Masturbate Fantasy #135

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Journal entry September 23rd.

We are staying in a rustic cottage along the Baja, Mexican coast. The porch door is open allowing a salty breeze within and the tide’s distant, rhythmic sounds. The stars are brilliant this evening. Lying in bed staring at the massive, rough cut wooden beam running the length of the high ceiling. I see her. Little Miss Jen’s forearms and wrists bound with coils of hemp rope. She is naked and suspended to a large, chrome hook. Her skin has a light sheen. Ankles secured by the spreader bar.

I close my eyes. Come to me now Jen.

He stood behind her. “Good evening slave. Have you finished your recent project?”

“Yes Sir. Mr. Don Sir. The scan disk file is on your computer.”

“Good girl. I’m looking forward to the show.”

Instructions were simple. Pink panties nothing else. Find a quiet place in the house. Squat. Hands on knees. Piss. Soil your undies and the floor. Tell Me how embarrassing this is and how much you love it. Touch your cunny. Pull back the wet cloth. Rub yourself as if masturbating. Do NOT orgasm! Make sure the entire act is recorded properly. Wear the panties for 2 hours. Shave your pussy. Full enema for this evening. Obey.

He walked in front wearing black silk shirt and black silk trousers. She trembled lovingly. Jen adored His projects. His challenges. His everything. Thankfully Jen was allowed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her tender feet upon the floor. No hurtful ballerina toes this time.

“Ahh. I love you like this. Tethered, spread and beautiful. Your naked body is Mine.” He stroked her soft, blonde hair.

“Sir. Yes Sir. This one is Yours.” Jen whispered.

The riding crop was familiar. A cruel black triangle of leather that knew Jen’s skin. He stepped closer. Placing the smooth, tubular handle

between teeth.

“Yes. All mine.” Masculine fingers palmed her small but firm breasts. Sir grasped and twisted long sensitive nipples. She sighed.

“Someday…we should have these pierced. Gold loops. What you think slave?”

“If it would please Thee yes. Of course Sir.”

His crop viciously kissed naked skin for 10 minutes. Stripping away shirt, a taste of lime Seltzer and He began anew. Jen’s back and shoulders. Inner thighs. Reddened breasts and nipples. His crop lashed at will. Equally arousing both.

Now naked, He stood behind her. His cock stood proudly. Jutting and hard as a rock. She felt His curly chest hair. His nearness. His warm breath as she in turn held hers. Sliding effortlessly into her moist quim, she welcomed the large penis.

“God slave. You’re drenched!” He sawed His immense prick in and out.

“Because of You güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Sir.” Honestly.

Strong hands roughly grabbed Jen’s derriere. Equally strong thumbs pried nether cheeks apart. He moved back leaving a void in her cunt. The slippery mushroom head pressed against Jen’s sphincter and entered. Don’s straining member slowly became buried in her darkened tunnel. Balls slapping.

“Your own arousal fluid…as lube, slut.” He grunted. She had no answer. No reply. Only wantoness.

Within Jen’s haze she heard the soft whirring. Like a box fan. The vibrating tip caressed aching nipples and the undersides of breasts. The phallus was pink. Its distinctive end bent and designed for maximum pleasure. It purred against shaven folds and promptly squelched into Jen’s soaked vagina.

“Ohh-h-h! Sir!” She sighed as the buzzing, teased inside, locating her g-spot.

“Yes Pet. Yes. We are one.” The eroticism of the pleasure tool enhanced doubly. Separated by the thinnest of membranes, the vibrations tickled his sensitive frenulum deliciously.

Jen’s ascent up the ladder was rapid. Her brown eye lovingly constricted around the fat, fleshy pole that was fucking her. She was afire. So close.

“Please. P-please Sir. Mr. Don. I…I need. I…I want. Please allow this one to orgasm. Please…I can’t…”

“You will orgasm güvenilir bahis şirketleri when I say little one.” Twisting both nipples angrily. Possessively.

The room was silent but for their ragged breathing. Their perspiration mingled. The rhythmic pulse from the tickling phallus was maddening and pleasant for the duo. His balls were full and in need of release. Don fucked her tight asshole faster. Biting into Jen’s shoulder.

“Now. Cum with Me now!” He panted, spurting gobs of creamy sperm. Growling at the taste of blood. Every nerve and muscle strained as Jen allowed herself release.

“Ahh! Eeee-eee-eee-eee! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Her ecstatic cries echoed off the beam above. The orgasm shook, consuming her soul. Waves of supreme pleasure washed over empty pores. Her enlarged clitoris throbbed and a thin stream of piss escaped. Hissing.

“Oh Sir. Oh. Fuck oh fuck. Ngggh! Ngggh!” She writhed against her bonds and the double penetration. He sagged listlessly. His balls were empty. His sexual satisfaction complete and she was still cumming! A long wailing multi-orgasmic peaked the submissive entirely.

“Thank. Thank You Sir. Mr. Don.” She hoarsely rasped.

Don unclasped the spreader bar. Carefully lowering her arms. Loosening the tight ropes and delicately massaging a soothing balm onto raw wrists. He carried Little Miss Jen to a comforter in His bedroom.

“I love you pet. I need to punish you. You please Me.”

“Mmm-ph. Love You more…Sir.” Her body ached good. Perhaps, she thought wickedly, I will awaken Master by licking and sucking His beautiful cock. Mr. Don adores middle-of-the-night orgasms. Waking up this way. Mmm. She slept peacefully.

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