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Melissa , Her Socks Ch. 4

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I pulled my jacket a little closer to myself as I walked through the cold winter night on the way over to my girlfriend’s house. The wind howled through the leafless branches on the trees above, and I could feel the chill cut through my clothes.

“Damn, it’s cold,” I thought, as I picked up my pace. I was on my way over to say hello to Melissa’s friends, who would be hanging out with her tonight. It made me a little jealous, but there were times when I wanted to hang out with my friends, too.

I let myself in the front door, since it was late enough that Melissa’s parents would be asleep. I slipped my athletic shoes off while standing in the foyer, placing them next to the other shoes lined up against the wall. Melissa’s mom liked to keep her carpets clean, so everyone had to walk around barefoot or in socks, which made the house a great place for a foot fetishist like myself.

I shrugged out of my coat and I proceeded down the hallway in my socked feet, padding quietly along the carpeted floor. As I got closer, I could hear girls’ voices coming from Melissa’s room, complete with the occasional giggle.

“So, Melissa, what is this Jon guy like? You guys getting it on yet?” said a voice that drifted into the hallway.

“Oh, yeah,” I heard my girlfriend reply. “It was amazing! He is something else, I can tell you that.”

“Is he really big?” another girl asked.

“Well, he’s not really long,” Melissa responded. “But he’s really big around. I could barely fit him in my mouth!”

“Ewww! You went down on him?” a third girl said with disgust. “That’s totally gross!”

“No, it was really cool,” Melissa assured her friend. “He totally got off on it, and it felt kind of neat. Kind of salty.”

That a girl, I thought, as my girlfriend bragged about me to her friends. I guess I should quit eavesdropping, though. So I turned and walked to the beginning of the hallway and then walked back to Melissa’s room, this time taking heavier steps that announced my approach. This time, no one was talking when I got to the door and knocked.

Melissa opened the door into her room, leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me, planting a kiss on my lips with a “hey, babe”. Then she took me by the hand and led me into the room.

“Everyone, this is my boyfriend Jon,” she said. “Jon, these are my friends Brigitte, Teresa, Angela and Maggie.”

I nodded and waved to the girls in the room, who were curled up on the floor with pillows and blankets. As I looked at them, I realized they were all wearing pajamas or other suitable sleeping clothes. Then I noticed that Melissa was wearing her usual button-down shirt and socks that she wore to bed. This is a slumber party, I thought, with not two or three but five hot girls wearing pajamas and socks! My dreams might have come true.

I took another look at all of the girls. Brigitte was wearing a dark blue pajama shirt and shorts, and had on blue striped thin polyester dress socks that showed off her long, slender feet. Teresa was wearing flannel pajamas with white dress socks, the kind with the gold toe. Maggie was wearing a long sleeping shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it, and she had on white cotton tube socks. Like the over-the-calf tube socks I was wearing, she had hers pushed down to about halfway up her calf.

But Angela was wearing the hottest outfit of anyone. She was wearing gray compression shorts and a matching gray sports bra that showed off her ample C-cup bosom. Her feet were clad in white athletic crew socks with a gray heel and toe.

As I looked at each girl, I felt my cock stir in my sweatpants. By the time I got to Angela, I was close to a full erection. Jeez, I thought, I hope Melissa doesn’t notice! My girlfriend led me by the hand over to her bed, where we both sat down.

“Okay girls, Jon can stay a little while, but we’re going to put him to work,” Melissa said with a sly look on her face. I wonder what she had in mind, I thought.

“Now, I want you to give each of us one of your world-class foot rubs,” she finished, winking at me. “It’s just not fair that I’m the only one that gets to enjoy your amazing hands, so I want to spread some of the joy.”

Oh, crap, I thought. Melissa knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows how much I get off on women in socks! Now I would have a really hard time concealing my hard-on.

“Brigitte, you’re first,” Melissa said, then got up from the bed and gestured for her to sit down next to me.

I got a better look at Brigitte as she came over and sat down beside me, swinging her legs up onto the bed to give me access to her feet. She was somewhat taller than average, with dark brown hair and matching brown eyes. She had long, thin legs and feet that matched.

I took her feet into my hands and began to rub gently on the soles to loosen up her muscles. Her soft striped socks felt almost silky in my hands, and the feeling caused my dick to swell inside my pants. Bostancı escort I kneaded the tense areas of her feet with my thumbs, and squeezed her heels with my strong grip, evoking a quiet moan from her lips. She leaned back and rested on her hands, flexing her feet while I continued working. I finished up by concentrating on her arches, running my fingers along her insoles. As I did that I felt her entire body shiver, and she moaned again, louder this time. That seemed to bring her out of her trance, and she pulled her legs away from me and excused herself from the bed.

“Okay, now Teresa,” Melissa said. The short, pale-skinned girl got up and walked over to the bed. Her hair was a lighter brown, and her very white skin made her look almost like a china doll. I repeated my routine on her, watching her curl the gold toes of her socks up in pleasure and listening to the quiet sounds that escaped her mouth. By this time, I had a throbbing hard-on like no other inside my sweatpants.

“Alright, it’s my turn now,” Melissa said, and the girls shared a few furtive glances and a giggle. What the heck was that about, I thought.

My girlfriend sat back down on the bed with me, extending her white slouch socks toward me. I grabbed her right foot first, and began massaging it with both hands. I bent her toes forward, popping the knuckles one by one. I wrapped a hand around each side of her foot and rubbed her sole with my thumbs, working my way slowly down the length of her foot.

While I massaged her sock-covered foot, Melissa began to moan softly in pleasure. She leaned back on the bed, her eyes closed, completely lost in the moment. Her left foot began to roam around the bed, rubbing back and forth in a seemingly random way. Then her foot crept up onto my lower thigh and started rubbing my leg. For some reason I was too lost in the moment to wonder if any of the girls noticed.

Melissa’s moaning grew a little louder now, and her foot continued its trek up my leg. Her toes reached my crotch first, where she began rubbing them on my balls through my sweatpants and underwear. She brought her hands up from her sides and began rubbing them along her body. Her stomach, her hips, her breasts. Melissa parted her legs a little bit, giving me a nice view of the white cotton panties she wore under her sleep shirt. She slipped one hand under her shirt and began fondling her pussy through her panties as her sock-covered foot moved up and started rubbing my dick through my pants.

I finally remembered that the two of us weren’t alone in the room, but when I looked over to see what the other girls were doing, I found that they were following suit with Melissa. Teresa and Brigitte both had their hands down the pajama bottoms, and Angela was rubbing on herself through her gray shorts. She must not have been wearing underwear, because her shorts were already beginning to soak through in the crotch. The gray toes of her athletic socks were curled up in pleasure while she went to town. And Maggie wasn’t bothering with her underwear, which were now laying on the floor next to her. She had her sleep shirt hiked up far enough that her pussy was quite visible as she fingered herself. Maggie made eye contact with me as I looked in her direction. She blew a sultry kiss to me and winked, then mouthed the words ‘Show us your cock’.

When I looked back to Melissa, I saw that her eyes were now open, and she had watched me look at the rest of the girls. She nodded at me with her eyes full of lust, and said quietly, “Come on, do it.”

I reached down and grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants and my underwear at the same time, and pulled them down, freeing my throbbing unit from its prison. Melissa took her left foot out of my hand and lowered it to my crotch, where it joined with her right foot in rubbing my dick. She then brought her sock-covered feet together around my dick, wrapping the toes around the sides of it like fingers.

Then she began pumping her feet up and down, like one would do with their hand in a hand job. My swollen cock felt like it was going to explode as her soft cotton-clad feet worked up and down on my shaft. This time it was my turn to moan, and my feet curled up in pleasure inside my white tube socks.

This was all having the desired effect on the rest of the girls, who were now all moaning loudly while they masturbated. Lost in pleasure, I watched as Maggie started rubbing her socked feet along Angela’s feet. A few moments later, Angela moved her free hand over to Maggie’s crotch, where she began rubbing the other girl’s pussy. Before long, the girls had stopped servicing themselves and were now concentrating on each other.

Maggie peeled Angela’s gray shorts down, revealing that, indeed, she had not been wearing underwear. Angela helped Maggie out of her sleep shirt, and then pulled her sports bra off over her head, leaving the two girls wearing only their socks.

Brigitte Anadolu Yakası Escort had unbuttoned her pajama shirt and was now fondling her tits with her free hand, her feet pointed straight outward in pleasure inside her blue striped socks. Only Teresa had not revealed any more of her body. But the girl still had her hand down her pants, and her attention seemed rapt on the foot job Melissa was giving me.

“Okay, girls, who else wants to give this a try?” Melissa asked, giving her tired feet and legs a little break.

Though all four girls looked ready, Teresa was the first to stand up. She walked over to the bed and leaned close to Melissa, whispering something in her ear.

“Sure, I don’t see why not,” Melissa replied. “Teresa wants to suck your cock, Jon. But be gentle, she hasn’t done this before.”

The pale-skinned girl took Melissa’s vacated spot on the bed in front of me, meeting my eyes with her own. Her ice-blue eyes cut right through me, and I could see they were filled with desire. It was then that I realized that Teresa was the girl that had sounded so disgusted earlier when the other girls were talking about oral sex. I guess that was just an act.

She kneeled in front of me on the bed, her eyes getting wider each time she looked at my swollen cock. She reached a hand towards it, tentatively at first, and then with more purpose, wrapping her tiny fingers around my dick. Melissa was right; I was only about seven inches long, but was much wider than average. Teresa’s diminutive hand only wrapped about two-thirds of the way around my shaft, which was now turning a purplish-red in excitement.

I slid my legs around Teresa’s kneeling body, and found her feet sticking out from behind her. I started rubbing my sock-covered feet on her soles, hoping to put her more at ease.

After fondling my dick with her hands for a few moments, Teresa opened her mouth wide and brought her head down to my crotch, causing her long brown hair to fall down around her and obscure my view. Then I felt a warm, wet feeling as she wrapped her lips around my cock and slid my unit into her mouth.

The warmth spread further down my dick as she swallowed more and more. I was very surprised when I felt her nose press into the flesh of my pelvis. Damn, had the girl just deep-throated me? Not even Melissa could do that. I moaned very loudly then, feeling my entire cock surrounded by the warmth of her mouth, feeling the head of my cock bump against the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down a few times very slowly, and my face was tingling so much it felt like it was falling asleep.

I moved my hands up to her head, pushing Teresa’s hair back around her head. This gave me the chance to push up and down on her head and control the speed, but it also allowed me to view this blowjob of a lifetime. Teresa’s tiny head seemed dwarfed by my cock, but she still had no trouble swallowing the entire thing as she continued to bob up and down.

Then Melissa was there, helping Teresa up out of her kneeling position. “Alright, that’s enough, we can’t let him cum just yet,” my girlfriend said. “Angela, Maggie, I hate to split you two up, but does one of you want a turn?”

Angela stood up, leaving her friend on the floor by herself. But no sooner had she gotten to the bed than Melissa had taken her place. I watched in fascination as my girlfriend planted a sensual kiss on Maggie’s lips and began fondling her tits.

But I didn’t have too long to worry about that, because Angela hopped up on the bed next to me and pulled my sweatpants and underwear the rest of the way off. Then she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, leaving me wearing just a pair of white tube socks.

“I want one of those killer foot rubs you gave Brigitte and Teresa,” Angela cooed, as she grabbed my cock with one hand and started pumping it gently up and down. “And then I want to jerk you off with my feet.”

She leaned back and laid down across from me, extending her socked feet in my direction. I took her left foot in my hands and began rubbing it, while she moved her right foot down to my crotch. The gray toe of her white athletic sock reached down in between my legs and gently nudged my balls from underneath, then moved up and began rubbing them from in front.

As I tugged on her toes through her soft cotton socks, popping the knuckles of her stressed toes, she slid her right foot up, running her toes along the side of my shaft. While I squeezed her left heel, she planted her right heel in front of my balls, pressing in on them while the length of her foot rubbed side-to-side on the underside of my cock.

We both moaned as we provided the other with pleasure. I moved my thumbs to her arch and instep, and she did the same with her other foot, rubbing the soft arch area of her sock up and down my dick.

I noticed now that she had parted her legs slightly, giving me a view Kadıköy Escort of her naked pusssy. She slid one of her hands down to her crotch and began masturbating while I rubbed her feet. Her bare breasts were less impressive since she was laying on her back, but her nipples were very erect, sticking out almost an inch in sheer pleasure.

She withdrew her left foot from my hand and it joined her right foot, the two sandwiching my cock between them. The purple head of my cock stuck out between the white soles of her stocking feet. The color stood out against the white cotton socks with their gray heels and toes. Her feet pumped up and down faster now, and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

But then, Melissa appeared again, this time naked like Maggie and Angela. Brigitte and Teresa stood next to her, also wearing nothing but their socks. A moment later they were joined by Maggie, who was wiping her shirt on her mouth, which had been wet for some reason.

“Okay, I’ve got an idea,” Melissa said. “Maggie, why don’t you finish off Jon here, and the rest of us will join you on the bed for a little fun. What do you say?”

With that, the four girls climbed into the bed, joining Angela and myself. I could scarcely believe this was happening. I was in a bed with five hot girls wearing nothing but socks.

Maggie took Angela’s spot across from me, and Angela moved over next to me, stretching her body out next to mine. Melissa moved next to Angela, and kissed her full on the lips right next to me before turning her body around in a 69 position. Teresa squeezed in at the foot of the bed, down where Maggie was. And Brigitte slid onto the bed behind me, extending one of her legs down next to me.

Maggie lifted her left leg, grabbing the top of her tube sock and pulling it back up her leg until it was tight and it stretched to the top of her calf. She repeated the process with her right leg. Then she extended her legs toward my crotch, but instead of putting her feet on my dick she pushed her legs out even further, until my dick was sandwiched between her calves.

Her white tube socks fit her perfectly, and the soft cotton material felt heavenly as it rubbed against the sides of my cock. Her slightly dirty soles were resting on my chest, and I leaned forward and sniffed them, smelling the slight odor of sweat on them. I used my left hand to rub on one of Maggie’s feet, and with my right foot I grabbed Brigitte’s outstretched foot, rubbing it as well.

My eyes tried to take in everything at once, which proved difficult to do. Angela and Melissa were locked in a 69, licking each other’s pussies. Teresa was fondling herself at the far end of the bed, her gold-toed socks curled up in pleasure. And behind me, Brigitte was sitting Indian-style and finger fucking herself, with one of her legs stretched out next to me while I rubbed on her socked foot.

Maggie began fingering herself then, and grabbed one of my tube sock-clad feet with her free hand and started nibbling on my toes. Then she pulled her legs in towards herself, bringing her feet even with my cock. She wrapped her cotton-covered toes around my dick and started pumping up and down.

“Oh, god, yes,” I cried, feeling an orgasm once again build in my loins. I squeezed Brigitte’s foot harder, and heard her cry out in pleasure behind me. Maggie sensed my urgency and pumped her socked feet faster.

“Oh, yes, don’t stop,” I gasped, and Maggie responded by pumping her feet faster still. I saw Brigitte’s foot fold back, her toes curling as she got closer to an orgasm. Then her foot pointed forward like a ballerina, and I felt her body shudder behind me as she came. Teresa moaned loudly about that time, and then again with an orgasm, and she slowed down her pace and eventually stopped.

Muffled cries of pleasure came from Melissa and Angela as they both neared orgasm, and then both raised their heads and cried out in pleasure as they came a few moments later.

Now the four girls concentrated on Maggie and I, who were both getting very close to an orgasm. The head of my cock glistened in between Maggie’s socked feet, a large drop of pre-cum having formed.

“Oh, yes, I’m going to cum,” I said with a gasp. A chorus of hoots and hoorays came from the other girls as I neared my orgasm. Melissa began rubbing Maggie’s pussy, allowing the girl to concentrate on the foot job she was giving me. Brigitte slid around to my left side, slid her hand underneath Maggie’s feet and began rubbing my balls.

Maggie’s feet seemed a blur now. She must have gotten lessons from Melissa, I thought. Her soft socks slid up and down my shaft while Brigitte fondled my balls. Closer and closer I got, until I felt my cock on the verge of exploding.

“OH YES!” I cried, as I shot my load up into the air. Load after load of cum spurted out, falling back onto Maggie’s socked feet and Brigitte’s hand. I lay back and closed my eyes, exhausted. Melissa leaned forward and lay down next to me as Maggie continued to rub her socks along my crotch, cleaning up my enormous load of cum.

“Hey baby,” Melissa whispered, planting a kiss on my lips. “Did you like the surprise I planned for you?”

“I sure did.”

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