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Meeting for a Coffee

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They had been waiting for just this kind of opportunity. Terri and Jason had met each other just a few months before, thanks to a personal ad site on the Web. Unfortunately, both were married—and not to each other. So far, their only encounters had consisted of discreet, stolen moments in secluded restaurant booths and other public places.

But this weekend, Terri’s husband was joining one of his old high school friends for a camping trip. And, as luck would have it, Jason’s wife was going to be busy for the weekend with a major project for a client…and her parents had volunteered to watch their kids for a day. Which meant that for a few hours, the two could finally meet in complete privacy at Terri’s home. She called Jason, and asked him to come over for coffee on Saturday. It would just be for coffee, of course…

Terri’s story

My husband had been up and out the door early for the drive to the mountains. I’ve had some time to relax this morning, and now the house is pleasantly humming with Dinah Washington on the stereo. I’m a bit nervous with anticipation, yes. I’ve made myself a cup of tea while I’m still in my nightgown. My husband has chided me about walking around naked in our new house, and I laugh about it, again with some anticipation. I’ve decided that a nice long shower might be a good idea, so I pad back upstairs to undress. I slip the nightgown over my head, flush a little as the fabric coarsely brushes my nipple…

I don’t resist the thought, let myself linger there instead. I’m already aroused and I haven’t even showered. I wonder what Jason is doing right now… What if he’s already eager? What if he’s buttoning his slacks and letting his hands splay against his crotch? What if he’s decided to lay back for a minute, fantasize about the two of us together, and slowly stroke off…I giggle about it. What about me? Maybe I should relieve a little pressure myself before he gets here? I lay back against the sheets, raise my arms above my head and pull into a stretch. I marvel for a moment at my breasts, reach back down to pinch my right nipple, then my left. I’m wet, and I giggle at the pleasure of it again! I slide my right hand down across my belly, circle my navel and continue down to lightly pull on my pubic hair.

Another giggle– how maddening to be so aroused! I take my index finger and reach deeply into my pussy. I’m aching with wet. My clit is throbbing and I run my finger against it, flatten out my hand. I bring up my knees and imagine his leg separating my own…The thought of him on me, oh god, arches my back. I stop for a moment and run a wet finger across my lips. He’s kissing me deeply and my fingers are back to circling my clit, dipping, stroking up and down as the fantasy deepens. He’s eager to enter. Maybe I should roll over, let him enter me from behind… The throbbing of my clit is obscene, and my mind is breaking into its fragments of thought as the orgasm laps at the corners. I slow down to long strokes and the orgasm rolls over me in successive waves. The groan rushes from my lips and the shivering, goodness, oh, oh…

I realize that I’ve been clenching my left fist, and have balled the sheets tightly. I laugh aloud! Shouldn’t I shower now?

I move to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. I turn right, then left. I wonder what he will like about my body? A soft smile touches my lips– I wonder what he’s like naked? I lied and said “just coffee” but I know that he knows I didn’t invite him over for a latte. I giggle again, and then giggle at my own laughter. Grow up, you’re not in high school!

The shower provides little relief, and my mind is whirling just the same after I’ve toweled off. I’ve thought ahead to what I want to wear, black from head to toe. The black panties look great against my skin, and there’s a favorite black bra that makes me want to ravish myself! The black dress is obviously inappropriate to the cold air outside, but it’s low-cut enough that it will draw his first glance.

I slip into them and slip into my black flats. I move to tidy up the bed and then pause. Maybe we’ll start in the kitchen…

Jason’s story

Saturday morning, I get up early as usual, on the pretense that I’m getting some work done before anyone else is up. I head downstairs in my sweats and t-shirt to check my e-mail. But my mind is filled with thoughts about what it would be like to have a few hours of uninterrupted, private time Sinop Escort with her. I wonder if I could use this opportunity to see if she really wants to follow through on those fantasies we’ve been talking about. By the time I sit down, my cock is already hard inside my pants. I lean back in the chair, slip the waistband of my sweats down, and start to stroke its length as I visualize seeing her again.

I lazily let one finger circle the head of my cock…imagining her in front of me. Smiling as in my mind she kneels in front of the chair, naked (I wonder how she looks naked?), and brings her face down to my crotch. I feel her breath on me, causing my penis to grow painfully hard. Feeling it’s her mouth, not my hand, that slowly grips my cock, sliding up and down slowly and teasingly. The pre-cum is already leaking onto my palm, and I spread it down so that my shaft glistens slightly with the moisture. I could come anytime now, I’m so aroused…but I smile and decide that maybe I should wait, just in case. I hear stirring upstairs, so I tuck my dick back into my pants (with some difficulty!) and head up the stairs to make some breakfast…and to wait for this afternoon to arrive.

As 1:30 approaches, I’m absent-mindedly packing to go and thinking about our meeting. My wife drops me at the subway, and I wave to her and the kids as they drive away. I ride the train, hoping that no one can see how stiff my erection is under my slacks. I’m still thinking of her, and what we will do in that time…about taking her from behind in her own kitchen as she’s braced against the counter. Or perhaps she would be lying on a couch, legs apart, as my tongue roughly laps her pussy…Christ, I’m starting to show a wet spot on my pants!

I straighten up, and step out of the train at the stop she indicated. Following the directions to her house is fairly straightforward, and I soon find myself standing at the door…Even though we’ve had such a comfortable rapport, I realize that I’m a bit nervous as I ring the doorbell. I look down at myself, dressed pretty casually in my usual khaki slacks and button-down shirt. Presentable enough, I figured. I take a deep breath, relax, and put on my best smile as the door opens…


I hear his footsteps on the porch before he touches the door. A spike of anxiety stabs down my back. Goodness, are my palms wet? The door is unlocked, but he’s waiting for me to open it. I decide to start with a bold move, so I swing open the door. Before he has a chance to smile hello, my lips are on him. He’s startled (and I have a moment of fear that maybe he would prefer a more demure start). But then his hands are on my waist and he’s pushing me back into the foyer…


Holy…! I get over my initial shock…guess that coffee can wait! My cock is hard instantly, pressing up against her thigh as I crush her against my body. My hands instinctively slide across her back, cupping her buttocks. Her breasts press harder against my chest. I take advantage and immediately hike up her dress so that I can feel the shape of her ass with my bare hands. My crotch grinds against hers, my hips thrusting deliberately so that she has no doubt about what I want next. I continue backing her up through the door into the next room.


Oh, thank god. He’s backed me into the foyer. His lips are still on mine, teasing with his tongue. But the rest of him, oh goodness, is very insistent. His chest against my breasts is making me breathless with anticipation, but when his hands are on my ass…I practically melt to my knees immediately. Still, the neighbors! I push him away and slam the door. Okay, aggressive worked, so I simply say, “Jason—unbuckle your pants!” He’s already breathing heavily, and so am I. But he pauses for a laugh. “What about that coffee?” I raise an eyebrow and unbutton the top of my dress…


As soon as I see the curve of her breast exposed, I practically tear open my belt buckle, and step out of my pants and up to her body. My lips run down the curve of her neck and I lift her left breast out from under her bra. My tongue reaches out to tease a nipple…I love how it’s instantly erect. She gasps softly as my teeth lightly clamp down, and scrape across that nipple.

I straighten up and smile straight at her…I recognize that wild look of passion in her eyes. It reflects exactly how I feel. I reach around and grab her hair, Sinop Escort Bayan and press her lips against mine again. My tongue dances with hers, and my hand continues teasing her breast, pinching her nipple, getting her even hotter…


I am just as startled by my own aggressiveness as I am by his response. His pants are off and his hands are on me before I can catch my breath. His hand slips into my bra and I gasp. A shudder follows down my back. He dips his head to my nipple and I gasp again. I’m reaching to hold him there when he straightens up. What a beautiful smile, and then he’s kissing me again. One hand is in my hair and the other is teasing my nipple. How is his shirt still on? I pull from his kiss, smile and reach for the buttons. His fingers are tugging at my nipple and I gasp again.

I don’t pull the shirt off altogether, but lean in to draw my tongue against his nipple, left then right. I look up to catch his eye just as I cup his cock through his boxers. Ooh, nice feel. I press closer and take his lower lip in my teeth. I keep my hands on his cock and run my tongue down his neck. I want him on the floor, on the couch, oh, fuck it, now!


God, the feeling of her licking my nipple makes me wild! And her hand on my cock…it’s almost unbearable. I push her away and take my boxers down. Then, I grab her again and slip the dress off her shoulders, down over her hips, to the floor. I have to take a step back and just revel in the sight of her. What I want is to feel her breasts, their fullness, the hard nipples against my palms. I unclasp her bra, leaving her wearing just her sexy black panties…I finish undressing. Then, I grab her shoulders and pull her to the floor, one hand under her while the other caresses her body and moves between her thighs. I can’t believe how wet her pussy is…I easily slip two fingers inside her, finding how ready she is. I spread her juices across her crotch, running my fingertip between her buttocks and over her anus, feeling her shiver as I do so. My bare skin is pressed up against her, and I lower my head again to take her other nipple into my mouth. I suck deeply…


The shudder that ripples through his body makes me wet. I’m excited by him, and he knows it. I shiver as he undresses me, the dress falling to the floor and I feel like every nerve cell is charged. Now he is undressing, and another shiver makes me weak at the knees. I want to take all of him in my mouth—his lips, his nipples, his cock. He realizes what I crave, and draws me to the floor. When he slips his fingers inside of me, there is a heat in the very core of me that spikes beyond my recognition. I’m afire and yet shaking like it’s deep cold.

His lips are on my nipple and I raise my hips to his fingers. My hands are in his hair and playing down his bare back. He pulls back to look back at me. I want to scream for him to lay against me again. But I hold his gaze for a moment…before I push him onto his back to straddle his hips.

He reaches for my nipple and I lean down for a deep kiss. I’m grinding my wet pussy across his dick and he loves it. I draw my tongue down across his chest, dance lightly across his nipple, lower myself down his belly and lick his cock clean of my own juices.


The look of her on top of me, pressing against me with wild abandonment, has to be the most erotic thing that I’ve ever seen. My hips push up, seeking to penetrate her. My hands are still cupping her breasts, tweaking them between my fingers, pulling on them to see how much pain she’ll accept.

Then, as she glides down my body, I arch up so I can get a better view as her head lowers to my cock. The feeling is just as I imagined it, no, better! I can barely stand it as her tongue bathes my erection. I’m so ready to come, I want to just grab her head and fuck her soft, wet mouth! But instead, I intend to realize a fantasy we had discussed earlier. I push her off me. She starts to protest until she realizes that I’m turning her around and pushing her back so that she is on her hands and knees…

She’s so wet, I don’t need any lubrication as I take my fingers from her cunt and press them into her ass. The first slips in easily, so I take a chance and push another inside her. I encounter some resistance as her muscles try to push me out, but I drive my hand forward. Hearing her cry out only makes me more determined.

As Escort Sinop I feel her anal muscles relax, I pull out my fingers and spread her legs with my knees. I first plunge my cock into her pussy, thrusting hard so that it’s coated with her juices. She presses her forehead to the floor with a low moan. After just a few seconds of moving my hips, working my cock deeper into her, I know that my orgasm is already building. I quickly withdraw…she pushes her ass back, as if she doesn’t want me to go. But I know what we really want.

I work my middle finger back into her ass, moving it around so that she can feel it. Then, with my finger still in her, I push my cock along my finger and into her. She moves her hips involuntarily, tortured by the feeling of being violated this way. I pull out my finger and start to thrust faster and faster…


He pushes me off and the protest is on my lips. And then he’s turning me around… My pussy floods wet. His finger is in my ass first. We’re both breathing deeply, but the moan I release startles us both. I can’t see his face, but I hear his low chuckle before his lips are on my back. Holy mother, I don’t even have time to beg for some release, before he’s inserted a second finger. Then he’s gone.

Not a moment to wonder because then he’s grinding up against me…He is trying to be gentle when he moves in with his cock, but he’s too eager…When he sinks into my pussy, every muscle tenses. I can barely think when he pulls out and fingers my ass. And then he’s inside me. It’s tight…he’s insistent…I move my hips away…he presses deeper…his hands are on my hips, holding me…the pressure is enormous and he’s too excited to stop…I want him to stop or slow down, but I’m also excited by his aggressiveness. He is lost in me and my back arches. Something about the arch of my back excites him further and he clenches my hips tighter…

When his orgasm hits, my pussy convulses with jealousy, eagerness, anger and wild happiness. It’s the shudder that ripples through him that just floors me. It’s our sweat. His fingers digging into my waist. I want his lips on my clit, his fingers. Me, please me.


I’m too far gone to stop, can’t even control my hips as they continue to drive my cock back into her ass….with a final grunt I unload my cum inside her…shit, I’ve never felt like I’ve cum so much, it just keeps going and going…I collapse over her back, feeling the sweat from my chest drip off and onto her. I feel like a wild animal…as she is shuddering, on her knees and elbows, I reach around once again to twist one of her nipples mercilessly, and I bite down softly on her shoulder…

But I know that she deserve her own pleasure. My cock slips easily from her ass, a little of my cum spilling out of her as it does so. I turn her onto her back. She makes another soft cry as her buttocks flex underneath her…feeling so empty so suddenly. But then my hands are under her ass, lifting her hips so that my mouth can close over her pussy…

I thrust my tongue inside of her. I move my head from side to side, coating my mouth and chin with her lather. Then, with a strong, slow lapping motion, I start licking at her clit…


He’s turned me over. I quiver in intense anticipation. The look on his face is unbelievable. I want to kiss him…I let out a long, low moan when his tongue dips inside my pussy. He’s relishing me, rubbing his face across my lips and soaking in my juices. The pleasure is practically unbearable. My clit is so swollen that when his tongue hits, my head goes back and I’m choking for air. He raises my hips to him and I grind against his mouth. It’s moments before the first orgasm hits. Not a moment for embarrassment—to cum so quickly, the cry that escapes my lips. My pussy tightens, relaxes, tightens and relaxes. He hasn’t stopped and it’s torturous. The second orgasm follows like a hammer. I’m too lightheaded, can’t catch my breath.

We’re both breathing deeply. He’s sitting back on his knees and rubbing his shoulder. Belatedly, I realize that I’d dug in my nails. I smile a shy apology…

Jason leans over, his breathing slowing gradually, and again kisses Terri deeply. Their juices mix on their lips, and they relax together on the bare floor. As they separate a bit, Terri raises her eyebrow again with that mischievous look—“Now do you feel like having some coffee?” Jason laughs softly. “I think you realize that I’ll take whatever you want to offer to me.” He looks at his watch. “We have time for coffee and a bit more, before I have to go.” Terri smiles broadly and replies, “Oh, you can be sure that we’ll be having more than just a bit more of THAT…”

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