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Megan , Julie

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“Chrissie Christianson looks pleased with herself,” Amy muttered into my ear, motioning her head towards the dance floor.

I turned in my chair, looking for the petite blonde cheerleader. Grimacing, I spotted her.

“Do you think she could have flaunted a little more of her body in that dress?” I kidded, smiling.

“Look who she’s with,” Amy said pointedly, motioning again.

Turning again, I looked for Chrissie’s partner.

“Oh dear,” I said, recognizing the young man.

“I wonder where Julie is,” Amy said, shaking her head. Last I had heard, Julie was supposed to be coming to the dance with the well-built waste of flesh on Chrissie’s arm.

I licked my lips, moistening them and scanned my eyes around the gym. It was the first dance of senior year, and usually I wouldn’t be caught dead at such an event. Amy had convinced me to come out of my shell and branch out, suggesting that I might meet someone here. I didn’t think so, though. There weren’t many men I was interested in, if any.

My eyes halted at a chair on the far side of the gym. The beautiful brunette sat all alone, her back to the wall, watching the couple on the dance floor with a tear-streaked face.

“That prick,” I cursed under my breath. “How could he do this to her in a public place?” Scooting my chair back away from the small table, I smiled at Amy. “I’m going to go see if I can’t cheer her up. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Okay,” Amy said, nodding her head and turning back to watch the dancers again. “See ya later.”

I made my way through the crowd to Julie, admiring her slim body in the dress she wore, admiring her slim ankles crossed under her seat. She didn’t notice me, even when I was standing straight in front of her. Oddly, I felt a rush of excitement mixed with fright as I looked down at my old friend. We hadn’t been close since sophomore year. The fact that we hadn’t spoken in nearly two years had hit me hard when I realized that her eighteenth birthday had passed and I hadn’t been invited to the party she had been planning since grade school. Then my birthday came, and I did the same, excluding her not out of spite but just out of fear that she wouldn’t arrive. Even though we had grown apart, it hurt me to see her alone, and I felt that now would be a good time to get reacquainted.

“What’s wrong?” I asked softly. Julie looked up, startled, and her eyes showed recognition as she quickly scanned my outfit, unusual for a school dance. I had always been a tomboy at heart, and I wasn’t going to pretty myself up for the low-life boys at this school.

Julie lifted her hand to wipe tears from her foggy eyes. She glanced at the couple dancing and looked back at me. I looked over at them, watching them laughing merrily at some great joke Chrissie had told. Shaking my head with anger at the stupidity of anyone who would choose that stick over Julie, I looked back at my friend. Her soft eyes looked so hurt I tried to soften my angry expression. With a sigh, I shrugged my shoulders.

“Come on,” I said, offering my hand.

Julie reluctantly glanced around the crowd again, her eyes seeming to be drawn towards the two blonde bimbos. I heard Julie take a deep breath, her chest heaving dramatically as she seemed to come to a grand mental decision. She took my hand, her warm palm making my fingers tingle, and looked into my eyes. My own body ached with pity at the hurt I saw in those gorgeous blue orbs. I smiled as warmly as I could, trying to convey my feelings towards her in one expression, and, tugging her hand slightly, gently led her outside.

The cool air of the parking lot was a welcome change from the stuffy, student filled gym. I took a deep breath of air, my heartbeat quickening a little now that I was alone with Julie. Squeezing her hand reassuringly, we walked around the side of the building and found ourselves in a dark corner. I could hear the music from the dance seeping through the brick walls, the loud bass of the pop music beating steadily.

I heard Julie take a deep breath, and looked over to see tears welling in her eyes again.

“You don’t need him,” I said softly, letting go of one of Julie’s hands and stroking the other. I held her palm in mine and gently ran the fingers of my second hand over the top of hers, petting the soft skin there. I felt butterflies tingling in my stomach.

“I wish I could believe that,” Julie choked. I could hear the sorrow in her voice, and despite the butterflies in my stomach my heart seemed to sink.

Taking a deep breath, I squeezed Julie’s hand again.

“You are so beautiful and so special; I don’t know why you let him treat you like that,” I muttered.

Julie looked at me through the darkness, her eyes roaming over my body from my short hair to the bottom of my jeans. I looked at her body, similar in shape to mine, bound tightly in a green dress that seemed to exaggerate her small curves.

Smiling softly, trying to gather the courage for what I wanted to do, I took a step closer to Julie. There were only bursa anal yapan escort a couple of inches between our bodies. The heat radiating off of her seemed to counter the chill in the air, and I felt goose bumps on my flesh from being so near her. I could hear her soft breathing and smell the lotion on her skin. My mouth opened a tiny bit to let my tongue through, moistening the dry, parted lips.

My eyes searched Julie’s for her reaction, but I was unable to read anything. Her eyes were so puffy from her tears, her cheeks red from crying. Anger at Julie’s boyfriend swelled inside me. I had seen her hurt by so many of the boys at the school. Wishing I could make everything better, I took another deep breath.

“Really, Julie,” I said. “You shouldn’t let him treat you like that.”

Julie’s breaths were becoming heavier. Her face had an unusual glow about it, one I hadn’t seen on her before. Her eyes seemed to dig into me, a need shining in them that I hoped I would be able to satisfy before the night was out. It was what I had wanted for so long.

“I know,” she whispered, her sweet breath flooding my face. We were hardly inches apart now, my lips practically brushing hers. Our faces almost nose to nose. I could feel strands of her loose hair brushing against my cheek.

“I have been watching you for a long time,” I confessed. I blushed, embarrassed to have admitted it, but Julie only nodded. She stared into my eyes and I felt as though I was being pulled towards her, the gravity of her body pulling mine in until our bodies were pressed together and our lips touched for the first time.

A gasp came from Julie, and she tried to pull away. Moving in closer, pressing her against the wall, I brushed my lips against her own, hungering for a taste of her sweet mouth. She submitted to me, parting her lips with the slightest touch of mine. My tongue tasted her mouth for the first time, darting in like an interloper and caressing the tips of her smooth teeth. I shuddered with pleasure and delight as I heard Julie moan against me, her hot breath wafting into my mouth.

Julie’s tongue began to explore my lips, the soft tip running over me and tentatively moving inside me. I opened wider, allowing her tongue to trace the ridges on the roof of my mouth. I felt the place between my legs grow hot, and I softly rubbed myself against the girl in my arms, thrusting my hips against hers, rubbing my pussy against her leg. My clit seemed to scream out with frustration, the soft cotton of my panties teasing the flesh around it, but the skin keeping it from getting any friction itself. I moaned against Julie’s lips, completely forgetting all my senses except for the arousal flooding me, and the feel of her lips against mine.

Every part of my being ached for Julie, yearned to hold her closer. I wished that the brick wall would fade and her clothes would melt away, allowing me to lay her down and lay atop her small body. My hands itched to touch her, to move up her body, but they remained frozen at her sides, next to her shoulders. I heard another soft sound escape her, and reluctantly I broke our kiss.

“Do you want to get out of here?” I asked, my voice husky from my state of arousal. My eyes dug into hers, our contact not breaking even for a blink.

Nodding wordlessly, Julie seemed to be coping with some inner struggle. Her red tongue darted out of her mouth for just a moment to lick her own lips, and mine felt as though they were throbbing, I wanted her so much. I stood still, holding myself back, forcing myself to stay calm and listened to my beating heart as Julie stood wordlessly in front of me.

A voice came to my ears from around the corner where we had come from and I heard the sound of a door opening.

“I’m just going to go out for some fresh air,” the voice said.

I pulled away from Julie, flashing her a brief smile of confidence, reluctantly breaking our contact. My hand felt cold and empty without hers.

“Come on,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. She nodded and I led the way, moving past the gym, leaving the throbbing music behind and finding the parking lot where I had parked my silver Celica.

I pulled my key out of my pants pocket and quickly unlocked the passenger door, holding it open for Julie to slip inside. She looked up at me as she slid in, her eyelids half covering her eyes, and smiled prettily at me. Heart pounding, body throbbing, I unlocked my drivers side door and slipped in next to her.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked, placing the key in the ignition

“My house,” she said. I looked over at her. She was looking at her lap, toying with her hands. The dress was bunched around her sides in the seat, making her look like a little girl. “No one is home tonight,” she explained.

My pussy seemed to throb with anticipation as I turned the key. The engine roared and I let the clutch out easily, turning the steering wheel to head towards the side of town where Julie’s family karacabey escort lived. Almost too afraid to hope, I wondered what she had in mind. If luck was with me, she was thinking some of the dirty thoughts that were coursing through my head.

My lips felt hot, the memory of our kiss still fresh in my mind. I tried to concentrate on the street, on driving, but my mind kept wandering back to Julie’s small body pressed against the brick wall of the school. If those other students hadn’t come out of the gym just then, I may very well have taken the next step with my old friend.

Not a word was spoken between us, but there didn’t need to be. I only needed my imagination. Hitting the switch on my radio, I turned up one of the tapes of my favorite band, filling the car up with bass and loving the vibrating feel it caused in my body. Behind the wheel, I felt as though my whole body was throbbing, and I slowly licked my lips. I was excited, more excited than I’d been in a long time.

The trip to Julie’s home didn’t take long, but it felt like an eternity to me. All I wanted was to pull into that driveway and run up into Julie’s room with her. But I knew I should take it slow; Julie seemed to be thinking along the same lines as I was in the sense that she wanted me, but I thought that if she were ‘that kind of girl’ I probably would have heard about it in school. The kiss we’d shared was probably the first she’d shared with another girl, and I didn’t want to scare her away before I’d even gotten started.

One light in the house was on. I felt a small tinge of fear in my stomach, afraid that at least one member of her family was still there.

“Where’s the fam?” I asked after I’d turned off the car. The car seemed empty without the music, and my body almost trembled with the loss of the bass.

“They went to Gramma’s for the weekend,” Julie said softly. I thought I heard a bit of excitement in her voice, but I wasn’t sure. “Let’s go in.” She opened her door and shut it while I just sat, dumbly looking after her.

Regaining my senses quickly, I opened the door and slammed it shut, the bang seeming to echo through the street. I hurried up the path, following Julie as she led the way to her door. She stopped and I stood close to her, my breasts brushing against her back. My nipples hardened underneath my shirt, pointing straight away from my body and rubbing against my bra. I tried not to breath on her neck, tried not to close in too much and capture her body in my arms, and I was completely caught off guard when the door actually swung open and we were looking into her house. Julie looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, her face almost touching mine as her lovely lips curled upwards.

Years ago I had been a regular guest in this house, and I felt an odd sort of nostalgia as I followed Julie into the living room. She left me standing there while she shut and locked the door behind us, and then turned towards me again.

“Want a Pepsi or something?” she asked me.

I nodded my head silently, my eyes roaming over Julie’s body. I imagined that my lust was apparent, but I didn’t know if Julie was reading me that way. She turned towards the kitchen and I followed her, watching her slim hips swaying underneath the dress. The curves of her pert bottom were clearly visible, and I was disappointed when we stopped and she stopped moving.

“They’re in the fridge,” Julie said, opening the refrigerator door. We hadn’t bothered turning on the light; the room was dim but somewhat lit from the streetlamps outside the window. The refrigerator light reflected off the fabric of Julie’s dress as she bent down to grab the sodas.

The butterflies in my stomach seemed to churn again, but then I heard a rumble and could put my finger on the exact cause of the discomfort.

“Do you have anything we could munch on?” I asked. “I’m a little bit hungry.”
“Let me see,” Julie said, putting the two cans of soda on the counter. She stretched her arms above her head, reaching for the cupboard. Her body stretched, her bottom flexing, and I couldn’t help looking at her in the attractive position as her fingers felt around for something. “How about these?” she asked, still on her tiptoes, looking over her shoulder.

Glancing up, I saw a bag of chocolate chip cookies in her hand.

“Tasty,” I said, unsure if Julie would understand my double meaning.

“Okay,” she said. Her feet flattened as she stood back on the floor, the cupboard and refrigerator closed. Her voice quivered. “Should we go up in my room?”

I took the sodas in my hand and followed her again, watching her bottom move as she mounted each step. Soon we were in her room. I sat down on the edge of her queen-sized bed, bouncing a little bit playfully. Julie fiddled with her stereo a moment and soon a whiney twang of a country song filled the air. My eyes didn’t leave Julie as she made her way back towards me.

Julie’s face lifted to meet mine, her cheeks flushing a little as I smiled mudanya escort at her.

“I hope this is okay?” she said. I almost laughed at the sound in her voice, one of uncertainty. My fears about her reluctance seemed to melt away. My friend seemed to be yearning for the upcoming seduction.

Flashing Julie what I hoped was a welcoming smile, I patted the bed next to me. “It’s fine, hun. I love this song.”

Timidly, Julie approached me. First her eyes scanned the bed next to me, and then she turned around and slowly lowered her body down onto the spot. Folding her hands in her lap, she glanced over at me through the corner of her eyes and then looked back down at her hands.

She looked like a little girl, frightened and unsure of herself. I wanted to show her everything was going to be okay, to make her forget what had happened earlier tonight and to open up a whole new world from her. Some time during the night her hair had come loose, and some of it was falling over her downcast eyes. I reached up slowly and smoothed the hair back behind her ear. Her eyes darted up at me in surprise, and then something else seemed to glow in them. I smiled, my hand not moving far from her face.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked, referring to the hurt she had experienced earlier.

“I’ll be alright,” she said, obviously trying to smile for me. I didn’t mind that she couldn’t fake a better mood. If I had my way, I would make her forget that bastard.

“I know you will,” I said softly, leaning closer to her warm body. Her breath seemed to quicken as I closed in, her eyes shutting. My eyes were locked on her lips, and then I brushed my own lips against hers. The soft touch was enough to make my body ache again, and I struggled not to go too far too soon. “You’ll be fine,” I said huskily, my breath on her face.

I moved my hand from her hair and cupped her face softly, holding it in place as I moved my lips close again. This was a real kiss, my wet lips pressing fully against hers, but not pressing too hard. I moaned softly and pulled away, smiling at her dazed expression. Her eyes followed mine as I looked at her face, noting that the tearstains were almost gone. Julie’s lips puffed out prettily, looking big, almost appearing swollen. They were parted slightly, and I could just barely see the teeth between them.

Moving my hand slightly down her face, I traced her lips with my thumb, feeling the softness of them against the pad of the finger. Her lips parted further and kissed my finger, her tongue brushing against it ever so faintly. Julie’s eyelids seemed heavy and dropped over her eyes as she caressed my thumb. A shiver passed through me and my whole body tingled, the throbbing in my pussy only growing as Julie opened her eyes again to look at me.

The tingling was still going on, my whole body pulsing with each steady beat of my heart. I stood up, brushing my palm against Julie’s cheek as I left the bed, and looked down at her. She was looking at me with a glazed expression, and I could see my own lust mirrored in her eyes.

Placing my palm on her chest, I slowly pushed her back. She scooted along the bed, her dress dragging against the blankets until I had positioned her in a laying position, her head resting on the soft pillows. The scooting motions had caused her skirt to bunch up at her waist, leaving one of her creamy thighs exposed. My eyes roamed her body again, looking at her bare leg from the slim thigh down to her dainty feet that were still encased in the high-heeled sandals she had worn to the dance. Julie’s curves were obvious in that dress, and in that position. The fabric was tight around her top, twisted around from her movements, and her breasts were thrusting upwards against the fabric. The front of her dress was not too low, but I could see the tops of her white breasts pushing out, yearning for freedom that I in turn yearned to grant them.

Mouth watering, I allowed myself a few moments to soak in the sights, and then gathered all my confidence.

I slipped my casual shoes off my feet, kicking them under the bed, and crawled up next to Julie. The soft mattress folded in the middle, gravity forcing our bodies closer together. I knelt on the bed, sitting on my knees, taking a closer look at my friend. My eyes were again drawn to the bare thigh next to my own clothed leg.

Tenderly, I stroked her side through the dress, running my fingers up from the bunched waist of it to the curve of her small breasts. Afraid that I was moving too quickly as it was, I started caressing her flat stomach, running the tips of my fingers over the fabric in circular motions. My fingers grew bolder, tracing the curve of her waist again and moving up to her breasts. I traced the small curve of her bosom with my middle finger, running my thumb around the small bump where her semi-erect nipple exposed itself.

Pressing slightly harder, I teased the nipple, running my thumb around the area I knew was Julie’s aureole. The tiny nubs grew larger, poking more obviously through the green dress, and Julie let out a soft moan.

Her eyes were shut, her lips slightly parted, and I could see her chest heave with each heavy breath she took. I ran my fingers around in circles, tracing her curves again, and then traced down her body again. The fabric felt slick beneath my fingertips, almost serpentine.

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