Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 07

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“They’d be so proud,” I heard Maggie whisper to Matt.

The siblings exchanged a somber smile then hugged.

“Go on Kels, get in the picture,” I urged.

The curly haired little girl ran over and leapt into her uncle Matt’s arms. Matthew lifted her up and the three posed while I took the picture.

We were at our graduation, taking pictures after just having received our diplomas. Everyone had flown in, my parents, Adam’s and Summer’s parents, Matt’s sister Maggie and her daughter.

“Okay, now one with you two,” Maggie instructed as she reached out her hand.

I turned over the camera and stood at Matt’s side, hugging his waist.

“Smile!!” Maggie yelled as she snapped the shot.

After going through the seemingly endless permutations of pictures to take, we all headed out for lunch.


“So are you two excited about the big day?” my mother asked Summer and Adam as we dined at the Italian restaurant.

“We sure are,” Summer replied.

I looked over to the far end of the table. Matt was returning from the rest room and stopped to chat with Summer’s dad. I could see that the two seemed to be engaged in a serious conversation. They ended it with a hug and Matt walked over to his seat beside me. I smiled up at him as he sat. Matt ate a spoonful of his desert and I felt him hold my hand beneath the table.

“So Matt, I understand that congratulations are in order?” my dad asked.

“Thanks Mr. Kent, it’s all very exciting,” Matt replied.

Matt had learned the day before that he’d been offered a job down in Miami as a research assistant at the University of Miami. He’d been searching desperately for a job in Miami ever since I was accepted to an internship at the local NBC news affiliate for south Florida.

“When do you start dear?” my mom asked him.

“Oh not until the fall semester starts, so I have the summer to move down and see about finding a place.”

I squeezed Matt’s hand as he spoke and he smiled over at me. Breaking the news to my parents the week before that I wouldn’t be returning home, but instead Matt and I were going to find a place of our own and move in together. Thankfully, they took the news well and were pretty supportive. I suspect they sensed the seriousness and maturity of Matt and mines relationship.

We finished up with our meal and my dad paid the bill as a little graduation present to us all. After dinner, Matt and I drove my folks to the airport to catch their redeye.

“Okay sweetie, see you in a couple months,” my dad stated as he hugged me while Matt hugged my mom. We exchanged and Matt shook my dad’s hand and I hugged my mom. Matt and I waited a while and watched my parents walk off before heading to the car.

“What time does Maggie’s flight leave in the morning?” I asked as we drove back to my apartment.

“Pretty early, I’m dropping her off for six,” Matt replied.

“Be sure to wake me so I can come with you,” I told Matt.

“You know you don’t have to, it’s already eleven, we’re not going to get to bed till around midnight,” Matt replied.

“It doesn’t matter, wake me,” I insisted.

“Okay,” Matt replied as he reached over and held my hand.

Once back at my place, we took a quick shower and got ready for bed.

As I crawled into bed and over to Matt’s side, I let out a satisfactory sigh,

“Wow, what a day, I’m exhausted.”

“Well you better rest up, we’re in for quite an exhausting weekend,” Matt replied, referring to Adam and Summer’s upcoming wedding.

“Oh gosh I know, but I’m so excited, it’s gonna be so much fun,” I gushed.

Matt and I were sound asleep a couple minutes later.


“Babe, time to get going,” Matt whispered into my ear. I rolled over and saw that it was just past five AM. Matt helped me out of bed and I quickly brushed my teeth and got ready. It was still dark out as we drove over to Maggie’s hotel to pick her and Kelsey up.

Matt pulled into the hotel parking lot and over to the lobby. He placed a call, and out came Maggie and Kelsey. Matt got out and helped with the bags.

“Morning guys,” I greeted as Maggie and Kelsey got into the car.

“Hey Kim, sorry about the early morning flight,” Maggie replied.

“Don’t be, we’re just glad you two could be here for our graduation. Did you have fun Kels?”

The little girl smiled and nodded her head.

“She’s not all the way awake yet,” Maggie chuckled.

We drove to the airport and dropped the two off at their gate. After a quick goodbye, Matt and I were again headed to my apartment from the airport.

“So I noticed you and Summer’s dad talking last night,” I commented.

“Uh huh,” Matt responsed.

“Looked like a serious conversation,” I prodded.

“He was just telling me how proud he was of me, you know for graduation and all, and that he was happy I found a job and that if I ever needed anything not to hesitate to call.”

“Aww, how sweet,” I responded, almost teary eyed.

When we got back, Matt and I crawled right back into bed and fell asleep.


On demetevler escort Friday morning, Matt and I packed up his car and started out on the journey to the five star hotel Adam and Summer had booked for their wedding. The wedding was taking place on Sunday, but most guests, as well as Matt and I were spending the weekend at the hotel. It was about a four hour drive from my apartment so we arrived around lunchtime.

“Wow, this place is gorgeous,” I commented as we pulled into the valet lane infront of the luxury hotel. The attendant saw to our bags and escorted us through the lobby to the check in desk. I spotted Adam’s parents also checking in.

“Hey guys, found the place easily?” Adam’s mom greeted.

“Yeah, just followed the gps all the way,” Matt replied.

“Great, well we’re heading up to the room; see you guys tomorrow for the rehearsal.”

We waved goodbye and stepped up to the counter. The woman behind the desk smiled at Matt and and asked for our reservation code.

Matt and I made our way up to the sixth floor and found our room, 653. Matt tipped the bellboy and we entered the room.

“Sweet!” Matt exalted as we walked into the lavish room. The room was large, with a king sized bed in the middle. There was an office desk and chair in the corner and a velvet love seat against the window. On the other side was a small circular table with two wooden chairs. On the wall hung a nicely sized flat screen television as well and a couple pieces of beautiful art. I walked over to the dresser drawer,

“Ohh look at this,” I pointed out.

There were two champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne chilling in a decorated metallic container. I picked up the card that accompanied the bottle and read out loud,

“To our dear friends, Just a little thank you for joining us on this most special of occasions, All our love, Adam and Summer.”

“How sweet,” I smiled before handing the bottle to Matt.

I explored the bathroom which was just as luxurious as the bedroom. When I heard a loud pop and rejoined Matt in the room. He handed me a glass of champagne and poured one for himself. We walked over to the round table,

“Ohh, before I forget, I should hang up our clothes,” I blurted out. I set my glass down and retrieved the two garment bags that contained my dress and Matt’s suit. I hung them on the hook behind the bathroom door then walked back over to Matt. We sat at the table and clinked our glasses together. Before we knew it, Matt and I had finished the bottle. I stood up to go to the bathroom. When I returned, Matt giggled as I swayed as I walked.

“Babe are you okay?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I think I might have had one glass too many,” I replied.

Matt burst out into laughter as I hiccupped.

“Come on, let’s take a nap, it’s gonna be a late night,” he stated.

Matt was referring to Summer’s bachelorette party and Adam’s bachelor party which were taking place tonight.

“Okay, that sounds nice,” I replied and walked over to the bed.

Matt pulled off the covers and we crawled into the plush bed.

“Oh god, this feels nice,” I sighed as I pressed my head against the soft pillow.


When I woke up it was a couple hours later. I rolled over and found Matt on the laptop,

“Whatcha doing?” I asked as I stretched my arms.

“Just checking out a place for tonight,” he replied.

“A strip club?” I teased.

Matt looked over at me and smiled,

“Noooo,” he replied.

“But you guys will be going to a strip club right?” I asked.

“Probably,” Matt responded, “Is that going to be a problem?” he queried.

“Of course not baby,” I smiled, “In fact, I have a present for you,” I replied.

“Oh really.”

“Yup, hold on a sec,” I stated and reached over for my purse. I delved into my bag and pulled out the item and handed it to Matt, $50 in singles tied together with a pink ribbon.

“What’s this?” Matt asked as he laughed.

“Fifty bucks,” I replied, “First dance is on me.”

Matt laughed again, “Fifty! Baby, I was gonna spend twenty at most, why would I spend all that money when I what I really want is right here,” he explained as he leaned over and kissed me.

I giggled against Matt and held his face in my hands,

“I just wanted you to know that I’m okay with you going to a strip club, and that I trust you completely, so this is my way of showing you.”

“Aww baby, you’re the best, and of course I know you trust me, and you should know, I would never do anything to hurt you. . .ever,” Matt stated firmly.

“I know sweetie,” I replied before we kissed again.

We ordered some room service and had a quick dinner before we began to get ready to head out.

I stepped out of the bathroom dressed in my pink cocktail dress and saw Matt sat on the love seat tying his shoe laces. He looked up at me and whistled,

“Hot date baby?” he teased

I walked over to Matt and sat sideways down onto his lap. Matt held my back with his hand and kissed escort demetevler me,

“Mhmmm, maybe we should just tell them we’re sick and have ourselves a private party,” Matt whispered.

I playfully struck him on the shoulder before kissing his cheek.

Just then the phone rang. I walked over and answered.

“Hello?. . . .Oh Hi!.. . .Okay, I’ll let him know, bye.”

I hung up the phone and turned to Matt,

“That was Adam’s cousin, Greg, the guys are waiting for you down in the lobby.”

Matt stood up, and I straightened his shirt, gently patting his shoulders,

“Have fun baby,” I told him before kissing him on the lips.

“You too Kimmy,” he replied then walked off.

After Matt left, I finished getting ready then headed over to Summer’s room to get going on her bachelorette party.


The elevator dinged when I reached the sixth floor. I looked at my phone at saw it was just about 2 am. I walked down the hallway to the room. Upon entry, I found Matt, still dressed up, lying on the bed with the television on.

“Hi baby, when did you get back?” I greeted.

Matt looked at his watch,

“Oh just about ten minutes now.”

I kicked off my heels and crawled into bed, resting my head on Matt’s chest. I smiled as I felt his hand drape over my back and I nuzzled my face against him.

“So how was your night?” I asked with my eyes closed.

“Great. . . well as great as any night could be without you.”

I smiled again and gently rubbed Matt’s torso with my palm.

“What about you girls, get up to anything crazy?”

I chuckled,

“A little bit,” I admitted, “We had a nice night; I think Summer really enjoyed herself.”

“That’s nice,” Matt replied as he stroked my hair.

We laid there for a few seconds. I finally asked what I really wanted to know, but I asked in an innocent jovial way,

“So how many lap dances did my fifty bucks get you?”

I could hear Matt chuckle,

“None actually.”

I flipped my head over so I could face Matt,

“What? It was more than fifty dollars?” I asked.

“No baby,” Matt laughed, “Lap dances were thirty bucks, I meant I didn’t buy any dances for myself,” he explained.

I felt a warm feeling throughout my body and smiled at Matt,

“So what happened to my fifty bucks?”

“I gave it to the guys,” Matt chuckled.

“So why didn’t you want any lapdances?” I asked.

Matt paused for a second,

“Well it’s not like I was a perfect angel all night, I did my share of slipping singles into women’s g-strings, but when it comes to having a woman grind up against me, there’s only one body I want.”

I blushed slightly,

“Wow, somehow you made a sentence where you talked about slipping dollars into other girls’ underwear sound like the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I grabbed Matt’s hand and stood up,

“Come on,” I said as I pulled him up off the bed.

I walked him over to a clear spot in the room then positioned one of the armless wooden chairs there.

“Sit,” I instructed as I walked over to my suitcase and retrieved my speaker attachment for my phone.

“What are you up to baby?” Matt asked as he took a seat in the chair.

I plugged the speaker into my phone and started up some music. Next, I walked over and dimmed the lights,

“I think you deserve to have a lapdance tonight, so I’m going to give it to you,” I explained.

“Is that right?” Matt smiled.

“That’s right mister, so just sit back and enjoy.”

I walked over to the mini fridge, retrieved a miniature bottle of scotch, and poured it into a glass. I handed Matt the glass and sat my butt down on his lap,

“A little something to help you relax,” I whispered before unbuttoning his shirt.

I opened Matt’s shirt but left it on him. I took great delight in rubbing my hands across his chest, savoring the feel of his warm skin. Matt sipped on his drink and I slowly began rubbing my butt against him. He wasn’t fully hard yet; I could just feel the outline of his member against my ass. When Matt was about one sip away from finishing, I took his glass from him and shot the rest of the scotch.

“Wow, that might be the hottest thing I’ve seen all day,” Matt stated as I walked over and set the glass down on the dresser.

I turned up the volume on my phone as a lively pop song came up. The sound was loud enough to fill the room. I sauntered back over to Matt and stood infront of him. I began sultrily swaying my hips, moving in time with the music. Matt smiled at me as I slowly stooped down then back up, dragging my hands over my body as I moved. I spun around and wiggled my butt for Matt. Looking over my shoulder, I was happy to see Matt’s eyes directed down to my ass. I bent all the way over, touching the floor without bending my knees and gave him another quick shimmy. I slowly stood back up, dragging my fingers, up my legs, thighs, all the way up my torso. I looked back over my shoulder to Matt and hiked up my pink tight cocktail demetevler escort bayan dress. I moaned as I felt the cool air against my bare ass, the back of my purple thong lodged between my cheeks.

Another song began in I shuffled my feet backwards then sat my bare ass down on Matt’s lap. I leaned back against Matt’s chest, resting the back of my head on his shoulder as I slowly writhed around ontop of him. I grabbed Matt’s hands and pressed his palms against my abdomen. I slowly pushed them up across my flat stomach, up to my petite breasts. Matt squeezed down on my modest tits, gently massaging them.

“You know there’s to touching in lap dances babe, it’s the law,” he joked.

“Mhmmm,” I groaned as Matt squeezed hard on my breasts,

“No rules here baby, you can touch whatever you want, and do whatever you want,” I whimpered.

I grinded on Matt for a few seconds more then sat up and bent my neck forward.

“You wanna get that?” I asked as I reached behind and tapped on the zipper at the back of my dress.

I felt Matt’s hands on me in a flash, and heard the sound of him unzipping me. I stood up and slid my dress down my body, letting it pool around my ankles. I kicked my dress to the side and now stood before Matt in just my purple lace thong. Leaning over, I placed one hand on Matt’s shoulder to support myself. My other hand, I lowered to Matt’s crotch. I traced the outline of his erection then wrapped my slender fingers around him and squeezed, relishing the feel of his full hardness. I looked up to Matt’s face and smiled before planting myself back down on his lap. I gyrated my ass against Matt’s hardon while I pulled his face to mine. Pressing my soft lips against Matt’s, I groaned into his mouth as I felt his hands on my naked breasts.

When the song changed, I slid off Matt’s lap. I raised my hands to above my head and began, dancing for his enjoyment. Stepping forward and placing my feet on either side of Matt’s lap, I then pulled his head to my stomach. My moans filled the room as Matt kissed my skin. I continued swaying my hips, slowly from side to side as Matt worked his tongue against my belly button. I ran my fingers through Matt’s hair, massaging his head till I heard another song change. Mischievously, I abruptly pulled Matt’s head away from my body and stood back. Turning around, I lowered my hands to the waist band of my thong. I leaned over a bit, sticking out my butt, making sure Matt had a nice view as I slowly lowered my thong. I could feel the thin strap of material dislodge itself from between my butt cheeks and I let go, allowing the slightly damp pair of panties fall to the floor. I gave Matt a little wiggle of my butt before turning and straddling his lap once more.

Lowering a hand to my vagina, I briefly slipped a finger along the length of my sex, then brought my hand up and offered Matt my glistening finger.

“Mhmmm, you get me so wet,” I moaned as Matt sucked on my finger.

“This must be getting so uncomfortable,” I teased as I gyrated against Matt’s cock.

“Mhm hmm,” he groaned.

“Let’s see what we can do to get you some relief,” I smiled before lowering my hands to Matt’s groin.

I unzipped Matt’s slacks, then dipped my hand into his fly. Working my tiny hand through the hole of Matt’s boxers, I grasped onto his manhood and pulled him out.

“Mhmmm, you’re so hard baby,” I cooed as I nuzzled my face against Matt’s neck, kissing his skin as I slowly stroked him. My breasts were pressed against Matt’s warm skin and I could feel my hard nipples drag back and forth against his chest.

“You like it like this or do you want the pants all the way off?” I asked before nibbling on Matt’s ear.

“All the way off,” Matt managed to grunt.

I giggled and slid off Matt’s lap,

“You’re the boss,” I replied as I stooped down and unbuckled Matt’s pants. I tugged on the black pinstripe slacks and pulled them along with Matt’s boxers completely off. As I stood up, another song began to play. I turned around and began dancing once more. I inched my way back then sat down on Matt’s lap and began grinding against him. His warm cock felt amazing sliding up and down between the crack of my ass. I could feel the slight wetness of precum smearing my cheeks as I continued rubbing against Matt.

“You like that baby, rubbing your big cock against my ass,” I moaned.

“You feel so nice,” Matt replied.

I continued rubbing against Matt till the song was over. I quickly stood up and spun around, then straddled Matt’s legs a final time. Shimmying forward, I smiled down at Matt’s cock staring up at me. Matt held me by the hips and I wrapped my fingers around his penis and slowly stroked.

“You ready for me baby, because I can’t wait to have you inside me,” I cooed.

Matt smiled and kissed me. I raised my body just slightly and position Matt against my opening. I pressed down and Matt’s bulbous head entered me. A gasp escaped me as I sunk further, taking all of Matt into me. I panted my warm breath against Matthew’s face as I sat on his lap, his cock throbbing inside me.

“Mhmmm, this feels wonderful,” I moaned.

“You’re wonderful,” Matt responded.

I stared deep into Matt’s eyes as I worked the muscles in my vagina, contracting the walls of my pussy against his sturdy cock. Matt’s eyes widened and I smiled knowing I was having the desired effect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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