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Meets Sexmate While on Hike with Ex

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A friend of mine Mark invited me to come along with his girlfriend Sandy, her sister Kelly, and her friend Valerie, to go hiking for the weekend in the mountains. It was a 40km hike, of which you completed 20km a day and spent the night sleeping over at a small campsite in the mountains, which had a few rooms with bunker beds and shared public shower and toilets.

I had just broken up with a girl named Melanie whom I had been going out with for past 2 years when I had accepted to go along with Mark and the 3 girls.

After breaking up a week had passed and Melanie begged me to get back together with her. I was in two minds. We were always arguing and to be honest, she was such a prude, always dressing in very unsexy clothes and the worst thing of all- she was dead boring in bed. I was young and missing out on a good sex life with a boring prude.

It was like we had a checklist. I strip, she strips, she lies down and I mount her and then we fuck until she lets out a little moan, I presume that she cums and I cum and that’s then end. No foreplay, no teasing, no excitement. Always only missionary and no oral or anything else.

Anyway, Melanie called and begged and promised that this time things would be different. We decided on a truce and we agreed to go out for dinner.

She surprise me by wearing a short black mini dress, which showed off a lot of leg and skin around the thighs and was form fitting around the butt.

After we finished starters she for the first time took initiative sexually and under the long tablecloth she pulled my shoe off and then took off my socks. I was not sure where this was headed but I went with the flow. She then proceeded to lift my foot and she pulled it into her groin. I felt skin and rough pubic hair with my toes. I realized that she was not wearing any panties and my toes were feeling her pussy. It was a great turn on. She continued rubbing my foot up and down pushing my big toe into her warm moist pussy.

We ate the mains quickly, went home to her house, closed her bedroom door. I pulled her mini dress up over her butt and fucked her hard as she dug her fingernails into my butt. This was the best sex we ever had. However, the next day she was back to her normal self. I told her about the hike and her jealous Gaziemir Escort side resurfaced. She had decided that she was coming along.

We arrived at the mountains at the start of the hike and we met up with Mark, Sandy, Kelly and Valerie. I never told the others that we had got back together again, or had we? I wasn’t’ sure myself.

Melanie was dressed in loose shorts with a comic illustration on it and an oversized t-shirt, quite frumpy in my opinion. The other girls were similar except for Kelly who wore tight black spandex shorts and a tight white crop top, which left her belly exposed. My ogling eyes were drawn to her. Her luscious butt was so sexy, wrapped tightly in the stretch shorts, showing her butt cheeks pushing out like perfectly round bubbles while sucking in the shorts to a well defined butt crack. I couldn’t help thinking that her butt was firm and held high against gravity and didn’t sag like Melanie’s. As if those shorts were not enough the top showed nice cleavage and a lot of skin of two medium sized breasts, which filled the crop top and stood perked up high without the encumbrance of a bra. I already felt my hormones fire up my libido and my balls start quivering. I looked on at Melanie and my sexual appetite subsided.

After walking and walking and climbing hundreds of steps we decided to stop, take off our backpacks and have a picnic lunch on the riverbank. After finishing eating Valerie decided it was hot enough to go for a swim. She just jumped in to the river while still dressed in her tracksuit. Sandy pulled her shorts off and pulled her very long t-shirt down like a long dress and then jumped in. Melanie walked in to the water in her shorts and t-shirt. Mark and I pulled off our t-shirts and jumped in with our shorts on. Kelly however, pulled her tight shorts off to reveal a pair of white satin bikini panties and she then walked in to the river.

It was great voyeuring her. Her crop top went see thru showing off her breasts and nipples. I was amazed that she was not shy and how confident she was in her body. This confidence oozed sexuality and it drove me nuts having her so close to me. When we had all decided it was enough and we got out of the river to continue our next 10km of Gümüldür Escort the hike, my eyes were glued to her wet panties, which were see through. Her butt was so delicious and although I only got a quick glimpse at her pussy I did notice a vertical shade of dark little curls showing through her transparent underwear.

We spent the next 5 hours walking to the camp site that we would sleep at for the night. We got there and everyone went to find a bunker bed and get food ready. I was appointed to get an outside fire going for the barbeque. I was sitting down in front of the fire ensuring that it didn’t go out when Kelly came over to say hi. She sat down on my knees. She was still wearing her tight shorts and I felt her hard body on my legs. She had a very hot pussy, which was prominent and I felt its heat permeate to my leg. I wondered if she was turned on or something. Melanie would never sit on my knee in public.

Later that night, I went into the dorm to discover that there were only 4 beds. Mark and Sandy were sharing, Valerie had taken a bed for herself, as had Melanie. It left one bed for Kelly. It was assumed that I would share with Melanie. Melanie had got the upper bunker bed on top of the one kept for Kelly.

Within a few minutes after the lights went out, Melanie was a sleep. I was restless. I kept on fantasizing about Kelly, recalling the images of her butt showing through under the soaked panties and the feeling of her pussy on fire against my leg. I started to masturbate but I was afraid of spurting cum all over my pajamas and it being noticed the next morning. I stopped. My balls felt tense and my cock ached for relief. I decided to climb down from the top bunker bed and go to the toilet to wank. As I climbed down the ladder I noticed Kelly turn her head.

“I am going to the toilet.” I explained to her.

“I think I also need to go.” Kelly said as she got up to follow me.

We got out the room. I was dressed in silky short pajamas with pictures of naked women all over it. Kelly was wearing a thin cotton t-shirt which just covered her butt cheeks. I noticed a g-string panty line showing through.

“Do you prefer me in g-string or wet bikini panties?” she asked me, catching me off guard. Güzelbahçe Escort

“I can’t tell! I have not seen you dressed in a g-string yet.” I answered promptly.

Kelly lifted up her t-shirt and turned her butt around showing off her g-string.

I couldn’t hold back. I put a hand on her butt and when she turned to face me I just kept it there, feeling and kneading her hard butt cheek. She looked up at me letting me continue. We looked at each other in the eyes. She was glassy eyed and her lips looked full. We kissed. We opened our mouths and our tongues danced around each other’s twisting and tasting each other’s juices.

I felt her hands grab hold of my butt. I placed both my hands on her butt and I slipped my fingers under her g-string as we continued to kiss passionately. Our fire was ignited and it was blazing wildly, consuming our beings within it. We realized that we were standing just outside the door to the room. I pulled her by the hand and we jogged off with urgency to the public showers.

We entered the dark room, which had no light and we stood only under the light of the full moon shining through the frosted windows. I lifted Kelly’s t-shirt over her head exposing perfectly rounded full breasts with hard long nipples protruding out. She pulled down my pajama shorts and immediately kneeled down to suck my hard cock. It felt so good. She was good at it, but I so wanted to touch her body. As I sat down to the floor she stood up and turned on the warm shower and removed her g-string. We both hugged as the warm water dripped down out bodies. I sucked the water drops off her breasts sucking in her nipples and pinching them between my lips. Kelly stroked my balls and pulled my cock up and down. I put my fingers against her pussy and I felt her clit. Kelly moaned and arched her head backwards as three of my fingers entered a soaking hot pussy. I didn’t have a condom with me so we couldn’t fuck. It was so disappointing, but I did make her cum by sucking her pussy and then she stroked me until I came, shortly afterward.

I told Kelly the whole story of Melanie and I and then we went back to our respective beds. The next day was rather strange and strained. We had agreed not to touch each other until the end of that day when the hike was over. After driving back from the mountains I dropped Melanie at her home. I told her I was tired and I went straight to Kelly’s home where we fucked our brains out. It was such amazing animalistic raw sex.

Melanie and I broke up and Kelly and I went out for a few months and had great sexual adventures together.

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