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Mary and Shari Ch. 01

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I got off work and called my girlfriend Mary. She asked me to bring home some basil and tomato sauce for dinner. I stopped at the grocery store and got the big container of basil and an extra large can of plain sauce.

While in the store, I ran into a friend of ours, Shari. She was getting beer and was on her way back to her place. I invited her over for dinner and gave her a ride back to our place. On the way, we swung by the liquor store and got a bottle of Bush Mills and a bottle of Grey Goose.

We got back to my place where Mary had already been cooking the ingredients for the sauce. I dumped in the sauce and added some of the basil.

I took about eight basil leaves and put them in a martini shaker with an ice cube. I muddled it until all the basil was broken up. I filled the martini shaker with ice and added the Bush Mills to the top.

I used the strainer and poured three equal drinks. I brought the drinks into the living room and placed them on the coffee table.

We each grabbed a glass and raised it in the air.

“Happy St Patrick’s Day!” I said.

“May I cum twice before you cum once,” Mary added. What a great girlfriend. esenler escort And she meant it too.

Shari didn’t say anything before she slammed her drink. She set her empty glass on the table and licked her lips. “Can I have another one?”

Mary and I laughed as Shari smirked. She got off the couch and went into the kitchen to make another drink.

Two hours later, the bottle of Bush Mills and the basil were almost gone. The sun had gone down and the night was still young.

I took a Bush Basil shaker drink with me into the shower. Mary and Shari were going through the CD’s and the sauce was still simmering slowly on the stove.

My plan was to use all the hot water and not finish my drink too quickly. Mary came in once to use the bathroom and took a sip off my drink.

She handed it back to me asked me if I was ready for tonight.

“Of course I am.” I said.

She reached up and put her left hand behind my neck and gently kissed me. Her other hand caressed my freshly shaved balls.

She left me standing there in the shower with a rock hard cock and half a drink. I used the rest şişli escort of the hot water and finished my drink.

Mary and Shari were not in the living room when I got out there. They had put on some crazy Celtic music and lit a bunch of candles.

I walked through the living room with just a towel wrapped around my waist. The bedroom door was cracked open and the black light was turned on.

Shari’s white panties were lit up and her blonde hair glowed in the dim light. She had her head between Mary’s legs.

“Come here,” Mary whispered.

I walked around the side of the bed, slowly running my fingers up Sheri’s leg and over her ass. She twitched as my fingernails ran up her back and into her hair. I gave her head a little push as she licked Mary’s pussy.

Mary reached under my towel and ran her hand up the inside of my thigh. She lightly fingered my balls and then grabbed the base of my cock. I leaned against the side of the bed as she put the tip of my cock in her mouth.

She took it all in and started bobbing her head. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her mouth.

She took it out of her bakırköy escort mouth and began stroking the tip of it. She began to moan as Shari licked her pussy harder.

I knew she was about to cum. I’ve heard that moan many times before. I pulled her hand away and put my cock in her mouth halfway. She grabbed Shari’s hair and pulled her head into her pussy.

She moaned on my cock one last time. The vibration made me shoot my load into her throat. Her body convulsed as she came simultaneously.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked myself off. She gasped for air as my next load hit her in the cheek. The rest of it dripped onto her shoulder.

Shari took her face out of Mary’s pussy and let her rub out the rest of her orgasm. I licked the cum off Mary’s cheek and kissed her lips. Shari met me at her chin. I backed away as Shari kissed her with her pussy soaked lips.

Mary’s hips moved one last time as she lay there. Her head tipped back as she came one last time.

I moved my hand across Shari’s back. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her too. I placed my tongue in her mouth and licked the back of her front teeth.

Shari pulled back and said, “Um. I want another shot.” She giggled. It was her favorite phrase. Sexy little drunken fuck.

“Martinis for everyone,” I said.

Shari and I left Mary lying there soaked in cum and pussy juice. We went to the kitchen and opened the Grey Goose.

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