Melanie Jackson on the Side 03

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So far, Melanie and I have not been anywhere in public, but we both know that the verbal comments and the side eyes will come. She’s 61 (LOL 42 because I valve my life) and I’m 23 and the world can be a cruel place sometimes. But that’s next week’s problem. Right now, today, we have a common neighbor’s wedding reception to attend and to hopefully keep everyone in dark, at least for now. And by now, I mean right now because we just finished dinner and the time to mingle and dance is upon us.

The first thing I’m going to admit is “my bad” for daring her to forget to wear her undies tonight. Love handle hips or not, Melanie looked mighty fine in that dress and every guess that the dirty old men were making leaned heavily towards the “no panties or bra” guesses because there not one single line anywhere. LOL, except for the line of horny old men who wanted to “accidentally” grope her.

And look at her, will you? The center of attention of the more mature ladies, a smile as big as can be and her boobs, well, look at them, I mean, they’re right there. And because I dared her to wear such naughty non underwear, well, I couldn’t say anything, for now. Besides, there is a saying somewhere that says something about happy girlfriend, happy later at home or something like that.

And then I dialed up EMS for Mr. Andrews because he couldn’t “handle all that” and then I leaned against the bar and kept my eye out on things. And like we were just two strangers in the night, she swooped by the bar to get a drink and stood next to me while the bartender forgot what he was doing because her boobs were all that.

“Remember sweetie, you said I should go commando tonight.”

“Have your fun Melanie, but I can pretty much guarantee that your dress will get wreck tonight.”

“Like “you’re going to tear this shit up” or whatever the kids say?”

“Teasing will get you everywhere tonight babe. Now go, your dirty old man crowd is starting to breath again. Hallway in 30 or so?”

“Oh, that depends on all of those men over there. By the way, they are trying very hard to steal me away from my mystery boyfriend.”

“Do I need to be worried? I mean, Terry Steins is one rich dude.”

“Oh no, I found my man, besides I’ve always heard that he shops on both sides of the street and I want my man to shop at Melanie’s and only at Melanie’s. And by the way, I already regret telling you hold off on that marriage proposal, but for now, may I go, honey?”

“Of course, but let it known that if you have nine suitors hanging around you, then there better nine boners bonus veren siteler or there will be a spanking in your immediate future.”

“Well, eight boners, right? I mean, I’ve heard that Mr. Williams has that ED thing going on, so cut me some slack?”

“Slack approved for the wedding. There will be no slack in the chains tomorrow night.”

“Fine, but can I please have 45 minutes? I’m having fun and all this attention is amazing. I promise the best blow job after that.”

“Sloppy and wet?”

“I’ll wreck this dress myself with my saliva. But just to be clear, honey, that fantasy of yours where I drool my spit into your mouth when I’m on top is a little weird for me, so can we hold off on that for a while too? Like you’ve been the best boyfriend ever and you stayed out of my back door, honey?”

“45 minutes and no more, honey pot.”

“And not too much in the hallway tonight, honey. I want you to take me home and do me in the backyard. No, wait, do me in the front yard and I promise I to look directly into Mrs. Baldwin’s night vision cameras as I smile and drool. Just for you honey.”

“Tick, tock.”

I let her go have her fun for a while and what do you know? A few girls did manage to notice me and they approached me to talk. And before I knew it, I had two new numbers in my phone and the 45 minutes was up. I bid my farewells to ladies and headed to the dark hallway in the back of the hall.

To my great dismay, when I turned the corner, I was shocked to find Melanie already there alright, but with her nine old guy suitors. And 30 minutes ago, her dress started on her shoulders and ended at her mid thighs. Now, it’s below her boobs and above her waist and the nine guys each had a position and a body part. I immediately began recording as I watched her throwing her head back, moaning like I’ve never heard before and had her eyes tightly closed.

And the guys, well, both of her nipples had action, both sides of her neck were being kissed, Gino Dunn was finger banging her front and Tanner Horns was licking her front and Gino’s fingers. And I swear, Ken Watkins was finger banging her butt with tongue swipe cleaning by Henry Waters. And Mr. ED Limp Dick Williams? He as sitting on the floor between her legs with his mouth open and his head tilted up. When Melanie opened her eyes, she leaned forward and let her sex drool drip into his mouth.

That was it for me. I was betrayed and I had it all on video. And I kept recording until she looked my way and looked directly into my camera lens. Sure, she had a horrified bedava bahis look on her face, but come on, look at this orgy in the hallway. I mean, I understand the guys getting all sex crazed, but she betrayed me and she betrayed me big time.

I let my video record for a few more minutes as she started to kick the guys in their balls to get them off of her, but it was too late. Our May-December just became, well, I don’t have a finish for that, but I’m done with this. And I don’t care how many times she called my name while she desperately pulled her dress back up, we drove separately and I was out of here.

And when a small crowd with their own phone cameras rolling gathered to see what all the commotion was, I was walking the other way and saying “Who? I don’t know that lady. She’s just some old Ho” and I kept moving.

On my way out of the hall, I walked right past Trisha, the girl from the bar, and asked her if I could call her. Her response was prefect.

“Where are you going and can I come with?”

I told her that I was going home, unless she was hungry because wedding food sucks and she wrapped her arm around mine and told me to lead the way. I lead the way, had a nice late-night meal at a local Sports Bar and she spent the night with me. We had a delightful time and we had a few cocktails and she gave me a little tail that night and a little more in the morning. Even though I was super pissed at Melanie, I quietly thanked her for showing me the ropes over the past week. To the best of my knowledge, Trisha wasn’t faking anything and maybe she proved that while I drove her home. It was the best drive I ever had.

And then I went home and immediately closed off that opening between our fence lines. There would be no need for us to have a secret way to pass back and forth between each other’s houses.

“Are we going to talk about last night, Jake?”

“Not much to say.”

“Are you going to close up the hole in the fence?”

“It’s the proper way to define boundaries between neighbors.”

“Look, I’m sorry, I just got caught up with all of the attention. I went into the hallway to meet up with you like we planned. You remember, secret hot sex in a public hallway?”

“You had more than enough company in the hallway. I wasn’t required.”

“Well, aren’t to going to yell and scream and call me nasty names that I can hold against you when we kiss and makeup later today?”

“Nope, but you can kiss my ass. Stand back. I’m using a welder and you might get burnt. Oh wait, it was me who got burnt.”

“Babe, deneme bonus I swear, it just a weak moment from all of the attention.”

“It was 25 minutes and you were moaning. And by the way, I saw how wet your thighs were.”

“I promise, it didn’t mean anything. You mean everything to me.”

“You drooled your spit into Mr. Williams’ mouth. Back up please.”

“I was practicing for you. I want to be the woman you want me to be.”

“Oh yeah? How’s your butt feeling this morning?”

“Again, that was practice for you. Unstable Mable told me that butt sex is better after there is a little stretching. I’ll wave it high in the air for you Jake. Have you way with it. I’m ready.”

“Well, you said that you would wreck your dress by yourself and you did. Please stand back. My hammer might slip.”

“Look Jake, I’m really sorry. Just give me another chance. And I promise, we will go all future events as a declared couple. I’ll wear a ring for you. I’m your woman, remember?”

“No thanks. By the way, are both of your nipple rings ripped out? Those guys had quite a lip latch on you. And from both sides and from the bottom and from the back and from the top. That was quite a heat of the moment, moment, wasn’t it, Melanie?”

“Babe, please, slap me around. Straighten me out. Spank me, honey. I don’t care, just make up with me. I need you baby.”

“Hah, speaking of the baby you can’t give me, Trisha might be pregnant.”

“I’ll raise the child as our own. And just who the hell is Trisha, by the way?”

“The girl I dream of when I jack off now. We’re done, Melanie. You made your bed with a tag team of guys and you need to lay in it. You can keep the Keurig coffee maker, but don’t bother making me any more coffees. Good bye Melanie. It was a great week and now it’s over.”

“Call me names Jake. Put me in my place, please. I’ll wear a collar for you and bow to you in public.”

“Oh, by the way, I’m having our waist high fence replaced with a tall privacy fence next week. Expect two days of noise and activity.”

“Jake, I messed up baby and I’m sorry. Jake? I love you baby and I’ll be waiting for you. Jake?”

I didn’t call the fencing company, but I did put their number in my contact list. I also watched the video I took because it was very exciting to see a woman with a lot body with her dress pushed up and pushed down and all those hands and mouths on every piece of exposed bare skin she had to offer. And even though I had no angle for her butt banging, I could see it when I closed my eyes. And I only opened my eyes to watch the segment where her spit rolled out like melted candy.

My woman, my ex-woman was used and abused and I couldn’t fill enough condoms to save in the refrigerator, yeah, because I’m a freak like that.

End Melanie Jackson on the side 03

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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