.Me the hotel maid.

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I was working as a hotel maid during the summer to get some money together for uni. it was menial stuff but it did pay quite well. on Tuesday’s i was a waitress in the cafe in the mornings then went round cleaning rooms after breakfast when people started going out for the day. the hotel was posh and i had to dress up in a proper french maid uniform.
this particular Tuesday i went up to a table with a family of four. the mum and dad looked fairly normal the younger boy about 15 looked quite nice, short brown hair, fit body. but the older boy about 18 looked gorgeous. he was tall muscly smooth black hair and a nice face eyes you could stare into and get lost in for days. i smiled at them “hello I’m Katie i will be your waitress this morning do you know what you are going to order?”
“err yeah i think we will all have the full English” the dad said
“no mushrooms for me though” the younger boy said, hardly hiding the face that he was looking at my cleavage visible due to my low cut shirt. i noticed with pleasure that the 18 year old was also trying not to look.
“ok three full Englishes and on full English with no mushrooms and to drink” as they said what they wanted to drink i dropped my pen and as i bent over to pick it up i could feel the two boys eyes glancing down my shirt. i walked off swaying my hips slightly. when i came back with the food i lent over the table to give the elder boy his food giving him a good look down my shirt. after i had finished serving and cleaning up i went to get my cleaning supplies from their cupboard. i started on the top floor and worked down while someone else worked up. i first knocked on the door to see if anyone was in if no one replied then i let myself in. and start to clean. i didnt have to do much if it unless someone had just vacated it. all i had to do was clean the sink check the toilet roll make the bed and do some dusting and hoovering if they hadn’t left stuff all over the floor. i had gone down about two floors and i knocked on a door. number 42. there was no answer so i let myself in took a glance around to make sure no one was in the room. i decided to start in the bathroom so opened the door. there was the elder boy from the table at breakfast. he was standing over the toilet wanking. as the door opened he snapped round just as a long ribbon of cum shot from his dick. it hit my face. he stood frozen in horror as another burst hit my apron, and the next.the escort service next load only just hit the tip of my pumps and the next hit the floor. then next bit just squeezed out his cock and ran down its impressive length. “OH MY GOD I’M SOO SORRY OH FUCK OH FUCK SORRRRY” he begged
i looked him up and down. i liked what i saw, “its ok, let me clean that up” he thought i was referring to the cum on the floor but i knelt down and took hold of his cum soaked cock and guided it to my mouth. i licked the tip and then down its length. i put me lips around the bell and and sucked gently. softly circling it with my tongue as one hand pumped his shaft lightly and the other cupped and massaged his balls. i felt his dick grow in my mouth hardening until it was rock hard then i softly moved my lips down his dick, my tongue licking the bottom of his cock as i went. he hit the back of my mouth it made me choke and i pulled back a little leaving about an inch of his shaft left. i ploughed forward forcing his tip right down my neck. i swallowed bringing him even further in until the top of his ball sack was in my mouth. i swallowed to cause contractions over his bell end. i was about to pull away and gasp for air when he grunted and let another huge shot of cum into my mouth, no polite warning just blasting it down my neck causing me to gag, i had to pull back to avoid from chocking but i kept him in my mouth his cock shooting load after load of cum into my mouth and down my neck i couldn’t breath. my mouth was full of his hot sticky cum. i swallowed to clear my trought but he shot more down clogging it up i swallowed again and again until he had finished and pulled away gasping for air, there was still cum in my mouth and some of it dribbled out of the corner of my mouth down my chin and into my cleavage, hidden by my dress. the guy was just standing breathing heavily and looking down at me in shock. “wow, why did you, what..i..are we…can we..are you?” he stammered.
“what you never had a beautiful girl stroll into your bathroom and give you a blowjob before”
he snorted with laughter “i haven’t even had sex before let alone with a strange yet beautiful girl”
“you havent had sex before, ohh well then i suppose i can ex use you for not warning me you were going to cum”
“oh sorry i disnt realise i should”
“its cool”
“that was amazing though, i cant belive you just did that to me after i had cum over you. independent escort dubai can i tell you something”
“i was wanking over you, you just turned me on so much during breakfast.”
this made me smile “hehe thanks babes, whats your name?”
“cool. look i have to clean up and go i’m running behind now but i will be back, if you want me to come back”
“ok i’ll come when i have finished my shift, i will be a few hours”
“wow. ok see you then” he beamed as i cleaned the cum off me and left.
when i had finished my shift i crept back up to room 42. i knocked on the door Matt opened it.
“hey, you actually came”
“yeah well i figured you owe me after this morning”
“thats fair, you wan to take this to the bed?”
“yes i do babe” i said leading him to the double bed in the middle of the room i lay back on it and started unbuttoning my top, button by button exposing my black lacy bra and toned stomach. he watched as i slipped the shirt back over my shoulders and dropping it by the side of the bed. he jumped onto the bed and pulled his top off and lent in and kissed me pushing me back onto the bed his lips massed with mine. his tongue running over my teeth. his hands all over the soft skin of my back. he undid the bra quickly and got his hands on my boos while still making out. my hands traveled down to his ass. slipping my hands under your waist line i pushed down and his trousers came down with my hands leaving just his boxers. i slid out of my skirt and we lay making out in our underwear until he slid his hand into my panties and started to finger me. i pulled them off so he would have better access and kept kissing him while sliding down his boxers i took them off him and we lay naked while his fingers explored my pussy “I want you, i want your cock inside me,” i whispered he smiled as he took his hand away and started to kiss my thighs. he kissed the inside of my legs, and around my pussy getting very close, so close i could feel his warm breath against my clit but he teased me. he batted my hands away as i tried to do it myself i lay gasping for release until i felt his tongue flick my clit sending shivers of pleasure through my hot sweaty body. i moaned slightly. and then he started to circle my clit with his tongue periodically flicking it his finger ran up and down my slit then they plunged in curling round to press against the sensitive Escort Girl Dubai walls of my pussy making me moan, i could feel i was passing the point of no return i ground against his fingers moaning grunting until finally i exploded squirting all over his fingers and chin. i bucked and writhed on the bed as i rode the orgasm to is wonderful climax and surfed down is soft slow return to normality. i smiled down at him between my legs “ohh babe we are even” he climbed back up so he could kiss me while softly rubbing his cock against my pussy lips. i rolled over and climbed onto all fourshe knelt behind me positioned his cock to my tight ass hole i could feel the precum oozing out of his cock and into my ass crack, he grabbed my hips and pulled hard as he slid slowly into my ass struggling as it was so tight. it felt like my ass was going to explode he was so big and took up so much space. when he was all in he positioned himself took a good hold of my hips and started to pull out again before shoving it back in fast, going out slowing and in as fast as he could force it until my ass relaxed a little allowing him to thrust in and out quickly. his balls hit my pussy as he pounded my ass. he started grunting as he pounded away “am i supposed to warn you about cumming this time as well” felt myself tense up my buttocks clenching my pussy contracting round his dick like a vick my back back arched and my pussy exploded with pleasure the hot cum flowing out of my convulsing pussy over his dick and balls running along my thighs and pooling round my ass. he didnt stop pumping into me though and his hands grabbed me round the waist and pulled my up my legs fell away from his shoulders and rested round his hip as he slammed me against a wall and fucked into me not allowing my sensitive pussy a moments rest as he thrust into it the stimulating driving me to heights i had never experience with any orgasm before i started to peak again my legs wrapping round him and clenching as another orgasm bigger than the first rocked through my body. i felt like every nerve in my body was screaming out at me that this was good that it could never stop i hardly even felt him shoot his load into my already filled pussy his cum mingled with mine as he softly thrust into me slowing down as he brought us both back from the peak we had been on. i could feel the cum running out of my pussy and felt his cock still pulsating as it pumped more and more cum into me. he lay me back on the bed i was still groaning softly my body shuddering with pleasure slightly every so often he lay down next to me his cock nestled in my ass crack and we both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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