Eki 04

Me and Matt Pt. 01

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Matt and I sat at the comedy show laughing, loving every minute of the act. Sometimes I would look over at Matt laughing, and we’d make eye contact for a brief minute before cracking up again. Our seats were right next to each other and we were close, our legs only inches from touching.

Matt was just a friend from work and he’d invited me out to this show with him.

I thought nothing of it, we’ve hung out a few times, we even jam and play instruments together, so it was just another night out with my buddy. I smoked a blunt of weed on the car ride up, Matt not smoking but having a few drinks at the show, so we were both feeling pretty buzzed.

At one point i remember Matt crossing his legs, which caused his right leg to press up against my left leg, and he just left it there like nothing was wrong.

I felt my breathing tense up slightly and I looked over at him, but he looked straight at the stage, smirking at the show. My cock stiffened slightly and I felt my heart jolt in my chest. I knew i was bi-curious, and Matt had always been the subject of many of my sexual fantasies, but I would always snap out of those thoughts and push them away as something too perverse. There’s no way that could happen. I’m straight, right? I like to tell myself, but Matt’s leg felt very good up against mine. I could feel the heat radiating off his leg, and it made me think about the heat radiating off of his cock. Gulp, did i just think that?

The rest of the show was a blur. It got harder and harder (no pun intended) to pay attention to the show, random thoughts of lust and desire flashing through my head, Matt’s leg now back in his seat, but his whole body very close to mine. Matt moved his left arm over to his right side and brushed his fingertips up and down my arm, just once, moving his hand back. “Oh, sorry about that,” he said, so casually. There’s no way that was an accident? I looked over at Matt and for the first time, i noticed how soft his lips looked. I was so close to Matt that i could feel his breath blowing on me. Hmm blowing. I began to think about being naked for some reason, my pants halfway over my ass, exposing my bubble butt. Matt’s hands on me, caressing my ass, feeling my body, and… no no, stop thinking like that. And then… those hands again! Matt rested his right hand on my left leg, his fingertips just barely gripping at my inner thigh.

Mmmmm. It felt like electricity was coursing through my body. I moaned so softly that it couldn’t bursa escort be heard, biting my lip, but i quickly turned to Matt,

“What are you doing?” And he looked at me for a few seconds before removing his hand. “Oh, my bad,” smiling again. And i felt my cock drip a few drops of pre cum. My head was starting to swirl.

When the show was over, we had to walk through a crowd of people to get back to my car. The crowd was dense, it was like moving through a wall of people, so it was hard to tell what was going on. Matt walked behind me and he kept very close to me, constantly bumping into me and pressing his whole body hard against mine. Mmmmm. I bit my lip again as i felt Matt’s large body against me, his right hand on my hip, guiding me through the crowd. I felt Matt’s fingertips brush against my right side, underneath my shirt a bit, running across the top of my boxers. I let out a louder moan and felt Matt’s erection beginning to swell, as he kept close behind, guiding me through the crowd.

When we left the building to the parking and the crowd broke up, it’s a good thing it was night time, because it was hard to hide our erections and we had to walk half bent over, the other people (hopefully) thinking we were just intoxicated.

Matt kept close behind me as we approached my car, at one point he put both his hands on my hips and he kept whispering soft things. “You have a nice ass” “You’re so cute, something about you” and it felt like a bizarre dream. I was so turned on and unaware of where things were going to go. The drive back home was around 40 minutes and we were both too turned on to wait, we had to do something about this now!

Sitting in my driver seat, waiting for the cars to leave the parking lot, Matt kept running his hands up and down my leg, sometimes touching himself, rubbing his cock through his tight denim pants. I looked at his face and was in love with how he grunted softly and tensed up his face, getting into it, getting into me! My face was red and my erection was nearly bursting through my jeans. I felt so turned on to be wanted and desired like this.

“I want to kiss you so bad,” he said, “but there’s all these cars around looking right at us,” And suddenly, for a brief moment, there was a break in traffic. Instead of pulling out, i let Matt lean into me and he pressed his lips against mine, our tongues immediately meeting. We exploded into each other’s mouths and began mouth fucking, our tongues exploring. görükle escort “This is wrong, so wrong,” i thought, but it felt so right. I was so turned on.

And just as quickly as we started making out, it ended, traffic reaching us again, and i took the next available moment to pull out, although it felt hard to drive, i was so dizzy. Matt continued to touch my body as we drove down and through the parking lot, making sure to keep his hands low so nobody would see. He ran his fingers along my lower stomach and tight abs, letting his fingertips brush beneath my boxers so gently, groping at my soft pubic hair. “I want to eat you,” he said, leaning over and whispering, licking my neck just briefly. Uhh. I hope nobody saw that.

Matt unbuttoned his top button and began to unzip his jeans slowly. looking over at me, smiling. “What are you doing? You’re crazy.” I said. He didn’t care, he pulled his large, veiny cock out, it was hard and soft, dripping with precum. Dripping for me. I moaned and gasped at the same time as he began to softly stroke his cock with one hand, his other hand making its way towards my cock, squeezing it through my tight jeans. MMMM i moaned and leaned forward, almost collapsing on the steering wheel. But suddenly, we were reaching the exit of the parking lot. We would have to pay the toll man! Matt realized this too and put his cock away, although it looked challenging because it was so hard.

I managed to give the man a few dollars and mumble out thank you. He said “You boys have a nice night,” looking in the car, Matt leaned forward and said “Oh we will,” smiling. Oh god, my whole body was on fire.

We hit the highway home and Matt said exactly what i was thinking, “Find the next rest stop or anything. It’s not safe to drive like this.” I looked over and his cock was back out, his shirt pulled halfway up as his hands roamed over his stomach and hard cock. He was right.

We found a truck stop that (luckily) was mostly empty, and I found a parking spot very far back under tree cover. Finally, nobody could see us…

Matt realized this and broke the distance between us, our tongues meeting again as we began to aggressively make out. Matt’s strong hand went under my shirt and began to rub my defined chest, and i could tell he was loving it. It was so nice to finally have my years of working out and body toning appreciated. I had been so lonely…

Matt kissed deeper and harder, our tongues slowly bursa escort bayan massaging as matt continued exploring my chest, softly brushing against my nipples. “MMM” “Uhhh” were the only sounds we made as our kissing became softer, yet our dicks grew harder. “I can’t take much more of this Matt, this is too much.”

“Come here,” Matt said, and I listened, climbing over to his side of the car.

I sat ontop of him, his cock out, his hands now removing his shirt. I quivered and looked at his tight body as he rested his hands on my hips again, it made me shiver with excitement. Matt moved his hands up and down my stomach and abs, up to my chest and back down. “Your hands are so smooth,” I said. He grabbed my pants and undid my belt slowly, as i removed my shirt and began to straddle Matt more. He pulled my pants down just enough to expose my cock and ass and his hands went immediately to my ass, pulling me into him, ontop of his cock and against it, our now (almost) naked bodies mashing and grinding.

Matt’s hands felt so soft and warm on my lower back and ass, he kept touching and squeezing different parts of me as i moaned, our cocks occasionally touching and rubbing. “Come here,” Matt pulled me in for a deep kiss and I’d never felt to exposed and horny in all of my life. I adjusted myself enough to pull my pants off, and i pulled Matt’s down as well as we continued kissing, his hard dick now under my ass. I slid back and forth, along his hard dick as we continued making out passionately, his large hands on my ass. My cock thrusted up against his hard abs and body, we were both thrusting and grinding as our tongues softly touched.

Matt began kissing my neck and I was close to cumming and losing all control, Matt’s large dick feeling so good thrusting against my ass, his large tip just grazing my tight ass hole. “I’m going to cum,” Matt moaned, and then he continued sucking the spit from my mouth. Matt re positioned himself to that his cock was next to mine. He grabbed my cock and began jerking and i grabbed his, our hands roaming eachother’s bodies as we humped viciously.

Matt came first, busting loads of thick white cum all over my stomach and abs, Matt moaning and caressing his chest and body. I came a few seconds later, my cum hot and wet all over Matt. And for a moment we just sat there breathing heavy, still embracing with warm cum all over us. Matt kissed me again, softly on the lips, and we pulled away, cleaning up and getting dressed.

I sat in the driver seat, smoking a cig before we began to head out again, back home.

Matt looked over at me, cute as ever, and said “You know it’s still early, we could go back to my place, watch a movie, play some music, or something.” Yeah… or something.

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