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Married and Still Hot

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It was a Wednesday night and the kids were in bed. I was on vacation, so we could get the kids off to school, and go back to bed in the morning if we felt like it. Tammy had been very busy cleaning the house. She was finally reaching a point where she could see light at the end of the tunnel again.

I didn’t know how she could do it sometimes, with all the extra work, plus getting the girls to school, and all the other chores. She would get a little grumpy or depressed once in a while, but all in all, she did really well.

I had to feel ashamed of myself for feeling the way I did sometimes. I would get depressed about our sex life because it seemed as though, no matter what I did, I couldn’t arouse her. It never rang a bell that maybe she was doing all she could just to cope with everything else going on.

I just had to learn to be more patient, I guess, I loved her very much and I guess that is just part of the reason it’s so important to me, for her to enjoy our sex also. It really turned me on though when she was really hungry for sex. It showed too, and I could usually tell when it was real and when it wasn’t. When it felt right, she could make me so hot sometimes I felt like I was going to explode.

I sat wondering what we could do that might spark a little excitement? Maybe a little change in scenery? We had never made love in the van we could fold the bed out, have a stiff drink, and play some backgammon in the van. Maybe we could be scoping out the van and fantasizing new positions that the seats, console etc. might work out for. We could even write them down and play for first choices of fantasy. The seating in the van and a little imagination could lead to some excellent positions.

This line of thought was getting me turned on. I loved to have hot sex with Tammy it was always so much better when she was into it. I think maybe I am a little better when she is aroused too, maybe because I relax more and quit trying too hard. I loved doing just about everything with her. I liked giving her sensuous massages with body lotion while she watched me. Slowly I would work the warm cream all over her body, being careful not to rush to any sensitive areas. That was tough too, after stroking her warm body for a while she would start to open her legs. This revealed her hot wet pussy to me and then it got really hard. (By then something else was usually hard too) I would slowly spread the cream up the inside of her warm thighs gently working closer to her hot pussy. As I got real close I would use a stroking motion that sort of opened the soft flesh around her hot opening. The sight of this hot wet pink flesh just made me want to bury my tongue in it. I loved sucking her off. It made me so hot to just slide the tip of my tongue slowly between her silky wet lips, slowly parting them as I worked my way up. If she were into it, the juices would be seeping their tale tale hints of desire by then. I would continue to slowly stroke and tease her hot pussy. By now my cock would be throbbing as my hot blood pushed through it’s swollen muscles. Slowly I would slide my tongue up and down and around her sweet hot pussy, teasing and stroking, making us both hotter and hotter. The thought of it was making my cock pound with excitement.

Ideas of ways that I could spread her out and suck the juices out of her hot pussy started to run through my mind. I was visualizing spreading her legs and slowly kissing and stroking her pussy until it was pumping up and down to meet my probing tongue. My tongue would be searching for every sensuous spot in her. After a while I would slide my hands slowly up her quivering thighs, and begin gently massaging around her wet mound as I continued to suck and tease it with my tongue. By now my cock was rock hard and throbbing with the excitement. Then gently I would slip a finger into her very slowly just working around the very opening at first. I wanted to suck and fuck her at the same time. We could even use the vibrator if she wanted. I could warm it up, grease it and really fuck and suck her at the same time if she was into it. I could just imagine her pussy pumping up and down to meet the hot cock as it drove into her hot pussy as I ran my tongue all around her clit. I would keep up the rhythm until her wet pussy began throbbing and squeezing the driving cock as she shot her juices in a hot climax.

I had a hard time keeping from shooting myself when she came, but I would try as hard as I could because I loved her touch too. She was without a doubt the most sensuous lover I had ever known. When she slid her hands between my legs, it was a matter of moments before I was hers to do what she wanted. She could suck me better than I had ever imagined possible. When she went down on me I would just loose total control she made me so hot. We were a perfect fit in other ways too, her pussy just seemed to be in the right place, and sure felt great. When she was hot, she could turn me inside out, and Konak Escort bring me off several times without even trying. God I loved making love to her when she was turned on, just thinking about it was making my mouth water for a taste of her sweet pussy.

I was in the mood to suck, tease, stroke, pump, fuck or anything she wanted. I was open for trying new places, things, whatever she could fantasize, was ok by me.

Then again, maybe if I wrote her a story of some of the things I would like to do with her.

It sometimes would get her hot reading what I fantasized doing with her. The other places might be nice but it was still hard to beat the good old bed when you wanted all out pleasure. I could

tell her about how I liked to spread her out on our big bed. Slowly kissing and caressing her, as we rubbed our bodies against each other. My cock would get hard just at the touch of her against

me. After a while I would subconsciously start to grind my hot staff against her. As we heated up,

she would spread her legs further allowing my hard cock to slide up and down between her silky moist pussy lips. That seemed to arouse her. Then I would whisper how I wanted to taste her sweet pussy, and how I loved to slowly slide the tip of my hot tongue slowly up and down her wet pussy. It was making me hot just to think about it; I loved to suck her off. After a little while longer, when her pussy would be getting really juicy, I would sit up in between her legs. Slowly I would slide my hands up the inside of her thighs, spreading them as I went, giving me full access to her sweet hot pussy.

Gently I would then sensuously massage my way up to the warm tender flesh at the top of

her thighs, rubbing in the warm wet lotion in slow rhythmic strokes. As I worked slowly towards her juicy hot pussy, I would massage in a way that gently separated her warm silky lips in a teasing way as I stroked and massaged her. She would be grinding and pushing her hips in an up and down motion to meet my every stroke as she got hotter and hotter. By now I too was burning with desire to bury my hot tongue into her wet pussy. It looked so good as the lips separated, revealing their juices of desire. It almost seemed as though they were pleading for more fondling, and teasing. My mouth watered just thinking about it, but to see her excitement really turned me on even more. After a while I would extend my strokes so as to pass across her hot wet pussy, gently sliding up or down the warm wet part between her lips. She would moan and drive her pussy up to meet the touch of my hands. By now it was all I could do to keep from driving my tongue into her hot pussy, I loved to slide my tongue up and down her silky wet lips and taste her hot juices of desire. I could almost taste her sweet pussy as I sucked and stroked it.

I liked to suck on her, I really could do it all night, when she was really into it she could really turn me on far more than any book or movie ever could. Sometimes I would get so hot seeing her get turned on I had to hold back exploding into a climax myself. I liked to suck her until she was getting really wet then slowly start working my fingers around her swollen wet opening. Gently and slowly I would part her lips as I worked my fingers in a slow rhythmic pattern around and around the tight ring of muscles at the opening. Little by little I would allow my fingers to find their way into her wet pussy. My cock would be pounding with excitement by now as I worked her to a climax. As we continued I would allow each stroke to penetrate a little deeper into the depths of her hot pussy. It just seemed to suck them in as though it was hungry for more. I would accommodate that desire by driving them deeper and deeper, in and out as I worked my hot tongue all around her clit at the same time sucking and fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster.

I would keep it up, driving and twisting into her hot juicy pussy deeper and faster, picking up the rhythm to meet her own thrusts as I sucked and pumped her into a hot explosion, with her pussy squeezing and throbbing as it pulsed and shot it’s hot come in a quivering climax. I loved it! I just wanted to lay her out and suck and pump her into heaven anywhere, anyway she wanted it.

Another idea might be to tell her about one of my fantasies. I never really gave fantasies much thought though, I guess because she had always done such a good job of satisfying me. Anyway,

I’ll try to come up with one.

It was a holiday weekend and the girls were in bed sound asleep. We had made it through another hectic holiday and were ready to unwind. Tammy had been dropping hints that she was in the mood off and on all evening. I had fixed us a drink after the girls had gone to bed, and now we were on our second. We had gone through all of the TV stations and there wasn’t much on.

Since she seemed to be in the mood and there wasn’t anything Buca Escort else on, I turned on the x rated channel. Her mood and the movie were definitely getting me in the mood. We had a nice fire burning in the fireplace and were both wide-awake. We had a good nights sleep the night before and were both rested up. She got up, picked up my glass, asking “ do you want another?” I responded “ya, just one more, I want to stay sober enough to enjoy you!” She bent over and gave me a wet kiss and looked at me and said “ I hope that’s a promise” I answered saying,” I always enjoy you, just sometimes more than others” She swept my glass off the table and disappeared into the kitchen. A few minutes later she reappeared with a fresh drink for both of us and set them on the table. She then turned and stood in front of me, with her legs straddling me. Then she slowly squatted down with her pussy gently rubbing up against me, leaned forward, kissed me again and said, “ well we will just have to make this one of those nights you really enjoy!”, You watch your movie and I’m going to go clean up for you.

Off she went into the bedroom. I was in for an evening of hot romantic frolic, I thought to myself. It was making me hot just thinking about it. Shortly after she left, I remembered that I had just finished writing a couple of pages of erotic excitement. I proceeded to the computer and printed them out. I carried them to the bathroom hoping she wasn’t already in the tub. Knocking on the door, I told her that I had some new reading material for her. She said that she was already in the tub and to just lay it on the bed, she would read it when she got out.

I laid it on the bed and went back to the living room with ideas of hot passionate love making dancing through my head. I sat down to the TV and again began watching, as if I needed any more encouragement, ha ha!

As I sat there I was getting hotter and hotter just thinking of some of the hot sex we had indulged in. After about 45 minutes went by, my cock was swollen to the point of bursting out of my pants. Curious, wondering what she was doing and getting anxious, I quietly walked to the bedroom.

I could see her spread out on the bed as I approached the bed. I stopped before she saw me.

She looked so good lying there with her negligee on and her skin all oiled up. She had a dim

light on in the room and was reading my story.

It was then I noticed that one of her hands was gently rubbing her crotch. She was breathing quite heavily with excitement. This was making me even hotter watching her. After a few moments her quivering hand slowly slipped under her now wet panties. It was not only exciting to me but also fascinating to see how she touched herself. I was studying her moves in hopes of learning something about the ways or places she liked to be touched.

I could make out her fingers moving up and down in a slow steady motion, her hips now starting to grind up and down to meet the tantalizing sensations of her hand caressing and teasing. Her breathing was becoming heavier and faster as was the rhythm of her strokes. Finally she finished reading the story and laid the papers down. She then closed her eyes and began using both hands on herself. About then she reached over and pulled the vibrator off from the nightstand. She then unsnapped her panties revealing her hot wet swollen pussy. She began to slide it up and down and around her opening. Little by little she allowed it to penetrate into her hungry pussy. Her chest was heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, as the hot vibrator penetrated deeper and deeper into her. She kept working her other hand, stroking and massaging herself. Faster and faster she twisted and turned it in and out. She was now pumping it fully into her hot opening and her pussy was grinding up to swallow up every inch of the hot vibrating cock that was sending electric like vibrations through her body. Finally she jerked and began to quiver as she exploded into a hot climax. I almost shot myself it was so exciting to watch.

Quickly, I hurried back to the living room and sat on the sofa, almost panting myself. That was as satisfying as sex itself I thought to myself.

A few moments later she appeared in the living room in her negligee. She bent over, gave me a wet kiss and slid her hand up the inside of my thigh, saying “are you ready for some real excitement? “, Definitely, I responded, slipping my hand under her panties “ I want to taste your sweet juices and then pump you full of mine” My cock was throbbing with excitement, her pussy felt so hot and so wet, my fingers just seemed to slide right into it. She moaned as my warm fingers slowly slipped between her silky slippery lips into the hot depths. I wanted to tease and suck her into another explosion of excitement. She gasped at the pleasing touch of my hand against her. She was so hot! I just wanted to eat her up, my cock was so swollen with Alsancak Escort the anticipation it was throbbing with every beat of my pounding heart.

I stood up, circled around her, and took her by the hands. I kneeled to the floor in front of her with my back to the fire. Her wet pussy looked so good, glistening with its juices of desire as the fire flickered it’s dim light on it. I leaned forward and gently kissed her stomach, I continued slowly, softly kissing my way down. As I almost reached her luscious mound, I slowly slid my hands up the inside of her thighs. Her breathing was again heavy with excitement. I gently kissed around her hot pussy while teasingly massaging the area with my hands, just gently touching her wet pussy occasionally in a teasing sort of way. Her eyes were closed, and she moaned with every contact of her sensuous pussy. The juices were seeping out of it revealing her desire. She hadn’t worn it out, but aroused it to heights that would have been difficult for me to accomplish.

With both hands on the inside of her warm soft thighs, I gently spread her legs slightly giving me full access to her wet pussy. I couldn’t resist it anymore; I reached out and gently cupped the palm of my warm hand over it, pressing ever so lightly against it. The juices soaked my hand and it seemed to just sink into her as she returned the pressure against my hand. Slowly I slid my hand up from the bottom of her wet opening to the top of her hot sensuous pussy. I allowed my fingers to slip between her slippery silky lips and across her swollen clit as I went. She moaned with pleasure. This was making it hard for me to hold back; I was so hot I thought I would come right then and there.

I continued to work my hands over her as she watched me. Slowly but firmly I slid my fingers up and down, parting her sensitive lips. I would stop at the top once in awhile to roll her swollen clit around between my fingers fondling and teasing it. She was so wet and warm, my hands just seemed to melt into her. I continued to massage up and down and up and down sliding my fingers around her clit just stroking and caressing her sweetness.

After about five minutes, I reached up with one hand and with my fingers gently separated her silky swollen lips revealing the hot pink flesh behind that led into her. Then with the other hand I began working my fingers around the ring of sensitive muscles teasing the opening. Little bit at a time I allowed them to penetrate into her just a little. Her pussy seemed to almost have a suction to it, trying to pull my probing fingers into it. Slowly I penetrated her, twisting and turning my fingers gently through that tight little opening. In and out, twisting and pumping them deeper into her hot depths. I continued to pump my hot wet fingers in and out, while again I separated her wet lips with the other hand. As I kept up the steady pumping rhythm, I leaned forward and slipped my hot tongue into her juicy pussy at the same time. Licking and sucking her while I fucked her opening with my fingers. She reached out with her hands and pulled my face tight to her. I knew she was close again, she was shaking and out of control, I carefully picked up the rhythm, pumping and twisting my fingers in and out, as I ran my tongue all around her sweet pussy teasing her clit and searching for any sensuous spots. After about two more minutes she began to quiver all over and I could feel that tight little ring of muscle contracting and squeezing my fingers in spasms as she climaxed again. I was so hot now I thought I was going to explode.

She collapsed to the floor beside me with a smile on her face. After lying there for a few moments, she reached over and firmly wrapped her hot fingers around my rock hard pole. I shuddered at the sensations of her touch. It was a touch of desire, not just an empty touch.

She rolled over kissed me and said, “ I want to taste you now, I want to suck you off, so we can make love nice and slow. I want to feel your cock pounding as you shoot, then we can screw like I want to, until you fill me up with your hot come again, with your cock pulsing as my pussy squeezes and milks every last drop from you as we come together.”

Her talking like this made me even hotter (I loved it when she talked sexy to me), and I thought I couldn’t get any hotter, God I loved it, and I loved her!

She pushed me onto my back while she continued to massage my swollen cock. After a few minutes, (thank god, I was about to come) she leaned forward and slowly took me into her hot mouth. Nothing could feel better than this, I thought to myself she felt so good, her hot mouth sucking me into her as her wet lips slid down the sensitive burning flesh of my pillar. She continued sucking and running her tongue over my cock, her head pumping up and down on me.

She was so good, I wish I could make it last but she was too good for that. I had lost all contact with reality, and she was really getting into it too. She reached out with her hands and began fondling my balls as she sucked. I felt like I was on fire, I couldn’t remember being this hot before.

After a few more minutes I felt the burning in my balls, I was about to come, then all of a sudden

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