Melissa’s Secret Kink Pt. 01

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This is part 01 of a longer story involving a young couple exploring their kinks together.


Melissa was going to be home any minute and Ash knew she was bringing surprise. She’d texted him an hour ago and warned him to be prepared. He wasn’t sure what she had in store, but chances are it would end up with both of them naked, and that was more than okay with him.

They had recently moved in together, and things had been wild since they no longer had to share a space with anyone else. With the privacy of their own home they had been able to tear at each other as often as they wanted, and now, Ash felt, they were entering new territory. Melissa had been talking lately about exploring sexually, really getting to know each other. She’d asked Ash point blank if he had any kinks – he’d said no, nothing too out of the ordinary. After some probing he’d admitted that he’d fanticized about going to a peepshow before, and watching a woman masturbate and put on a performance for him was hot as hell.

Maybe that was what Melissa had in store. The thought of her dancing for him, stripping, and playing with herself while he sat a few feet away not allowed to touch her got his heart racing. Come to think of it, he’d hoped her surprise was something like that. Melissa was normally fairly shy, and had some confidence issues. Even though it was his fantasy he wondered if she’d be bold enough to do something like that.

When Ash asked the same question in return, however, Melissa had gotten too embarrassed to say. Honestly, it annoyed him a bit, he’d thought they could be totally open with each other. She was apologetic and said she thought she was ready to say it but chickened out. She’d promised to tell him eventually, soon even. That had to be good enough for now.

He’d thought about it a lot since then. What could it possibly be that she didn’t want to tell him? While he definitely had his limits, he was a pretty adventurous and open-minded person. More than that, he loved Melissa. He’d do just about anything for her, and knowing she’d do just about anything for him too gave him a devious smile.

The front door opened, and Melissa walked in carrying a couple of black plastic bags. She was on the short side, brunette, and full-bodied. She was dressed modestly today, although usually when she wanted to she could turn every eye in the room with her cleavage. It didn’t matter what she wore for pants, her ass mesmerized regardless. Despite the fact that he couldn’t have made up a sexier body, what really got him going was her lips – lips that were rapidly approaching to say hello.

Melissa kissed Ash deeply on the mouth, her tongue lightly flicking his but not committing to a full make-out, just teasing. Ash pulled away, and when he opened his eyes they darted down to the bags dangling from her hand.

“No peaking!” she said, snatching them away.

“Do I get a hint?”

Melissa slid her hand down Ash’s pants and gripped his already hard cock. She squeezed it and drew her lips up to his again. “Do you like this?”

She’d been in the apartment for barely a minute and already he was so horny his head was spinning. “You know I do.”

“Well that’s the last time I’m touching your dick today. Don’t get used to it.” she said as she slid her hand out, kicked off her shoes, and walked to the bedroom. “I need to get ready, don’t come in here.”

Her intensity threw Ash for a loop at first, but he snapped himself out of it as the door to the bedroom shut, leaving him alone and feverishly impatient. “Maybe it really is a strip show…”

Melissa was gone for quite some time, and Ash was beginning to wonder what the holdup was when his phone buzzed. It was a text saying to move the coffee table and clear some space. “Clear a…stage?” he thought, his heart beginning to race again. “This is exactly what I was hoping for.” A minute later, the coffee table was gone and the area in front of the couch was wide open. Ash couldn’t help but start to rub his cock through his jeans when he heard the bedroom door swinging open.

Melissa stood in the doorway biting her lip. She was wearing high heels, fishnet stockings, black lace panties, and a bustier that showed an unholy amount of cleavage. He eyes were dark with mascara; her hair was teased out. Red lips puckered slightly in a wry grin.

“Sit down,” she said. Ash complied.

This was the sexiest he’d ever seen her, and by far the sluttiest. Ash didn’t know it but apparently he was crazily into the whole 80’s stripper look. From the couch he sat there, dick quivering in his jeans, staring at Melissa who broke character and let out a big goofy canl─▒ bahis smile, clearly happy with his reaction. She turned, showing him her ass, gripping it and spanking it slightly as she went back into the room.

Ash heard a beep as her phone connected to their Bluetooth speakers and started playing the kind of electronic music meant to be played loudly, omnipresent and ignored.

Melissa came around the corner again with her hands at her side, grin gone and replaced with a stern and confident stare. In her left hand, she held 6 inches of thick pink anatomically correct dildo. It flopped wildly as she made her way in front of the couch.

“I’m gonna give you a show today,” she said as she leaned over him, hovering her lips just out of reach of his, her dildo brushing his leg playfully. “You look so fucking horny.”

“God, I am!”

Melissa bit her lip and started to dance slowly along with the music, rubbing her hands gently all along her body. She cupped her breasts and bend down, giving Ash a full view of her amazing cleavage. Her hands brushed through her hair, teasing it out as she closed her eyes and writhed, getting into the thrumming electronic beat on the speakers. She swayed her hips in time, building intensity as she seemed to forget Ash entirely and just feel the moment.

Ash’s breathing grew heavier, this was hotter than he imagined it would be and Melissa hadn’t even taken anything off yet. Melissa turned and bent forward in a wide stance, jiggling her ass in front of his face. Ash was hypnotized, and he could see from how wet her panties were that Melissa was enjoying herself too. He reached out and took a handful of asscheek, groaning under his breath.

Melissa turned and playfully slapped his hand away. “No touching,” she said as she went back to her dance, bent back down, this time with her legs together, and slowly peeled her panties off, lingering after they passed her ass and slowly separated from her dripping wet lips.

This was too much. “Come on, Melissa. You won’t make an exception for your favorite customer?”

She stood up and turned back at Ash, kicking the panties off her ankles, and stared down at him a minute. After several heartbeats, she put her left leg up on the couch, and stood, cocky and confident, with her vagina in full view. Her right hand grabbed hard at her breast, pinching through the fabric and teasing her nipples. Her left hand moved in between her legs and she slid her middle finger inside herself. Moaning loudly, she worked herself for a while. There was no bashfulness in her stance as she seemed to ignore Ash’s question, sucking at her teeth in pleasure, flicking her hair around and moving her hips with the music.

She pulled her fingers out and pressed lightly on Ash’s lower lip as he sat mouth agape, leaving a small spot of wetness. Then, never breaking eye contact, she brought that same hand to her mouth and started sucking her fingers, working them with her tongue to make sure she was taking in all the taste of her own pussy. It drove Ash insane.

When she was done, she paused, her breath heavy. She took her leg down from the couch and turned around again, gripping her cheeks and pulling them apart, giving Ash a full view of her asshole and vagina as she jiggled around. Over her shoulder, without looking at him, she said “You’re allowed to touch yourself though.”

Ash wasted no time and undid his jeans. He was so turned on even a slight draft in the room felt amazing on his exposed erection. He wondered how long he’d last. Deciding to take it slow, his right hand gripped his shaft and pumped as Melissa began to play with herself.

Abruptly, she stood up and said “Wait.” She left the room for a few seconds and came back with a bottle of lube, squirting some onto her hand and tossing the bottle to Ash. Ash practically dumped the bottle onto his crotch in his excitement and felt the lube dripping through his neatly trimmed pubic hair and down along his inner thigh.

He began pumping again, faster than he intended to, and groaned as Melissa turned around again, took her lubed up fingers and started massaging around her asshole. Bent over in full view, Melissa whimpered as she plunged a finger in and began working it in a circle to loosen the muscle. Ash had to take his hand off his cock in record time or he would burst, the sight of her in that bustier and heels, no panties, bent over and fingering her asshole just for him was almost too much to handle.

After she’d loosened up a bit, she re-lubed her hand and got on the floor turned away from Ash, hunched over on all fours. Knowing what was next, Ash took off his shirt bahis siteleri and kicked off his pants, only to hear “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, I figured…”

“No. Touching.”

And that was it. Ash could tell from her voice that she meant it too. This was a strictly hands-off show, exactly what he’d asked for. He had to be okay with it.

However, being okay with it was a lot tougher than he thought it would be. Melissa had done anal a few times but wasn’t really into it. He knew this was just for him, and that thought drove him even wilder. He was so close he decided to keep his hand away from his cock and just watch.

Melissa pressed her face to the floor and started pumping away with her fingers. Her gaping asshole was ready now, and she could fit two in. The others were splayed out to give Ash the best view possible. Her toes curled, her back arched with each pump, and she moaned so loud there was no way the neighbors didn’t hear. The hottest thing altogether might have been the wet sound of lubricant slapping on skin as she manically fingered her ass, twisting and tugging and giving a show any porn star would be proud of.

She flipped onto her side and kept fucking her ass with one hand, while the other pinched her nipples through the cloth, squeezed her soft jiggling tits, and slowly made its way down in between her legs. Now she was at it with both hands from both sides, feverishly hammering herself while trying to keep one leg up in the air.

“Oh fuck, this is so good! I didn’t know you were this dirty!” Ash gasped, as he tugged at his penis again, trying to steady his breathing so he could go back to jerking off properly.

“You’d better not finish yet.”

“I won’t, I want to see the whole show.”

Melissa smiled for a half a second before doubling down on her speed, forgetting the fingers in her asshole and leaving them there while she went at her clit with the mastery of a person who had obviously owned one all her life. Her eyes went wide and her mouth shot open in a silent moan as she kicked back her head and brought herself almost to orgasm, but stopped right on the brink.

Ash couldn’t help but be surprised, as Melissa sat there breathing heavily. “Wait, did you cum?”

“Not yet. Here’s the finisher,” she said, reaching for the dildo Ash had completely forgotten was there.

Melissa grabbed the dildo by the balls and held it up, taking a good look at it before slowly licking along the shaft. She looked into Ash’s eyes unblinking as she licked it all around, wetting it from every angle. After a few moments making sure it was nice and wet, she pressed her lips cutely on the head of the dildo and tossed her hair over her shoulder. “You wanna see me suck this cock?”

Mesmerized, Ash could only nod.

“You wanna see me fuck myself?”

Ash nodded again.

“Good,” she said as she dangled the pink shaft over her head and opened her mouth. “But remember, no touching.”

“Wait!” Ash said before he even had time to think. Melissa stopped and gave him a quizzical look. “Take that off.”

Grinning mischievously, she undid the zipper on her bustier and removed it without exposing anything. She pushed her breasts together with her arms. “So you want to see my tits?”

Ash nodded.

“Understandable,” she said, moving her arms to expose them. They hung gently, looking soft and warm. Her nipples stood at attention about as hard as Ash had ever seen them.

With that, she plunged it in like a sword-swallower, gagging as she throat-fucked herself with the long silicone rod. Her eyes watered and she seemed to choke, but she kept at it. Her chin was upright and Ash could see the length of her neck as it filled with the huge fake cock. It took all of his strength to keep from nutting all over both of them right then and there.

Melissa pulled the dildo out and gasped heavily like someone who had been underwater for five minutes.

“Jesus Christ! I had no idea you could take a dick like that!”

“It’s not so hard,” she said in between breaths. “You just need to practice.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

Melissa gave Ash a sly grin whose meaning was impenetrable, and then leaned onto her back, rubbing her body all over as she teased herself with the dildo. By now she was so wet she could just shove it in without any pretense, and that’s exactly what she did. Her moans got louder and louder as she fucked with one hand and worked her clit with the other. She thumped again and again with the music and screamed like she didn’t care if people in the next country were listening. “Oh god, I’m…Ahh!”

Her bahis ┼čirketleri whole body convulsed as she came uncontrollably. Ash watched, stunned, he’d obviously seen her get there, but never like this. It was so wild and undignified, he loved it. Too much in fact, because just a few quick tugs of his lubed-up hand sent him reeling back the same way, hips pumping as he shot cum up his chest. Some even made it to his chin and lower lip.

They both sat paralyzed by pleasure, feet apart, hearts pumping in unison.

After a while, still dizzy and gasping for air, Ash felt Melissa grab him by the head. He leaned in for a kiss, but she missed his mouth, licking up from his chin to get the cum he’d forgotten all about. With it on her tongue, she climbed onto his lap and began making out with him, swapping the cum from her mouth to his as their bodies pressed together, sticky from the rest of his hot load.

Ash pulled away after a few long, deep kisses, smacking his lips comically. “That’s a taste.”

Melissa let out a belly laugh, “You get used to it. What’d you think of my show?”

“Are you kidding? That was amazing!”


“Absolutely. I wish I had a video.”

Melissa blushed and covered her face in embarrassment. “Maybe someday. It was hard enough for me to work up the courage to do it in the first place.”

“Thank you, really.” Ash pulled back and took a good look at her. She was absolutely gorgeous – and being naked other than thigh-high fishnet stockings and sitting on his lap – sexy as hell.

They started making out again. Melissa ran her hands through Ash’s hair and Ash ran his hands down her body, squeezing her ass. He started getting hard again almost instantly as their kisses grew in passion until Melissa was grinding on him.

Slow enough to give her plenty of time to say no, Ash inched his finger toward her asshole. It was still covered in lube, and practically gaping. In one simultaneous motion, Ash repositioned Melissa’s hips with one hand, and slid a finger into her ass with the other. At the same time, Melissa grabbed Ash’s cock and guided it into her pussy, never breaking the connection on their mouths.

Melissa started humping and kissing Ash aggressively as Ash gently explored her asshole with his fingers. Melissa moaned and writhed, her whole body working in rhythm to get the most out of the two penetrations.

Even though Ash was hard, it had barely been any time since he’d cum – and he was thankful for that. He could focus on fucking her silly while he was in that sweet spot where he wouldn’t cum again. He pulled her in close, his single finger had complete control over her body, and opened his mouth wide as she thrust her tongue in with an aggressiveness that would have startled him a half an hour ago. She was going at it so hard she was practically throat fucking him.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you today, but I love it,” Ash said, pulling back for air.

“I just want to make you happy, and you give me the confidence to do it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a few brief seconds. Their gyrations had come to a pause, although Ash still had Melissa wrapped around his finger. It seemed to Ash that Melissa wanted to say something but didn’t have the courage.

“About the other day, when you wouldn’t tell me your kink…” Ash started.

“I’m almost ready. Don’t ruin the moment by asking questions.”

Ash laughed, on guard now, but said nothing else. Melissa climbed off him and stood up.

“Aww!” Ash said jokingly, trying to diffuse the growing tension in the air.

Melissa smiled reassuringly. “I told you I wasn’t going to touch your dick today. I already broke that rule once.” She shook her head in mocking shame and stooped to grab the dildo she’d left on the ground.

There was a long pause as she seemed to reconsider. Ash said nothing, he wanted to let her take as long as she needed, wanted to let her do whatever she secretly desired. They locked eyes, and it seemed that that was all the reassurance she needed to go on.

Melissa put one foot up on the couch again and her whole demeanor changed. The dildo in her hand swung heavily as she slapped it in her palm. She dropped it between her legs and slid it into her, almost painstakingly slowly. Ash watched as her wet lips gripped the shaft, his eyebrows raised as she took the whole thing. She bit her lips as she took a second to grind the balls against her, and then slowly drew the whole thing out.

It glistened with her wetness as she held the it up in front of her, presenting it like a holy relic. She looked down at herself, her stomach was smeared with cum from grinding on Ash earlier. She rolled the dildo to transfer some of it, then handed it over.

“Clean it.”


stay tuned for part 2


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