Eyl 04

Meeting Neighbors

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Emma walked out the front door of her apartment complex. She would rather stay in than go out tonight considering the lovely snow storm that had hit. However, she had put off grocery shopping and had literally nothing to eat. So, here she was trudging down the street and just around the corner to pick up groceries.

Emma did her shopping as quick as possible. The snow had put her in a terrible mood and she couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle up under some blankets with a good book. She was deciding which new book she would start as she walked home.

As she walked up the landing to her building, the handle of the bag holding her milk stretched and gave way causing Emma to drop the majority of her groceries. Before she could begin gathering her groceries off the sidewalk, a stranger rushed to help her.

“Ya gotta hate when that happens.” The stranger said as he grabbed rolling cans before they could roll off the sidewalk.

When he spoke, Emma looked at him for the first time and realized he was the hot neighbor she’d been keeping an eye on for the last two months. Actually, hot didn’t begin to describe him.

He stood well over her 5’5″. If she had to guess, she’d say he was about 6’4″. Well built…aka ripped. Dark cropped hair with a chin strap (which Emma thought was sexy as hell). He had a naturally dark complexion which made his bright blue eyes stand out as his best feature.

When he turned to her with all her groceries cradled in his arms all she could manage was, “thanks.” She felt like a complete idiot. She had been fantasizing about this moment for two months, but now that it was here, she had no clue what to do.

As she tried to take the groceries out of his hands, he stopped her. “I’ll help you carry them up. You just lead the way.” When he smiled at her, she tried to smile back but it felt more like a grimace.

As she turned to finish the trek up to her apartment, she tried to gather her thoughts. She had to think of something. She had been waiting too long to blow this opportunity. She just had to think and find a way to actually talk to him.

She left the door open for him as she walked to the kitchen and laid her share of the groceries on Sivas Escort the counter. She gathered her courage and turned to help him unload his arms. “Thank you so much for your help.”

“Oh, it was no problem.” Finally, his arms were empty and he turned to Emma and stretched out his hand. “I’m Brandon by the way. I live on the next floor up.”

“Emma. I think I’ve seen you around a few times, but it’s nice to officially meet you.”

“It was nice to meet you too.” He looked around at the groceries laying scattered on the counter. “I guess I better leave you to your groceries, but I hope to see you again.”

This was it. He was leaving. She had to think of something to say. “Stay.”

“Stay?” Brandon gave Emma a curious look as he repeated what she had said. Stay? That was the best thing she could come up with.

“Um, yeah. That is if you haven’t eaten yet. I was about to heat a pizza. I’m willing to feed you as a think you for your help.” She tried to look casual as she quickly made up an excuse for asking him to stay.

He looked at her for a minute like he was trying to solve a riddle before he smiled and said, “Sure. I haven’t had dinner yet.”

“Great. You can have a seat in the living room while I pop the pizza in the oven.” Emma turned and started the process of ‘making’ pizza while Brandon walked across the room to sit on the couch. “Feel free to watch tv.”

After a few minutes, Emma joined Brandon on the couch, bringing him a soda. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome.” She sat near enough to know he was beside her but far enough away that he wouldn’t think she was trying to make a move on him.

They sat in silence watching Friends for a while, moving a little closer to each other. Their legs were almost touching when the timer for the pizza went off. “Oh, I’ll go get that.”

“I’ll help.” Brandon stood and followed her to the kitchen.

Emma turned off the oven and pulled the pizza out. Then, she found the pizza cutter.

“I’ll cut, while you get plates down.” She handed the cutter to Brandon and turned to get a couple plates. Once they had their plates loaded, she led the way back to the couch. Brandon didn’t waste Sivas Escort Bayan any time scooting over this time, but sat right beside her on the couch.

They ate their pizza and finished their sodas still watching Friends. Though now, Brandon had his arm slung across the couch behind Emma, while Emma leaned into his side.

When they were finished eating, Brandon wrapped his arm around Emma and pulled her closer into his side, while his other hand began massaging her stomach. As his hands pulled her closer, he ran his tongue along the outside of her ear.

When Emma tilted her head to give him more room, Brandon started nibbling down her throat to the juncture of her shoulder. Emma couldn’t stop a moan from escaping as he kissed the base of her throat. Hearing her moan, Brandon broke free and captured her mouth with his.

While their tongues dueled, Brandon maneuvered Emma so she was laying flat on the couch. He moved his hands up under her shirt, massaging her stomach as they moved up. Finally, they reached her bra and started massaging her breasts through the material.

Suddenly, Brandon sat up and pulled Emma’s shirt over her head. As he came back down to rest on top of her, Emma started pulling at his shirt and he ripped it over his head and threw it across the room to join hers.

Coming back down, Brandon spared only a small lingering kiss before pulling the cups of Emma’s bra down and latching onto her right nipple. He spent a little time here, going between each nipple before coming back to her mouth.

As he held her mouth captive with his, Brandon slipped a hand down to her pussy. He rubbed her mound through her clothes, pushing the ridge of her jeans into her slit until she was arching against him. He slowly started working his mouth back down her body as he undid her jeans and slid them down her legs.

When he had her jeans off, he sat back and pulled panties down and off with a quick tugged. His eyes devoured her sex before he began stroking her slit from top to bottom. Slowly, he leaned forward and kissed her clit. It was gentle kiss at first, but turned into a deep French kiss as his tongue stretched out to taste her.

His Escort Sivas mouth latched onto her nub and sucked as he rammed two fingers into her pussy. He continued sucking and ramming until Emma was arching off the couch in the throws of her orgasm. If it weren’t for the movement of her body, Brandon would think she had passed out. Until now she had moaning constantly, throwing in a “ooh, yeah,” and “don’t stop,” every now and then. But as she climaxed, she didn’t make a noise. Brandon couldn’t even hear her breathing.

As she came back down from her climax, Brandon started sliding up her body, shedding his pants and boxers as he went. Normally, he would take his time entering a woman for the first time, knowing he was well hung. But he knew how wet she was, and damn it, he just couldn’t wait to fill it.

He propped himself on his elbow and looked into her eyes as he guided his penis into her pussy in one smooth motion, all the way to the hilt. Halfway in, Emma moaned and tipped her head back as if it were the most glorious feeling in the world.

Brandon pulled all the way out and entered again and again and again. Every time, she had the same reaction. He loved it. She definitely liked it slow, but he wondered if she’d like it hard too. He definitely wanted it hard right now.

Pulling out one more time, Brandon looked at Emma’s face as he slammed into her. She arched her back and yelled, “OOH, YEAH!”

That was definitely a response he liked. He pulled her legs forward and propped them on his shoulders as he hovered above her still buried in her pussy. He pulled his penis back until just the head was inside her, and gave a lingering kiss as he surged forward, pulled back, and surged forward.

The kiss ended but his thrusts continued. He kept ramming into her pussy to the sounds of her shouts…”oh, yes.” “Fuck yes.”

When he heard her say, “Fuck me harder, baby.” He complied until he could hear his balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. He kept going until he felt his balls tighten.

“I’m gonna cum.” With this, he started to pull out, but Emma stopped him by grabbing his waist.

“Cum inside me. Now!” He should have asked more questions, but her command was too much for him. With one finally slam, he shoved in as far as he could and released his load deep in her pussy.

When he tried to pull out she grabbed him again, “Stay inside me.”

He didn’t argue. He just laid down on her chest and fell asleep.

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