Mia’s Master

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“The short way or the long way home?” asked Alex.

Mia bit her lip and answered quietly “the long way, baby.”

Alex smiled.

Mia would choose the long way home almost every time. Basically, it meant taking a roundabout, panoramic, fairly lonely road to get to his place. Driving at the posted speed limit, it would take over half an hour. The direct route took only ten minutes or so. However, ever since that first time Alex put his hand in her panties it had become a routine to take the long way home so he could finger her to orgasm while she cuddled up to him.

It would be no different this time around. Mia cuddled up to Alex and parted her legs, wanting him to touch her. She was wearing a short skirt, which made matters a lot simpler, and some flimsy panties. Alex slid his hand up her soft thigh and felt the slim cloth.

“You are already soaked, you naughty girl…”

Mia gave a slight gasp and nodded. “Mhmm… Ever since I sat in the car.”

“You’re such a horny slut,” said Alex as he pushed his fingers into her panties.

“Yes, baby,” whimpered Mia and spread her legs as wide as she could.

Alex started rubbing her lips softly, getting his fingers nice and wet. Then he parted them and played with the entrance to her pussy, circling and probing gently. Mia relaxed and started moaning gently, enjoying the attention. Then, when his fingers felt wet enough, he pushed two inside her and started finger fucking her cunt. Her moaning got louder and she started moving her hips, meeting the thrusts of his fingers. Alex continued for a while, probing her pussy deeply, caressing and massaging every nook and cranny. He felt her juices gushing, flowing down his fingers and getting his hand wet, so much so that he took them out for a bit-to Mia’s disappointment-but as he started massaging her clit, Mia went crazy; it was really sensitive and it needed only the slightest encouragement to bring her over the edge. After only a minute of stimulation, Mia shook with a strong orgasm. Alex took his hand out of her panties and licked his own fingers clean; she stared at him with surprise and curiosity on her face.

As Mia came very quickly, everything took very little time and they still were not very close to home. So Mia did something she had never done before. She opened Alex’s fly and took out his cock, which was already half erect, and started jerking him off. Alex was surprised, but had no objections, so he kept his eyes on the road and enjoyed the treatment.

Mia pumped his cock slowly, letting it grow big and stiff in her hand, enjoying the feeling. She leaned down and looked at it more closely: the swollen head, the thick, veined shaft. She loved that cock and the things it did inside her. Her pussy twitched, wanting it. All the time she kept a steady, slow pumping rhythm, trying to make him last. However, Alex felt he was not going to last too long.

“Baby, if you keep that up we’re gonna have a mess in here,” he warned.

“Not if you shoot all your yummy cum in my mouth,” said Mia mischievously.

Hardly were the words said, she stuck the head of Alex’s cock in her mouth and sucked. At the same time she started jerking him off hard and fast. Already close to the edge, Alex could not hold back anymore and came, shooting a thick load into Mia’s waiting mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking, milking every last drop out of his cock.

“You are such a hot little whore!” Alex said as he got his breath.

” I’m YOUR hot little whore,” Mia said in her little girl voice. She gave his cock a kiss on the tip and put it back in his pants.

Mia straightened up and leaned over to murmur in his ear, again in her best little girl voice.

“My pussy is soooo horny baby. Are you gonna fuck me when we get home? Are you gonna stick that big, fat cock into your hot little whore’s horny hole? My wet cunt wants your hard cock. I’ll do anything you want me to. You can fuck me any way you want. All my holes are yours, baby.”

Alex loved her dirty talk. But he did not say anything. He just gave her a look. But that look promised a lot of hard fucking to come, so Mia smiled and cuddled up against him for the rest of the ride home.

As luck would have it, Alex’s parents were out of town for a few days, and his brother was a decent fellow who’d find a excuse to sleep over at some friend’s, leaving the place empty for Alex and Mia.

“Strip,” said Alex as soon as they walked through the door.

Mia hesitated for a second, then took off her clothes, making short, tantalizing pauses when she took off her bra and slid her panties down her long legs. She stood there with her hands behind her back, panting slightly, her face flushed; her nipples were erect and Alex could see her pink pussy lips, open and moist.

He leaned back against the door and let his eyes roam over her nude body. Her big tits, her long legs, her shaved pussy; he was sorely tempted to fuck her right then and there. Mia enjoyed feeling his hungry eyes feast ata┼čehir escort bayan on her naked body; she started breathing harder, flushed even more. Her pussy was melting and she felt her juices run down the inside of her thighs. She was on fire and she was hoping Alex would just take her.

“Turn around,” Alex said.

Mia complied, slowly, letting him savor it; she knew he loved her luscious ass.

“Get down on your hands and knees.”

Mia allowed herself a little smile. She was aware of the effect this position had on him.

“Crawl to my room, slut.”

Mia complied, making an effort to sway her hips as much as possible. Alex looked on as he followed, turned on by the way her ass moved and how her pussy looked from that angle. The vulnerability and his harsh tone made her even hotter.

When they arrived in his bedroom Alex ordered her to kneel on the edge of the bed, facing away from him. Mia quickly complied, sticking her ass in the air in the most tempting way possible. She wanted cock and she was letting Alex know in the most blatant way possible. Alex, however, had other plans in mind. He started massaging her ass cheeks, kneading and squeezing them hard, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin.

Mia was purring like a contented cat. “Fuck me baby, please,” she said, wiggling her butt.

Alex gave her ass a sharp slap, making her yelp in surprise. “I’ll fuck you when I feel like it, slut!”

“Yes, baby,” apologized Mia in a tiny voice.

Alex knelt behind her and started eating her pussy. He’d been hungering after it ever since he licked his fingers clean in the car. He licked up and down her lips, then started probing with his tongue. As expected, her cunt was hot and juicy and deliciously sweet. As he probed deeper he was rewarded with a never ending stream of Mia’s juices, which he drank thirstily.

It wasn’t exactly the cock Mia wanted, but she did moan loudly and continuously in appreciation. She did love having her pussy eaten out, after all. Then she felt his tongue trace a path from her pussy up to her asshole and she shivered in pleasure when it started circling her whole, probing gently. Then she felt two fingers entering her pussy and she abandoned herself to the pleasure of being finger fucked while getting a rimjob. She moaned and whimpered while Alex probed her pussy roughly and licked her ass, loving every second, wishing it was his cock in either of both holes. She was almost disappointed when he took his fingers out, but she did not quite have time to complain as he started rubbing her clit with them. She positively went crazy and her legs started shaking, suddenly refusing to hold her weight. She came loudly and collapsed on the bed, shaking with pleasure.

“Oh God, baby, that was so gooood,” Mia managed to gasp.

“You did look like you were enjoying it,” smiled Alex. His fingers were covered in her juices and he licked them clean again.

Mia watched him intently. “You really like eating my pussy, don’t you?” she asked curiously.

“Well, yes.”


“Well, cause. It makes you hot, it makes you moan a lot. It gets your pussy wet…” he shrugged. “And it’s sweet.”

“No, it’s not!” Mia said. “I don’t believe you!”

Alex said nothing. His answer, however was very direct. He stuck two fingers back in Mia’s pussy and probed deeply. She gasped; her pussy was quite sensitive after her orgasm. Alex took his fingers out and offered them to her.

“Here, taste it.”

Mia looked at them dubiously and did nothing. Alex grabbed her hair and pulled her close, shoving his fingers in her face.

“When I say clean my fingers, you dirty little whore, you open your pouty little mouth and you suck them clean!”

Mia was surprised by the violence in his voice, but as usual, it made her surrender. Willingly. She took the fingers in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. Her pussy actually tasted sweet! Alex let her go.

“Told you so.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Both of them froze, until Alex remembered his parents were expecting some new furniture and he was supposed to receive it.

“Stay here. They’ll take some stuff to the kitchen and that’s it. Won’t take long,” said Alex.

“You sure baby? Shouldn’t I get dressed or something?” was the nervous reply.

“Sure. You stay here. Naked,” added Alex with a smile and left, shutting the door behind him.

Mia laid back on the bed, impatient. She was so horny! And she’d been about to get fucked right when that stupid doorbell rang. Alex had been so dominant, shoving his fingers in her mouth. But as usual, she had loved it. And she tasted so sweet! Thinking about it got her juices flowing again and her hand strayed down to her pussy. She started rubbing lightly; her lips were parted and she was so wet! Her fingers slid inside almost on their own and she started to finger fuck herself slowly. She imagined it was Alex’s cock… She wanted it escort kad─▒k├Ây so badly! She started to get lost in her fantasy and continued fingering, her other hand working its way to her breasts, which she started kneading and massaging, squeezing one nipple hard, then the other.

Unnoticed by Mia, the furniture had been delivered and the fellows doing the work had left. It had taken a bit longer than expected, so she was lost in her own world when Alex opened the bedroom door. He stood there, watching the gorgeous vixen masturbating on his bed. He opened his trousers and took out his cock and stroked it, but otherwise remained silent; he was not about to spoil the show.

By this time Mia had one of her tits in her mouth and was furiously sucking her nipple. Her hand was a blur in her pussy and she was bucking her hips up and down. She then turned over on her stomach and Alex was rewarded with a view of her succulent ass. She then switched hands and fingered her pussy with her left; then, to Alex’s surprise, she pushed her wet index finger into her ass. She was now fucking her pussy with two fingers and her ass with one. Her moans became louder as her breast was not in her mouth anymore and he could hear her panting:

“Give me your cock baby, fuck your dirty little whore’s pussy and ass! Fill my holes with your big dick!”

Alex’s cock was rock hard in his hand and he was sorely tempted to walk over and stick his cock in Mia’s cunt. However, the show was too damn hot to interrupt and he resisted, slowing his stroking down so he would not come. Mia flipped over on her back again and continued fingering her ass and pussy; her moans became louder, but inarticulate and then she arched her back and came hard, humping her hips hard against her fingers, lodged deep inside her holes. She laid there panting, eyes closed, with her head hanging slightly over the edge of the bed. She took her hand away from her pussy and started licking her drenched fingers clean, purring softly.

“You horny little slut! Can’t you wait ten minutes?”

Mia opened her eyes wide in surprise and saw Alex. He had walked across the room, shedding his clothes and stood next to her head, his cock pointing to the ceiling. She licked her lips.

“Are you going to fuck me now? Your little slut needs cock,” Mia said in a husky voice.

“My little slut has been having fun by herself. Now it’s my turn.”

“But my cunt is so horny baby,” Mia whined. “Don’t you want to fuck your little whore’s horny cunt? It’s so wet and tight…”

Alex loved the way she begged in her little girl voice. But he wanted to use her mouth and tits. He straddled her face and grabbed her tits in both hands, squeezing them roughly, enjoying their heavy softness.

“Suck my balls, you little slut,” he said to stop her whining. He knew she’d obey.

And obey she did. She licked his balls all over, then popped them into her mouth one, then the other, and slurped on them. Alex continued playing with her melons and she started making muted noises, moaning softly, then yelping when he squeezed her nipples. He placed his cock between her breasts and pressed them together, wrapping them around his hardness, then started pumping. He kept pinching her nipples, getting a steady streams of moans and yelps from her.

“Lick my ass, whore,” Alex growled.

Mia knew he’d want a rimjob and immediately started licking. She circled her tongue around then licked more deeply, making him gasp.

“You are getting good at licking my ass, you dirty slut.”

“Mmmmhm,” was the only answer Mia could give.

Alex was enjoying the rimjob and the titfuck, but he really wanted Mia’s mouth. So he pulled out from between her melons and started rubbing his cock all over her face. Mia opened her mouth and waited. He then pushed his cock inside and started to fuck her face, careful not to go too deep or too hard. The position was extremely good, with her head hanging over the edge of the bed and he soon feel into a slow, comfortable rhythm; all this time he kept his hands on her tits, holding on to them. Mia twirled her tongue around his cock and sucked forcefully; at one moment she had a feeling she could take him all the way. She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him hard and managed to swallow all his cock for a second.

Mia choked a bit and Alex pulled back hurriedly, thinking he’d gone too far. However, Mia had other plans, and did not let go of his ass, pulling him back. She took him all the way in again, then pushed him back a bit, getting used to his size. She then started pulling him in and pushing him back in a slow rhythm, making sure she swallowed him completely every time. Mia was thrilled; she had finally managed to deepthroat Alex. And Alex was in blowjob heaven!

“Why you little deepthroating whore!” he managed to gasp.

Mia let his cock out of her mouth for a second. “Fuck your little whore’s face, baby.”

Alex need no prompting, and started to fuck her mouth again, this time bostanc─▒ escort pushing all the way in with every stroke. He kept the same slow, gentle rhythm and she rapidly got used to it. He reached between her legs to fondle her pussy and found a puddle had formed between her legs. Mia moaned loudly around his cock; her pussy was soooo sensitive.

“You’ve been a good little whore, baby. Time to fuck the shit out of your horny cunt.”

“Yes, please, baby! My cunt is so ready!”

“How much do you want it?”

“Oh, you are so evil! Pleeeeease baby, please! Fuck the shit out of your whore’s horny cunt! Pleeeeease! Stick that big, fat cock inside me! Rape my horny little pussy!”

Alex turned her on her stomach so she was lying flat on the bed with her legs closed and straddled her. He loved fucking her like this. Her ass looked gorgeous, he could see his dick going in and out, and her pussy was soooo tight. He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy, getting it wet and making her squirm impatiently. He stuck it in, burying himself up to the balls in one thrust. Her pussy was incredibly tight and she moaned loudly.

Alex started fucking her in shallow strokes, still straddling her. He massaged her asscheeks and opened them to watch his cock plunge in and out of her hole. He was fascinated by her pink little butthole. He had to fuck it soon.

“I’m gonna rape your tight little asshole soon,” he told Mia.

Mia reached back with her hands, opened her butt cheeks wide and said in a husky voice:

“Rape it, take it. Fuck your whore’s ass. Fill it with your big, fat cock. Do what you want with me.”

Alex was surprised by her vehemence, but he was not in a hurry. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear:

“I’ll fuck your ass when I decide, you little slut. Damn right I’m gonna do what I want with you. You are my whore.”

“Yes baby, I’m sorry baby,” said Mia chastised.

Alex braced himself with his hands and started pounding her pussy in hard, deep strokes. Mia responded with her hips, meeting his thrusts, taking them as deep as possible. Her pussy always got incredibly tight after having an orgasm and Alex’s cock was hitting all the right spots, making her feel sooo full.

Alex increased the pace, until he was fucking her furiously. Mia couldn’t keep up anymore and just let herself be fucked, which was actually what she really wanted. She just wriggled and moaned and slowly stopped thinking, concentrating instead on the intense feelings.

“You are my fuck slut, my horny little whore,” growled Alex in her ear.

“Yes! Use me any way you want to!” moaned Mia.

“From now on I’m your master, whore, understood?”

Mia’s mind was reeling, clouded with pleasure, but she surrendered completely.

“Yes, master,” she said in a tiny voice.

And with surrender came the orgasm. Mia shuddered as waves of pleasure swept her body as she came as Alex kept pounding furiously into her. When she stopped, Alex got off her and sat in front of her on the edge of the bed. He wanted to know if he’d heard right.

“Taste your pussy juice on my cock,” he ordered.

“Yes, master,” came the reply in the little girl voice.

She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking her juices. She had been surprised at the sweet taste of her pussy before, but this was even better, mixed with Alex’s precum, and so much more kinkier! Alex pushed her head down on his cock until she had swallowed it all, then let her go. Understanding the message, she deepthroated him for a while, then let his cock go when it was nice and clean.

“Master hasn’t come yet. Shall I ride you?” Mia murmured.

Alex laid back on the bed and Mia straddled him, sticking his cock in her pussy right away. She started moving her hips back and forth, just the way he liked, keeping him deep inside her. She put on a show, knowing he liked watching. She caressed her body and hair, arched her back to show off her tits, then massaged them, squeezing her nipples, finally popping them into her mouth. Alex just lay there, mesmerized by the performance and her complete wantonness. She picked up the pace and trailed a hand down to her pussy, and started rubbing. She knew he loved watching her touch her pussy. She then let go of her tits and reached behind her, cupping his balls and gently squeezed and caressed them. Soon her hand was drenched in her juices and on impulse she reached down and started massaging his butthole with a finger.

Alex pushed his hips up, giving her better access. Mia’s naughtiness got the best of her and she started pushing her wet finger inside his butt. She felt him relax and pushed a bit more, until she had a knuckle inside him. She took her finger out, picked up more lubrication and pushed it back in. Alex started thrusting, meeting her bucking hips. Mia massaged the inside of his ass with her wet finger, circling and probing, pushing further in bit by bit. She also increased her rhythm, bucking her hips faster and harder. Suddenly, she felt her finger go all the way inside and Alex thrust with his hips one last time, shooting his load deep inside her. His spurting cock triggered her own orgasm and she came, shaking her hips, milking every last drop of cum out of his cock.

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