Mikes First Transgendered Pt. 15

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Mike’s gay and transgendered experience’s part 15.

Please go read 1 — 14 before reading this one.

A few months down the road and my coning out.

I have been with David for five months now and things are going well. We have developed a stronger bond and desire for one another and have spent a large amount of time together building our relationship. We are at the point of being together, that unless something out of the ordinary happens, I suspect this will continue moving forwards. I realize that if we are going to move forward and keep dating him, it’s time for me to come out and tell my family and friends that I am dating a man. My first few calls — as nerve racking and uneasy as they were — were to close family. See my parents passed in a tragic car crash right after I graduated Highschool, so I didn’t have them with me anymore. However, I have Aunt’s and Uncle’s, Cousin’s and distant relatives that I still speak with who need to know. Most of them were receptive and open in listening to me tell them. And even if they didn’t want to hear it, or didn’t like it, they wished David and I the best. My bigger concern was telling my friends and co-workers that I was dating a man. I decided it would be best to have one big function to tell them all in one fell swoop, versus trying to tell them individually. I planned a dinner at the local restaurant for about 15 people and brought David with me. As my guests started to arrive, I introduced David as a friend. After a few drinks and the main course of dinner was over, it was my time to reveal my secret. I stood up from the table, gaining everyone’s attention. I was so nervous that my stomach was doing flips, my hands shaking like a leaf on a tree and I had to clear my throat a few times before I said to them;

“Guys I brought you all here for an announcement. This may come as a shock to some of you considering my history with women, but I have been dating David for 5 months now. We met about 7 months ago, he was a customer of mine at the coffee shop and after a many chats and a couple of nice dinners, we fell for each other and started an on-going relation. I wanted to tell you all in person, versus the phone and by text.”

The looks on their faces was priceless. Some were excited and happy for me, for us, while some seemed angry or confused. David and I sat together, holding hands and conversing with everyone who wanted to talk or ask us questions. As the night progressed some of my friends pulled me aside to speak one on one. I talked further with them individually, doing my best to let them know how this situation developed. Some of the questions were rather erotic. My friend Mindy pulled me to the side and asked me; “Do you like sucking dick and do you swallow?” “Yes, and Yes.” I replied.

The girls seemed to ask the most erotic and sexual question. I guess because they are more open to homosexuality and of course, they knew what it’s like to get dick. I knew more questions were coming from everyone. And I knew some of my male fiends were going to call me and be like… Really dude? But all in all, it was a relief to finally be out and to finally let the world know I was in a gay relationship. After the initial adrenaline and anxiety wore off and my body came down from that emotion roller caster ride, I actually found myself at peace. I was also a bit horny sitting around, holding hands with David, talking about him and sharing some intimate details about us. I had a few drinks in me, but surely wasn’t drunk, but the more the night went on and the more I was saying over and over to people that I was crazy about him, the more turned on I became. I was practically walking around with a semi hard on, because I knew at that moment that I was comfortable admitting karaman escort I was dating a man. More importantly I was loving cock and was surely going to keep moving forward with this. We were past the proverbial, “passing phase; or FWB’S situation,” and I couldn’t get enough of him or his dick. As I explained to many of the female friends, there was no other felling like it when he’s on top of me or behind me, sliding his cock in and out of my ass, giving me feelings, pleasures, emotions and desires I had never felt before. There was no doubt this was a great coming out party but I was so ready to go home and suck on his dick.

When David and I got into his car and started to drive, I finally got to that moment of that deep releasing breath, just letting everything that transpired through the night drift away. I took a few long deep breaths and thanked David for his support. I held his hand as he began driving us home. In my mind I finally felt free. I felt open and I felt that the weight of the world had been lifted of off my shoulders. I was out! I was in a gay relationship! I was falling for the man siting next to me! And to be honest, I was happy. I don’t know if it was my acceptance of our relationship. The night itself. My commitment to him. The excitement of having a boyfriend — something I never had before – or because I had just told my closest friends, or just because I want his cock in me, but I was beyond horny and couldn’t wait to get home and suck him off and get fucked.

After a few blocks I slid David’s hand from the center arm rest and placed it on my crotch. I guided him up and down over my dick and balls as I looked over at him. When I pulled my hand way from his, he kept rubbing up and down as thoughts of ecstasy ran through my mind. I just wanted him to play with me. I wanted him to be sucking me, I wanted his cock deep in my ass and I wanted to cum so bad. As we continued driving, I watched David as his hand kept rubbing up and down over me. I was starting to get hard and needed more. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants edging then down a bit, pulling my semi hard cock out of my underwear. David’s hand grabbed my shaft and slowly stroked me as I closed my eyes and drifted off into fantasy. I thought of all the times, I had my hand around his shaft stroking him off, sucking on his cock, sucking on Sara’s cock, and Enna’s cock. How much I loved being fucked in the ass. The feeling of holding is cock as he ejaculated in my hand. I was getting really hard and ready for more. I pushed David’s hand aside, spit on and licked my left palm a few times, reached down and started jacking myself off in his car. I watched my hand sliding up and down my shaft time and time again, squeezing my tip. The erotic feelings it sent through me, the sensualness of stroking my cock thinking of him, all while knowing he was watching me. Wanting so bad to be sucking his cock, or feeling him inside me.

When we pulled up at the next traffic light, there were people waiting for the bus. I boldly rolled down my window and yelled out to them; “This is my boyfriend David. I’m crazy about him and I love his cock.”

David embarrassingly, pulled forwards and turned the corner right away, giggling at my seemingly drunk — yet just high on life — verbose statement. I sat in the passenger seat just stroking myself off. I am free I yelled out in the car. I whispered dirty erotic statements to David as he drove, such things as;


“Yes Mike.” He replied.

I want to suck your cock right now!”

(I never did ask him, but I bet David had to have been getting so hard and so turned on as he watched me jacking off.)


“Yes Mike.” He replied.

“I want karaman escort bayan you behind me fucking me so hard that I’m screaming. Then pull it out and cum on my face.”


“Yes Mike”.

“I want you all night. Every night.”

I was free and finally out and not in the closet anymore. This wasn’t a brief interlude, a fuck buddy, a trial of sexual experiences. I love cock. Period. I love his cock. Period

And I wanted him more now than ever. I excepted I was Bi-Sexual and now (maybe) more towards gay. But either way, I was going to continue being gay and I fucking loved it.

We pulled into his building parking lot just minutes later. I wanted to keep stroking myself off and cum right inside his car, but I wanted to suck his dick and I wanted him to fuck me. I pulled up my pants, zipping and buttoning them up and we made our way inside. The elevator ride felt like 5 minutes, but in all reality, took about 30 seconds. When we got to his David’s condo, he opened the door letting me in first, after he entered, he shut the door behind him. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants removing them completely. I pulled my shirt over my head and sat down on the floor of his foyer naked.

“Come here.” I said to him.

David walked over to me and I reached up and unbuckled his belt. I then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants pulling them and his underwear down and off of his body. I leaned forward and put his flaccid cock in my mouth feeling his soft dick on my tongue. I slid my head back and forth sucking on his dick, feeling him getting harder and harder with each passing moment, David unbuttoned his shirt throwing it onto the floor. I reached down with my left hand and started stroking my hard cock again, as I used my right hand and my mouth to pleasure him. I reached around David’s body, grasping his left ass cheek pulling him closer into me.

“I want to make you fucking cum,” slipped from my mouth as I stroked his cock and stared up at him.

I placed his hard cock back in my mouth and just kept sliding back and forth, giving him head. I was sitting naked on his floor on my butt, legs spread wide open sucking his dick, while stroking myself. I was just like a little sissy girl sucking my man’s cock. David leaned over further placing his hands on the wall all while leaning further down towards me. I felt him start thrusting his hips forwards, slamming his cock deep into my throat. OMG, I fucking love this ran through my mind as I just kept blowing him as my hand was stroking my cock. I pulled away for a second looked him in the eye and erotically said;

“David, I could suck you off all day. I want this dick to stay hard all night.”

David pulled me up from the floor and walked me over to the couch, he sat down on the cushion, spread his legs and held his hard shaft in his hands. I got down on my knees and edged in closer. I leaned my head down and placed his throbbing cock right back into my mouth. His soft moans and groans filled the room, accompanied by the sounds of me making slurping sucking sounds. I was naked on my knees, my ass in the air, my balls hanging between my legs all while my mouth and head kept bobbing up and down on his cock. I must have been on my knees for more than 5 minutes just sucking away, enjoying every minute of this, when David whimpered out, “Mike, I’m fucking close.”

I pulled David’s cock from my mouth, stroking him from top to bottom. I stared deeply into his eyes and said; “David, If I would have met you 20 years ago, I would have never dated women. I would have been sucking your cock this whole time.”

And I meant it. I don’t know if it was telling everyone today. Or finally accepting I liked men and dick escort karaman more; or the moment we were in, but there was no doubt I was going to be sucking his cock for a long time coming. And honestly, there hasn’t been to many times when we were together that I didn’t give him a blow job, or get fucked in the ass. And now I plan on sucking this cock for a long time. I’d suck it more today. I’d suck it tomorrow. I’d suck it next week; and I’d surely suck it every time I want to suck it or anytime, he wants me to suck it.

When I put David’s cock back in my mouth, I felt his hands come to rest on the back of my head. He started ramming my head down further with each thrust. Moments at a time as hard and as deep as he could, stopping only to let me breathe, since his cock was deep down my throat. When I’d pull away and get the chance and I’d say, “Yeah baby! Ram it down my throat.”

And then David would go back to slamming my head down.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth one last time before he came and I looked at him and whispered, “I want this cock hard all night. I want you to cum in my mouth, in my ass and all over my face.”

When I put David’s cock back into my mouth, he started thrusting his hips forward and he was as hard as I ever felt him. He started moaning and groaning loudly which lets me know he’s about to shoot his load in my mouth. Within seconds, I felt his warm, sticky, gooey cum filling my mouth. I bobbed up and down slower taking every bit of it down my throat, moaning in pleasure as I was swallowing his cum. David pulled his cock from my mouth, placing it at he tips of my lips, letting the last bit of his cum drizzle out of him. I licked my lips, swallowing the last bit of him down.

David knew I was rock hard and horny still, so after a few seconds of him catching his breath he assisted me up from my knees. He leaned his head downwards and placed my hard throbbing cock into his mouth. I gasped like a little girl as I felt his warm wet mouth circle over my cock. David’s head slid back and forth as he started sucking me off. I moaned in pleasure, knowing it was him I wanted doing it and knowing it wasn’t going to take me long to cum. My ass tingled and needed to be fucked, but I needed this blow job and I needed to cum first. As David got me close, I whispered to him, “I want to cum on your cock.”

David moaned loudly through his blow job and just kept going. Seconds later I moaned out, “David I’m going to cum.”

He pulled his face from my dick and leaned back onto the couch, edging his lower torso further forward. I stroked myself a few times and with a great gasp and a loud squeal, I started cumming all over his cock and balls. I watched my white-hot sexy load shooting from my dick all over his dick. Wishing I could just keep stroking myself and keep cumming all over him, until his skin was covered in cum.

When I finally finished cumming, I got down onto my knees and started kissing, licking and sucking around his cock and balls. I licked up every bit of my own cum. Swallowing that down too.

When I finished cleaning him up, I looked up at David with a big smile and said, “Two loads of cum down my throat tonight.”

Before the night weas over, David had fucked me in the ass for a while, and I did swallow another load of his cum down my throat. I came again, while he was fucking me in the ass, spraying every drop all over the sheets.

It was probably 2:00 A.M. before we finally got to sleep. We cuddled in for a while before dozing off. And even though we didn’t say it at that moment, I believe we both knew we were in love with each other. That night and that moment came a few months later and was well worth the wait.

The next day I did receive more calls and texts from friends asking me about our relationship. Most everyone asked kind, eloquent questions and I answered them the best I could.

Our six-month anniversary brought a quick trip away and the sex was fucking incredible. I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued…

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