Eyl 13

Michelle Learns a Lesson

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Work was SO fucking boring that day, I swear. I had to do something to liven it up, we were practically falling asleep onstage, and that’s no way to get ANYONE off, but at least there was one halfway interesting guy in the place. I sort of buzzed around him between sets, and we ended up chatting a good long while. Through pretty much all of my shift, actually.

At some point I realized it was time for last call, and made the appropriate announcements. Since it was so bloody slow, I got to hang out with Mr. Mystery even while I cleaned up, and when 2 am rolled around I didn’t toss him out the door. Fuck it, I figured, I could use the company since cleaning up was a real pisser.

‘I bet you hate cleaning up after these fucking pigs,’ he said and we both laughed. He was sort of geeky looking, with glasses and his hair was kinda crazy, but the overall effect was appealing. Sort of innocent-looking. I grinned at the thought and he caught me.’What are you laughing at, huh?’ he asked good-naturedly, and grinned himself.

I just kept grinning at him, and walked away to put up the barstools. I was still in my work clothes, which this evening consisted of this hot stretch-velvet black and white leopardskin print dress that barely covered my ass, a black lace thong and thigh-high black vinyl stilleto boots. I could feel his eyes crawling on my ass as I strutted around and I was starting to get off on it.

‘So what’d you ask me to stay for?’ he asked me, playing dumb. I took his cue. ‘Oh, you know how it is… these stools get SO heavy at the end of the night…’ I even batted my lashes. He laughed out loud. I turned to put up another stool. Then I felt him behind me, close behind, and I turned around.

‘Playful little slut, aren’t you?’ he said, looking down at me. ‘What are YOU going to do about it?’ I retorted, and lightly pushed on his chest seeking to exit.

Instead he grabbed my wrists with his hands and twisted them behind my back, then pulled me tightly against him, where I could feel his cock hardening in his jeans. ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ he whispered before dipping his head to lick my throat. I started to fight his grip but he was STRONG. I was beginning to see who was REALLY in control here, and despite a sense of unease, I felt myself getting a little damp between my legs.

He was alot bigger than me, and so it was easy for him to grip both of my wrists in one of his hands. Adjusting me a little bit, he freed one of his hands, and he pinched my ass through my dress… HARD!

‘Ow, you DICK!’ I hissed at him, but not without noticing my breathing had begun to get heavy. I struggled a little bit, but my wriggling only seemed to arouse the bastard more. He pinned me against the bar behind me, which held me enough off balance that I couldn’t try to kick at him and which caused discomfort if I struggled or leaned anywhere but into him. I glared up at him.

‘What next, asshole? You gonna rape me?’ He laughed… the asshole LAUGHED!… again. He was having entirely too much fun at my expense. ‘No, rape implies that you won’t like what I do to you… and make you do to me.’ No ego there, eh?

He bent his head to my throat again, this time nibbling his way up to my ear, where he whispered ‘I KNOW you like this, fuckslut.’ Then he bit my neck, harder. I gasped and moaned a little. ‘Stop it, let me go dammit!’ But despite the fear, the little bit of pain had hardened my nipples… and he could see that quite clearly.

‘Oooh, stop it!’ he mimicked, looking down at my breasts, heaving with my breathing and specifically at the hard nubs of my nipples. ‘Yeah, you sleaze, you REALLY want me to stop, don’t you?’

I squirmed around more, trying to free my arms or get the balance I needed to kick him. Instead, he took his damned free hand and slid Escort Bayan it up my arm to my shoulder gently enough to give me goosebumps. Then he grabbed the top of my ‘dress’ and yanked… popping the strap and leaving a red welt already forming on the shoulder as I yelped.

‘You FUCKER, what do you think you’re doing?’ I demanded, trying to ignore the fact that my breast was hanging out and grazing his chest as I spoke. He didn’t, though, and smiling at me again bent his head down to it.

His tongue traced a wet little circle around my nipple, then he bared his teeth. ‘Mama,’ he said in a snide tone of voice, then nipped the sensitive, hard nipple. I jumped, and moaned, but this time offered little resistance… my panties were creamy, I couldn’t believe my body was getting off on this! He still firmly held my arms behind me, and used this to bend me backward, shoving the naked tit up at himself.

‘Oh, look, you CAN obey,’ he murmured as he captured my entire nipple in his mouth and began to suck on me. I shivered a little as I felt his tongue lapping and his mouth sucking. I also relaxed against him a little bit, offering a little bit despite myself.

He yanked on my dress again, this time tearing the rest off and baring my entire upper body down to my belly button. I stood there, panting, as he stared at them. I couldn’t look at him. I guess I should have because suddenly he wrenched the rest of my dress from my body and I was pinned there in nothing but black lace panties and thigh high boots!

I jumped and began to fight anew, and he spun me around, keeping hold of my wrists. Suddenly I found myself bent over the next stool I was planning to put up, with my hands again behind me and my ass in the air.

‘Girls who can’t obey get spanked, Michelle,’ he purred, and I immediately began to kick… to no avail, because his huge hand slapped down on my bare ass cheek hard enough to ring in my ears and bring tears to my eyes. I immediately stopped kicking, and the hand that had just slapped my ass was suddenly tenderly rubbing my ass, gently rubbing my cheeks, and stopping for a finger to trace the line where my thong disappeared in between my legs. Confused and scared I found myself undoubtedly turned on by the whole scenario, and wildly hoping he would both leave me alone and touch me more.

As I lay over the seat of the stool, I heard him rustling around behind me and wondered what he was doing. I stopped wondering when I heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper… he was taking out his dick!

‘I think you need a little lesson, you know that?’ he said, as he continued to move around behind me. I knew he’d undone his zipper but had no idea what he was doing beyond that, and was tense, awaiting invasion from behind. I was kind of HOPING for it, at this point, and was a little freaked out about it.

Instead, I felt myself being picked up and turned over. I realized I had my eyes closed, and when I opened them I saw HIM again… he had one wrist in each of his hands, and turned me to face him. Then, he pushed me down to the dirty floor with his grip, and to avoid falling over I had to go down like he wanted. I looked up at him, blinking a little to clear my vision and get the tears out of my eyes. I was breathing heavily, and my naked boobs were heaving, making it obvious to him that I was getting something out of this.

I saw his cock, now level with my face and had a good idea of what he wanted. ‘I… I’ll suck you if you want me to,’ I whispered hesitantly, strangely hungry. He laughed again, humiliating me further… then I felt wetness on my face.

He’d started to piss in my face! He spread my arms out to the sides so there was no way to shield myself, and hot piss streamed from him, soaking my face, running down my naked Bayan Escort body and puddling on the floor where I knelt. I heard, felt and smelled him peeing all over me, and instead of crying for him to stop or bitching his nasty ass out, I felt myself becoming even more turned on… I writhed in his spray, opening my mouth so that I could drink it, thrusting my naked tits out further to bathe in it and spreading my thighs feeling it soaking through my already wet panties as it ran down me.

‘Oh you are the little slut, aren’t you,’ he sighed when he saw I was ENJOYING the shower. I saw the flow start to ebb and saw his dick getting harder.

‘Let me lick it clean,’ I asked him, staring at his cock. He thrust it in my face and allowed me to lick the droplets of urine which had dampened it. He raised my arms over my head and again grasped them in one hand, freeing his other hand to grasp the shaft of his penis.

He slapped my face with his wet, hard dick… leaving his piss and my spit on my face. When he laughed at me I squirmed in my puddle, still kneeling. ‘Open wide,’ he said and as I did I felt him hammer himself home deep into my throat, gagging me and choking me.I couldn’t breathe but he left his cock in my throat, and I started to writhe around trying to get air. Finally, just when I started to panic and thought I’d pass out he yanked it out of my mouth.

I sat there, reeking of the piss that dripped from me and gasping for air. He started to jack his cock in my face, calling me names the whole time. ‘You like my cock, bitch? Yeah, you do, you like everything about it, my piss, my cum. How would you like to eat my cum, fuckslut?’ He held me motionless as I stared at his penis, watching his hand moving up and down the slick shaft… then he stopped.

‘Get up,’ he commanded. Then I noticed he wasn’t holding onto my hands anymore… how had I missed that, I wondered. For some crazy reason, I did what he told me. ‘Take off those panties,’ was next.

I slid the piss-soaked panties down over my boots to the floor, then stepped out of them. ‘Pick them up.’ I bent over and picked them up, holding them in my hands but keeping my eyes riveted on him. ‘Now, suck my piss out of them.’ I hesitated. Suck HIS piss out of MY panties… this was fucking insanity!

I held the saturated lace up to my face, and opened my mouth. Suddenly I was practically orgasming… I felt so dirty, so nasty, so vile… and I was getting OFF on it. Instead of just sucking the piss, I gave him a shitty look, leaned my head back and wrung them out over my mouth, gulping the urine that trickled out. ‘That all?’ I asked as I finished, wiping my mouth with the fabric.

I’d succeeded in surprising him, I felt. He stood there, looking at me… but his cock JERKED. He grabbed me by my hair and kissed me, hard and deep, sucking on my tongue hard until I thought he’d rip it out of my mouth. Then, he grabbed my tit and mercilessly twisted my nipple until I thought he’d rip it off my body. I matched him, grabbing his cock and squeezing it in my hand, hard.

I found myself lifted off the floor as his hands grabbed my ass and squeezed… squeezed so hard I knew I’d have fingerprints for days. We kissed, all tongues and teeth, savagely. I felt my ass being pulled apart by his hands, the cheeks still absolutely squashed by his grasp, and felt both my asshole and my pussyhole spreading as he pulled them open.

I pulled my face away from his and he reached up and slapped me. I gasped and whimpered a little bit, then felt his knee pushing its way between my legs. Gratefully I spread my thighs for him and began to grind my pussy down on his thigh. I thought his grip on my ass was going to split me, and the pain made me crazy. I bit his neck, hard, and heard him curse at me, Escort then he bit mine, and didn’t let go. I felt his teeth sinking into the flesh of my neck and moaned, loudly.

At that same second, I felt fingers shoved into my asshole… from both of his hands! He was plunging fingers into me, then spreading my asshole wide as he chewed on my neck… I humped his thigh, crying into his chest and he viciously spread my ass wider open. Suddenly the fingers were gone and I was empty, and just as suddenly I was yanked back from his chest… my back bent, my legs spread, and my pussy open for the world.

He plunged his hand into my gaping pussy, shoving first three, then four fingers into me. Clinging to him to keep my balance, I spread my thighs the best I could, and took his hand… he was muttering something but I didn’t know what, and he shoved it into me and yanked it out of me. I saw his hand drenched with my lube, and all I could think about was wanting him back in me.

I felt myself falling, and didn’t realize he’d thrown me to the floor until I hit, in a sprawl of naked flesh and black vinyl. I lay on the wet carpet, still panting, with my legs spread, as he yanked his pants down his legs. Then he was on his knees in front of me, pushing me farther down until I lay all the way down, my hair starting to soak the piss up from the carpet. Grabbing my thighs in his hands he violently yanked my legs apart and in the same motion centered himself between them and plunged into me.

I let out a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan, as his cock ripped into my raw pussy, already sore from the invasion of his hand. He tore into me with a cock that was absolutely HUGE and fucked me like a dog, ramming it into me and grunting with the force. I thought I was torn apart, but loved every second of the violent fuck, and wrapped my legs around his pumping waist. He still gripped my thighs, and I felt him squeezing as the first orgasm ripped through me. My whole body convulsed, my hips slammed up to meet him and I was crying through the grunts and moans we were both making. The smell of fucking and piss intensified it, and one convulsion turned into two…. I lay beneath this rutting bastard powerless to do anything but orgasm, and I came and came and came… but still he didn’t.

He yanked his cock out of my dripping hole in the middle of my orgasms, disappointing me. Using my thighs, he spread me further and lifted me a little bit off the floor… then he let go of me with one hand to grab his dick and reposition it between my legs. Then he slammed home again – this time stuffing that hard, wet, throbbing dick right into my poor torn asshole!

I screamed with the pain of his new invasion, and felt wetness in my asshole… oh god it burned, but it made me cum again, and I thrashed underneath him as he plunged himself in and out of my ass. I gouged his back, and bit his chest in my frenzy, and he slapped me again. The pain combined with the orgasm created a feeling indescribable in its sheer dirty ecstacy, and I felt him growing within me, getting ready to shoot his load in my ass.

‘Dirty fuckslut, aren’t you?’ he breathed and I felt him start to jerk inside my ass. He was cumming, I KNEW it, I thought, and fucked his cock with my ass, wanting to milk all the jizz I could. He yanked himself out of my asshole while he was still cumming and yelled ‘Drink this, cunt!’

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth just as the first spurt hit my face, then tasted piss, pussyjuice and my own asshole on the jerking squirting dick that filled my mouth. Greedily I sucked him, licking myself off and swallowing his cum. I sucked until I felt him go completely soft, then collapsed on the floor, panting and spasming.

He got off me, knelt over me, and used what was left of my dress to wipe himself clean. He shook the last little driblets of semen out of himself off in my face, then got up.

‘You’d better lock this,’ he said on his way out of the bar. ‘You never know what kind of sick fucker’s gonna come through that door.’

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