Ağu 12

Mechanic’s Special

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Brad drove the car through the parking lot of the apartment complex carefully, eyeing the temperature gauge on the car. He had replaced the water pump and thermostat after it had begun leaking and overheating.

It felt good to be a sort of hero, even if what he had done had been small. Marissa had called him, a hysteric sob in her voice, begging if he would help her. She was a single mother scraping a living out of their small town, just like the rest of them. Brad had been happy to help, smiling at the sound of relief in her voice when he agreed to come by in the morning, since neither of them worked.

The work had gone smoothly, with only a single busted knuckle from the wrench slipping. The chill in the air had made that extra painful, and he had sucked at it for a few moments to slow the blood flow. His wife wouldn’t approve, talking about how many germs were in the human mouth but he had done it anyways.

He found Marissa’s parking spot and slid the car into place, the temperature still reading perfectly. He allowed a bit of pride into his chest and pulled the hood latch to inspect for leaks.

As he got out of the car, a woman with long blonde hair looping in large curls bouncing around her shoulders started toward him from one of the back apartments. She wore a grey hoodie and tight jeans that clung to her legs. Small brown boots with a tall heel propped her up to chin height at best and large rimmed glasses rested on her nose. Pale skin and light pink lips were complimented by large white teeth that revealed themselves excitedly when she opened her mouth to speak. “Is it fixed?”

“I think so, I’m double checking for leaks now that it’s hot but, I’m willing to bet it’s all fixed.”

“Yay!” Marissa said, bouncing on her feet and clapping her hands together. Her blue eyes were bright in happiness, “Thank you so much!”

He closed the door and went around to give her the keys but she ignored his hand and wrapped him in a big hug.

Out of habit, his hand went to her ass. His wife and him were huggers and she had told him once, years ago, how she liked him to hold her like that. Five years later and he did it to any female who hugged him when he was caught off guard like Marissa did now. It took him a moment to realize they were both holding the embrace a little long.

His eyes snapped wide and he opened his hand, panic stabbing into his chest, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! It’s habit because of my wife-”

Marissa cut him off and over spoke him, the happy glint in her eye and smile never leaving the rose pink lips, “It’s fine, no big deal!” she brushed at his chest with a hand. She cocked her hip to one side and put a hand on one cheek of her jeans, “It is pretty nice, sometimes I have to grab it myself. Here, do you wanna grab it again?!”

There was a playful look on her face but he wasn’t sure if she was just joking l, or serious, or a little of both. “It is very nice, but I shouldn’t. Thank you and thank you for not being offended.”

She made a waving motion in the air as if to dismiss the event.

Brad once again offered her the keys and after she took them he went and opened her hood. “Do you have anywhere to be after this? Do you want to come inside for a moment? I’ve made some lunch for us, since you fixed my car and all.”

While inspecting for leaks, Brad said, “No, I’m not in a rush to be anywhere.” He looked at her over his shoulder, noticing her tense posture with one foot broke over to one side and her bottom lip clinched between her teeth. “I’ll never so no to free food, so sure, I’ll come in if you don’t mind me smelling like car.”

“Yay!” she said, her glasses riding up her nose slightly while she smiled and spoke.

He looked back at the engine of the car, his body supported on his arms. Not finding anything immediately, he pushed his hands into the engine bay, feeling around for tell tale signs of leakage, but he found nothing. Finally, he stood up straight and dropped the hood. “I declare your car officially fixed!”

Marissa threw her hands in the air, revealing the waistband of her jeans and the bare bottom side of her belly for a second and near screamed, “Whooo whoooo!” Her hands went back into the front pocket a second later.

Brad stood there awkwardly for a moment, trying not to ogle Marissa. She was an extremely cute and sexy woman. Was it weird that she wanted to feed him? Was it even weirder that he had touched her ass by a kind of accident? Their eyes met and locked, unblinking. He hoped he was smiling, at least in his eyes, instead of letting the normal scowl fall on his face. He had a resting scowl that more than one person had told him made him look angry.

Without breaking eye contact, Marissa shivered then sucked the corner of her lower lip into her mouth and popped her ankle back out. A stronger shiver overwhelmed her and she was forced tk close her eyes through it. When they burst open again, they were bluer, like the color of the sky just before dusk.

He gave her just bursa escort a moment to recover then spoke to break the silent stretch between them, “Would you mind if I used your bathroom?”

“Of course not! Come on in, we have lunch to eat anyway.”

Brad gestured with a hand for her to lead the way and she started back towards her apartment. He followed and his eyes immediately fell on her round behind, the waistband of her sweatshirt riding on top of her jeans. Her hips swayed with every step.

He felt the tension in himself build as his cock twitched and surged. It filled his left pant leg, swelling to a pulsating hardness.

The swish of her blonde curls was all of the warning Brad had as she looked over her shoulder at him. He looked up in a panic but she held her lip between her teeth and wore a sultry, knowing smile.

She knew he had been staring. She had wanted him to stare, and now she had caught him.

In a split second he had a choice to make. He could either own up to it, boldly and unashamedly and make a comment to that affect to show that confidence; or he could be ashamed and apologize and make the entire situation awkward.

Decision made, Brad said, “You really do have a nice ass, I couldn’t help myself after you offered to let me touch it to at least actually look.”

Marissa blushed and looked forward and said, “Thank you, I was hoping you would enjoy the view.”

Brad decide not to comment further. Instead he went back to looking at her from behind.

Shadows fell across them both when they walked under the stairs that lead to the second story apartments. An ominous feeling slid over him. Like being led into a lion’s den and he realized he may very well be going into a lioness’s den.

He shrugged. Surely he could extricate himself if necessary. It would be fine. Besides, there was food.

Marissa paused, twisted her door knob and had to throw her hip into her door in order to open it. It was a cute, ‘tiny but mighty’, kind of move. The open door revealed a clean apartment that smelled of flowers but he couldn’t place the exact smell. Not that he knew flowers. White carpet leapt up to greet his eyes and Marissa held the door open for him.

Entering, he tried not to stare around the apartment like an inspector but some things were instantly noticed. To his left was the living room with a white vinyl couch on the wall in front of him. Immediately to his left, opposite the couch was a black entertainment stand with a flat TV. Between them was a brass coffee table with a glass top, clean of any smudges or clutter.

Directly in front of him was a dark hallway and at the end was a bathroom, bathed in light blue. Sunlight filtered through, a blue shower curtain with leaping dolphins along the sides.

To the right of the hallway was the kitchen. A light was on in there, overflowing the three quarter wall that held back the counters. The back wall of the kitchen held the cabinets and refrigerator, all sitting on linoleum floor of white. Immediately to the right of him was a dining area with a round glass tabletop and three chairs. In contrast to all of the light colors, the table was black, but it too was clean and smudge free.

He started down the hallway towards the bathroom and hoped he hadn’t stared too long at things. In truth he was extremely impressed. Marissa kept a clean house. Of the single mothers he had met, that had not been the case, most were overwhelmed with their children and their jobs and the chaos of life. Her place was nearly pristine.

There were two doors on each side of the hallway and he glanced at them as he walked, the floor squeaking under him despite the carpet. The first one to the left and both to the right were closed. The last one on the left was open and more light flowed through this room than any other. Looking in, just before he went into the bathroom, he saw a purple bedspread and a window nearly as wide as the whole wall.

After doing his business, Brad came back out to the main area and found the table set for two and a casserole dish with steaming pasta and cheese. “Wow, you weren’t kidding about making lunch were you?”

Marissa had been in the kitchen and came out with two glasses, each with a brown liquid that he guessed was sweet tea.

“Nope, it’s the least I can do since you saved me like, five hundred dollars, maybe more.” She sat the drinks down with a clink and took a seat for herself. He took one opposite her and within a few minutes they both had a plate full of food and were chewing. It was delicious with Marinara sauce layered with Mozzarella and cheese. He enjoyed every bite, eating slowly and enjoying the moment to look at her.

He let his mind study her face and hair, noticing the different tones of her blonde curls. She must dye it because when he looked closely he could see darker roots. It didn’t detract from her beauty, it actually added a layer of character in his opinion, but maybe he was being biased because he was attracted to her.

She escort bursa finished her small plate a minute later and looked up at him. He still had half of his plate to eat and suddenly felt awkward staring at her while he chewed.

“Thank you again for being so sweet and basically being my hero. I don’t know what I would have done. Seriously.” Her voice sounded almost dreamy. Her eyes softened, looking at him and he saw how genuine she was trying to be.

He wanted to hold her, to tell her that it was alright and that he would always be there for her. So many people in the world were terrible human beings to each other and he suspected that she had suffered in some way, never having anyone be there for her. Now, she had him, just for a moment.

Brad smiled at her. “I’m glad I could help. People suck but I’m glad to make it a little better for some.”

“Is there any other way I can show you how appreciative I am?” She asked, her voice going low. “Really,” her eyes softened to a sultry look, “I’ll do anything in my power.”

“Uh, I… I don’t-” He laughed without warning. A small, single chuckle before looking down, trying not to blush at his thoughts of her.

“What? Really, I mean it. Anything you want,” her voice was almost desperate or hurt, he couldn’t tell.

He recovered himself enough to speak and looked up at her. He paused and took a breath then smiled at her in a big grin, trying to turn on a goofy face to let her know he was being funny, then said, “I can’t think of anything appropriate right, but you have done more than enough to show your appreciation. I really am glad to help. I didn’t come hoping to get something from you, I just want to be a good person.

She laughed inwardly and half of her face quirked up. He wondered if she were hiding a disappointment of some kind. Then, she lowered her face to look in her lap. A second later she looked up from under her eyebrows and asked, “Will you tell me the inappropriate things?”

Brad became bewildered. Did she just ask for him to say the things he was thinking? That was bold. “Uh, I guess. I mean, I don’t know many women who enjoy knowing what men think about them, but I’ll tell you.”

She turned up again, hopeful, “I don’t like what just any and every man thinks about me. Most men are disgusting pigs, no matter how cute. But I do want to know what you think, what a good man thinks, even if it’s the same things.”

Marissa stood, leaving her plate, and came to him. With both hands she tilted the table and pushed it away from him with a grunt, that tiny but mighty attitude coming out. Turning, she sat down in his lap, both legs to one side with wrists crossed behind his neck.

His heart pounded in his chest, raging against his ribs. What was she doing? Was she actually coming onto him? Was he misinterpreting this somehow? Fuck, what would his wife think?

Brad had to suppress a laugh because he somehow knew that if she were there right now, she would just watch, probably trying not to laugh at him and the awkward situation he now found himself. They were secure in their relationship and he wasn’t worried about her and he knew she wasn’t worried about him. That still didn’t make what was happening right. He didn’t actually have his wife’s blessing, he just had the security in knowing that she wouldn’t absolutely kill him on the spot. She would probably laugh at him of all things, and they would talk and then possibly have great make up sex.

With the assumption that his wife would just laugh at him, instead of being outrageously angry or hurt, he decided he would see where Marissa would take the situation. She had sprung her trap, time to see how it played out.

Brad put his hands on his hips as a way to keep them from wrapping around her against his will. When he spoke he let his voice turn soft, just above a whisper, “I probably do think similar things as most everyone else; how I want to touch you, like running my fingers across your cheeks or putting my hands on your ass.” Her eyes widened slightly, and when her lips parted, he looked pointedly at them. “I wonder how your lips taste and what texture your tongue would have against mine. I imagine running the back of my fingers down the skin of your breasts while your bra holds desperately at keeping them contained.”

He paused, noticing the rapid rise and fall of her chest. She was looking at his lips then her eyes walked back up to his face, meeting his again. She had sprung a trap on him but he didn’t think she realized the kind of person he was.

“I am curious as to the texture your long beautiful hair when I entwined it in my fingers.” Brad paused for a moment, and with a deliberate motion, moved his right hand behind her, his forearm grazing her side l, and let his fingertips dabble in the ends of her blonde locks, “I also want to know what sounds you’ll make when I have a whole fist of it, pulling it and craning your neck back; how fast your pulse will race with my teeth pressed to your neck.”

Marissa’s bursa escort bayan eyes were burning with brightness. Every word he spoke seemed to wash over her and while he waited, giving the images he had invoked in her time to play out in her mind.

He enjoyed this moment. The moment where he had her. For that small section of time, he owned her. He could have, and take whatever he wanted from her, and she would gladly give him all of the pleasure her body was capable. It was empowering to hold her like he did with just a few words, twisting her desire to him.

Brad knew that the only reason he could do that was because she wanted him to own her. She wanted him to take from her. She needed that as much as he did. If she didn’t want it, he wouldn’t be able to hold her as he did. It would also rob him of the pleasure it brought him to do so.

He took a group of curls and pulled, barely applying tension to her scalp. Her eyelids slid closed and she moaned in her throat. Marissa’s bottom lip was sucked into her mouth. He let go and she savored the moment. Another shiver passed over her and her eyes burst open.

He locked his eyes on hers, holding her gaze. When he spoke next, his voice was like a growl from deep in his chest. “I want to know what your wet lips and massaging tongue will feel like sliding down my cock; how deep into your throat you can push me and if you’ll enjoy looking up at me from your knees.” Brad brought his hand up from his side and slipped the first two fingers along her jawline until the pad of his thumb Marissa’s lips.

She opened her mouth and pressed her tongue to it.

Tilting her head, she attempted to suck his thumb into her mouth. He twisted his wrist and stopped her with a thumb pressed to her upper lip. His whole hand grabbed her face by the cheek and brought her eyes back up. They were bright and open, a touch of fear blanketed the lust and tension went into her shoulders.

He asked her a simple question. “Are you sure you want this? Do you want me?”

Marissa nodded, her cheek rubbing against his palm. The tension and fear left her as she did so, and he could feel her relax against him. She took his thumb in her mouth, sucking softly, her lips just touching his skin. She back up into his eyes, her cheeks hollowed with the inside flesh against him.

He indulged her a moment, her tongue cupping his thumb, “Say it,” he commanded.

She released his digit, “Yes. I want you.” her lips closed around him.

He thought of his wife and how she would have enjoyed the show as he took her. He knew to be ashamed, of the betrayal he was committing but he also knew of the trust and love. Somehow, but he wasn’t sure how, he knew it would be alright. Brad also knew, he was doing this. He couldn’t stop himself. As badly as Marissa wanted him, he wanted her.

Marissa stopped sucking on his thumb and stood up from his lap. Brad watched for signs of regret or shame or something that would indicate a change of desire, but that’s not what he saw.

Her mouth was open, her gaze fastened to his lap. Positioning herself in front of him, she knelt. Running her hands up his thighs, she turned her eyes up to him. Keeping her eyes on his, she slid her fingers behind his belt and waist band at his hips.

The backs of her fingers were cool against his hips. It tickled when she slipped them inwards, her fingers extending into the hot depths of his jeans. On his left side where his cock surged and pulsated, her nails greeted the base of his manhood.

She moved her hands to the center and pulled his belt apart, then unfastened his jeans. Her hand snaked inside once his zipper was undone two fingers wrapped around his foundation, his short pubic hair rustling against the bottom of her wrist. She stroked with those two fingers a few little stroke, still holding his eyes with her bright. Excited blue ones.

Brad pushed his hands into her hair at the sides, his fingers burrowing into the golden curls. He stared at her as her eyes closed in a rush of her own ecstacy. He pulled a small amount, exposing her neck as her chin turned up. She stopped stroking when he moved his fingers, one set gathering a grip while the other assisted. Squeezing, her hair was pulled taught and she gasped, moaning and a small smile played on her lips. Marissa breathed through that smile.

He stood up, holding her with one hand. Her own fingers slipped back out easily and her eyes popped open, rolling until they found his. Then her vision dropped to stare at his crotch where his aching, pulsing cock throbbed to be released. Her lower lip was sucked back between her teeth in excitement.

He let his free hand go to his side. “Come closer,” he said.

She walked her knees closer to his legs, eager to follow orders. Her hands went to his calves, cupping them to brace herself.

His next order was pitched lower, his voice a rumbling growl, “Take off your shirts.”

Marissa immediately obeyed, not saying a word. Her arms crossed, grabbed the bottom of her grey hoodie and pulled. Her hair transitioned into his other hand while a white blouse with lace across her cleavage and also her shoulders was exposed. He had thought to appreciate it a moment but didn’t stop her from continuing to obey.

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