch’ with Mimi was nothing short of a miracle in her eyes. In reality, it was surreal…and she’d pinched herself often the first few times they had instant messaged each other though the online networking site. The last few times she’d pinched herself when she’d ‘talked’ to him, it was her nipples, and it was at his urging.


The story she’d found on the website moved Mimi. It spoke to her, in ways she couldn’t explain. It was a story…but it was more like a novel. Chapter after chapter, there for her to read…or, more accurately they were there for her to explore, and immerse herself in. Mimi had found a story she connected with so deeply, she was hooked on it. She seemed to hang on every word, and feel every scene, seeing them in her mind like a movie.

She would read, slowly rubbing her pussy as she followed the detailed, layered plotline. When she’d come to a sex scene, she’d feel her heartbeat quicken with anticipation, her fingers honing in on her clit. Mimi found herself having to stop reading, so worked up that she had to cum before she could continue. She became so attached to the leading male in the story, that he became her lover in her mind…and she tried to imagine it was her instead of the heroine in the story that was on the receiving end of his wonderful cock.

It was after one such moment, after reading the latest chapter of the series, that Mimi had a burst of courage. She’d toyed with the idea several times before, but she always talked herself out of it. But this time, as she basked in the glow of one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had in her life, she knew she couldn’t hold in her emotions any longer. She needed to thank him, and let him know how she felt. And the him was the Author of the story.

Taking advantage of the quick link provided on the website, Mimi placed her curser over the Author’s username next to the title of the story she’d just read. Tapping her laptop, she moved isve├žbahis yeni giri┼č to another page; the profile page for the person that wrote the stories. Mimi had already marked him as one of her favorite authors on her own profile page. She’d even commented on several of chapters, albeit anonymously. And she made sure she voted for all of them.

But now, she was going a step further. She moved her curser again, hitting a tab that said ‘contact’. Clicking on it confidently, Mimi looked it over, making sure she knew how it worked before she started. It was pretty user friendly, like every other part of the website, and in just a couple of minutes, she was looking over the private email she’d crafted.

‘I love your stories. I find myself searching for new chapters. Thank you for the countless orgasms your stories have blessed me with. Please share more about yourself.


At the last second, she added the option to allow her email address to be visible by the recipient, whoever it might be.

Before she could change her mind, Mimi hit the send button. Her heart pounded, thinking about the short and very blunt message she’d sent. “I can’t believe I just did that,” she said under her breath, thinking about the line where she admitted to having countless orgasms. That was so out of character for her, but she wanted to let the Author know that there were people in the world that not only were reading his work…they were masturbating because of it.

Mimi was so worked up about just sending the email, she had to frig her pussy again, bringing herself another orgasm. It was less intense, but satisfying enough that she drifted off to a peaceful sleep moments later.

The next day, Mimi logged on to her computer. She was going to go to the website and look to see if there was another chapter posted, but first, she went to her email account. It was a habit, wanting to make sure she was connected to her friends, and she monitored her email rigorously, checking it several times a day.

“HOLY SHIT!” Mimi squealed. She immediately covered her mouth, too late to stop the curse word from leaving her lips. She waited in a panic, hoping that no one in the house heard her.

Looking back at the computer screen as she sat on her bed, Mimi nervously looked at her inbox, checking over the emails she’d received. There were several. But there was one that startled her. She could feel her heart in her throat, and instantly she felt the wetness between her legs that both excited her and scared her at the same time.

It was a return email, from the Author she’d sent her message to. Clicking it open, Mimi read the words, more carefully than those in any of the stories he’d written; the very same stories that had turned her on for weeks, providing her with numerous fantasies and the orgasms to go along with them.

“Oh my God,” Mimi said as she read the long, detailed message, thanking her for responding. The Author was thrilled that she’d written him, and he thanked her for her kind words. But he also inquired what she’d meant by ‘Please share more about yourself’. His response was a playful, “You first.”

“Is he serious?” Mimi thought, looking at the screen. Then she giggled when she saw his postscript, saying she was welcome for the orgasms.

Reading over the message for the third time, Mimi noticed for the first time that the email address he’d used was real, not a generic one through the website. “Of course…it had to be,” she thought, thinking of how she’d sent her message to him with her address. Before she had time to consider the ramifications, she was crafting a response, telling him a little about herself. It was vague information, but enough that she was titillated by the thought. Her hand made her way to her pussy, feeling the dampness through her clothes.

“Oh…fuck…I need a cock!” she said. And the first one she thought of was the character of the story she’d been reading. “Neil…I need you,” she said softly as her hand cupped her pussy.


‘Neil’ was the main character of the story Mimi had fallen in love with. Well, perhaps she just lusted after him. He was everything she wanted in a man. Strong, athletic, funny, adventurous, honest…all of the things she hoped to find someday when she met the man of her dreams. Actually, Neil was the man of her dreams…erotic dreams. And that was because the other characteristics she loved about him, besides the charm she read into the character, was his rugged good looks, his passionate approach to life…and of course, his thick 7 inch cock.

Mimi went to bed night after night dreaming of that cock, wanting him to love her and fuck her with it. She thought of how it would feel to inside her, ramming her pussy deep and hard until she came. She wondered what it would feel like to suck it, feeling it pulse in her mouth as she swallowed his cum. She wondered what his cum would taste like, or feel like on her face after he exploded. Mimi even wondered what it would be like to let Neil fuck her ass, something the story explored, but an area Mimi had yet to try. She wondered if she’d have the courage to try it. With a lover like Neil, she thought she could.

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