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Michael , Bev chapter 2

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After my experience with Bev:

“That was amazing” Michael whispered to me “I always wondered what a blow job was. Some of the guys at school brag about them but I have actually had one”. His eyes clouded over for a while. “Have you ever had a blow job” he asked. “No ‘fraid not” I answered. “If mum hadn’t called up Bev might have given you one as well” he said with a distant look still on his face “Tell you what… if you want I’ll give you one, after all if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have got one of Bev. Like I said before looking at each other is all we’ve ever done”. I didn’t answer, I was firstly puzzled by the fact that he was willing to blow me off and was pondering if he did would that make us both gay? Before I could gather my thoughts Michael was out of bed, had pulled the duvet down to reveal my still aching hard on. Yes it was still hard from when I licked Bev earlier. Without hesitation and without me being quick enough to stop him Michael had taken hold of my cock and was lowering his mouth onto me. “This doesn’t make us gay does it? I asked him. “No” he said “were just enjoying ourselves” and took my cock into his mouth. At first I felt his hot breath on my “bell-end” and then his tongue, then his warm wet mouth enveloping my shaft. The sensation was incredible, I didn’t care if this was a guy sucking me it felt great. I closed my eyes and thought of what had happened earlier. Michael began bobbing his head up and down along my cock, the feeling was getting better and better, nothing like wanking, 100 times better than wanking, no 1 million şişli escort times better.before I knew it I had cum in his mouth, my cock must have been half way down his throught as I came, he gagged a little and sucked up and down my cock shaft a couple of times as I shivered and shook in my orgasm. He pulled his head from me, still holding my now deflating cock and, like his sister had done before, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked at me, I looked at him. “Not bad” he said “I could get used to the taste I suppose”. He didn’t say anymore, he just climbed back into his bed. I lay there not really believing what had just happened. I suppose I drifted off to sleep because I remember waking up to hear loud heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, someone tripped and hissed “Fucking stairs” and I heard a door open and then a soft “Thump”. Michael was sat upright in his bed. He didn’t look over to me but said as he went to the door. “That’ll be mum, I’ll just put her to bed”. After a couple of minutes he came back to the bedroom. “Sorry about that” he said “mums drunk again. He climbed back into his own bed and then, pulling the covers up to his chin again, laying sideways facing me said “Have you ever had a cock up your arse?” “No never” I replied “Never thought about it …ever” I continued. “Well I’ve heard that sometimes, when blokes get really horny and there’s no women about, that they stick their cocks up each others arse so they at least get to fuck”. Michael informed me. Now I had heard about it but thought nothing of it, after all blokes were supposed to put their cocks in girls pussies weren’t they? Michael sat up again. “I’m really horny” he said “ If you let me stick my cock up your arse…just a little, then I’ll suck you off again, I know you liked that”. To be honest I had, it was the most incredible feeling having your cock sucked and if I closed my eyes I could think it was Bev doing it but to have a cock up my arse?? “Will you let me just a little, I promise I won’t tell a living soul” Michael asked pleadingly. “I don’t know” I replied “I’ll have to think about it”. I turned onto my side, my back towards Michael, hoping he would go back to sleep. I suddenly felt the covers lift off the bed behind me and Michael climbed into my bed. I could feel his body heat on me and then felt his hand smooth it’s way down the middle of my back. His finger traced it’s way between my arse cheeks and without much effort Michael found my sphincter. He must have wet his finger as he managed to tease my arse-hole effortlessly. I didn’t move, remaining rigid, if I pretended to be asleep then maybe he would give in? Michael removed his finger and I felt his bodyweight shift as if he was getting out of my bed, no, I heard the bedside cabinet door close and then a peculiar noise, followed by a “sloop” and then felt Michael’s finger swiftly and effortlessly plunge up my anal canal! He caught me by surprise, and what a surprise! His finger started to go in and out of my arse, my sphincter muscles jst did as they pleased, contracting and relaxing as I lay there on my side like a dead body, not sure what to do. Do I fight him off? I was actually enjoying it much to my amazement. After a short while of fingering my ass Michael removed his finger. “Well that’s over” I thought to myself, “Just as I was actually enjoying it!” Then I felt something much bigger than a finger at the entrance to my arse. Michael grunted and I felt a hot pain in my arse before felling him pushing his cock into me. He was fucking my arse for Christ’s sake! He put his arm around me and started to fondle my nipple, it became erect! Was I turning into a girl???? He grunted some more as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of me, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Somehow he managed, whilst fucking me up the arse to turn my body around so that my legs were of the side of the bed and I was kneeling on the floor, my body face down on the bed. He pulled his cock out of me and then I felt his tongue licking at my arsehole. I didn’t want to admit it but it felt good.
Neither of us heard anything but Bev had crept in the room and was watching. “What are you doing?” she whispered to Michael. “Were fucking” he whispered back. He raised himself up and pushed his cock back into my now sore arse. I’m gonna cum up his arse” he told her. With that his thrusts became increasingly faster and deeper. I turned my head to look at Bev, wincing as Michael thrust into me. A really hot sensation then shot up my arse, my body jerked as I felt Michael jerking inside me and on top of me. “AAArgh” he cried as his orgasm hit.
Bev smiled at me, came around the bed and knelt down to face me, inches from my face she asked “Was that good?”

To be continued.

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