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Mile HIgh Club

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Note: This makes reference to the story Chance Encounter.

The most amazing, erotic thing happened today at work. I am a flight attendant. It was the last flight of the day. The flight was pretty empty, but there was one couple that were late additions, they had been bumped from another flight. They were a cute couple, probably in their mid thirties. He was wearing some 501s and a V neck t-shirt, and she had a t-shirt and skirt on.They sat near the rear of the plane. People either do that because they want to be near the bathroom, or they want privacy. The whole back half of the plane was empty. As the plane taxied out, they were chatting and laughing about something. I went to my station for takeoff, then got up to get drink orders. I had 3 passengers in my section. The couple in the back, and businessman sitting in the exit row, about as far away as he could be and still be in my section. When I got up to get drink orders the couple was covered up by a big jacket and making out. They stopped when I walked by and just grinned. Only the businessman wanted a drink. After I dropped his drink off headed back to my seat in the aft section of the plane. The couple still covered up by the jacket, and just grinning at each other. I stopped to ask if they wanted anything, and asked what their trip was for. Just as I asked the question I realized she was giving him a handjob under the jacket. I managed to stammer out the end of my question, and he enthusiastically replied sex.. Then they both started grinning.

I was a bit intrigued. I told them if they wanted me to stay and chat she would have to button his Kemalpaşa Escort jeans back up. They grinned and said okay. I was a little relieved, that was one mess I did not want to clean up.

“So, your trip? “I asked.

This time she replied and explained they we were meeting one of his old college friends for threesome

“Golf?” I asked.

Once again, he replied by saying sex.

Now I was really intrigued. They were certainly good looking enough to be porn starts, but that did not have enough tattoos and piercings for that. I told them the drinks were on me if they would tell me the rest of the story. He wanted vodka, she wanted Jack and Coke. I quickly returned with the drinks.

“I have to admit, I have thought about that, but I will probably never do it. Was this the first time you tried something like this?” I asked, trying not to blush.

He replied, grinning ” Third time in a month.”

She replied ” Third time ever. It’s weird, we did it once, and then it just kept happening over and over.”

The thought of being her, with this guy.. and if he friend as anywhere near as hot. That would be something to dream about.

They launched into their tale. Turns out the guy was pretty hot as well. He was a little shorter than Frank, and had darker, longer hair.They started off with some kind of stripping game that resulting in all of them being naked pretty quickly. Then the guys tied her up and she watched while they made out. Apparently she talked them into it. She was attractive enough that I imagine she could have talked them Konak Escort into anything. The more I listened to her, the more I could see it happening. Then she had sex with each of the guys while to other one watched. I always thought being watched would be creepy. The way they described it sounded pretty hot. And she had an orgasm with both of them. The expression on my face was a combination of disbelief and jealousy.

They asked me if I had any mile high club stories. I didn’t. Most of the time planes were too full, and the bathrooms were way too small. I had idea.

“How would you like to be my first mile high club story. There’s nobody in the Galley, and nobody is sitting close enough to hear you. We have about 15 minutes before we start preparing to land. I can give you five or ten minutes,” I said.

They wanted to go for it. I walked them back to the galley, and turned on the Lavatory occupied light. There was not much space, but compared the the bathroom ( or the cockpit ) it was spacious. As I stepped out I said I might peak in to check on them, just to make sure nothing had gone wrong. They were already making out as I pulled the curtain. I checked on the other passenger and tried to look busy, but I was dying to to my first check. I decided it had been long enough. I pulled the curtain back just a bit and looked in. She was standing on my seat, shirt pulled up, with her hands on her breasts. He was in front of her, shirtless, with his head between her legs. His hands were braced against the back wall. They did not even notice me. I made the rounds again, Kuşadası Escort then went back to check again. She was leaning against the side door of the plane looking out the window bent over as he fucked her from behind. His pants were around his ankles, his hands were on her hips and he was banging her like there was no tomorrow. I sat down, tired of walking around. I looked at my watch. We were about to start the landing drill. I had to get them back in their seats. This time I poked my head through the curtain to tell them they were out of time. This time he sitting in my seat ( but on his jacket, how considerate ), pants still around his ankles. She was in his lap, facing him, riding his cock. I could tell by the look on her face she was having an orgasm. I felt bad, but if they were not in their seats another crew member would come back here.

“Please return your sex partner to a full upright and locked positions, and stow your junk for landing..” I said in my most official flight crew voice.

She moved like some kind of sex ninja. She climbed out of his lap, and kneeled before him, taking his dick in her mouth, stroking it with her hand. Seconds later he grunted and I guess came in her mouth. In almost the same motion pulled his pants up and started fastening them. It appeared he wasn’t wearing underwear. By the time he had his t-shirt back on she was had her clothes on. All she had was the skirt and shirt, no bra, no panties.

She turned to leave I noticed a little of his come was on her lip. I started to point to my on lip, trying to think of a polite way to tell her about it. Then, I don’t know what came over me. I pressed my lips to her, licking it off, then sliding my tongue into her mouth. Franks huge grin got even bigger.

“Something to remember me by,” I told them. I hope they remember me , I will never forget them.

The returned to their seats, buckled in, and nobody was the wiser.

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